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  1. I have no idea if Bob is for or against carry. I think the anti-Bob Viden sentiment started during the impeach Sweeney event. Some organizers from the event stopped into the shop to ask the shop to pass out fliers or something like that. The shop was not interested in helping organize and even expressed that they thought the idea wan't a good one. To some, that made Bob the enemy of the second amendment. I'm in the area. I'm pretty in touch with lots of gun owners around, and this thread is the first I've heard that he's anti carry. He may be, but it's not something I've heard others talk about.
  2. NJSP combined the most restrictive parts of state law and federal law. The problem is that Troopers and many other departments use this information as guidance and will end up arresting people who are following NJ law because the NJSP is giving out false information.
  3. Thank you.
  4. I know that NJ law limits FFL's to conducting business only at the location of the FFL business. That's why NJ will never have gun shows. But, does that also apply to purchasing firearms. If a widow wanted to sell her husband's collection, can an FFL holder visit her home and make her an offer or will she need to bring the guns into the shop?
  5. Debt is a wealth killer. Avoid debt whenever possible. I believe this so strongly that I would recommend college part time, county college, trade school, or some other path than graduating with debt. If she only needs a couple of thousand more, she can easily cover that with a part time job. The lessons learned from having a job are probably going to be more valuable than the lessons learned in class. When she's finally done with school, employers will prefer a new grad who has work experience over one who doesn't. The work doesn't even need to be in her field. Just holding a job (or jobs) for 4 years gives a huge leg up.
  6. Imagine if Missouri had a law that it was a felony to have a red pen in your left pants pocket and having a red pen in your left pants pocket was an automatic 3-1/2 to 10 years in prison. Would you research pen carrying laws before visiting Missouri? I wouldn't think to do so. It's too silly to think that carrying a pen would be illegal. NJ's laws are that silly to the rest of the country. They don't fail to learn our laws as much as they just never imagine that such ridiculous laws could even exist.
  7. Oh, yuppie camping.
  8. Start your hike in Batsto Village. You'll hike 11 miles through the pine barrens to Atsion Lake. There are two camp grounds along the way. .One is called Lower Forge and it's primitive site. There is a second camp ground with a water pump but I can't remember the name. Trails are easy to follow and you have a river on both sides so it's just about impossible to get lost. Or... do the same journey the other direction (Atsion to Batsto) in a Canoe on the Mullica River. Canoe camping is great because you can carry lots and lots of gear, it's easier than walking, and it's fun. We've done this trip a dozen times. It will be very easy now because we've had so much rain. If it's been dry, it can be tough to get through a few low spots but it should be smooth sailing (no pun intended) now. You'll end up about a mile, maybe less, from Batsto. There is easy parking on both ends of the trip right where you launch the boat and right were you take out.
  9. I hate cleaning guns. Okay, hate is a strong word but I really don't like it. I'd pay a guy $50 to do it if my wealth wasn't tied up in groceries and the electric bill.
  10. I thought H&R went out of business but the H&R Pump shotguns seem to be available from most of the major retailers. They are supposed to be Chinese made clones of the Remington 870's. I know Remington owns the HR name now. I've found reviews online and they seem positive but I'm skeptical that a pump shotgun could be any good for a little over $150. On the one hand, it's only $150. On the other hand, I'd hate to throw $150 away. I'm sure that most of the answers will be "just spend the money on a _______". And, I know it won't be comparable to a Citori. But I would like to know if anyone actually owns one and are you glad or sad that you do.
  11. I would say yes. Their property, their rules. If I want to ban you from wearing a Hillary shirt on my property, I can do that. If I want to build a 55 and over community, a Republican only apartment building, or a building that only rents to Lutherans, that should be allowed. I know it isn't - but it should be. The problem for me is that you can't make a unilateral change to the lease agreement once it's signed. This ban wasn't part of the lease, it can't be added now.
  12. The royals are sort of like American celebrities who are famous just for being famous. Prince Harry, Kim Kardashian, Snookie, those wives from NJ - all the same to me. I'm reminded of the quote attributed to Eleanor Rosevelt: " Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people."
  13. Since I managed athletic fields in a previous life, I gave some advice earlier. To be fair, my lawn is 1-1/2 acres and it is made up of several varieties of grass and lots of other green growing stuff that isn't grass. I'll spot kill broadleaf weeds when they start to take over the grass and I'll seed areas if they need it but I don't have irrigation so that really limits how great a lawn can look. And, to be frank, I don't really get the need to have a perfectly manicured lawn. Mostly it just gets mowed unless some area is really getting into bad shape.
  14. I managed athletic fields for several years. We had lots of fields with varying degrees of turf quality. Athletic fields are a little different than lawns because of the wear they get and nobody wants to play sports on 4" tall grass. But my advice is: Mow at the highest setting you can stand. Weeds will have to survive without sunlight as they try to grow to the top of the turf and many won't survive the wait. Water infrequently and deeply. This develops deep roots as the plant roots grow down to reach water. Deep roots help when you have a drought. It depends a lot on your soil but 1-1/4" per week is a good target. When it's 95º switch from 2 nights a week to 3 nights a week. Sandy soil that drains well (often too well) will need more water. Clay soils that don't drain well will need less. Water in the early morning. Having grass sit wet all night invites fungus to start growing. If your watering ends just as the sun is coming up, the sun will dry the blades. Don't bag clippings. Let the natural fertilizer return to the soil. 2,5-D applied once in the spring will keep most weeds away.
  15. I think you're being scammed. The law firm is probably real but some lawyers run scams under the guise of defending the innocent. You'll be approached about settling out of court. They aren't interested in going to court for $1,600. The lawyer won't make enough to actually do any prep work and to show up. But the lawyer will get a few hundred if they send you a few automated threatening letters and convince you to just settle for $800 to make this go away. I doubt that any attorney even saw this. The other driver got a form letter from this law firm telling them there would be big money if they called the 1-800 phone number. They plugged the info from the police report into the computer and that computer will send you threatening letters until they finally offer to settle - to go easy on you. You need to respond to everything because part of the scam is to get you to miss deadlines, fail to file the proper paperwork, etc. As for court - right and wrong won't have much to do with it. Unless it's wildly obvious who's at fault, the judge won't have any interest in trying to figure it out. He's got a stack of cases and the less time he spends trying to figure out yours, the sooner he gets to go golfing.