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  1. 65 miles because I had AAA, just this weekend. I got kaboshed earlier this year about 45 miles from home which caused me to get AAA extended. I've since used it twice after that initial. It has now paid for itself.
  2. TJ's service is second to none.
  3. A welcoming and well lit store with knowledgeable and approachable employees.
  4. http://concealednation.org/2015/09/an-in-depth-look-at-concealed-carry-insurance-should-you-get-it/
  5. Spreadsheet on a jump drive.
  6. Carry insurance by the definition of insurance can't protect you until you're acquitted. There are holes in this offering which are highlighted by others much more educated in this field than I. There are other offerings which are not insurance and therefore can provide you with the assistance you need immediately
  7. Things I look for: Hours, fees (all including what they charge for NICS as some stores add a bit to the state fee), which brands they carry, gunbroker name and link to their listings as well as current inventory.
  8. Not sure if this falls under due diligence but title search. Be aware that demoing the existing may not be in your best interest if there are other building restrictions. IE it may be necessary to tear down to the slab (or equivalent) in order to let you "build what you want" later. Also be aware of restrictions like the Highlands act that basically prohibit additional modification of your property.
  9. Nothing. HF often has several model numbers for the "same" item. Might be because of different suppliers or some such.
  10. It's clearly a shtf product
  11. Damn. Thought this was about Flint water.
  12. Is there an echo in here?
  13. He's not looking for die sets
  14. https://fsreloading.com/lee-precision-classic-loader-6.5x55mm-swedish-mauser-90271-disc.html Note: both look to be discontinued. ebay will be your best bet.
  15. I can tell stories and I only worked in this field for 5 months MANY years ago. Technically I should not have been doing one iota of what I did (OSHA and being a minor and all), but I learned many aspects of the tire business. I studded tires, dismounted, mounted, and balanced them, patched them, etc. I had a particularly bad set of tires once that just wouldn't balance, they were a train wreck. I won't tell you HOW we fucked up but between my boss and I, we fucked up. Being that I was (quite a few years) under 18 I still blame it on him. You don't put a minor in charge of something so important and never check his work.