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  1. Stag Arms Model 2 lower. Radical Firearms upper. Unbranded iron sights and muzzle. TRS-25 on a UTG riser.
  2. Every now and then I miss the original look of my Stag Arms Model 2 and yesterday was one of those days. Back to primarily stock parts for the moment.
  3. Stag compliant lower CAA stock saddle MOE+ grip BAD lever Stag BCG 13" slim keymod rail 18" Wylde fluted stainless barrel Strike Industries King Comp BEC 6-24x44 scope
  4. Slowly transformed my Stag Model 2 to an SPR. All budget parts.
  5. Second that on the GM-Gear extended quad rail, decent quality and inexpensive.
  6. Couldn't agree more with everyone here, my Model 2 is rock solid and consistent. Now if only I can shoot as straight as my Stag wants me to.....
  7. Extremely helpful and just a great person to deal with overall. j0n takes the time to explain things thoroughly (important for this newbie) and the items i picked up from him were better than described. Thanks again j0n!!
  8. I'm considering buying my first AR and have narrowed my search down to the S&W MP15 or Stag Model 3. Does anyone have experience with repinning either stock? I'd like to pin the stock at position 2 or 3 but to do so will I need a new [shorter] buffer tube or can I keep the factory buffer tube? Thanks for your help!
  9. Thanks all for the welcome! Krdshrk and XDJohnTact - I appreciate the heads up on your AR builds.....will definitely check them out.
  10. Hello! My name is Edgar, I currently own a Ruger SR9 but am looking to purchase an AR by Spring 2012. It will have to be a budget AR and I look forward to reading posts on various budget builds or buys. Ranges I typically go to are Heritage Guild and Shore Shot. Maybe I will see you there!
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