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  1. djg0770

    This is why i always check the trunk!

    This would be more accurate if you said Charter Arms.
  2. djg0770

    Hunting help request

    Thanks Nick. He decided he didn't want to hunt. Fine by me son. Go watch some movie. One day you'll be annoyed at yourself that you didn't go...
  3. Looking to borrow, and return within 14 days, a hang on type tree stand so my youth aged son can hunt with me for the Nov. 17 youth deer hunt. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, -Dan
  4. djg0770

    Seems I have a thief scoping my house

    So, he steals the remote - big deal, but he steals the remote and makes note of your address shows premeditation. This tech needs to be fired ASAP. And I would blast the dealership on social media too.
  5. djg0770

    Gas tax hike Oct 1

    This. Public sector jobs USED TO BE poorly paid and that was compensated with a healthy benefits package. Now they are compensated well and still maintain that benefits package, all the while crying about how much more they have to pay in each "renegotiation".
  6. Uberti 1860 Henry = lever =/= semi auto
  7. djg0770

    And the lawsuit’s have begun! Stick that mag ban!

    THIS is what's wrong with America today. Gimme something free for something I already should be doing. How about these fair weather 2A keyboard commandos reach into their pockets and give the equivalent of a box of ammo to one of the 2A orgs in this state? I don't even care if you give it to that org that I don't like, as long as it's not going to MDA, Starbucks, etc then you're making a positive impact. But I kid because the same people that would take free shit couldn't get off their ass to vote against Phucking Phil.
  8. djg0770

    so, my trip to the range didn't go so well...

    Vibration at speed with no obvious flat could be axle shaft failure. Not sure how that would result in air bag deployment though. This will be interesting to follow.
  9. Poor grammar, obvious typos, general lack of consideration for those in close proximity, and hairy women.
  10. djg0770

    WTS: Glock G43

    How many rounds do the mags hold?
  11. djg0770

    New Jersey and Gun Control

    There's so much fail in the above statement. However, when all we can muster for a protest in Trenton, announced well in advance, is approximately 2,000 people out of an estimated 1,000,000 gun owners, that's a 0.2% representation. And that was only for a "rally", where we were guaranteed not to get arrested. So how many will rise up? The American Revolution saw a participation level of about 3% of the population. Today, that number would more likely be 0.00003% of the American Gun Owner, in NJ that would mean 30 gun owners. Yes, 30 people would easily be incarcerated by the State, 300 would be more difficult, 3,000 you're now achieving 'civil disobedience' levels and 30,000, you've reached the "Government GFY" level. But this is NJ. We can't even get 10% of the people to vote, and that's WITH dead people voting.
  12. djg0770

    Master Cylinder Swap - Done

    " I can not fill master properly " I think you mean NOW...
  13. put it in a trust and the trust owns it and if they're named as trustees they both can use it.
  14. Fix the pensions, leave my guns alone

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