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  1. https://www.rtsponline.com/use-of-force-training/?mc_cid=fc7e98a0ca&mc_eid=ead8b9d474
  2. My PD is requiring a use of force certificate. I reported it to Strikeforce at ANJRPC and in the meantime, RTSP issued an email about a free RPO use of force presentation with certificate. I just completed it and sent it in.
  3. Wording is very important here: "I need to declare a firearm" = Good, "I've got a gun... and I need to check it in" = Not So Good
  4. Ranges are restricted to certain policies approved by their insurance companies. Land of the "Free" really means sorta kinda not really free
  5. M, I was looking at the Wen version. Most reviews seem to be good. https://smile.amazon.com/WEN-56200i-2000-Watt-Generator-Compliant/dp/B00SMNLF4M/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=wen+generator&qid=1597407709&sr=8-3
  6. Knows me too well he does.
  7. You're going the wrong way around the plan man...
  8. I had a 3k that I used to power my house, less A/C, for 13 days during Sandy. I have since upgraded to a 7.5kW unit. I don't see the economy of buying and ultimately maintaining two pieces of equipment (generators) not to mention the added costs, wiring, transfer switches, and whatever Mother NEC requires with regard to dual (non utility) power sources and the safety ramifications of such as being ultimately economical.
  9. A good architect is worth every penny you pay him. A bad architect isn't worth any price. Schooley's mtn is a bit upscale from Victory Gardens, glad to hear you moved.
  10. That's what SHE said! Hell, in that case, there were times where I put a $1 in.
  11. I paid (as I recall) $0.67 in the late 90s when Wawa was having a gas war with another station in Jackson, NJ. When I got my license the average price was 89-99 cents a gallon as I recall. $10 generally filled a tank. I'm glad to see it back under $2 but of course, I have hardly any use for it this minute.
  12. Some of us aren't loudmouths about the size of our collection Raymond. For the record, GFH currently has the cheapest transfer rate for members (but you have to be a member and that's got a price to it too) There are a bunch of FFLs throughout the state (North and Central, can't speak for that other world known as South) who are $20 plus NICS.
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