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  1. thick gauge galv steel no botttom tray not pretty looking but works for crate training, first ill take it gets it. pics later today. pick up in 07069. if no takers by sunday night in trash it goes
  2. 70gto

    SOLD john deere lawn riding mower $250

    I mean will it work well or against each other? and thanks. I want to mulch 99 percent of time and vacuum at very end of season
  3. 70gto

    SOLD john deere lawn riding mower $250

    can I use gator blades with a powerflow system and work well? the blades will mulch powerflow sucks it up? when house is in order and I can bring it home it wil be an x500 with powerflow 48 inch deck. i need more robust tractor for towing tons of firewood and junk wood out of the back
  4. 70gto

    SOLD john deere lawn riding mower $250

    This is not directed at anyone its just general statement. For what its worth. I sold this way too cheap, when i put something for sale, its because I made up my mind i want it out and price it ridiculous. if my number is on there phone calls take precedence at normal hours then its i will take it post and by time stamp. Im not being a wise guy, but as i clean out house in near future I will price stuff more than fair. i suggest if you have remote interest please just call. there will be stuff I dont want to sell but have too.
  5. 70gto

    SOLD john deere lawn riding mower $250

    Yes it was your machine , i cant get a good pic its the hanging bolt that attaches the deck to machine. she still runs great. An x500 is waiting for me when I get the house back together. BTW glad you escaped NJ. I will have new owner pm you. if he has better luck with my back I cant get down there, I also couldnt figure out how to adjust the up down lever on deck it fell out of place
  6. 70gto

    SOLD john deere lawn riding mower $250

    not a bad idea. I am on a well for water, so i dont use commercial fertilizer and have 3 kids that play in the yard, thats the main reason i mulch everything, natural fertilizer, grass and leaves works just fine,. this machine chops it to small bits no ,matter how tall the leaves get, if its real heavy covering i do it twice, i havnt used a rake in years. pics when i get home in a couple hours. the gator mulching blades are supposed to be amazing. I would do that
  7. 70gto

    Bluestar 30" Range

    man if that were 36 or bigger it would be in my place now, good brand.
  8. 70gto

    Want to rent, house apt unit in multifam

    Thanks my man. Honestly if I could find something done, I would sell n go, but everything around me is too expensive or POS. Normally I like POS because of built in equity and making it the way you want, if I were 10 years younger no brainer, You get to a point in your life you just want to say F it. Im almost there. lol
  9. 70gto

    SOLD john deere lawn riding mower $250

    yeah lets do morning with sunlight out better pics. If it were me i would do this and thats it, Buy 1 oem deck hanger bolt, and 2 new gator mulching blades, they are the the cats meow. , then ride on my man. suggest you call for walk around description if you want tomorrow , only because its the right thing to do for me and you.
  10. 70gto

    SOLD john deere lawn riding mower $250

    I dont think a pto is there so. the trans is tougher than most, its a tuff torgue k51 and stronger than everything for sale at home depot and lowes those are mostly k-46 to k48's and i seen guys push snow with the weaker trans but they end up killing the trans over time. you got to step up to a tougher/bigger machine with a trans for built for snow and have it last you a while. for 250 you would be better off mowing for a couple seasons and have no problems, but id be lying to say its a snow machine, the member who works on these may chime in , hes the expert i just researched these john deere's for 2 years but no means an expert. I dont see a pto for a snowblower but a snow blade can probably be done.but I wouldnt do it and have it last a while, for the price its a no brainer for grass and towing a cart but a gamble for snow pushing.
  11. 70gto

    SOLD john deere lawn riding mower $250

    yes hydro trans , 250 is for members here only in a couple days its craigslist for 375. here at the least the ballbreaking it at a minimum. I bet on craigslist I would get a 75 dollar offer just because, and the prince of zimbabwe will send his courier to pick it up if i make change for a 2500 check. Shoot the biggest POS I saw for same tractor is 500 then it goes all the way to 975. and its says barely runs in that ad. its a good tractor, hate to sell. but i garage my stuff and i dont want it to sit outside for a few months, if it comes to that gulp so be it. for 250 your only paying for the motor, the tractor and deck are free, one can part it out for more $ the entire roof is getting ripped off my house and open to sky everything has to be moved stored, so lots of interesting things will be coming up for sale.
  12. LT 166 42 inch freedom deck mulches everything, grass, leaves, dogs cats and squirrels. (just kidding I love my dog) but its very capable/ basically everything you can throw at it. i bought it from a member here who works on them, 2 seasons ago. I put in a new battery this season. Starts right up. Great tractor. I am having major work done on house soon, and need to clear pack away everything. Paid more but selling will save me on storing it. For less than the price of a push mower you get a capable riding mower. I dont have a crystal ball but it seems like it was built like a tank and should last. Needs - adjustment to handle on side that raises and lowers deck, and one good deck bolt that connects deck to mower, I have my own installed already but an oem John deere deck rod bolt is $17 on ebay. perfect no, but heck of a buy at $250. 1-732-841-2472
  13. 70gto

    Want to rent, house apt unit in multifam

    Yeah just a tad, My sister lives a couple min from there, the school thing with bringing kids to and from would just be too much, but I appreciate it the thought

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