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  1. Finally finished mine: JM Stamped Marlin 1894 in .44mag. Just waiting on the sling and it’s done.
  2. Awesome! What optic are you putting on there? Here’s my Arsenal with a T1 in the Attero mount:
  3. Nope. Replaces the rear leaf sight. Only downside (if you can even call it that) is you have to be a little more precise on the angle when installing the dustcover to fit it under the mount.
  4. If you are concerned about holster wear on a gun you are carrying for self defense, then that gun has ceased being a lifesaving tool and has become a fashion accessory. Forget holster marks, what’s it going to look like after being thrown in an evidence locker for 30 years if you use it? I totally understand it being precious to you and it having personal value over and above its worth. If that’s the case, maybe that 1911 is not the gun to carry. Get a nice OWB leather rig for BBQs and infrequent range trips where you will practice drawing, and enjoy the 1911 worry free. Then go spend $300 on a used soulless G19, buy an JMCK or Tenicor IWB rig, and carry with confidence.
  5. Attero Arms: https://atteroarms.com/products/optic-mounts I have the bravo mount - it’s direct mount for an Aimpoint T1. Super low profile, lightweight, robust, easy to install and has an integrated rear BUIS. The also make a direct mount version for different MRDS type, as well as Trij MRO and a pic rail version. MI makes a similar one, but it is not as reliable.
  6. I don’t disagree. I don’t make the rules. I just have to follow them.
  7. Not exactly 100% true. Retired NJ LE (ie: Retired from an agency in NJ) has to choose to carry under LEOSA or NJRPO. One or the other, can not be both. Each has their own set of restrictions and allowances. So, yes, you can carry HP under LEOSA, but you are limited to 10 round mags and must follow NJCCW restricted spaces guidelines.
  8. CD is not a hollowpoint and NJ does not consider them to be.
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