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  1. This is too funny.
  2. Not semantics - The “Issued date” is when the Chief approves your application in FARS, signs the paper permit, and you are notified that your permits/ID card is ready. There is no “issued to you” date - it is simply up to you to come and pick it up. The fact that it took you 6 extra weeks to come pick it up after being notified it is ready is not the Department or the Chief’s fault. That’s on you - Own it. Yeah, I get it, you are busy - everyone is busy. Again, that’s on you, not the PD. As for entering the date - mistakes happen. That is why you are supposed to review the forms for accuracy when you pick them up.
  3. I believe the ATF is specifically targeting the blade type and other hard plastic/metal braces for reclassification as stocks and no longer arm braces. I think the softer SB and Sig type braces will be left alone.... for now.
  4. Same. I recognize the characters in both photos. I must be missing the humor part...
  5. The Russian calculation of risk versus reward is vastly different than ours. We typically err on the side of caution and accept an increased probability of low-order or dud rate while they err on the side of assured performance and accept the increased safety risks.
  6. Get the county officials involved - specifically the County Board of Health.
  7. http://www.batcon DOT org/pdfs/binb/ExcludersGuidelines2014.pdf Replace DOT with . For tips on excluding bats from the home humanely and safely.
  8. No. Don’t kill bats if you don’t have to. Bats are awesome.
  9. I would recommend she head to “The Range at Austin” - Celina is only about 4 hours from Austin. https://www.therangeaustin.com/ and taking a class with Jeff Gonzales of Trident Concepts. He is the range master there and a hell of an instructor.
  10. Ooooooooo! Nice. Wait ‘til next October when the version with the light rail comes out.
  11. I like both color schemes. I have the silver G48 and I issue it to my guys in plainclothes units in addition to the standard Gen 5 G17 MOS everyone has. I could have gotten the black, but we would have had to wait a few more months, and I didn’t feel like waiting as the rest of the logistics for issuing new guns was ready and scheduled. The two tone has grown on me - but I have had a silver and black Kahr PM9 since 2005. A single stack 9mm like the G48 has been on the Glock Fanboy wishlist for years. But I guess you can’t make everyone happy...
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