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  1. I don't. but I don't want to get winded up based on interpretation
  2. maybe im not clearly stating my question so please bare with me. hex mags are full size (capable of loading 30 rounds) bodies limited to 10 rounds are serviceable (can take them apart) because of the above, im wondering if this effed up state considers them illegal as the internals can possibly be changed allowing them to be "high capacity". the question about removing the limiter is irrelevant as im not looking to modify the 10rnd mags in any way
  3. my worry is that because they are full body and can be taken apart they are not legal under the new laws. is this true/false?
  4. before I start a new thread, I'm hoping reviving this one may be better. I need to get some new mags and looking at the 10 rounders (obviously) and states they are in a standard body. are these legal? I would like to get mags I can take apart to clean but don't want to worry about someone mistaking them for being illegal
  5. This includes 223 right? Do we need to have a sling or doesn't matter? Thanks
  6. hey guys thanks for the info. aside from SG i have placed orders with all of them. I guess because i just don't have the time or money and am still new, it doesn't make sense for me to reload so what i am trying to do is find a brand that i can consistently get. this way from match to match I'm not shooting umc, then winchester, then blazer etc. and each have its own characteristic. i guess I'm trying to get the benefits (somewhat) of reloading without having to reload. which is why i am trying freedom. I know theres also Lax and was wondering if anyone has any other companies that make good remans (or new) that is easy to get and still on the cheap.
  7. Im currently using freedom munition 9mm ammo and bought another 1k rounds the day before fathers day. problem is, this is the second time i ordered from them only to have shipping be held up because of their free shipping deals (i did not get free shipping). I get that promotions are good, but i still have yet to get a shipping confirmation and like last time, it looks like its a 3 week wait. where does everyone get bulk ammo from that ships consistently and is good quality? I would like to keep it near freedoms prices of 19-21 cents a round. thanks
  8. quick question, if handgun is just sights but rifle has optics should i choose iron or tactical?
  9. thanks vlad, i was looking around the cj site but didn't see a link to that one. ill look out for the next open registration
  10. thanks Jim. i was just more concerned that i did something wrong and messed up the membership
  11. just want to say what an awesome time i had. it was my first match and my goal was to be safe have fun and complete the entire course with out DQ'ing. i can say i achieved all three and can now say i am hooked. Vlad gave a great intro to the first timers and during my safety check ensured everyone knew i was new and to lend a hand. And lend a hand they did. I just want to thank everyone on squad 5 for guiding me through and helping me understand the courses and look out for some of the gotchas while remaining safe and having fun. you guys have an amazing skill that i hope to reach one day. I must admit it was a bit daunting watching some of you run and gun so fast and smooth as well as be able to see the course differently than another shooter and shave off even more time. anyway, just wanted to say thanks again and hope you let me squad up with you again in the future. I also shot a mail to the directors as well..... Oh, side note. i signed up for USPSA membership, and while some people have pending next to their names on the score sheet mine is blank. is that normal? should i contact someone? i did pay the 40 bucks and put Join on the registration... Thanks Again, Vinnie
  12. just put this together using self healing targets.
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