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  1. He grabbed the NICS fee and his payment right out of the gate. Me: "Hi, how are y"... Dick: "Where's my money???"
  2. Thanks pal. You've been very supportive during "my time of need". Next time I see you, I'm giving you a great big man hug! (no homo)
  3. It's a handgun. He called and said that I can pick it up whenever and that I just have to sign "two forms". So I'm assuming it's page 2 of the 4473. The "NJ HG Permit", is that the P2P that I gave him?
  4. JT, its been a while since my last purchase. Which forms will I be required to sign when I go to pick up the firearm?
  5. So much this. I completely forgot, he had me sign another "form" which he drew up himself. It was about 7 questions. I cant remember exactly what was on it. Some of the questions were redundant to the 4473 and I think there was a question about allowing access to minors and storage. I thought it was kind of funny, read through and signed it but that was before I realized that this guy is insane. ETA: He had me initial each line of his custom form and then sign at the bottom...
  6. Right. But to PK's point, in the event of an actual NICS denial, I think theres some type of process/disclosure required.
  7. Agreed. I've already come to terms with what may happen. Now I'm just trying to gather info so I can respond in an informed way if required.
  8. So, he was enjoying his rights for many years then suddenly gets denied. Then what happens? They confiscate both his FID card and firearms?
  9. Ok JT, so he cant misspell my name or enter the incorrect DOB (for example), because it has to match my DL correct? And even if he were to enter the incorrect Soc, it wouldnt cause a denial?
  10. Without even running the actual check? According to Penguin1210's thread, theres a denial process: form that I would have to sign and follow-up paperwork from NICS. I hate having to think cynically about people but because of his bizarre behavior, I'm kind of forced to...
  11. 100% Unfortunately, I think he's already started the process. I think I'm stuck for now. Now I'm just trying to prepare myself for what seems like an inevitable denial. Waiting to hear back from others as to whether he's able to influence the outcome.
  12. Six months... Holy sh*t How long does the expungement itself take?
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