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  1. Car is super clean priced 2k less than what's it's worth. Looking to pick up truck this week . Won't do it if car not gone. It would be an Easy trade towards dealer as they are salivating for a good clean car, but like I said I would rather see it go to someone who needs its. There is Sentimental value in this car as I have known original female owner 38 years and was there when car came home w her. She and her husband were the nice couple on the block where I lived and looked in on me, i was the little lost punk kid on the block. Unfortunately she passed 2 years ago where it sat in her garage until I picked it up when my suburban died. History -garage kept meticulous oil change and maintenance whether it needed it or not mostly preventive, gas and injector cleaner with every change of season., So thats why Id rather it go to someone here where I know it will be taken care of. It was a hard decision to move it along for sentiment and its just a great reliable daily driver. Either way decision is made and i want to move it along. If it could haul sheetrock , you would have to get it from me when i died, but I need a truck for what i need to do. I have post it to other venue first on Monday then dealer can have it if no one wants it thanks njgf. I am willing to hold it for 60 days 100 dollars down 50 percent after first month and balance and pickup on the 60th day, if need be. no games, no stories , a folder full of receipts and car paperwork. clean title this price is njgf and their friends and families . Plenty of ads out there asking 5500 plus up to 7-9k with miles that are at least double this one. i got a good deal and i will pass it on to you guys, so please no bs when it comes to price after you see and drive it. Front wheel drive actually good in the snow drove 2 winter seasons with 0 issues or getting stuck with it. Trivia- the older guys or gear heads will know, example the plymouth superbird, strange car, why would they sell it for street use? Answer nascar rules at the time and maybe current , is for vehicle entry into nascar , the car had to be readily available for sale to general public, in other words the basic car design had to be available to average joe to be eligible for race entry, hence this monte carlo design, built like a tank. see it and you will buy it.
  2. elections have consequences, you get the govt you deserve and asked for.
  3. No you did fine, most women today arent used to real men. you do what you think is right, . alpha males do what they think is right wo being a jerk . to me a toxic male is a beta male who thinks they have to be a jerk to show dominance, basically a pretender. not realizing a true man follows a code of morals and ethics. when I was an leo there were certain women who i would want backing me up in a bar fight, but the majority were a no, its a mindset. alpha equals following your code of ethics and getting things done wo worrying about what others think. this doesnt mean you step on everyones neck on the way. the feminists out there you cant please no matter what you do. The men of todays society are a watered down version of what they used to because of social programming and tv. Do you notice every commercial and tv show shows a bumbling male until the female comes along and fixes everything. Do what you think is right because you think its right, have a code of morals and ethics, help the weak male or female. there is strength in silence, wo announcing to the world how great one is . and yes men do beak down and cry once in a while, thats real strenght. BTW after the first sentence this wasn't meant towards you , its just a general statement, I would have opened that door also.
  4. Ok fresh oil change today , for those past inquiries made the car is ready to sell, I am going to dealer to shop some trucks this week, I would rather sell it to someone who needs it than a place that will just mark it up and sell it for more, 4000 drives it home, thanks 732-841-2472, currently has 66,200 miles. partial payment in bitcoin also accepted
  5. I need some friends in Pa, this is a great deal
  6. I pay for my garbage in my town, call up your garbage hauler tell them your an existing client blah blah and ask them how much for one. Ive always gotten a discount because of that, it may be one time only but play the game, you got some prices etc, and you just remembered to give them a call last second before you decided.
  7. I dont know if the above pic with the female holding her target is a new or experienced shooter, but i found especially with new shooters those targets are great they provide instant feedback, and a huge smile from a new shooter, as they need early and constant encouragement. I always teach any new shooter on a target like that.
  8. Just saying, Im very happy this thread got some traction, its good for us its good for everyone, alot of people are afraid to ask questions, and Im sure what one is thinking there are a least a dozen wondering the same thing.. In the future there is a great thread out there that started on another site, that discusses armed encounters, that is probably one of them most informative threads Ive ever read. Based on real life personal encounters, with alot of LEO chiming in. Happy thanksgiving everyone, always keep your powder dry. Its up to all of us to do our part. we all have to roll this boat.
  9. good prices if you any problems moving them along pm me as i can tell you a dealer that buys these at fair prices,
  10. I never been to one, I think I have to go, always willing to learn and sounds like a good time
  11. I used to instruct the guys on the line who had a bad habit of jerking the trigger, to mentally say the word squuuuuueeezzzzeeee in their minds as they are squeezing the trigger nice n slow, the gun going off should surprise to you when it goes off in the beginning. I then would chalk the top of the slide of the guys who couldnt aim and shoot high. I would say if you can see the white of the chaulk on the slide the sight alignment is too high.
  12. Just for the heck of it, why don't some of the more experienced guys pass on some tips onto the new gun owners, it would be just adding one or two things you think they would benefit from. I'm sure we could all learn something or actually improve on a new persons attitude and skill set. Does not have to be long or a manifesto, could just be a one liner etc. 1. Obviously safety first, last and always 2. get some dummy rounds and practice malfunction drills. Dummy rounds only NEVER EVER do this with live ammo, I suggest having a second person verify and check your weapon for same. 3 Learn to draw from holster especially concealed, so you don't shoot yourself in the process. What good is having a carry if you dont practice how to shoot or draw with it. If you are not proficient my advise to you is dont even bother carrying one. 4. Shoot with someone better than you, you will rise in skill level. Don;t be afraid to ask questions 5. KNOW THE LAW there are a million ways to get yourself jacked up especially in NJ. Thus having all sorts of issues with purchases down the line. are you going to risk the potential of having your second amendment right taken away because some jerk off cut you off in traffic. 6. LEARN how to control your temper and emotions, something as simple as fist fight unless defending yourself can and will get your guns taken away for good, if an arrest is made it becomes part of your criminal history. 7. Take classes if you can, no matter how much you think you know there is always something to be learned. 8. WEAPON RETENTION TRAINING/ big one last thing you want is your own firearm taking you out. 9. A GUN does not make you a man, its a huge responsibility, not to be taken lightly. IF you feel like your the man because you have a firearm on you just put it away until you figure out your issues. 10. DONT drink and mix firearms , especially if you carry. 11. Practice with the ammo you will use or carry. There are slight differences, in a situation where your life depends on it, take every advantage you can over saving 3 dollars a box for ammo. 12. Shooting is a perishable skill, you dont use it you loose it applies here more than ever. practice even if its only 1 time a month. 13. Dont worry about speed that will come, concentrate on technique. Smooth will become fast, fast will become smooth over time. Speed is nothing without hits. Rushing your shots proves nothing except you can miss faster than most. 14. Most shootings take place with 3-5 yards. Learn to shoot from a weapons retention position. Have someone show you if you dont know how always be aware of your other arms position before you put a hole in your other arm. 15. Practice shooting strong and weak hand as well as reloading /racking the slide with one hand. More to come. just a beginning. please people add more.
  13. I have a 3 season carry gun either glock 19 9mm /glock 30 in 45 acp and a summer gun glock 43 goes in front pocket nice and light w plus one for the mag. Glock 30 is my favorite tack driver, just so dammed heavy.