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  1. Titling a manufactured trailer as homemade was often done as people lost registrations on non-titled trailers. I have heard of this in the past, particularly on utility trailers. On an RV trailer I would be VERY wary. Why did he have to title it as home built? If he lost the title why didn't he just go through the hoops to obtain a legit replacement title rather than doing the sneaky (ie cheap) way of going allegedly homebuilt. Also, consider that it is NOT a homebuilt trailer, it's a manufactured trailer with a VIN, therefore titling it as home built may actually be considered fraudulent.
  2. For a guy who rides around all day on steel wheels you take this stopping short thing WAAAAAY too seriously.
  3. pics?
  4. Electrical conduits. Period. Not fuel oil, those would be copper, and not plumbing. Sorry. Rayray Is right.
  5. Is it legal for an entity (town, city, etc) to require that firearms applications (fpid and handgun permit applications) be notarized? If it is not legal, to whom should one go in order to rectify this situation? Is it legal for an entity to delay an application beyond thirty days? Is it possible that an application can be processed within 30 days using the current NJ required background check systems?
  6. Waiting, not so patiently!
  7. These guys remind me of Harold Camping.
  8. Holy un-reasonable deviations!
  9. 65 miles because I had AAA, just this weekend. I got kaboshed earlier this year about 45 miles from home which caused me to get AAA extended. I've since used it twice after that initial. It has now paid for itself.
  10. TJ's service is second to none.
  11. A welcoming and well lit store with knowledgeable and approachable employees.
  12. http://concealednation.org/2015/09/an-in-depth-look-at-concealed-carry-insurance-should-you-get-it/