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  1. Before anyone can actually exercise their right to carry, NJ will ban all guns.
  2. Saw this in south Jersey.
  3. Yah where about? I'm guessing somewhere north? Looks like it missed a lot of south jersey and the shore.
  4. Apparently this video is from the Mullica Hill area. https://www.facebook.com/a2dradio/videos/major-tornado-damage-in-the-mullica-hillsouth-jersey-philadelphia-area-many-home/500733460998611/
  5. They're the paper versions and the dates have already been extended upon issue. I have about 2 weeks remaining. Can they be extended further?
  6. The correct answer: In NJ, no one. Only the police and criminals can legally use a firearm. Everyone else will be treated like a criminal regardless of the imminent danger.
  7. A former New York police department sergeant has filed a $10 billion federal civil rights lawsuit against a list of law enforcement and court officials in New Jersey
  8. I'm done as well. Giving myself 2 years.
  9. Unfortunately, people are products of their environment. It could be argued that NJ is even worse than CA and NY, although its very close. For those who have grown up in this setting, freedom is a scary and foreign concept.
  10. Not sure of your point here. Are you saying that its somehow less of a victim-less crime if its a federal level infringement as opposed to a state level infringement?
  11. I'm speaking to the point of victim-less crimes. If there is no victim, there is no crime.
  12. It can be difficult to determine a "tone" from a text post. It seemed like you were implying that the guy purchased the items intentionally and in doing so, he deserved what he got. I apologize if that wasnt your intention.
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