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  1. You probably felt the same way new Marines felt when they graduated boot camp and went directly to Vietnam.
  2. Rob I am happy for you. I hope you remain an active member here and continue to make us jealous with all you new toys.
  3. Incorrect.
  4. Don't get me wrong - if you want one, buy one. That’s all the justification you need. I just think there will be a robust “lightly used” market for these in the next year or so when folks realize that this doesn’t really fill the role they thought it would. I’ll probably pick one up at that point and kit it out like my breaching gun for training purposes.
  5. I’m shocked by how many people want them as well. I just don’t see the utility and having fired pistol gripped shotguns without stocks many time, I know how much they suck for most tasks when compared to a shotgun with a stock. But that’s just me....
  6. Ms. Bergman won an Oscar for that role. I bet she calls it Pork Roll.
  7. Like I said. I’m a helper. I do what I can the best way I know how. I can’t be a life taker and a heart breaker? Taken hostage - got it! I can do that. Need to be arrested but have a violent criminal history - that’s my jam. Got in a car crash - I got you. Victim of a crime - easy day. Need someone to talk you down from suicide, to validate you so you realize you have worth and people care about you - easy peasy. Need me to solve in 15 minutes a family problem that took years to devolve into the mess you have now - I am all over it. Cut an appendage off and are bleeding to death - I can handle that. Just need someone to talk to - I’m your Huckelberry. Im a cop Peel. Trained to be a security guard, a report writer, a medic, a social worker, an investigator, a therapist, a jailer, a marriage counselor, a firefighter, a boxer, a special-ed teacher, a drunk whisperer, a crossing guard, a racecar driver, a babysitter, a dog catcher, and a lawyer. I wear many hats and can switch them as needed to best help those in need.
  8. Peel, I just hate to see you be so wrong. It pains me that such an independent, intelligent, and well spoken woman such as yourself can be so patently wrong and not realize it. It hurts my delicate sensibilities to the core. But I’ll tell you what - I’m a helper with a can do attitude and I want you to be right. The easiest thing would be for me to agree, to simply switch side so we are on the same team and I no longer have to see you struggle with the truth. But agreeing with your delusions is just not the way to go. It is the cowards way. The way of the charlatan, the fake, the deceiver. I want you to let the scales fall from your eyes so you can see the truth. I really do! So I simply have to convince you of the folly of your argument that is so fundamentally flawed. I have my work cut out for me but I am up for the challenge.
  9. Great minds and all that Paul!
  10. The problem with this argument is there was already a product called Ham. It was defined and codified and a currently existing product when Taylor decided to call his most delectable product Ham. I say Mr Taylor was wrong to ever call his product Ham and it was just and correct to request the name change - because as delicious as it is, Pork Roll most certainly is not HAM. Can I take hamburger meat, add spices and beef sausage parts and call it “High Exposures Steak”? I would think not.
  11. @Mrs. Peel do you enjoy ham? A nice ham sandwich perhaps? Or maybe a nice ham dinner on a special holiday?
  12. I have made that very same association myself. Many times. It is very interesting to look at an overlay of a voting map and a Pork Roll vs. Taylor Ham map.
  13. @Mrs. Peel do you enjoy ham? A nice ham sandwich perhaps, or a nice ham dinner on a special holiday?
  14. Avoid .380 unless you absolutely have to. The juice is no longer worth the squeeze. They are making 9mm guns that are marginally larger than their contemporary .380 counterparts and - most importantly - 9mm ammo designed to function with true 9mm terminal effects out of those short barrels so you get proper 9mm velocity and penetration. There was a time that if you wanted a little gun it had to be .380 or smaller. I am happy to say that those times are gone. There are many flavors of small 9mms suitable for pocket carry. Go with a proven caliber that has the reliable ability to stop fights. I pocket carry my Kahr occassionally as a BUG. Works great.
  15. Peel, you could not be more wrong if you tried. If you did try to be more wrong, you would fail and fail spectacularly at that. Pork Roll is the generic name for the food. Taylor is the specific brand of that food. As I posted above in the photo from the menu - Taylor Pork Roll is acceptable if you wish to request a specific brand. Much like going to a bar to order an adult beverage and requesting the bartender make you a Kettle One and cranberry vs a vodka and cranberry - to make sure you get exactly what you want. Oh, and it is Pork Roll. Capitalized to show respect.