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  1. There are a few actors that when they go, they will be missed, Sean was one of them, may he RIP, When Clint Eastwood goes that will be something. Otherwise I have no respect for the majority of these privilaged a holes. Sean made some garbage watchable.
  2. 70gto

    Glock 34

    Not sure but I wanted the option
  3. I put a deposit on 3 3 months ago . Theybut sold out from under me. From a certain store which I wont mention
  4. Thanks for answering. Let me see where I can use them first thanks. Marlton is where you are?
  5. 70gto

    Glock 34

    No I never shot a 34. Just about every other gkock I have . I switched everything over to glock gor muscle memory sake. Sights jams disassembly temperament etc. I can appreciate other makes but I'm married to this platform. Just wondering if you guys felt if it gave you an adge all things being equal. Its the shooter I get it this is just the hammer. Thanks for the info on the split times and sight aqusition that info is important to me . Worst case I get the 34 and if I find a 17 upper than that would be awesome. 2 for 1
  6. 70gto

    6mm arc

    Maybe I'm late to the party ,but in this months nra magazine of rifleman rheyvdid a nice writeup on 6mm arc for the ar 15. I always wanted a 16 inch 6.5 Grendel but this got me thinking hmmm.
  7. Hi is it two complete sets of 3 shelves? Or did I read it wrong thanks
  8. 70gto

    Glock 34

    Hi anyone here have a glock 34? How do you like it? Looking to competitive shoot/ nightstand gun. How would you compare it to say a glock 17? thanks
  9. Glock 34 mos Glock 19 MOS Glock 43x Glock 17 MOS Thanks 732-841-2472 Looking for new thanks
  10. Great personal stories, thank you , I will do this every year on the date and I learn something new every time, such as the boat lift, incredible, It also helps me heal a small bit, but I never want to forget what i've seen.
  11. You seem to be running low, I would get some ammo if i were you .BTW nice shelving.
  12. No words for this. Thank you for sharing.
  13. This was the day American came together. At the site we had everything and more than we needed , food clothes water masks heavy equipment. A million thanks to the welders who cut steel from hour 1 until the job was done. Bittersweet at what happened but proud that Americans came together and gave until it hurt to help others.
  14. I was a rookie officer finishing my school post when my partner pulled up, yelling at me to get in the car, that the world trade center was attacked. I cant forget that day, or the smell of burnt concrete and death, digging desperately through that pile of twisted- still on fire pile of steel. I don't agree with most of what Deblasio says, but I would have definitely lost my sh&t if they didnt honor the dead today. One particularly sad memory was when I came home on the ferry covered in that white dust, a young mom with a baby stroller was on the Jersey side standing there by herself, for someone who was never coming home. crying telling me I was a hero, I told her I'm no hero , the hero's are still in there, and I walked away sobbing. The guys I went over with still call each other on this day no matter where we are in the world. PTSD is real. GOD bless this country and keep it safe. Never forget, this was the pearl harbor of our generation.
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