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  1. The rules are that you must disarm in the parking lot of a sensitive place. Walking around your vehicle to get to the trunk or back door and disarming while standing in the parking lot are specifically mentioned and allowed by the law. It's a terribly written law in a lot of ways - and not just because I like the constitution and the author of the bad law, Joe Danielsen, obviously doesn't. I've disarmed in parking lots, siting in the driver's, seat, like the law requires, hoping that nobody walked past my window and saw me with a gun in my hand.
  2. NJ law just says "unloaded". FOPA (Federal Firearm Owners Protection Act) says "separate from the ammunition." NJ law applies to NJ residents in NJ so "unloaded" is enough - no definition in the law. The NJSP website used to say that the ammo needed to be separate - that was not true. Don't know what the website says now. To me, magazine outside the gun, but in the same bag, is good enough. But with anything gun related in NJ, it just takes one bad prosecutor, a judge who goes along with the bad prosecutor, and a jury who doesn't understand the law.
  3. " For purposes of this section, “holster” means a device or sheath that securely retains a handgun which, at a minimum, conceals and protects the main body of the firearm, maintains the firearm in a consistent and accessible position, and renders the trigger covered and inaccessible while the handgun is fully seated in the holster." That's all there is to know. Until somebody gets arrested and there is a court decision on if this means trigger or if it means trigger and trigger guard. Aside from what the law requires, I agree with others - cover the whole trigger assembly and stay safe.
  4. When my shirt is tucked, it's in my front pocket. Not my favorite because it's just about impossible to get to when I'm sitting down - like when I'm driving. I'm going to try Krdshrk's suggestion for the Alien Gear Cloak. https://aliengearholsters.com/belt-holster.html.html Seems like it's almost the holster I was imagining.
  5. I like my regular carry holster. OWB leather with belt slots. I've been carrying for over a year and it was comfortable and I hardly even noticed it. I carry (usually) a Ruger LCP .380 - light, convenient, tiny. But...today I ended up taking it off an leaving it home after a few hours. I cut down a big maple tree a few days ago and I spent 3/4 of today loading and unloading firewood into the back of my truck and a trailer. It was a warm day, I was dirty, tired, sweaty, and my holster was rubbing against my side. The leather and exposed metal snap was no longer comfortable. I'm thinking about adding a layer of something to that part of the holster to soften the contact. Anything insulating will make it worse. I don't want a sweaty, hotter holster against my skin. I'm imagining something thin, breathable, that won't absorb sweat, and softer than leather, metal snaps, and rivets. But I have no idea what would work. I'm hoping somebody else has already figured this out and I can just do what they did. Any suggestions appreciated.
  6. I don't think they discovered anything new. My grandfather was a mason and I worked with him almost 40 years ago. We did a lot of repair work on very old houses - some from the 1600's. We never did repairs with modern mortar, we would use lime mortar because modern mortar is too hard and any water freezing between the new and old will push out the old. We mixed the mortar formula ourselves using "slake lime" or "quick lime". Sounds exactly like what the article is describing. By heating crushed lime, some magic chemical change happens and it makes good brick mortar. If it gets tiny cracks, the lime will move into the crack and repair itself. I have an old farmhouse. Probably built in the 1870's. The sandstone basement walls were parged inside with this old lime concrete mix. I know because 150 years of these walls being wet - dry - wet - dry has caused the cement to move. I have thousands of what look like curled up snail shells on the walls. The lime mortar gets damp, the lime softens and flows out from the wall a thousandth of an inch. The next time - same thing. Eventually, you get these curled up pieces of cement that have peeled away and makes a scroll shape. I think the ancient Romans had the same mortar we had 100 years ago. Mystery solved!
  7. So, back in the day, way back in October of 2022, Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin quoted Senate President Nicholas Scutari about the number of applicants. "Coughlin, referencing what Scutari said were State Police statistics, said there have been 300,000 applications for concealed-carry permits in New Jersey since June." So, were they lying then or are they lying now?
  8. Mine was issued over a year ago. I should be on the list but I'm not.
  9. I'm fortunate enough to live in one of NJ's rural areas with several very small towns. I know a few people who have received their carry permits. The data can be found here: https://public.tableau.com/app/profile/nj.office.of.justice.data/viz/PermittoCarryDashboard/Intro (click the "municipal data" tab near the top of the page). My township shows zero permits issued. I have one and I know someone else who has one. That's two and I don't know 2% of the people in my township. One township near me shows 1, I know of three. Another township shows zero and I know of two. Looks like the "official" data is about 1/3 of the people I know that have permits and a tiny, tiny fraction of the people I don't know.
  10. I know the spot. It's not on the list of sensitive places.
  11. I don't reload so I don't know anything about it but it seems like a good idea. What percentage of US sold shotgun shells take the Euro primers? I just assumed everything here was based on some sort of US standard.
  12. Doesn't look like rust. Stainless will corrode and get dark spots like that. But, there is conflicting information on whether the Mariner was ever actually stainless steel and modern versions apparently are not - just coated to look like stainless. Truth is, all of my guns get used so a minor discoloration like that would barely be noticed here.
  13. "DOJ agents seized approximately 11 military-style machine guns, 133 handguns, 37 rifles, 60 assault rifles, 7 shotguns, 20 silencers, 4 flare guns, 3,000 large capacity magazines, approximately one million rounds of miscellaneous caliber ammunition, and dozens of rifle receivers and pistol frames." Ok, some of this is illegal and it sounds like he's probably up to no good but I'm still a little jealous and feel like I have some catching up to do.
  14. About the older black guy open carrying in Walmart: I'm good with it but NJ law is not (shocker). 2C:58-4 a. ...shall not be construed to authorize a holder to carry a handgun openly, provided that a brief, incidental exposure of a handgun while transferring it to or from a holster or due to the shifting of the person's body position or clothing shall be deemed a de minimis infraction within the contemplation of... De minimis only means that the judge has the OPTION to throw out charges when you go to court. You can be charged be charged and convicted of a crime unless the judge exercises the option to throw out charges. A De minimis infraction is the same violation of the law as if your actions were intentional.
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