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  1. I have the their A2 type break on a couple of rifles as well - and M16A1 type and a BHD build. They work ok.
  2. Yep! 100% legal and very effective. I have about 1/2 dozen on rifles. I recommend you grab a SF Warden as well. Comes in handy at classes so you don’t blow out your partners eardrums.
  3. Oooooooo Awesome Start to a GWOT rifle build! Good luck bro. If I had the $$ I’d jump on this.
  4. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  5. Link to the class? I’d take a class from Mickey. He’s been to NJ before and Parlin is close
  6. Pretty sure Keyport sporting goods does compliance work. I’m in Monmouth County as well and they are helping me out with a transfer right now and have been aces. Howell Gun Works has a good reputation as well.
  7. I’m going to guess, nostalgia. He’s looking for HIS exact old gun, not a similar one.
  8. Tier One Defense (was a standalone gunsmith shop) just merged with RTSP. You’re getting boutique custom gunsmith prices instead of gun plumber/armorer prices. He does do beautiful work. You're just going to pay for it.
  9. I rarely clean. I will routinely disassemble, wipe down, and lube. I will do a cleaning when I do a Preventative Maintenance Inspection which is about once a year for the guns I shoot often, unless I put a ridiculous round count on something.
  10. As fate would have it, this popped up on the forum today. It’s a great price for a complete OEM Glock slide:
  11. That’s a nice rig @EngineerJet!! I have a 43x slide I got milled for a dot. I’m planning on comping it (waiting for the Radian setup for the 43x to get released. I like the PMM but I don’t like the installation) and using it on a G48 MOS frame. I swap between my G19 and G48 for daily carry now. I definitely shoot my G19 better (more accurately and faster) than my G48 at 20-25 yards. It’s a wash inside 20. @Mrs. Peel saw it first hand Thursday night. Couldn’t keep the 48 in the black of a B8 past 15. With the 19 I had no issues.
  12. Normal carbon buildup like @Mr.Stu said. You can leave it alone. It does not impact the function of the gun. The bolt will fail/need to be replaced before it builds up enough carbon to effect function. If it bothers you, the CAT Tool linked above works well, but it also adds unnecessary wear to the bolt tail. Make sure the gas rings and extractor are in spec. Then wipe down the firing pin, clean the lugs and bolt face, wipe down and lube the rest of the bolt. That is about all that is needed.
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