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  1. Yeah . I Just didn't want to be the test case in NJ. The place that does its own thing regardless of the law. Hr 218 says its ok I believe . just not sure where nj stood on it, or if they changed their tune. Gray area to me.
  2. Critical defense with the rubber plug. Now in the civil case surely to follow, just because this is NJ , a slick talking defendants lawyer you were forced to use to defend yourself with these rounds will argue they are expanding bullets. As far as criminal charges, unless something has changed they are good to go. (NOT Legal advise} Myself and all other persons I know that carry, carry these.
  3. OK I went thru my stash and found more. Total of 800 rounds of Winchester ranger T 357 sig ammo and 550 rounds of Federal 357 sig HST rounds. Total of 1350 rounds for $610 total. This is approx $22.50 a box. About 40 percent off. Pickup in and around Watchung NJ . You will be good for a while for this ammo and shooting premium stuff for FMJ practice ammo prices. Thanks 732-841 24 seven 2 All stored in sealed ammo cans up until now.
  4. I was a sergeant in Union NJ , The force is 150 men and women strong, pretty decent size. The population swells to 250k during the day. In my time they maybe had 1 detective that was overwhelmed doing FA permits, maybe now its different. Could be that guy as out on prime vacation time in August. IDK. That doesn't make it ok, but you would never know, the call volume for police in that town is off the hook. Im talking at times serious crime. I was a sergeant in charge from anywhere from 15 to 22 guys on my platoon (day shift), and we were BUSY,. The people doing your permit aren't slouches just probably backed up. Again it's no excuse, Im just trying to add some small perspective.
  5. Of i can sell this this weekend $210 shipped
  6. 70gto

    Glock 47 9mm

    This frame is able to swap in a g19 upper direct fit. its meant to do that, thus creating a glock 45
  7. 70gto

    Glock 47 9mm

    Friction retention is fine I like to carry in front off center as close to right side hip as possible wo printing the gun,. I forgot what thats called.
  8. 70gto

    Glock 47 9mm

    Yes I meant holster. This would obviously be a winter carry, big jacket etc. but whatever has reasonable retention , fast and does not exaggerate the print of the gun.
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