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  1. Ill buy it from ya for more than that if its in good shape
  2. Ok ladies and gents, let me begin by saying that I am an idiot. A few weeks ago I was at the Clinton wma with my shotty blasting some birds and I had my fid car d on me in a credit card holder along with: a few credit cards(dumb), an old drivers license,(dumber), and my ss card ( effing idiot). Normally I keep all of these things in the house in a strong box but since I had to buy ammo and I was going to dicks sporting goods in Woodbridge (one of the credit cards) I just grabbed the whole thing. This was a few weeks ago and the last time I recall having my fid card was at Clinton wma. None of the credit cards have been used at all and I still cant find the wallet. I tore my house/car to shreds to no avail and now I guess I'm going to have to replace the card. The worst part is I have onl y had my fid card since august and I've lost it already. Do I have to get re-printed? I know ii have to fill out the form again but am I going to have to do everything else too? Has this happened to any of you guy? Advice?
  3. Thanks for the awesome feedback everyone. I will definitely be looking into the Mossbergs, and keeping my eyes peeled for some used 870s.
  4. So last week I bought a gen 4 glock 21 .45 Auto from Bullseye Tactical Supply in Woodbridge. I love the gun, hate feeding it lol. That being said, I havehave put close to a thousand rounds through it without a single fte or ftf . Chris from Bullseye was very helpful and friendly, I will definitely be going back. Now im in the market for a shotgun. I want a 12 gauge and I like the Remington 870, but with the cost of feeding my. 45 to think about, I'm not looking to break the bank on the shotgun. Does anyone have any ideas for shotguns? Im looking to keep it around $200 range, as I will only be using it for trap and fun. Im open to new or used. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
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