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  1. Lol. Yes. I know. Most notably the dome shaped striker safety plunger of Gen 1-4 guns has been replaced with an A-frame/ramped striker safety plunger. I think that has the most affect on the new feel. It gives you a very smoothed out, even, and steady trigger pull. The smoothness makes it feel lighter, but it isn’t.
  2. I haven’t even put this gun in a holster yet. I literally bought it about an hour and a half before I posted. I imagine it will feel about the same as a Glock 19 out of the holster.
  3. Just bought a Blue Label Glock 45 tonight at TTC. 10 rounds at 10 yards with crappy plastic Glock sights. I’ll take it. The trigger feels significantly different than my 3rd Gen guns. I like the grip without the finger grooves. I never minded them on the 3rd Gen but I like the featureless grip.
  4. Great AAR! Thanks for writing up your experiences. Sounds like an awesome class!
  5. Wowzers! Looks like a Cheaper Than Dirt catalog three up on your rifle. You should probably clean that up.
  6. Here back on track!
  7. It’s a line from a M Doughty song. I am bummed I missed it, but I had to conduct PD qualifications and firearms training at the range all day.
  8. I have snost, and I have lost.
  9. I have a bunch of the Glock PMAGS. They work fine, never had any issues. But, they are relegated to training status. On duty or CCW, it’s Glock OEM.
  10. If anyone is looking: Big Tex Outdoors - https://bigtexoutdoors.com/ Is having a sale on Glock OEM mags including OEM 9mm 10 rounders. Big Tex Outdoors is a superb company. I have met Ike, the owner. He is a great kid and a staunch supporter of the 2A. Buy with confidence.
  11. People build their rifles to their particular tastes. You need to find someone that wants the exact rifle with the exact parts that you purchased to assemble if you want to get anywhere near what you put into it. There are a lot of great parts in that gun, some are the same parts I would choose myself if building a carbine. But there are also some parts that I wouldn’t use because of personal preference and don’t want to pay premium prices for parts I don’t want. You’ll never get everything you put into it back - the market is just too saturated right now. And you are asking way too much for used parts. You need to take 25%-33% off everything at a minimum. The only reason to buy from you versus buying new from say Brownells or Primary Arms is a fair and approproate discount for used parts. You’ll have to take a pretty steep discount to sell the rifle as a package. As stated above, you’ll probably make the most money back by parting the gun out.
  12. Yeah. That’s been making the rounds. Idiots for sure. Larry Vickers offered the RO a free slot in one of his classes for his quick response.
  13. It’s a right, not a privilege. You may not like it GnC, but you don’t get to choose who gets to exercise their rights and who doesn’t. They people get to choose for themselves. Pretty cool how that works, huh? Maybe if more people owned and carried guns in N.J., and maybe if there was an actual established gun culture in N.J., everyone would have a better idea on how to act around firearms. The four firearms safety rules would be common knowledge like cross at the green and not in between and don’t eat yellow snow. Imagine if growing up in a gun friendly house and being raised by enthusiast parents didn’t make you a social pariah. Imagine if schools had hunters ed alongside drivers ed and a shooting team - clays, bullseye, 3 Gun - alongside basketball and baseball. It’s funny. Those same people drive, marry, have kids. Each of those things is infinitely more prone to causing death, injury, and disaster. Yet the “idiots” miraculously seem to manage. I wonder why? Probably because they are surrounded by those that know what they are doing. Because these things are commonly practiced, commonly accepted, and everyday topics of discussion without fear of repercussions. Maybe we should take time to teach people at the range instead of bitch about how unsafe they would be if they were to exercise their rights.