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  1. My walmart usually has several boxes for around $6.00. I don't know what brand and maybe the brand matters. It doesn't matter to me.
  2. It would be a three hour commute one way but if it comes with an employee discount...
  3. I disagree. She's cute. She's been dealing with creeps and perverts for a long time. I'm too old to know what happens on social media but I guarantee she's had her share of pervs on there too. She looks like she's going to be able to take care of herself just fine and if you read her tweets back at the anti's, she isn't letting anyone push her around. Dad should be very proud.
  4. If you click on the girl's photo in the article, it takes you to her twitter feed. I like this girl! Spunky, smart, articulate. NRA needs to grab her up.
  5. Sign her up. A young woman helps dispel the myth that guns are just for old white guys like me. That's part of why the media hates this.
  6. No matter what brand you get - they are all regulated to the same output power. You can get more output power by getting something that requires a license - but then you need a license. FRS/GMRS is limited to 1/2 Watt output. I think you'll typically get 1 to 2 miles out of FRS/GMRS without a license on flat ground. In the city it will be less. You can go up to 7 Watts if you get the license and a call sign from the FCC. I have no idea what's involved or what that costs but you'd then need a more expensive radio designed to transmit at the higher output. CB is limited to 4 watts. 3 or 4 miles is probably typical with the occasional 5 or 6 mile signal getting through. Ham can go a long distance because there are repeaters everywhere. All others are pretty limited. This is the first truck I've owned without a CB radio. We used to use them around her to keep in touch when we were out in the woods or marshes. I guess we sort of grew up and don't have as much fun in the mud any more.
  7. It's legal to transport from your home to the range and back without an FID card. I believe it's legal to transport between residences WHILE MOVING according to the law. But, what business is it of the range whether you're transporting legally? I guess their house, their rules.
  8. I'll pass that on to the wife.
  9. NEVER give the NRA your real phone number.
  10. My wife said the same thing - well not about the spray enamel. She said it would look better if it was painted white. I told her to go ahead, my part of the project's done. I got the look. It will stay black.
  11. Those are rigid plastic on this model, not foam.
  12. These cabinets have rigid plastic gun rests that bolt to the sides and back. The only foam is a 1/2" thick piece that lays on the floor of the cabinet.
  13. A couple of years ago, I purchased one of those metal Stack-On gun cabinets and quickly filled it to overflowing. It was hard to get to the guns that were behind the other guns and I recently reached the point where I couldn't get everything inside any more. I needed a second gun cabinet but didn't want to tie up any more floor space. So, I bought a second cabinet and stacked my Stack-Ons. They're bolted together, bolted to the floor, and bolted to the wall. I'm going to add a horizontal bar to the top cabinet tomorrow to make sure nothing falls out and hits me in the head. This is a 100+ year old farm house with very high ceilings or it wouldn't have been possible. The total height is 9' 2". I had 1/4" of space between the top cabinet and the ceiling. Having so little head room made it a challenge to hoist the top cabinet on top of the first. If the top cabinet was tilted even a few degrees, it wouldn't fit in the available space. So, it had to be lifted straight up and held absolutely plumb at chin height and then slid on top of the other cabinet. I probably could have done it on the first attempt 25 years ago but did manage to get it done on the third attempt. It did require more than the usual amount of grunting but not bad for an old guy.
  14. A few years ago, we drove to Memphis and stayed a couple of nights at each of several stops on the way - including Nashville. Music Row is interesting. I'm not a country music fan either but there was a lot to see and do. By the way, music row isn't just one street, it's 3 blocks wide in some places and 4 or 5 blocks long. The grand old opry offered tours during the day. I didn't want to see a show but the tour was interesting. We happened to be there during Elvis week. I've never seen so many Elvis's .
  15. NRATube could be the most effective outreach tool the NRA ever tried. If every gun enthusiast went to the NRA for their gun fix, the NRA could run 10 second ads on each video highlighting the fights the NRA is in, good guys using guns in self defense, law suits, and of course fund raising. The problem is that the content produced by hundreds or thousands of random people will now come with the NRA's implied endorsement. Every curse word, every gun owner muzzling his kids, every body showing how great their gun is a blowing up a car with Tannerite will now be the new face of the NRA. The site would need to be very heavily moderated with all videos being approved before being posted. And...everyone will complain about the censorship and go elsewhere. But, an NRA site with two or three dozen pre-approved big names would be great and they could include the occasional video from someone else. But it can't be a YouTube type site where anyone can post anything they want. But, if it was launched as a site where you need to apply and be approved, many would do that.