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  1. Cheapest way to stack copper is pennies 1982 and older. After 82 they switched to mostly zinc
  2. That's different never saw that before.
  3. bump lower price. Contractor will remove these from their mounting in a bout a week. They work if you want to come try them out, great for rental properties, kitchens in basements (second kitchen) or main kitchen now.
  4. this and Cert classes. Before I was a polivce officer, i was and am an ER nurse, If I ever get a min, maybe i can put together an informal class.
  5. Google will make your head spin, condition is everything and unless its slabbed and graded you are guessing at the grade, If you can make nice with a local coin shop. Dont say you want to sell, just ask if its worth anything as you want to leave it to your kids etc. that way you take the motivation away that they will low ball you or try to get you to sell.
  6. Hi This is the last item i got from an antique collector, He used it as a piano bench. $45 I will throw in brass colored candle holder for free/ 732-841-2472
  7. 70gto

    Free firewood

    come get iy or its going in the dumpster, harte to waste good wood. someone here can use it
  8. This is a very expensive piece new. Gorgeous color 50 takes it 732 841 2472
  9. 3 and a half years old. working order used every day.Kitchen remodel forces sale. Bring a friend and a wrench to disconnect. $185 for both Oven has blower motor so it cook faster. phone calls win vs posts 732-841-2472. Must go by weekend,
  10. WTS 4 girls bicycles, 1 todler with training wheels 1 adoloescent, 1 teen and one adult girls bikes. needs air in tires. $100 for all. 732 -841-2472. PHONE CALLS take priority then i will take it after wins after 10. pm Thanks.
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