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  1. You can stamp your gun any way you like. This gun is mine.
  2. I have the CZ Teal O/U in 12ga. I've put several hundred rounds through mine. I'm happy with the gun but it's a good $600 gun, not a $2,000 gun. The only complaint I have is the trigger reset is longer than I would like. I have had several occasions where I've pulled the trigger for a rapid second shot and got nothing. I hadn't let the trigger come forward far enough to reset for the second shot. I also made two very minor alterations to mine. I drilled and tapped the rib for a mid bead and stamped a "T" and "B" next to the barrel selector since I can never remember if left is top or left is bottom. That said, for the price, I would not hesitate to buy one again.
  3. Depending on how old it was, I may have put the label and stamp on it. We spent hours sitting around the kitchen table addressing those things.
  4. This thread has been fun. I grew up on a wholesale nursery and worked on the family farm weekends, evenings, and summers. I know the names of most of the shrubs found in landscapes - but only the Latin names. Pretty useless information. Try going to Home Depot and asking if they have any Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Nana Gracilis'. They just look at you stupid.
  5. looks like EMT compression couplings on rigid conduit. Electrical. But the way they're spaced sure looks like two plumbing supply lines and a drain. The larger pipe is too far from the wall to feed a long forgotten electrical panel. I vote electrical or plumbing or natural gas or something else. Take the plastic caps off of the big line and take another photo so we can see the metal fitting better. If it was an old sink, the larger, drain line won't be under pressure. Of course, turn the fitting slowly. If it's something else, you want to be able to tignten it back up before you flood the garage.
  6. Walmart's "in stock" has been wrong before for me.
  7. Tough Crowd.
  8. This is why term limits are so important - and why they will never happen.
  9. What is Paul Ryan's motivation? Exactly the same thing that motivates EVERYONE in congress in both parties: MONEY and POWER and the prestige and swagger that comes with it. The two parties fight over ideologies they personally care nothing about. They give speeches, make promises, and occasionally pass laws for the sole purpose of getting re-elected and keeping their jobs. Jobs that let them sell votes to the highest bidder and become rich. They can't accept money directly so they trade votes for no-show board appointments or speaking engagements or other money laundering schemes. But none of our representatives are in DC because they believe in some cause or because they want to make something better. They like things exactly the way they are. Occasionally someone makes it to congress who has good intentions but they won't get committee appointments, won't be allowed to become a sponsor on any bills, won't see their bills make it through committee, and are probably banned from the free haircuts and bowling alley. So, why is Paul Ryan making sure the Republican party is going to be a failure under Trump's leadership? Because Trump campaigned on draining the swamp and all the swamp dwellers are joining forces against their common enemy. Ryan is willing to loose a few seats in the next election as long as they can blame the abysmal failure during Trump's first term on Trump. The goal is to get rid of Trump. In reality, losing Republic seats makes no difference to any of the Republicans. The two parties are nothing more than two crooked labor unions joining forces to protect their worker's illegal activities. Where one union loses a worker or two, the other union gains one. As long as everyone gets to keep selling votes, that's all that really matters. Don't be surprised that Paul Ryan isn't representing you. He doesn't care a bit about what's best for you.
  10. The easy way to drill hard steel is to use a drill bit made for the purpose: https://www.mcmaster.com/#standard-drill-bits/=19ckogx Clamp everything down in a drill press. Hard drill bits are brittle and will break if things move around and you need to apply more pressure than you an with a hand held drill. Avoid heat. Heat kills drill bits. Use plenty of oil. Reducing friction reduces heat and oil draws heat away from the bit. Make sure you're cutting the entire time you're drilling. If your bit rubs without cutting, you create heat which damages your bit. Use a slow rotating speed. The slower you do the work, the less heat you create. If you're using a walmart drill bit in a hand held drill, it's going to be very hard to do.
  11. I just checked Dick's website. Looks like it's only my local store that is out of stock. It's a longer drive than I want to make but it looks like the great clay target shortage of 2017 is over.
  12. I usually just pick up a couple of boxes of clay targets at Walmart. They're not in stock there isn't even have a place on the shelf for them today. Looks like hunting stuff has moved into that section for the season. I stopped at Dicks - they're out. I called Cabela's in Christiana - none there. I checked Bass Pro's website. Atlantic City store is out of stock. I don't remember seeing boxes of clays at local gun shops. But, I wasn't looking for them so may have overlooked them. So who in Salem/Cumberland county has boxes of clay targets in stock?
  13. Grew up on a wholesale nursery. Now is a great time to do it. Keep them watered until the temp's drop and make sure they get some water over the winter. Normal rain and snow will probably be enough, but if we have a dry few weeks or a warm few days, make sure they get watered. They'll make good progress establishing roots before winter and have a head start come spring.
  14. I believe the technical name for control joints is "groove".
  15. I assume we're talking about the slab floor in the basement. Is this just a hairline crack with no visible movement? If so, leave it alone. Concrete cracks when it expands and contracts. This is why large areas of concrete have grooves cut into them after the concrete is cured - to give the slab a place to crack that won't look bad. It's not a problem and any attempt to fix it will make it look worse. If it bothers you, put some resilient type of floor down - VCT, carpet, vinyl, etc. Anything hard like epoxy will just crack there too.