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  1. Assuming that these are really two separate zones, it is easy to have one thermostat do both AC and heat. By "really separate", I mean AC #1 cools the same rooms that heater #1 heats. If there is some strange overlap between zones, you can still do it but strange things might happen in the overlapping areas. The heaters wires go the the heating terminals on the new thermostat and the AC's wires go to the AC terminals on the thermostat. A heating/cooling thermostat is really just two thermostats in one box.
  2. If this was my daughter, the ER would not be where I would be looking for actual care. She would spend some time somewhere but not involuntarily. I would work with the therapist to find a place where we could take her for treatment other than getting an evaluation from an ER Psychologist who gets called in from home to do a hit and run evaluation. The outcome will always be an involuntary commitment because to do any less puts the hospital at risk for not doing enough. A close friend of mine was sent to the ER for an evaluation when she was 15 or 16. She was rebellious but not mentally ill. She was committed involuntarily (just like everyone who ever had an ER mental health evaluation). Her parent's insurance covered 21 days of inpatient care for mental health. She was diagnosed with several serious mental conditions but was miraculously cured on day 21 and sent home.
  3. I listened to him almost 30 years ago and thought he was funny. I'm older and more mature and don't enjoy a good fart joke or naked girl joke as much as I used too. He's not nearly as funny anymore. I may listen to him a couple of times a year if I happen to be traveling in my wife's car - she has satellite radio. The few times I've listened, it's always been a couple of stupid guys yelling at each other. The show was never high brow but it seems to have devolved into Jerry Springer now. Stern was witty when he had a couple of full time writers in the studio passing him jokes on paper. Less so now. But, he has always seemed to be pro 2A, although it's not a big part of his show at all. I've heard him talk about it a few times.
  4. Here's the real answer: Sevin. It;s the brandname of a carbaryl insecticide. It's available as a powder or as a liquid. Unlike wasp sprays that have quick knockdown, Sevin is residual - it stays around for a long time doing it's job. It's available as a powder or as a liquid concentrate. If you can find a way to dust the nest with Sevin powder, it will kill the wasps over the next few days. If you can squirt the liquid on the nest, it will also kill the wasps over the next few days. A child's supersoaker type water gun is a good way to apply the liquid (mixed according to the directions on the bottle). Make sure the pets are put away, neighbors ar ein bed, spray upwind, get a shower after, and throw out the supersoaker. Do your work at night only and be ready to skedaddle. I've done this lots of times. It works 100%.
  5. I've used Bondo on wood lots of times on commercial construction projects. I've used it under Formica to get a flat, smooth surface. I've used it on intricate trim details where something was curved or round and making round trim was impossible on site. I've used it like spackle to repair gouges and voids in historical trim that we wanted to save instead of replace. And I've used it for exactly what you're doing. Patch a spot and "spackle" the gaps and voids with bondo. Cover with paint and it will last forever. Two tips: (1) Work in shallow layers of about 1/4" thick. You can build up layers but if you try to put it on too thick in one layer, it can pop out when you're shaping it. and (2) Add too little instead of too much. It's much, much easier to add a little as another layer than to have to sand some off.
  6. A really strange thing happened to me last week. I bought, what might be, my last gun. I grew up with guns. Got my first shotgun when I was old enough to hunt with my dad. Bought "my" first rifle at 14 and my first handgun at 21. Almost 30 years ago, used to bring all of my college friends down to the family farm on weekends to go shooting. The point is, I've always been kind of a gun guy. Then in 2008 there was lots of talk about taking away my guns. I got super interested in firearms. I started buying guns, taking new shooters shooting, even dabbled in a new start-up gun activist group - which never got off the ground, donated to the various gun organizations, and became a certified firearms instructor. I went from "kind of a gun guy" to "the gun guy" and my gun safes and bumper stickers prove it. For the last 10 years, I've had these shifting categories in my head of the various types of guns I needed to own. I slowly picked up new and used guns all over NJ and PA to fill in the blanks. The last one on my bucket list was a Beretta 92 9mm. I picked that gun up from the shop a week ago. I walked the package back to my truck, sat down, and realized that I was done. It was a very strange revelation. I'm sure that someday I'll buy something again. I'll keep my range membership and have already tentative schedules to take a group from work to shoot clays and a woman in my church wants to go shooting when the weather cools down. This week I'll be in VA and plan to stop at the NRA museum on my ride back to shoot at their range. So, I'm still kind of a gun guy but the intensity has definitely dropped down a couple of notches. Honestly, it's a strange feeling. I'm looking for a new hobby.
  7. Beware of the human need to always figure out who's fault something is. I have heard lots of people say "somebody needs to be held accountable!". That's not always true. Sometimes accidents are just accidents and nobody is accountable.
  8. I've bought from TR a couple of times. I don't do it anymore. There were no problems but it's just more work having to order online from one company and then coordinate with a local shop to install what I bought. I don't think I saved more than a couple of dollars either. I compare warranties. I assume that the tire will last as long as the warranty lasts. If a 60,000 mile warranty tire costs 50% more than a 40,000 mile tire I consider them to be the same value.
  9. The law already has this figured out. There are different degrees of "murder", manslaughter, and involuntary manslaughter. The difference is in the premeditation and the intent of your actions.
  10. If the election was today, I agree. Republicans gain seats. Incumbents (and their parties) win elections when the economy is good or if we're winning (or appear to be winning) a war. Incumbents lose elections when the economy is poor or if we're losing a war (or in one for too long without winning). Right now the economy is great. And, we aren't at war but we're besting all of the countries on our short list of potential enemies. Right now, Republican wins look likely. But a lot can happen in the next few months.
  11. I really dislike Kavanaugh's history on the 4th amendment. He has ruled in favor of the government in some search and seizure and privacy cases where I would have gone 180º the other way. I wonder if Kavanaugh is the compromise candidate and the others on the list (like my favorite: Hardiman) are on the list as a threat to the democrats. I hope Kavanaugh isn't confirmed and we can move onto one of the others.
  12. This was just 2 judges. It's possible that there are two judges who actually consider the facts on the 9th circuit.
  13. It costs $2 per permit. How many did you pay for?
  14. I have no idea if Bob is for or against carry. I think the anti-Bob Viden sentiment started during the impeach Sweeney event. Some organizers from the event stopped into the shop to ask the shop to pass out fliers or something like that. The shop was not interested in helping organize and even expressed that they thought the idea wan't a good one. To some, that made Bob the enemy of the second amendment. I'm in the area. I'm pretty in touch with lots of gun owners around, and this thread is the first I've heard that he's anti carry. He may be, but it's not something I've heard others talk about.
  15. NJSP combined the most restrictive parts of state law and federal law. The problem is that Troopers and many other departments use this information as guidance and will end up arresting people who are following NJ law because the NJSP is giving out false information.