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  1. I think so, name sounds familair
  2. I am ex- leo sergeant. and ER nurse. Many leo's are pro second amendment, as am I. Go for it apply, don't get too dissapointed if it doesn't work here in NJ . if you have time and money push with a good attorney. Maybe a call to an attorney like Evan Nappen would give you some insight as to what is in front of you. I as many people here want to see you succeed. Good luck.
  3. It depends on what scenario is front of us. Mad maxx type stuff, (I dont think very likely to happen)- then nothing matters but food skills and lead/ really bad bear market even for a few years. More likely scenario. its a good chance you can make a few bucks on your buy. in 1979 I saw my dad cash in his junk silver and buy our house, it hit 50 an ounce back then, it did again in 2011. say it does same from today's price you got 300 percent on your money . back then there were buyers for PMs at that price. There are a few pieces I collect for my kids, that I would not sell but the rest is just like any other investment. Don't fall in love with it, it could just be a means to end. either way I agree with you , we could be in for a ride much worse than 2008, I hope for my kids sake it isnt, its just insurance I hope to never use. My father in law is Italian but lived and had has family in Argentina. I know its different economy from Us but just an example. Their currency hit the skids twice in 10 years. People would cash their checks and run to the store supermarket and as you shopped the price went up by the time you hit the register. The few that had pm's fared much better. In fact they made it illegal or impossible to obtain Pms as a way around their currency shortly after the second crash. In Venezuela for example silver got you food, paper didnt mean crap. just saying. Huge black market developed for pms even the US dollar as you couldnt get them. Smart big money, the guys in the know will always make their moves before we even get a hint, we just hope to catch a couple crumbs they drop along the way. If you own some hedge like metals for example you are ahead of 95 percent of folks out there. When the average guy figures out whats what, its too late. Dealer premiums will be through the roof if any available, so that leaves you that they can buy from. The window to sell may be relatively short is my guess. Same with firearms and ammo, when you should have got some was way back when you could, not when you are under threat of ban or unavailability etc. Money moves always looking for yield. the stock market is high because not many alternatives out there and the people have been conditioned to invest there. I hope to GOD im wrong and just have some shiny metal etc, that my kids can look at but I think im more right than wrong here. I have homeowners in case my house burns down but I hope to never use it. Btw I like a good natured discussion nobody gets their feeling hurt and some ideas I didnt think about come out.
  4. Yes, its been creeping a few dollars and cents here and there. Picked some up on the dip last week. If things in the market get really hairy, I see an upswing initially followed by downwards because if the market really really tanks as in 2008 style, people (average joe) will sell to make ends meet, and then back up hard. just my humble two cents. Then again If I knew for sure id be rich so. No you cant eat it I get it but it has its place along with lead rice and beans. all do different things
  5. Got it , thanks for that.
  6. Mj in the canadian sector? I think has good growth potential. I don't daytrade stocks anymore. Got my ass handed to me in 1997 to 1999. Expensive and hard lesson. But I do know several people that have been killing it in that sector . There is a good youtuber called the chart guys they are heavy traders in that sector as well as crypto They dont give advise they give set ups to look for and try to teach you what the charts mean. Charting is not a crystal ball it's just about reading charts and gives you probability thats all Day trading you either have to well educated and know what your doing or lucky but luck runs out quick. Learn all you can on trading or just dont do it. If you feel good about a certain sector than consider investing only after you educate yourself you dont want to out money in at what could be at or near a top. Just my hard learned lessons. Dollar cost averaging also a consideration. Of course this is not financial advise.
  7. last paragraph was interesting. there is always generally a 2.0 of everything worth doing. I didnt know this was discussed previously, next time i will do a search.. I understand the risk, just waiting for a bigger downturn of it comes, then a couple bucks in for the long haul. thinking 5 years or so. interesting that some larger players have entered the market, but I suppose if Shit on a stick were a tradable commodity and money could be made then I dont blame some for taking a chance. If this subject has been beaten to death before, mods feel free to shut it down. thoughts change over time, just trying to get a general feel to what a cross section think. Full disclosure I been dabbling for over a year now, won and lost some.
  8. yup very well ware of that.
  9. Not sure if this is the place but curious what the general consensus here is re crypto curencies. i know 99 percent of them out there are nonsense but there are a few that may have some potential. Not looking for which ones are better. nor am I trying to start whats better than what. Just want to see what you guys or gals think? Do they have a place in the future? Either way I plan on owning a few just because you never know. Diversification
  10. LT version. ive driven very fast cars in my life but this one can hold its own
  11. wise collector picked them up/ the silver quarter version is the only thing left.
  12. Mecum Kansas city dec 6-8 is the last one for the year. good luck. call them up very friendly and will ans all questions including sales estimate on your car. lastly carsonline.com its collector car want ad. i thinks its free. I sold a 275,000 car on there. original low mileage cars always do great. Last piece of advice dont waste your time at a no name small auction.
  13. Mecum holds auction all over the country they are second in volume only to barrett Jackson. Barrett generally does not want reserves on cars. Mecum is the other way. If you want to get a look at it its mecum auctions name of website
  14. Gauging interest on my 2006 Monte Carlo Burgundy with Charcoal interior ultra low miles, 63,500 and change. She runs really really strong with lots of power, shifts smoothly. Power sunroof, lt version. front wheel drive actually very good in the snow. drives like new because it practically is. I have known this car from new. it belonged to an older female neighbor of mine who drove it to work and back. new battery, newer exhaust, newer tires practically new. Makes a great reliable transportation. When I sold my suburban This has been my daily driver so miles will go up. My needs have changed, I have to do a ton of construction around my house, so i need a truck. I am shopping for one now, so It technically wont be ready to sell until I bring the truck home which is very soon. I paid 4k several months ago so thats what Im asking. For members here I didnt want to put a haggle me down price. This is a no excuse car meticulously maintained . Tuned up and oil changes religiously, gas treatment 4 times a year, yes she was proud of her baby. I have every record to it since new, She kept all the paperwork in a file including dealership brochure. Pics to come when the weather clears. Great driver, second car or first car. I wont be afraid to drive this car across the country. 732-841-2472. Gas use is approximately 20 dollars a week and i drive it everywhere. there is a freedom in having a good car with no car payments.