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  1. Are we not throwing it over the berm anymore to clear malfunctions? @PK90 I don’t even recognize this place anymore....
  2. If this is a temporary thing, some places let you rent them as well. The links shocker provided are probably your best bet.
  3. High Exposure

    Glock 34

    Do it. G34 is the most shootable Glock made. Buy a stock Gen 5 g34. Spend the leftover money you would have dropped on the Pedophile’s model (Tarans version) and get Upgraded sights and/or optic and a bunch of ammo instead. Get a few thousand quality rounds through the gun and then pick the improvements you want done. Or if you don’t like it, sell it. You’ll recoup more $$ on a used stock gun than a pricey boutique package.
  4. Is this true Tex? It seems like it would work....
  5. This one made me laugh out loud when I first saw it:
  6. Correct! Note - it does not say “Ham” anywhere on there. It says Taylor PORK ROLL
  7. Bumped. Someone here wants a Roland Special barrel does their G19.
  8. Head owner of GSSC retired. Range is rebranded under the name “We Shoot”.
  9. As anyone who has met me knows - I have pretty thick skin and am pretty easygoing. I can take a joke - AND - I can give it back. No disrespect given or taken. All good folks!!! I haven’t been shooting as much as I would like, it felt really good to get back into it yesterday. It was a good class with awesome people. It felt good to push myself with my red dot and wring out my G45 (first time I have shot the gun other than a function check when I first got it). I have a lot to work on to knock the rust off. Stu, you handled the mag issue with tiddlywink spirit. I would have been cursing my head off in frustration. Great shooting with you!
  10. Warrior Sized is the correct nomenclature! It was wet, but it was a good. Good to meet you as well Stu. Looking forward to seeing you on 6/6 at the carbine class.
  11. Awesome. Mr Stu. Looking forward to it. Bring rain gear. I’ve been to probably 10 of Joe’s classes, I’ve never had decent weather.
  12. Beautiful pieces PB. As always, thank you for sharing them with us.
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