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  1. Brats are the champagne of sausages. Good choice by Z man! I am bummed I am going to miss this. Sounds like an awesome time. Shoot straight and bring your Thanksgiving Day pants!
  2. Can I have it?
  3. Saturday was full. Probably in the Friday class.
  4. Nice! I was at that Rollins, Cyprus Hill, Beastie Boys show at Rutgers and Lollapalooza at Allamuchy. Did you catch Rollins Band and X at Starland Ballroom in 2006? Best Rollins show I was ever at. It’s like they asked me for a list of my favorite Rollins Band songs when they made the set list.
  5. Hang on now. Bench shooting or shooting at distance is one thing - you are shooting a single 223/5.56 round at a time, at a slow cadence, from a supported position. If you are carrying a .223/5.56 rifle for real world use or are conducting tactical shooting drills or competition type shooting, the use of a brake/comp is absolutely beneficial -you are shooting strings of multiple shots, fired very quickly, generally from a standing or unsupported position. The rapidly repeated blast and recoil, that was minimal for each round starts to stack and that muzzle can move around a lot. The addition of a quality brake/comp during these types of shooting events can be a real advantage. I guarantee, if I put you at ten yards and had you fire 10 rounds into a B8 Target in under 2.5 seconds, with two different rifles - one with a brake/comp and one without - you would see the difference. Manufacturers that provide materiel support to rifle carrying professionals have been looking for a “best of both worlds” solution for a long time - combining the effectiveness of a brake/comp with the signature reducing properties of a flash hider. If the benefit of a brake/comp was artificial, I doubt they would be eating time and money on the research.
  6. Warden is NJ compliant. Only works with SF Brakes though. These devices are collectively knows as “blast shields” or are sometimes called a “blast diffuser”. Griffin makes one that will attach to any muzzle device that accepts a mil-spec Blank Firing Adapter (BFA). It won’t make anything quieter, but it will direct the sound and “blast” downrange instead of back at the shooter. Keep in mind that there is no free lunch. The benefit of the redirection of the blast will slightly increase the felt recoil (subjectively).
  7. F of a F was a paying passenger up for a 30 ride. No idea on what happened for sure. I heard they lost an engine on takeoff. The pilot tried to land but struck the de-icing facilities.
  8. This is terrible. According to my friend in CT, current info is five dead, three critical, two moderate and one minor injury so far. Three crew, 10 passengers and one guy on the ground. They are having tough time IDing bodies. Friend of a friend was on the plane at the time of the crash. https://www.foxnewsDOTcom/us/world-war-ii-era-aircraft-crashes-at-bradley-international-airport-in-connecticut-injuries-reported I saw this plane fly over my house a couple months back. It comes to NJ annually as part of the Collings Foundation WWII fleet of aircraft. My son and I checked this plane out a few years ago. It was a beautifully restored B17G called “9-O-9”. Heartbreaking all around.
  9. I want to take both, but too much family stiff to do.... I’ll be in the lowlight class.
  10. This is a lesson. Parts aren’t Parts - Everything is not created equal. Buy quality and cry once - there is no free lunch.
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