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  1. Nice. Hey Remix, is that chat room still working, I cant get it to load.
  2. Ok. Thank you. You BBQ-ing today?
  3. And Remix, go comment in my out of state buyer thread. Really? Nice. Just gotta get the mags blocked.
  4. Right right but is it Jersey legal?
  5. The guy wants me to mail the shotgun to his FFL. Can I mail it directly to his FFL or do I need to take it to a local FFL which then has to send it to his FFL?
  6. How about the FN Five Seven?
  7. Trump, or someone much more pro-2A in the Trump administration needs to instruct the Justice Department to start prosecuting anti-2A states like NJ, NY CA etc.
  8. Listen DT, youre a Jersey hustler now, FORGET TEXAS. When you step inside, you leave your "manners" at the door!
  9. Nah brah, Jersey dont say thanks. We give you a kick in the AZZ after youre done so you still know whos boss.
  10. Barely any snow in the slower lower. But lots of power outages due to the sleet/freezing rain. .
  11. 3am now. Since 2am its been sleet. Falling lightly atm, WTF? More worried about sleet TBH with regards to power outages and branches falling/breaking but if its going to stay this light, may not be too bad.
  12. Agreed. Mandatory minimums are dangerous. There has to be discretion on a local level even if it means that some bad guys may get some leniency.
  13. As of 2am, weve got like a dusting in South Jersey. Its light enough to see the driveway.
  14. This guy?
  15. Is this the one? Seems legit. Dont have the tools tho.