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    My 2 cents i see a dip into low 20s b4 any recovery . The luna stablecoin debacle certainly had a hand in it.
  2. Hi my kids outgrew this, probably great up to 8 yo kid size in decent shape. Its a playhouse w 2 swings a tandem swing and a slide. (3 swings and a slide) Text for pic. bring a pickup truck, a ratchet set and cordless drill. It should come apart in a few strategic pieces wo taking the whole thing apart. 732 841 2472 located in watchung nj 07069 . if you have a friend bring them too. If im not around I will give you address and you take at your leisure. Full access w pickup truck possible. Must be able to speak on phone at least once, sorry scammers out there.
  3. It's got to be some kind of record . You can't destroy a country this fast unless it's on purpose. Just venting
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    Btc as well as other markets will get the sh$t kicked out of them but I have money on it literally that btc and eth will survive. We can chat all day why the market is in rough shape but btc and eth as well as a few other blue chips will come out the other end ok in my opinion. The other sh$t coins be careful. Dont try and catch a falling knife. I will dca in
  5. Yes. This guy gets around. Thats the name he is using
  6. Great article very informative thanks
  7. So off the wall question. I wanted to do a 6.5 Grendel ar in 16 inch for a harder hitting round with accuracy out past what an effective 556 would do. I dont want a 6.8 b4 anyone goes there Can the arc do the same? Or is it really meant for a longer tube minimin 18 inches? For example a 6.5 creed or 308 could do that but it really isn't meant for a shorter barrll ar like 16. Neither is the Grendel but it can work and has. Maybe im screeing uo what im trying to say
  8. what bullet are you shooting or did you get to that point yet? Curious for your feedback when you shoot it.
  9. That woukd be cool If a mod thought it could be pinned for ez access
  10. I know it takes years but did it ever cross someone's mind to bring back semi conductor manufacturing to us. In case u know China or someone wants Taiwan back etc. Energy independent and critical component Independence just saying
  11. Hi who makes a great 450 bushmaster upper? Or complete rifle. Opinions please
  12. Hi I'm glad you brought this topic up. In the future I wanted a 16 inch ar in the 6 mm variety. I was gung ho on a 6.5 Grendel. But the 6mm arc looks very interesting. I may be wrong or over simplified this statement. Is a 6mm arc just a refined version of the Grendel? Serious question as I hope to build one. I read up on both and being that your building one im sure you've done your research. Question will the 6 arc perform well in a 16 inch barrel? And why did you go this direction as opposed to a Grendel if that was ever a consideration. Either way I like them both. Following this thread as it has an interest to me. Looking forward to seeing pics and specs of your build. Also I read ideal legnth maybe an 18 inch barrel. Please don't ask me where bc I dont remember. If I had to choose between your choices between the 20 and 22, I would do 20 as performance really isn't lost . I think its 25fps loss per inch. . Hunting go with the smaller stick. Shooting paper 22 works. Wilson combat makes a 6.5 creedmore in 16 believe it or not. I know its not apples to apples but in the same category I think.
  13. TOO add insult to injury he's got my drivers license. I notified banks and locked my credit down. Pd report made. So look out for some sales im putting up like 357 sig ranger ammo to help me recover to at least get a deposit down on another m2 not an imaginary one. For everyone especially w kids . Every lost dime counts. This guy asked me if I knew any good crypto scams as he wanted to learn. I bet if I asked him to post here he would to show how smart he is and not worried about le. Scamming seems to be normalized these days. Banks and cc co consider it a part if doing business. Le just writes it down as their hands are tied. When she last time some agency worked w a local or foreign govt or incentivesed them to at least try n slow it down wtf. So back to business wanted benelli m2 new please
  14. Yes, that's what i'm talking about. Shotgun reloads impressive.
  15. Tag I have an interest in this. I was a range instructor my my PD, I wore the peltors but after 10 years of live fire. I do recognize some hearing loss. Some due to age, some do to shotgun and rifle pew pew. any good feedback with in ear systems like surefire or others like it with ear muff combo?
  16. Hi I know its a movie and its supposed to be mindless entertainment. I started enjoying the John Wick series even more when I realized what he was doing in the longer action scenes. I think he is doing 3 gun. Pistol rifle shotgun. I know he has been training at Taran tactical in CA for that specific reason. No real point to this, its just I see the movie different when I can see what his character is doing. Actually out of all the Hollywood folks he is more down to earth and a real person, which treats people around him well, from what I have read. Once you see the sequence of fire, I think one would appreciate this movie more.
  17. No fear at all, called me to chastise me for reporting this then told me to go and request money back from the womans paypal acct, and that he would hack back into her acct and give me 200 back. I said no or else he will steal more from this woman. This makes my head hurt. Fact is there should be a more secure way for an ffl to ffl info transfer. He had the ffl licence, his DL, passport card and carry permit photos front and back. presented to me. The paypal account was real (hacked some womans acct) and even provided an invoice when asked to do so, matching FFL info. I got jacked the scam was good, I just will start saving again, expensive lesson learned. I learned this is common on arms list etc, so obviously be careful.
  18. Yup made police report and made sure ffl was contacted as well as thevwoman whos paypal acct was hacked Yes this one hurt alot. Mf actually called me asking why I contacted PayPal to make a report he wasn't done yet screwing with the woman's acct. Intold him i would call him back he said ok. Omfg
  19. update the POS actually texted me and told me scammed me . Details DL FFL and Carry permits photos were all real, he stole an ffls info, and hacked another innocent victims paypal acct to do this scam, This guy hurt 3 people in one shot
  20. AN FFL to be named later or a guy posing as an ffl sent me a copy of his ffl license and DL> Payment was made , promised to ship days ago. No reposnse to texts etc. x 2 days He said his friends saw my ad on this website. I work and save hard for my stuff. I have 3 kids and every penny counts especially being disabled. 1350 dollars gone. I am actually mad at myself for this. I saved for a year for a benelli m2 to try and compete. Usually all my money goes to my kids , IM screwed on this one. Shoot by the time I am in a position to get another I dont know which side of the ground I may be on , Standing on it or under it thanks to some toxic crap I was exposed to. Im done thanks for listening. Its bad enough to steal from people, a father of 3 daughters, served my community with pride and commendations received. I served at and have gotten really really sick from doing my volunteer duty at the world trade center site. I Helped anyone and everyone wo expecting any thanks my entire working career, this is not what should happen. I know Im on a rant but this one got me good. what i know. DL AND FFL LICENSE ARE REAL I have email phone numbers to personal accts. What I dont know, could these ID's and license be stolen? SH&T happens I know but no simple text response is a no no to me after a few days So I sent text stating to please respond or i have to file reports to protect myself, I think he is a pawn shop with a curio and collectors ffl. Report to Better business bureau, ATF, STATE POLICE. allegedly in Attelboro Mass. state. BANK FRAUD SCAM I think is FBI? Anyway id this person is truly a scammer I will be happy to release any and all info so that you my brothers wont also be hurt. I know he may read this post, so any I told you so or oh yeah your screwed post send to my DM box, any helpful post Im all ears. FFL's as a rule how long after payment do you ship is there s hard and fast rule. Also Please DM me that . I dont want to give anyone reading this any ideas. Also Anyone in the know is there a special phone number to get thru the ATF's red tape phone line to lodge a complaint?
  21. Pretty girls you got there. I never want to get shot especially with a 12 gauge. A shotgun removes large pieces of you and rearranges them.
  22. 70gto

    How much cash

    I always tried to have a couple grand in case Sh&T, Nothing bigger than a 50 . 50 20 10 5 and a few ones, nobody will have change so make your own. In a shtf scenario, this should carry you for a week or 2 or 3 until they figure out its worthless paper and not even accept that. Shoot even now if I hand over a hundred to a young cashier, the music stops and the holy Cow what do I do now look comes on their face, and the then they get pen and the light and another guy to look at it. with younger folks cash is a wtf why are you holding up the line thing but I don't care. Sometimes paying with the card is like vegas chips it doesnt hurt bc you dont see it leave your hands.
  23. 70gto

    Gas masks

    I have been studying this topic for a while now and with what's reasonable and available is slim pickings now, but there is a US company with stock now, mira safety. They have good masks. The CM 6m masks for the family, CM- 7m for the guy or girl holding the rifle on bc of ease with sights and shouldering the weapon vs the other masks. The newest version that I want is the cm -8m. It is the improved version of the 7m. This mask is out but has been reallocated to the fighting overseas , as a first responder I cant even get one. They also carry cbrn mask filters ,a bit pricey but they have a 20 year shelf life. 10 percent sale is on now.
  24. Found thanks . this is all for 3 gun. glock 34---- check benelli m2---- check AR to be found still Lots of practice ----in the process.
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