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  1. 70gto


    This is totally out of control. Regardless of what u choose to have or invest in. Who in their right mind would vote or approve that should be voted out of office.
  2. 70gto


    Correct i don't believe a crypto like bitcoin will replace the countries currency like the dollar etc. I will work along side it. Example el Salvador make bitcoin a legal currency along side its money not replacing it. Wall Street companies are placing billion dollar bets on bitcoin. Im sure those guys wouldn't invest a dime if they knew its got no staying power. Those guys know the inside baseball more than we ever will. Who knows but crypto is liquid enough to place a sell order in a millisecond if u ever need to get out back into fiat. Bitcoin is now 11 years old. If it had to go im sure it would be gone by now. Who knows but just casually keep an eye out you will see bitcoin atms and wall st adoption. I spend 100 dollars out on a good night easy. 100 into bitcoin certainly is worth the risk to me. But live n let live I say.
  3. 70gto


    Of course not all the eggs in one basket and everything has its place . Crypto only certain ones. precious metals real estate etc.
  4. Yes 172 sunlit dr watchung nj its in the front give a Yes . 172 sunlit dr watchung give me a heads up heads up when u want to come by so German shepard goes inside thnx
  5. Not sure when I get back home I will look thanks
  6. Thanks for positive comment. At least for me this is a lifetime purchase. More power than I know what to do with. Ex mow till snowblow grade pull heavy large carts etc
  7. A pickup truck full all chopped nicely and seasoned 2 years , free come get it. will go in order of i will take it replies. located in watchung nj 07069
  8. 70gto


    BTC and ETH--- NOT BITCOIN CASH or other BS ----------I suggest are must haves before anything else, then go from there. Example ADA cardano and DOT and LINK afterwards. If you want to take a chance after that look at vechain etc. All the ones I mentioned have working projects etc. NOT A financial advisor just been in the game since 2017 if you need to chat 732-841-2472
  9. I put it up for sale on another site 5 min ago and have 2 immediate out of state inquiries for shipping. If you guys have any interest please let me know, asap as it is much less hassle and i would rather do business with a local board member. For the crypto guys I do accept BTC and ETH also
  10. If it helps I will include 2 15 round mags with it to FFL only where non LEO can use them to trade towards magazines of their choice
  11. 70gto

    Glock 34 vs H&K vp9l

    Well boys and girls I shot the 34 and wow trigger and sight picture are extremely "NICE" Shoots like butter.
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