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  1. I don't have a SERPA brand but I have several retention holsters of similar design. All of mine put my trigger finger right on the side of the frame if I draw from pressing the release button. I can see how it would be possible to move your finger to have it land on the trigger but not more likely than with any other type of holster.
  2. True Story: Olga of Kiev was queen after her husband was killed by the Drevlians. The king of the Drevlians, Prince Mal, sent a delegation to Olga demanding that she marry Prince Mal - and therefore join the two countries under his rule without the need for a war. Olga replied that she would marry him but only if he paid a dowry of one thousand homing pigeons. The dowry arrived and Olga had a single burning ember suspended from each of the pigeons feet and released them to fly back to the Drevlians where their entire city was burned to the ground. Go big or go home.
  3. This isn't about a bb gun being a firearm. That was one example but not the point. The point is that half the guns owned in NJ are illegal now because every firearm manufactured before 1968 did not have a serial number. Guns last a long time. Lots and lots of pre '68 guns around.
  4. the law does not say. Since a magazine is part of the firearm, there is a possibility that some court could rule that a loaded magazine is a loaded gun. Courts have made much worse rulings - especially NJ courts concerning guns. NJ gun attorney's have reportedly given the advice not to transport a loaded magazine. It only takes one bad cop, one bad prosecutor, one bad judge, and one bad jury for a magazine to be considered a firearm and you can go to jail. I'm not saying that is what I do or what you should do, just that there is a risk.
  5. With the safety features and testing that goes into modern firearms and a holster that covers the trigger, I don't know why this is still something we even think about.
  6. 100% about scaring all the other companies that make work-arounds for NY's unconstitutional gun laws.
  7. I use carpet door mats as a work surface whenever I'm disassembling anything with small parts. Screws and springs don't bounce away on carpet and it keeps everything clean in my dirty, dusty shop.
  8. That's the plan. When middle aged white women clutch their pearls and cry out about "those" dangerous people with guns they aren't thinking about their neighbors in the suburbs. Those middle age white women are thinking about the people who don't look like them and are more likely to live in lower income neighborhoods. It's about keeping guns away from "those people" more than it is about keeping guns away from "people".
  9. The real story: NJ's smart gun bill was written so that NJ residents could only purchase smart guns as soon as one hit the market. There was a manufacturer who announced that they were about to release a smart gun to the market. That manufacturer (can't remember their name) was flooded with phone calls including lots of threats to burn the place down and kill people. Apparently the threats were so overwhelming that the legislation was re-written. I'm sure it was discussed here at the time and there are probably a dozen old threads about what happened - as it was happening.
  10. I have the Taurus Judge, 45LC/.40 revolver. Spread with shot shell is about 1" per foot of distance. It's a lot of spread but less than I had expected when I bought it. Since the gun being discussed here has a much longer barrel than my 3" revolver, I suspect the spread would be quite a bit less.
  11. When I was posted, I was thinking someone has the name of the trooper handling firearms in Totowa. You can call the barracks and ask for that trooper and get an appointment. Each barracks has it's own phone number.
  12. Which Station? Somebody here will have the contact info for the trooper at that station that handles PTC applications.
  13. Back when the "oil filter" silencers were all over facebook marketplace, I was very suspicious. Facebook puts a lot of effort into keeping guns and gun stuff off their pages. Seemed odd to me that they were overrun with ads for mail order silencers for months and nobody noticed. Then there were a few youtube videos of guys who got ATF visits after ordering the oil filters or guys who had them shipped to their homes and claim they never placed such an order. Now there's this: Two different ads in about 2 minutes. What do you think?
  14. Since the TRO and the Law don't mention the official title of any parks or types of parks, I'm going with legal.
  15. According to the Siegel TRO, we can now carry in a " parks, beaches, and recreational facilities/areas". I would consider a wildlife management area to be a recreational facility/area. But wondered if this has specifically been addressed anywhere. Lots of State Parks are functionally identical to WMA's but State Parks include the word "Park" so it's obvious they are included. But it just takes one bad conservation officer, one bad prosecutor, one bad judge, and one bad jury for carrying in a WMA to get you in trouble. I'd like confirmation.
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