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  1. I'll take it, if still available. I'll call or text you Monday, before noon. -Mike
  2. I'm interested. Looking to take it. PM sent -Mike
  3. turbo6

    Closed - thanks

    I'll take it PM sent Thanks, -Mike
  4. The star ledger is gasping for air, as they circle the bowl for the last time, about to land where they deserve at the bottom of the cesspool. They have turned to writing sensational articles like this, hoping to delay their own slow death. I encourage everyone to never click on nj.com and never leave worthless comments after the articles, which seems to be the only thing holding them afloat. Their liberal slant on almost every article is blatantly obvious and sickening. As said previously, they are nothing but 'click bait' anymore. -Mike
  5. Not for me they didn't. I talk to my 2 friend pretty often, they never were contacted once, for each round of permits. And if you're worrying about extending them when they expire, mine was past the 90 days, dropped off on a tuesday, in my mailbox on saturday. Good luck
  6. I applied for 3 in April and they were ready in 35 days. You have to sign them now when you pick them up, unlike when they used to mail them to your house. I had to renew one and it was in my mailbox in about 3-4 days. The whole procedure is different than what it used to be, costs a little more, but the wait dropped from 2 months to 1. -Mike
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