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  1. While that was NOT my intent... Oh hell, maybe subconsciously it was! A GOOD tailor (not like the guy with the dog pictured above) might even be able to integrate a holster into the dress. Hell, while you are at it, add pockets
  2. CNJFO has run youth range days before. Not really marksmanship, but it will get kids behind a gun and the instructors generally will take their time with the kids and give them pointers.
  3. 1 Yes 2 Yes 3 Not until I told him 4&5 He asked to see my permit and asked what I was carrying. 6 Pleasant 7 Less - no ticket 8 Given my past experience, I would inform
  4. Mrs. Peel, Have you considered alterations to your dresses? In other words, adding an accessible slit in the side of the dress to allow you to carry in a belly band (as only one example). The slit would obviously have to be well thought out and you would have to have matching fabric to make it work, and it could be velcroed shut so that it's not obvious... Once you open up to alterations, I think there may be more options available to you. If you got with a good tailor/seamstress/dressmaker, I am certain if you find an open minded individual who understands your conundrum they could design and deploy a custom solution for you.
  5. If you can, put your hands on a Browning HiPower and take a few shots. It's double stack 9mm but smaller in the grip than the 92.
  6. See attached template - change everything in yellow Blank Affidavit of Ownership.docx
  7. How old is this OB? Tohatsu has a 5 yr warr per the website...
  8. I bought an Echo PB-9010, I don't regret the extra power.
  9. https://www.rtsponline.com/use-of-force-training/?mc_cid=fc7e98a0ca&mc_eid=ead8b9d474
  10. My PD is requiring a use of force certificate. I reported it to Strikeforce at ANJRPC and in the meantime, RTSP issued an email about a free RPO use of force presentation with certificate. I just completed it and sent it in.
  11. Wording is very important here: "I need to declare a firearm" = Good, "I've got a gun... and I need to check it in" = Not So Good
  12. Ranges are restricted to certain policies approved by their insurance companies. Land of the "Free" really means sorta kinda not really free
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