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  1. Great personal stories, thank you , I will do this every year on the date and I learn something new every time, such as the boat lift, incredible, It also helps me heal a small bit, but I never want to forget what i've seen.
  2. You seem to be running low, I would get some ammo if i were you .BTW nice shelving.
  3. No words for this. Thank you for sharing.
  4. This was the day American came together. At the site we had everything and more than we needed , food clothes water masks heavy equipment. A million thanks to the welders who cut steel from hour 1 until the job was done. Bittersweet at what happened but proud that Americans came together and gave until it hurt to help others.
  5. I was a rookie officer finishing my school post when my partner pulled up, yelling at me to get in the car, that the world trade center was attacked. I cant forget that day, or the smell of burnt concrete and death, digging desperately through that pile of twisted- still on fire pile of steel. I don't agree with most of what Deblasio says, but I would have definitely lost my sh&t if they didnt honor the dead today. One particularly sad memory was when I came home on the ferry covered in that white dust, a young mom with a baby stroller was on the Jersey side standing there by herself, for someone who was never coming home. crying telling me I was a hero, I told her I'm no hero , the hero's are still in there, and I walked away sobbing. The guys I went over with still call each other on this day no matter where we are in the world. PTSD is real. GOD bless this country and keep it safe. Never forget, this was the pearl harbor of our generation.
  6. Hey guys I have to pull the ad on monday night , make a close offer, you never know, thanks NJGF.
  7. Hi Im looking for an adjustable bench press bench that folds up high so I can also do shoulders, let me know before I peruse the dumpster fire known as craigslist. 732-841-2472 for pics. Please noting broken or looks like it was used in attica for 20 years
  8. This tax is real and certainly BS. Other certain states wont tax you if you buy a certain amount of PM's I think its $1500. either way it sucks. This applies to Bullion and Numismatics. I know as I collect them and it has certainly curtailed my buying
  9. WTS 1 oz gold proof eagle in original box with COA. $2100 text 732-841-2472 for pics FTF or add $8 for shipping 2nd day priority.
  10. some prices reduced I have to pull off the numismatics in 36 hours and trade the dealer 1 oz proof $2125 1893 ms 63-$2425 1910Dms-65+ 3500
  11. Beautiful example of a graded and slabbed NGC 1893 $20 gold coin. Historically significant in MS-63( VERY very GOOD ABOVE AVERAGE GRADE) Yellow gold tones 127 years old. Spot is close to $2000 an ounce. I am asking $2450. Low mintage. ON ebay there are 3 of the same date and same grade coins starting at 3600 to 3950. Disclosure. my price is only 35 dollars more than a dealer offered me to sell it back to collectors for a $1000 more. This is to give you some perspective. 1987 Gold proof American Eagle 1 oz gold in mint case with COA. $2125. Dealer average ask is $2627 for the exact same coin. 1986 was the first year of this series of proof gold from the mint. Outstanding condition and blinding reflection. 2 gold american eagles 1/10 ounce asking $225 each, same dealer sale price is $239 each. ---------------SPF------------------- ALSO adding for sale is a ST. Gaudens 1910d. NGC graded ms65+. NGC website shows only 11 graded in this very high a grade. Asking $3750. This is $1000 below price guide. This is also a low mintage year for the date and mint. I really dont want to sell this one as its the pride of my collection, but I have another collection to upgrade. If shipped add $8 for priority 2nd day. Payment in the form of USPS MO or bitcoin, etherium. Gold and silver keep marching higher in these uncertain times. No trades except for pre 1933 gold. These are going to fund other gold purchases, or else i wouldn't be selling these now when I believe the price of Gold and silver are going higher. Folks who bought from me approx 1 month ago made very very nice profits already. On average $10 dollars a coin for each silver ounce purchased. Call or text for pics. 732-841-2472 I can only list these here for a few days as dealer wants to trade me for these coins by the end of the week, but I thought I would try here first. As usual Thanks NJGF
  12. It was a great class thanks everyone. Good to see you guys
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