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  1. You can put an AFG/Handstop on a pistol with no change in its definition - as per ATF. An AFG/handstop on this “Firearm” would make this a pistol - making it illegal in N.J. based on our AW laws. For ATF Definition purposes: True Vertical Grip =\= AFG or handstop
  2. You can’t put a vertical grip on an AR pistol under 26”. That makes it an AOW. If you take the front vertical grip off, this “Firearm” becomes a pistol under the federal laws. Once it’s defined as a pistol, it violates NJ’s Assault Weapon prohibitions. If you replace the brace with a stock, it becomes a Rifle under the federal law (SBR technically) and that requires a tax stamp federally and it also violates NJ’s restrictions on Short Barreled Shotguns (NJ’s term for any short Barreled long gun) and most likely the evil features list making it an Assault Weapon in N.J. as well. There are lots of technicalities when you go down this rabbit hole. There it is again - the qualifying statement - “I could be wrong but that’s how I read it so far.” You better hope you are right. Build at your own risk.
  3. And make sure that the lower you were using was bought as a “firearm” and had never been built into a pistol or rifle previously. Has anyone tried building a Black Aces shotgun or a Tac-14 or Shockwave themselves? They have the same restrictions on the status of the receiver being pristine prior to being built.
  4. Fair enough - You are right. That is a different conversation - but it was a point brought up by someone else, not me or Blksheep. But my post wasn’t just for MM’s benefit, but for Troy’s and DS’s as well. DS threw some good knowledge out there about these SBFs and people just dismissed it out of hand. And this isn’t just an observation related to this particular thread, but a trend I have picked up on lately across our whole board. And they may have not cracked the ATF code on this, but they each - Troy, DS and MM - played a part in spearheading the push here in NJ. They asked the questions. They got the answers. They built the firearms and offered them for sale.
  5. You know, I’m reading through this thread again and I find it kind of funny. Everyone wants to build their own SBF. Everyone thinks that Troy and Dark Storm and MM are ripping consumers off... Yet everyone has all these questions and no one knows what they can and can’t do. Can I do it like this? Is a receiver a rifle or a pistol or something else? How long does this part have to be? How about that part? What’s Identical vs similar? Can I use a flash hider? What does the NJSP say? I mean the ATF? I mean both. And on and on and on..... 6 pages now of questions and bellyaching. These companies cracked the code and came up with a product that everyone wants, but no one wants to pay for the work they put in to get these products to market and everyone wants their knowledge for free. When the company tries to share the guidance they received, the members get shitty and accuse them of being secretive, or wrong, or worse - liars. Unreal. What is this Arfcom? They pushed almost all of their stock on hand out to dealers. That’s why I didn’t buy one yet. Call around and see who has what.
  6. https://modernmateriel.com/product-category/modmat15/ $1295 on their website.
  7. I checked out the Modern Materiél SBF on my way home on Friday. It’s awesome! I’m really excited they did this and the fact they they are based in N.J. - to me - is even better. I checked out the parts list - It’s quality stuff. You may save some money building your own, but you’d have to use inferior parts and look for sales on shipping. Personally, the juice just isn’t worth the squeeze to build one. I’m going to buy one from MM ASAP. Then not only do I get the SBF but I also get the support of the company and their warranty, and there is no confusion of how it was built, where it came from, or if I’m outside the parameters of the current rules.
  8. When I worked for the Army Corp of Engineers - 1993-1998, one of my old-timer surveyors drove a hearse. He loved it. Held all his work stuff, and he could nap in the back.
  9. Jason - you are looking for hardware solutions to a software problem. Buy a reliable gun chambered in a duty caliber that feels comfortable in your hands. Then buy a shit-ton of ammo and learn how to shoot under the watchful eye of a reputable instructor. Then buy more ammo and practice what you learned in training. Rinse and repeat. There are no hardware shortcuts. An optic will not make you a better shooter or speed up how fast you become proficient with your chosen tool. You need to develop your software - your mind - through repetitive and often demoralizing training. You have to learn what you don’t know that you don’t know. Newsflash - guns are loud. They recoil. They spit fire. The only way to overcome This is to inoculate yourself to it through familiarization. Every members here shoots. All of our guns recoil and are loud and have muzzle flash. We all overcame it and you will too. And anyway - Honestly, the noise and the fire and the recoil is what makes it fun....
  10. Yes. They are based in Keyport NJ. They will be manufacturing and selling them right here in the Garden State.
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