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  1. I have an sr22 also and once every 500 rounds or so I get a fail to feed. I took a q-tip and put it in a drill and polished the feed ramp with some mothers mag polish and since then I haven't had any issues. Try it out.. Also on the mag followers I polished them with 3000 grit paper to make them like glass smooth as a "just in case".
  2. Who's got one? I've had mine for about 8 years now and it's been problem free. Who else loves their 870 copy???
  3. So after shooting my wasr I couldn't tell if there was any reduced recoil since my wasr has very little cuz of my sweet ATI stock set. Ill continue to shoot with it in since i just don't feel like disassembling the main spring hahaha
  4. Well life for my 597 started out as the base 22lr with a heavy barrel. After some trading of a Boyd's stock, it's now a vtr. As the vtr the accuracy has gone way up!. I have the volquartsen trigger and extractor. Haven't installed them yet. I plan on doing so when I polish the heck out of the bolt and guide rods. But I bought this compensator from sportsmanguide It's meant for a 10/22 but the width it's the same as the remington barrel. Either way it will work as long as I get the work done by a gunsmith. Also I want to get the barrel overall length shortened by an inch or maybe inch and a half. But that's so far
  5. It was a Camden county prosecutor. He left all his issued gear in a bag while attending a track meet.
  6. Anyone know when in August they will be available?
  7. So I haven't really seen anyone talking about this. I installed a recoil buffet on y AK. Haven't shot it with it in yet. Has anyone used them? For four bucks it seemed like it was worth a shot.(pun intended)
  8. Just that one mag works crappy. Other than that my 597 has performed flawlessly.!! My next upgrade is to get the barrel cut and threaded and put on a compensator.
  9. +1 on Lou's in raritan. They're good people there and won't treat you like a idiot.
  10. I have a compensator/muzzle break for my rem 597 I want to get installed. Also I was looking to get the barrel shortened as well. The rifle shoots damn well. I just want to make it a little more accurate. Thanks for the response!
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