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  1. I would normally never recommend a magwell hold as its is less stable, but for you, that may be the answer. It punts significantly less stress on muscles and let’s your skeletal system hold the weight and position - and bones don’t get tired or shake. Get your support hand on the magwell, then you can rest your tricep against your chest/stomach for support. I don’t know the specs on your particular rifle, but there are lightweight uppers out there. BCM makes a great enhanced lightweight upper if you can find one.
  2. That’s the thing. A bullseye shooter will tell me my targets suck. And for their goals/discipline they are right. It all depends on what you are doing. Cheflife, best thing you can do to start is get to a class with a reputable instructor. Let someone train you then practice the skills you were taught. All the rest, working your drawstroke and transitioning between targets can be done with dry fire at home. Spend 10 minutes a couple times a week in dry fire and you will see HUGE improvements and, all it will cost you is time. Combine the dry fire practice with regular low round-count, pre-planned, deliberate, live fire range days and you are good to go. If you can consistently keep 10 rounds in the black on a B8 target at 15 yards, slow fire, you are doing great. The speed will come.
  3. Very subjective topic. It all depends on what you are doing. For example... Confirming my zero at 25 yards:Standing, 2 handed, unsupported, slow fire, with a Comped G19 VS 90 round timed course of fire from a holster at ranges from 25 yards in to 1 yard: Different G19. This course of fire had time standards at each distance, mandatory moving stages, single handed (strong and support hand only) shooting, shooting with a flashlight in your support hand, mag changes, etc.... 1 mag, 10 yards, standing, 2 hands unsupported. Confirming zero (this gun had a 10 yards zero - I was messing around to see what I liked better) with RDS equipped pistol: (probably should have adjusted 1 or 2 clicks right) VS 200 rounds while shooting various drills from a concealed holster: Ranges varying from 3 yards to 40 yards. (I kept putting new B8 s on top, when I was done this was the target in the back) Confirming 50/200 yard zero on a 16” AR with Holosun RDS at 50 yards from the prone: VS 110 round course of fire ranging from 100 yards all the way in to 5 yards. Timed course of fire requiring moving, reloads and high percentage shots.
  4. They make one with a window over the barrel - like a Glock 34/35. I think it looks sharp, and I greatly prefer front serrations on the slide. Especially with the RDS. Make it easier to manipulate the slide without smudging the optic unnecessarily.
  5. Check the Brownell’s slides. Best value for RDS Gen3 slides out there IMO.
  6. Durability is one factor to use concrete over wood. The concrete won’t warp or rot. But, more importantly, the concrete doesn’t move, wobble, shift, bounce or shake. This makes a much more stable platform to shoot from. This is very helpful when zeroing optics and/or shooting for accuracy. Wooden benches would move too much and impart to much instability to the shooter and rifle.
  7. Should have stopped and said hi. You may have been surprised who was there.... Uh oh! Fudd alert!!
  8. Rob Pincus is a pretty big name trainer with a reputation of being pretty divisive in the gun community - you either love him or hate him. Big proponent of “combat focus” shooting (point shooting under a different name). I think he’s actually originally from NJ.
  9. I think it all depends on what type of drive they have. A ship with a z drive and bow thrusters can turn pretty tight circles.
  10. Do they make pre-emergent sheep’s sorrel killer? Asking for a friend.....
  11. Original Article Here penned by Pincus and a past President of the Brady Campaign together. https://www.ammoland.com/2021/03/guns-in-america-ending-the-culture-war-starting-a-productive-conversation/#axzz6qdL1gK1v Too long to copy and paste here. Breakdown article here: https://armedamericanradio.org/2021/03/30/huh-rob-pincus-calls-for-expanded-background-checks-gun-control-and-then-says-he-didnt/ I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t see how he could be Misunderstood, Pincus’ position seems pretty clear to me. I wonder what happened to make him apparently change views....
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