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  1. After waiting 9 1/2 weeks for my (2) Pistol permits, I get a call from my Local Police Chief that my FBI background check shows that I have two arrests, both of which have never occurred. The first took place in Massachusetts in 1991 (when I was only 12 years of age) for Disorderly Conduct. The other for drunken disorderly in 1999 located in Daytona, FL. Not only have I never been to either of those two places, but I have never had an arrest. I have purchased several firearms since my chief issued my FID card a year and a half ago, including P2P's. Never have these shown up before in any NICS check until now. I do not believe the intention is at all to deny my permits, as he has obviously realized I was too young for the Massachusetts arrest. However he had stated the the Social Security # as well as my D.O.B. match these arrests, which is why I am especially concerned. How do I go about getting these ridiculous and false records removed from my background checks? Does anyone have or have heard of similar experiences? I appreciate any help with this matter.
  2. I have to say the elementary school I teach at is quite tight as far as security is concerned. Security ten feet from the front door and all doors are locked except employees who have swipe cards to get in.
  3. I use it on all my stuff. Works fine on polymer. But a little goes a very long way
  4. I have had mine since November and really enjoy shooting it
  5. For what it's worth... I have really come to enjoy my Zastava Pap 7.62x39. Mine has a composite thumbhole stock and I have added a utg quad rail in order to place a red dot on it. Once I dialed it in on the led sled it has been surprisingly accurate. (At 100yds). It really has become my favorite choice for range time. I know people complain about the single stack plastic mags, but i havent had any issues with them. Just my two cents. Enjoy whatever choice you go with!
  6. If he doesn't want all 4 let me know I'm interested in a couple
  7. I picked a new one up on fleabay a Couple weeks ago... But haven't seen one since
  8. I actually just found a new one on fleabay for 25
  9. I really have no intention on opening it up for double stacks. I do plan on finding some more mags for it.
  10. Where are you guys getting your 7.62x39 ammo? LGS is 7 bucks for Tulammo
  11. Well after some research I decided my next rifle to mess around with at the range should be an ak. Went to butches gun world on my way home from work and just put a deposit on a very lightly used zastava pap... I'm looking forward to grabbing it off layaway!
  12. Butches in Vineland... Purchased all of my guns there.
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