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  1. That makes them one of the first applicants. Now that there are more applications being processed, I wonder if it will slow down.
  2. I've read the statue over and over. I'm not bad with words but one part confuses me. On a quick read through, I thought it meant that you can carry any gun as long as you own the gun but on the 10th read, it seems to say something else. The last part confuses me: "the permit shall apply only to a handgun carried by the actual legal holder of the permit". WHICH IS NOT: the permit shall apply only to a handgun carried by the actual legal owner of the gun. Holder of permit...not owner of gun. It reads to me that the permit is only valid for the person who owns the permit and says nothing at all about who owns the gun. But it seems so obvious that somebody else can't use your permit that they wouldn't have put that in the law. I need a grammar expert who remembers how to diagram sentences to clear this up for me.
  3. I don't see how it's illegal. Admin code says the judge can issue a restricted type permit. Wait...let me change that... illegal constitutionally since it's an infringement to the right to bear arms. but not illegal by NJ law.
  4. It matters because a judge can issue a restricted type permit that lists the guns you can carry. It's too long to cut and paste the whole thing again but there are two sections of the law that matter here. Google NJSA 2C:58-4(a) --- and --- NJAC 13:54-2.7(a) and (b). Several instructors are letting you "qualify" with multiple firearms if you shoot just one. Others want to see you shoot each one before they will sign off that you can demonstrate "familiarity with safe handling and use" with each gun. Since different guns are operated differently I think this is reasonable.
  5. Somebody here posted that Shooters now only allowed one firearm on the qualification form. Something about the qualification being rejected by the PD if more than one gun was on the form - not sure I have that exactly right. Just curious what the details were. Was that discussed at all during your qualification?
  6. NJ does not require concealed carry. Open carry (with a carry permit) is legal. You don't need to keep your gun hidden at all - although I personally think doing so is a good idea.
  7. I think any rim fire is too little gun but I understand the small, frail, older female thing too. Maybe a compromise? .22Mag?
  8. Not finding bump stocks useful and thinking it's acceptable to make them Illegal to own are two different things.
  9. What's the penalty for violating a town ordinance? I doubt it has much teeth.
  10. Submitted my application this morning. The trooper at Bridgeton Barracks has always been very helpful and takes the time to explain everything. Some information I gleaned from our conversation: So far he estimates that I'm the 20th person to drop off an application at the station. I would have expected it was more. The background check and paperwork review is done at the local barracks and then sent to Trenton for a second review. Trenton forwards to the superior court. Once approved, the court sends it back to Trenton and Trenton makes the card and forwards it to the local barracks. I'm sure that the process is different if you're not going through NJSP. He spoke to someone at the superior court who told him (1) They don't have direction on the process yet. (2) hearings will most likely not be required - although they always have been in the past. I asked if he knew if there would be restricted type permits issued that would limit what we carry. He said that he had been told we could carry only what we have submitted proof of ownership. Guns purchased in the future would also be legal because there was a paper trail to prove proof of ownership. That is when he told me he didn't know why that would be since he can look up any firearm we've purchased in NJ. He also said that the process will be long enough that fingerprinting won't hold up the process. He and Trenton won't have permits ready for the court "any time soon" so the fingerprints will be added to the file whenever they get there - no hurry on prints. That said, I signed up for prints in PA for tomorrow - not because I'm in a hurry (but I am) but because there are no appointments available in NJ. You can only schedule 7 days out and all locations show 0 appointments available in the next 7 days. He admitted that there is a lot about the process he doesn't know yet and he said "I think" or "I have heard" a few times so the above information may be correct or not - and he was honest about that. We also talked about a lot of different things so I might have remembered part of the conversation incorrectly too. But...I think the above is pretty accurate.
  11. I typed up a letter that says "To whom it may concern: This letter serves as my certification that I am the lawful owner of the following handguns: " I signed and dated it and had my signature notarized. The trooper at my local station accepted it this morning. We had a long talk about the process and he said he wasn't sure why there was a requirement for proof of ownership, if I bought a gun legally in NJ he can look it up in the database. If I didn't, I can just write a letter which doesn't prove or disprove anything.
  12. I would say the qualification was easy, at least easy to pass - considering the fact that everyone passed and accurate shooting didn't seem to be scrutinized especially harshly. I think passing the qualifier was easy. Enduring the qualifier wasn't.
  13. Just so you know, that wasn't my experience at Shooters in Little Egg Harbor earlier this week. The instructor was very nice, easy to like, and generally agreeable. The course of fire was not difficult but the instructor felt that there was a need to put everyone under pressure. Not sure why. There was some yelling, time limits, two shot and three shot drills. Commands to "holster" frequently which were handled by laying your gun on the counter - no actual holsters. There was no time set aside to reload, you had to reload as you were being kind-of yelled at to shoot "three more rounds" or whatever the drill of the moment was. I had a compact .380 since I thought you needed to qualify with what you carried and only had two 6 round mags. I struggled to keep up and missed taking a few shots. To be fair, the yelling wasn't drill-sargent-in-your-face style yelling but I don't know why it was needed at all. It was also difficult to hear commands over the shooting with electric ear protection because every shot shuts down your ear muffs for half a second and we were shooting fast so you could probably only hear 1/3 of the time. Shots were taken at lots of different distances and I don't think we actually shot out to 15 yards, probably closer to 10 or 11yds max. I think we shot 30 rounds according to the ammo left in my box but I didn't count so I'm guessing. Everyone passed. I saw everyone else's target and never counted hits but I think the instructor may have been generous in scoring. That said, after the shooting, which I didn't particularly enjoy, the instructor was once again very helpful, friendly, and accommodating. We could put up to 4 handguns on the forms and as I said, everyone passed. If you're going to shooters I recommend: (1) arrive 15 minutes early to pay - the class starts on time! (2) Bring the serial numbers of the guns you want to include on the form. You can't uncase your guns in the classroom and you won't have time in the range to write the numbers down, (3) Bring enough magazines to shoot 30 rounds and start loading them as soon as you get into the range. You won't have much time before the shooting starts.
  14. Here's the exception to 2C:58-4 above: N.J. Admin. Code § 13:54-2.7 - Issuance of a permit to carry a handgun (a) Upon being satisfied of the sufficiency of the application and the fulfillment of the provisions of P.L. 1979, c. 58, the judge shall issue a permit. The issuing Superior Court judge shall return the original permit to carry a handgun along with the application endorsed by the issuing Superior Court judge, to the jurisdiction of origin. (b) The court may, at its discretion, issue a limited type permit which would restrict the applicant as to the types of handguns he or she may carry and where and for what purposes such handguns may be carried. (c) The Superintendent shall be provided with copies of all permits to carry handguns issued or re-issued by the Superior Court. And I don't think we know yet if the permits issued by the court will have restrictions listed on them. But, I agree. As long as the judge doesn't restrict what we can carry, we can carry any handgun.
  15. The letter says to call them and they will set up a phone meeting.
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