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  1. One of the purposes of the trigger safety as you find on Glocks - or some derivative thereof found on other striker fired pistols - is to act as a kind of drop safety. It prevents the mass of the trigger from discharging the firearm via inertia if you drop your pistol. If Sig had one on the 320 from the start, a whole lot of bad press may have been avoided.
  2. My agency considered P90s for a time in 2004/2005 and I did a bunch of research into agencies that carried them. No one was happy with the ammo performance. Almost every agency that I know of that had 5.7 duty guys have all switched back to 9/40/45 or .223/5.56 (platform depending). The switch almost always came shortly after shootings where the 5.7 performed terribly. Doc Roberts is a smart man, and when he talks about ballistics, you’d do well to listen. Buford Boone is another guy that knows his business when it comes to ballistics. They both agree - 5.7 is not a recommended round for duty or self defense use.
  3. If it was such a great round, everyone would be using it. The fact that so many people that have the ability to pick whatever round/platform they want In order to hunt bad guys still don’t choose the 5.7 round, speaks volumes. The fact remains - real world uses against determined bad guys show abysmal terminal effects.
  4. Yes- some classes are “LE only” due to the nature of the TTPs being provided, but those are few and far between. The two most common reason for a LE Only/closed enrollment/restricted class are: 1) The location/range doesn’t allow non-sworn folks to shoot there due to insurance/Lease reasons. 2) The class is being hosted by and being paid for by a LE agency specifically for officers. Outside of the above two reasons, in every class I have ever been to - LE participants have been outnumbered by “regular earth people” (as Pat Rogers would say). Like Blksheep said - if instructors relied solely on cops for their livelihood, they would quickly go out of business. Far more non-cops spend their money on training than cops do. Don’t go looking for shit that isn’t there. It isn’t helpful.
  5. Your personal go-to pistol round? or THE go to pistol round?
  6. Read “On Combat” an “On Killing” By Lt Col Grossman. Goes into this as well as strategies for preventing PTSD from combat by being familiar with what is combat “normal” and why. For example - everyone knows “fight or flight” as the two choices you have in any confrontation, but there are actually two more options - “posture and submit” - that play a large role in the psyche surviving combat. Interesting stuff.
  7. There is a custom market for every gun in existence. The fact that there are so many Glocks out there coupled with the fact that they are basically “plug and play” with their parts requiring little to no fitting for individual guns make them the perfect base for customization. I like 147gr for 9mm. Duty ammo is Federal HST 147gr.
  8. There’s a lot more to it than this. Combat isn’t the range.
  9. I think it was 3 weeks from when I sent it to when I got it back. https://www.dpcustomworksllc.com They are having a sale now until NYE. Another option is Mark Housel at L&M precision. https://www.landmprecisiongunworks.com
  10. I used DP Customs last time. They are in North Carolina. 20% off for LEO. I got their EDC package (front serrations marching the back, and lightening cuts in the side) plus RMR cut and Refinished in black nitride, was less that $200. They did stellar work!
  11. Still more effective to just get barrels. You can get a milled slide for ~ $200, barrel, ~$150, Mags $10-$25 each. That equals a more capable firearm for less than a new Blue Label Glock. Plus, milled slides are better than the MOS versions - unless it’s for duty use. Then the Glock warranty is worth more than the benefits of a milled slide.
  12. I can tell you why I switched my agency. On the shooters side of things, you can feel an absolute increase in ability switching from .40 to 9mm: Faster split times, more reliable with a WML, smaller groups, less “snap” and muzzle flip, less recoil, more rounds in the mag, less wear and tear on the guns and the shooter, cheaper ammo. On the target side of things, you have equal terminal ballistics. Same expansion, same temporary wound cavity, same penetration depth. If you ask someone what they want to make their pistol better you’ll hear: • more ammo on board • less recoil • better accuracy • more reliable This all translates to - I can shoot more rounds, into a smaller target, in less time with 9mm than with .40 S&W with equal terminal effects on target. This is the way.
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