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  1. So, as far as we know, theres no provision in this "law" for "due" process, even after the fact?
  2. Does the victim (an individual formerly protected by the Second and Fourth Amendments), have any due process? https://www.nj.gov/oag/newsreleases19/Extreme-Risk_Directive.pdf?fbclid=IwAR3Vj-6R_5D6cIF9uqpOJOt_wJaO2XYzCFWJDGF5ArWxnQgRRXv2IP4lGLM
  3. Yah, I need to talk to an attorney. Theres already friggin mold. Somehow it got upstairs and into the garage for some reason.
  4. Anyone recommend calling an adjuster or lawyer before calling the insurance company?
  5. So a friend of mine went away for a couple of months. He asked me to check up on his house every so often. I went a total of about 4 times? He just got back to find his basement flooded due to a leaking pipe (dont know if it was due to freezing or just failed). Couple questions: 1. Should he call his insurance company right away (assuming he hasnt already done so) or should he call an adjuster and or a lawyer first? 2. Can I in anyway be held responsible? :D
  6. Who said that? Reasonable gun regulation?
  7. Need to inform/educate the masses about jury nullification. Juries need to step in and hand down not guilty verdicts for all of NJ's anti-2A laws. Might be able to accomplish this in the southern part of the state. Northern liberal strongholds may be tougher.
  8. Agree with this wholeheartedly. But we do have to be aware of the Judas goat organizations. One of which is the NRAint. While there are some true no compromise members, the NRAint leadership has repeatedly proven itself to be left leaning.
  9. Florida might fall too? WTF...
  10. What the hell man? Seeing a ton of deer this year all over the road. I dont recall ever seeing this many and Ive been here my whole pathetic life. Did they ban hunting too? Wouldnt surprise me.
  11. Lets,make a list of things that would trigger our public servants to strip us of our rights by State force: If you criticized government. If you got mad at something. If you like Trump. If you farted in an elevator. Anything else?
  12. So its lawful for me to have a firearm at my other property (lets call it the other property since it isnt rented yet), but I dont have a lawful way of getting it there unless I'm moving there or am taking it from a repair facility or place of purchase ie gun store?
  13. Listen, I dont like it when my firearms have wear marks on em. I need something that isnt going to rub away the finish from constant use!
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