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  1. 70gto

    Glock 43x

    I keep all my handguns Glock for simple muscle memory etc. I like the size of the 43 but if the 43x is really close to a midsize, 19 etc, then it doesnt offer the ease or conceal ability of the original 43. The 19 is the 3 season carry gun, the 43 is the perfect summer gun to me. Sounds ridiculous. splitting hairs like this maybe the local ffl will get in some glocks one day and I can just hold it to compare and out this to bed already. you guys have been a huge help thanks again.
  2. 70gto

    Glock 43x

    It explained more than you know. Excellent
  3. 70gto

    Glock 43x

    wow, thanks for doing this , your a good guy
  4. Nick no sweat, call anytime to figure this out, we arent going to let some distance not make this work. There are several FFLS around here to choose from or ? I have family in freehold. Are you local to there?
  5. 70gto

    Glock 43x

    Yes thats what i was trying to figure out. The 43 is small enough to make a difference to justify not carrying the 19 but if the 43 x vs the 19 is close than Id rather keep the 43 instead of getting the new x version. Would be nice to hold for myself, but seems that most ffls are out of anything glock. Hope I made sense.
  6. The 26 was my backup Carry for 2 years when I was on duty. I qualified with it 2 times a year 50 rounds a pop 100 rounds a year. So 200 rounds thru it is reasonable. It's still a baby. For the Ffl I use gunsitters in east hanover but it doesn't matter to me. Whatever works for you, as long as its not an hour away.
  7. Is there a mag capacity exclusion for dedicated competition firearms?
  8. 70gto

    Glock 43x

    Curious does anyone here have or shot the 43x. I have the 43 which fits neatly in my front pocket of cargo shorts. Is the 43x that much bigger that it doesn't offer that much more concealabilty than to defeat the whole reason of a very concealable handgun. Is the extra 4 rounds worth it?
  9. First time is always the longest, I dont know why but it is.
  10. WTS Lwrc ic spr , This is LWRC's Flagship 5:56 AR. 14.7 fluted barrel, NJ compliant muzzle brake, Geiselle Trigger added , breaks nice and smooth,. Flip up sights. Lightweight. All Black Piston AR reliable easy to clean, Flared magwell. Ambidextrous controls. Outstanding battle rifle Round count is exactly 40. This was the hers in the his and hers purchase, She never shot it , so its time to move it along. I have the exact twin (the his ) which I will be keeping. The fluted spiral barrel reduces weight and is a piece of art. $1800 , approx 2400-2600 invested in this rifle. call or text for pics 732-841-2472 https://www.lwrci.com/IC-SPR-Rifle_p_255.html
  11. Sorry not sure where to put this , if its in the wrong spot I apologize. Basically, I am an ammo snob and only bought the best ammo (FOR ME) to shoot with, I practice shoot what I would carry. FOR sale is 2050 rounds of premium self defense 357 sig ammo. I am selling my glock 32 to make some 3 gun equipment purchases. THE Glock 32 has 1 box of 50 rounds thru it and thats it , basically as new as it gets, Factory night sights. Comes with no mags (thanks NJ) because they would all be over the 10 round limit, you can buy 10 rounders. FOR GLOCK 32 with night sights $450. AMMO. All in factory packaging This is serious ammo, second to none in my opinion. Ferderal 357 sig HST 125gr ammo 700 rounds available. $405 Winchester Ranger T Series Law enforcement 125 gr 1350 rounds available $785 for all. Premium ammo for less than what you can buy it for out there, (I Believe) Glock 21 gen 4full size 45 acp with night sights $450 100 rounds thru it NO MAGS ‐---spf moe--- Glock 17 gen 5 9mm Never Shot with night sights $465 NO MAGS. Glock 19 gen 4 MOS never fired except from factory $500 Factory Night sights.------------------------------SPF-------------------------- Glock 26 gen 4 factory night sights $400 My guns are basically safe queens new or barely. Will take and hold while you guys get permits with a deposit. If interested let me know ASAP and I have a standing offer from FFL at a ridiculously close price to what I am asking, I always give you guys a first crack at it as a way to say thanks to all the information and help I get here. If not sold or deposit given by MONDAY , I must withdraw the Glocks and sell them to the FFL. HIT ME UP for questions , phone calls take preference , unless I will take it goes in response. 732 841-2472 Safe queens for him since the 1960's then safe queens for me, now you I got this from an a 75 year old gentleman years ago, they belonged to his father, they in original condtion, crossman model 99 22 cal pellet gun lever action $150. Comes with original box of 22 cal pellets and original box of CO2 cartrigdes Made (1965-1970) knickerbocker double barell shotgun 20 gauge I believe in excellent condition $265 much older manufacture date,. They are both a neat piece of american history.
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