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  1. WTF? Especially in more rural areas. Theres nothing right with this friggin state.
  2. Have yous guys tested any other brands of gas?
  3. Another vitally important tool is jury nullification. Freedom minded individuals need to start judging our actual laws not just sit there like mindless zombies voting to strip someone of their freedom simply because they violated an unconstitutional law. Not just firearms and tax laws but all kinds of non-violent "offenses" need to be nullified.
  4. I dont know which gas theyre buying, but my cars always runs like crap on their fuel. Not only does the gas suck but the Wawa pumps always charge me a couple extra bucks, even when the price and the amount of fuel is the same as compared to other places. Its as though their pumps are over reporting by a gallon or two. No more Wawa gas for me. I'll still eat their highly processed made to order frozen food. Actually I stay away from most of their food with the exception of their tuna fish hoagies.
  5. Wow, its still taking months? Mine took 9 months but I thought they had to start complying with the law...?
  6. This. What does it say...??? What does the resolution say?
  7. Nearly 200 people have had their guns seized in N.J. under new ‘red flag’ law Does this mean that everyone should start calling in order to join the suit? Comments section is lit.
  8. Youre a PUNK! Also, get off my lawn. Youre a Fudd. I'm a Second Amendment purist. I'll reiterate. Theres no such thing as an "illegal" gun. Stolen gun, yes. "Illegal" gun, no. Its NEVER a crime for ANYONE to simply be armed. Thats every human being's right. If you believe the Left when they tell you that theyre passing anti-2A laws because they want to reduce crime, then youre probably retarded. You know whats even funnier about you. You think that the Left sees a difference between the dudes in this article and any other gun owner. The ENTIRE PROBLEM is that we have been stripped of our right to self defense. Thats the entire problem. Heres some history for you: there were boys as young as 12 and 13 fighting in the Revolution. An oh yah, Shall Not Be Infringed. <--- Read this until it sinks in. So yah, not if, but when I'm on a jury and have the opportunity to nullify gun laws, I will sit there for a year if I have to and hang that jury. Based on this article alone, I would not let that jury find any one of them guilty on the firearms related charges. Seriously, you need to wake up. Just an FYI, all gun laws are infringements.
  9. Yah, I dont understand. Why would a permit or a permit request/application get to court? Is that how it works, every application goes in front of a judge?
  10. And if I were on that jury, if it ever were to go to trial, I would refuse to convict on every one of the firearms charges. Its never unlawful for anyone to simply be in possession of a firearm. With the possible exception of "possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose". This one is new to me but it sounds like pre-crime, which I would also throw out.
  11. I was a member but it lapsed. Gonna sign up again. Just debating on which membership to get. I'm leaning towards lifetime .
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