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  1. Wow…. Both of those guns are inherently capable of scoring 100% on a HQC - Meaning they are mechanically accurate enough to get scoring hits at 25yards. I have qualed with a JFrame and a Ruger LCP with no issues. Instead of wishing for an easier test, practice harder to be a better shot. It’s a win-win.
  2. I’m still reading it, but here is a non-Facebook link if anyone needs it: https://storage.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.njd.506033/gov.uscourts.njd.506033.51.0.pdf?fbclid=IwAR3nTnb9VldE3xgqJlkihu1VcM8TqiA14JdtGDXjD4VHjtM_1Kb-ZZDyco4
  3. I would say anything on your permit should be construed as an order put in place by the authorizing agency - in your case I am assuming the court. I would contact an attorney for further guidance. IMO - If Judge Silvanio signed my permit, and I am comfortable that Ms. Solano actually works for him and sent ME the email - I would accept this as enough to vacate the order. But, IANAL so take my advice as what you paid for it. Remember the wise words of Sam in Ronin: “Whenever there is any doubt, there is no doubt.”
  4. Read the actual legislation. The actual law is the “in writing” you seek. The legislation does not specify what guns you can carry other than to say you have to be the legal owner of the firearm and you have to qualify with A gun - not the gun you intend to carry. Having to qualify with and/or having to specify/list in writing what specific guns you wanted to carry was an extra step that the courts imposed at their will. This goes beyond what the legislation actually states. If your permit was approved by the courts, and the court added stipulations, those stipulations still apply until the courts vacate them or your permit expires. A court order is legal and enforceable until it is officially rescinded by the court. Just because people are currently receiving permits without restriction from their local PDs doesn’t remove the limitations that were imposed on you you when your permit was issued. If your permit was issued by the Courts and it lists specific guns, you are stuck with that until you: • Your permit expires and you renew • You get the court to amend or update the court order • You restart the process at your local PD from the beginning and are granted a permit there
  5. Ah, OK. I unfortunately have no recommendation for someone to mill an XD. Good luck!
  6. What gun? It makes a difference. Not every company mills all brands and some companies do better work than others on different brands.
  7. And you should be ashamed of yourself using my name like that….
  8. I don’t think the USP accessory mount has any accommodation for a cross-slot that will accept a lateral tab or block. That’s why they take that specific UTL footprint light.
  9. Bless your heart… Robert R Howard (creator and author of Conan the Barbarian) lived in Texas and based his description of Conan’s homeland Cimmeria (endless vista — hill on hill, slope beyond slope, each hooded like its brothers) on the Hill Country outside Fredericksburg, TX. Oh, and that is an ugly rifle…. But I kinda want one. First, I need to build my SCR and tacticool levergun.
  10. High Exposure

    Stupid Big Gun

    .88 Magnum. You can get it made special. It shoots through schools.
  11. Magnets stick to everything - including iron sights and steel slides. Those snaps open easy. Much better solution.
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