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  1. We're just venting. But if you know any sexy broads, party at my house.
  2. How the hell did Christie win in the first place, thats what Id like to know. I wasnt into politics at that time.
  3. Not for nothing but what happened a year ago that had you excited?
  4. No repeal of Obamacare. No spending cuts. No dismantling of agencies/bureaucracy. No national carry. The new tax plan has a 45% category. WTF...? Shes retarded.
  5. Kim within 7% now.
  6. Bro lets be honest. No one whos sane stays in NJ unless they have to.
  7. Are you in support of single moms tho?
  8. Right, we have to get the word out in general, prior to the actual cases. No plea deals, jury trials only. Whether its the current gun laws or the future ones.
  9. We need to really educate people on jury nullification. http://fija.org/document-library/jury-nullification-faq/what-is-jury-nullification/ Like a real push. Hand out flyers, leaflets and make speeches at various lodges, groups, gun clubs etc. I think jurors from the southern counties would get on board. The north, not so much.
  10. There should be a lot more happening on the federal level. By a lot more I mean any goddam thing. GOP administration + Congress yet nothing. 1. Repeal the NFA. 2. Repeal the GCA. 3. Repeal the import ban. 4. Dismantle NICS. 5. Dismantle the ATF. 6. End victim disarmament zones. 7. Pass national carry. 8. Instruct the DOJ to prosecute the anti-2A states: NJ, NY, CA etc.
  11. Another Wall St. banker, just wow NJ. Which taxes is he promising to increase.
  12. Meh, I have a lot of issues with the NRAint in general having sold out too many times in the past (and present ie bumpstock, No Fly, armed guards etc) but I probably would still have phone banked had I thought it would have helped the GOP in this election.
  13. When I get to the log in page, it says that my username/password arent valid.
  14. Didnt they just recently do nothing to help that new gun range in N Jersey?