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    Funny, I live in NJ...
  1. Rutgers95 I'd Like 2. I Work In Old Bridge, Woodbridge, HamiltOn. Let Me Know If You Are Going To Order.
  2. oooo secret squirrel stuff. I knew I was missing out on something.
  3. Whats up with these password protected forums? I'm a premeir member, whats the deal?
  4. If You Build Yourself, Do You Have To Worry About Headspacing? Don't Know Exactly What That Is, But Dont Want To Blow Up. Sorry About The Caps.Last Phone Update Did This.
  5. Thanks, I was sitting at the dinner table and saw it was a bit past the deadline. I figured id give it a shot. Thanks! You have great customer service. Love your mags. Now if I could only find ammo and leave this God foresaken state... Is the extractor spring easy to switch out? I have not taken the extractor off my bolt yet.
  6. I just picked one up. I purchased the enhanced kit just to be safe. I love that I got my tracking number half a minute after my order. Imagine the minions of Midwest px are on standby waiting for my order confirmation to go through.
  7. Is The Upgrade Something you Recommend?
  8. Whats the difference between the one on sale and the other for $149? I cant tell going back and forth on my phone.
  9. http://midwestpx.com/product_info.php?products_id=626{7}17{8}16
  10. How Do You From Right To Left Hand Firing Without Getting All Tagled Up WitH A 2 Pointer? Sorry About The Caps, Phone Is Acting silly
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