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  1. I agree that hunters are not concerned about gun rights. I live in Rural SJ. Everybody I know hunts. The fact that Sweeney 21 anti-gun bills into the one giant Sweeney Omnibus Gun Control Bill doesn't bother them at all because they get to keep their shotguns. Everyone will say that they support the second amendment but very few realize what that actually means.
  2. According to the NJOA's facebook page, they are a 527 non profit organization. I thought 527s were restricted from advocating for a particular candidate. Can somebody smarter than me tell me I'm correct. If I'm right, I'm calling the IRS.
  3. How many tickets were printed?
  4. I wish I could find the old post here by the guy who called his local town to see if there was a local ordinance preventing him from building a shooting range in his back yard. There wasn't...until they received his phone call and decided to pass one. Lets' stop badgering the new anti-gun PA AG who already made a campaign promise to cancel these reciprocity agreements. I want him to forget about us.
  5. Inventory. I usually know what I want but I don't want to drive around or make phone calls. It's 2017. Lets get some inventories online.
  6. thank you
  7. Can you explain more?
  8. I snap a photo of each one including serial number when I buy it. They go in a folder on my computer - which is backed up off site. No list but if I ever need one it would be easy to come up with one.
  9. Overall, used guns cost awfully close to new. I've bought several used ones. The only time I've ever gotten a "deal" is if the gun needed some work. And, with a very few exceptions, by the time I've done whatever repair was needed, I had spent enough that I could have bought a new gun.
  10. I have this fantasy. I imagine Trump calling in all of the ranking congressmen and senators. He shows them the file of very, very, bad things he has compiled on each one of them. The list of every time they sold their vote for an overpriced speaking engagement - or whatever the money laundering scheme was. He shows the times they worked back room deals to get a no bid contract for a brother in law. The times they invested in some stock just before they passed a law to make themselves rich. Every time they did something to harm America to put money in their own pocket. These files are not only a guarantee that they won't be elected again. They're also indictable. I'm confident that such a dossier could easily be assembled on most members of congress. He then tells that all they have to do is pass a constitutional amendment creating term limits. They can even exempt themselves and have it only apply to newly elected members of the swamp. I'm patient. I'll wait until all the current swamp dwellers die off.
  11. Lots of times the door will lift off of a safe once it's open. That cuts a lot of weight since they make the doors very heavy to make the safe feel substantial when you open the big, heavy door.
  12. There are more republicans in the house and senate than democrats. Usually, they can say that the democrats wouldn't cooperate. We now see who is the real problem. Term limits. Term limits. Term limits. The most important thing for Trump to accomplish is getting the right people on the supreme court. The second most important is term limits. Everything else is just gravy.
  13. We always stay in Virginia just over the river. Weekend rates are cheap since most people visiting the swamp are there to profit off of your tax dollars Monday through Friday. We drive to the nearest Metro station and take the Metro everywhere. If you're used to the NYC subway, this is 1,000 x nicer. Since the museums are all free, it's a nice family trip for a couple of days. We have a favorite food vendor out the back doors of the air and space museum where we always get egg rolls for lunch. While you're there, check out the spy museum if you have boys. Lots of fun.
  14. Please do not call your local PD or municipality. There was a poster here a couple of years ago who did that. The town did not have a no-discharge ordinance...until he called them. They realized someone might shoot on their own property and passed an ordinance at the next town meeting. NJ has no such law. If your town doesn't it's legal. Depending on where you live, the local PD might assume there is such a law and give you a hard time. Typical noise ordinances allow 90dB at the property line. Make the inspector bring out his sound meter. Unless you're right at the line, you won't be over 90dB. I shoot in my back yard all the time. So do all my neighbors. May this thread now rest in peace.
  15. That's a very specific spring. I think you'll do a lot of driving around without much luck. I'd just order the one from Grainger if it's exactly what you need.