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  1. Two weeks ago, had a customer who paid almost $100 for next day air before 10:00am on a Saturday to Massachusetts. The package was picked up here at noon on Friday. She called Saturday morning to make sure it was on it's way. Package showed up for the first time in the UPS system on Monday and it arrived on Wednesday. This was pretty critical for the customer to close out a big job and we probably would have driven to meet them half way if we knew UPS couldn't get it done. No way to be reimbursed for shipping - no guarantees during COVID.
  2. It is an interesting coincidence which states are destroying their economies and which ones aren't.
  3. We have a warehouse at work. We just put them on the curb and they disappear by morning.
  4. I don't agree with it but I think I know the reason. Most "close" socializing happens in the evening. Drinking with friends, playing poker. board games over drinks, game night at church. By instituting a curfew, a lot of this is prevented. But, a curfew needs to include everyone for it to work.
  5. None of it makes sense because...The state passed a law that banned 60 firearms by name and then said that any firearm that was "substantially identical" was also banned. Somebody went to court and argued that "substantially identical" can't be defined. Who knows if a firearm is "substantially identical" to another firearm. The court agreed and let the AG write a better definition of "substantially identical". This is what the AG came up with and the Judge allowed it.
  6. Everybody bought a 6 month supply 6 weeks ago. Everybody is stocked up. Nobody's going to buy TP for a long time. There are probably truck loads of the stuff now with no place to unload.
  7. The info I read said that everyone had 2 years to comply. The Queen of Canada has said that the government will pay "fair" value for the guns when people turn them in.
  8. That's true here too. Lots of bills already written and sitting on a shelf. Press conference speeches already written. Talking points for all members of the party drafted. Just waiting for the next tragedy to implement the plan.
  9. I use TD Ameritrade. They're fine. Lots of "no transfer fee" funds and no commission on stock trades. I'm not really sure how they make money... As for services, They offer an "elite" service that I don't have. I don't day trade so I can live with the 15 minute delay in quotes and there are stock screeners available online so I don't need to pay for the high end screener. I guess don't get any services but I don't want any. I just want a place to put money and buy stocks and mutual funds. Never had a problem with them. How do they make money?
  10. If that were true, he wouldn't be able to shut down the state parks that our taxes support. If the law had anything to do with it, he wouldn't be able to tell people not to peacefully assemble or not to bear arms. A lot is being allowed by royal decree - why not shutting the WMA's too?
  11. I don't think it matters what they like. They have a master plan and they are required to follow that. Whatever the zoning is for that neighborhood, you are allowed to build anything that's lower on the hierarchy. Your attorney will talk to the city planner or to the planning board's attorney to remind him/her what their job is and you will get approval to build a commercial building in a commercially zoned neighborhood.
  12. This is going to pass. It won't pass right now but the next time we have a democrat president, house, and senate it will absolutely pass. And, more bans will follow them. There is nothing we can do to stop it because each of us is only one vote and it's obvious that a big chunk of the country either doesn't agree with us or doesn't care about this one civil right. The only place this stuff has any chance of getting stopped is in the Supreme Court. In the last election, judge appointments was the most important issue and it will be the most important issue in the next one. We can elect a president and stop this stuff for 4 years but if that president appoints a justice to SCOTUS, we can stop this stuff for 30 years.
  13. I don't know what you're paying but putting a steel building on an empty lot is a lot less hassle than a house you can't occupy and will have to maintain.
  14. That's a long drive to get something fabricated.
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