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  1. Nope. Not taking a shot at anything. I just get a kick out of the specific beliefs that people choose to suspend when watching as Sci-Fi and Fantasy movies/shows.
  2. Lol! True. Lightsabers, faster than light travel, The Force - all ok. Totally believable. But the line is drawn at questionable military strategy.
  3. Pretty sure this was a April Fools joke.
  4. Translation: The structure of Notre-Dame is saved and preserved in its entirety.
  5. Yes I know. I linked to some of them above. I have talked a out the Fire Control options many times across NJGF.
  6. Forget what I said about .308 Zeke. I defer to @Shane45 and @Bully If they say there is no value in learning in .308, then follow their advice. They are the SME on this stuff. I guess that’s like me telling people to not worry about mastering Iron Sights before going to a RDS.... it may slay a sacred cow, but the BBQ is going to be amazing!
  7. They couldn’t get HBO to work right for 15 minutes. We almost re-enacted the Red Wedding!
  8. I am at the Asbury Festhalle as we speak. They are doing a pretty rad viewing party and dinner. They are showing the last episode of last season and then the new episode. http://www.asburybiergartenDOTcom/events/2019/4/14/sunday-nights-watch-party-and-festhalle-fire-amp-ice-feast They are doing it for each episode of the season.
  9. Already done: https://firecontrolunit.com/ And they make an AR in 5.56 using the Sig trigger pack: https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2019/01/30/shot-2019-fire-control-units-x03-a-p320-fcu-based-ar-15/
  10. For the Sig, just build something you can drop the trigger pack into.
  11. Agreed. Simple, well known, plentiful, reliable, and affordable. Great place to start to learn.
  12. Nope. They are losers and won’t make any money. It doesn’t matter that you guys want it for your personal purposes based on your personal experiences and desires. I think they are both loser cartridges on their way out and they are bad choices. There are better performing loadings out there, and you should want those other choices that I think are better for you instead.
  13. Holy shit! This is amazeballs: I love that they are talking about Beskar (Mandalorian iron - immune to lightsabers) as payment. This opens up a lot of avenues to go from. A lot of familiar characters in this scene.
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