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  1. Your Honor, for the representation of Pork Roll in the matter of Pork Roll v Taylor Ham, I’d like to present exhibit 10,473 into evidence. As you can clearly see from this image of an advertisement at a baseball stadium, Taylor is merely a brand name, and the product is called Pork Roll. Once again, nowhere is the word “ham” used or implied.
  2. Best Ray Liotta movie ever. Fight me!
  3. Started at 25yards. Ended at 5 yards with the pistol. Then we moved back to 10 yards for 3 rounds of 00B. we shot 4 sets of expired armor over 4 days like this. None of the armor failed. It was not a scientific and we did not do contact shots as prescribed by the FBI testing protocol.
  4. You’d be surprised how often people do not react when shot. Pistol rounds are notoriously bad at stopping bad guys. The armor does not stop working magically on the 5th anniversary of its being manufactured. The “expiration” date is there as “insurance”. Moisture breakers down aramid fibers. The humidity and sweat your body produces provides enough moisture to affect the armor. The “expiration” date is assuming you are wearing the armor every day for 5 years on 100* weather and rain storms every other day. If you take care of your amor: • Keep it dry • Lay it flat or Hang it • Don’t store it in a hot trunk all summer The armor will last much longer than the 5 year NIJ “expiration date”. Side note - in Europe, they certify the same armor for 10years. As a confidence boost - I have taken armor to the range that was manufactured in the mid 1990s and shot it with .38, 9mm, .40 and .45 and 00B 12g. The armor stopped everything.
  5. The MS4 is not a 3 point sling. That is a quick adjust 2 point sling. I don’t know what kind of sling Rittenhouse used. That being said: 3 point slings are terrible. Avoid at all costs. I don’t care who used them.
  6. Happy National Pork Roll Day! I hope everyone celebrated appropriately! Please note: it is NOT National “Taylor Ham” Day.
  7. Primary Arms has their Cyclops 1x prism optic on sale for $199 for Memorial Day. It’s about the size of a T2. I have no time on one, but I am intrigued. Oh, and Slings: I like 2 point quick adjust slings. The Magpul, BFG VCAS, Flatline Fiber Co, are all well executed. My current favorite is the Ferro Concepts Slingster.
  8. Following the Buffalo supermarket shooting, where the bad guys armor stopped some hits from a good guy early on in the fight, I predict legislation on body armor coming down sooner rather than later - if not nationally, at least regionally. If it is something you are interested in, now is the time.
  9. I really like the $16 LA Police Gear pistol cases (you can get them on sale for $9 occasionally). I have 10 in all different colors. Each dedicated to a different pistol. Each one holds a pistol and 5 or 6 mags plus some parts and support equipment. I can grab two or three and toss them in a bag with some ammo, eyes, ears, and targets and I’m off. They also slide very well into a rifle case or backpack. I also have a hard Pelican 1500 case with a pistol insert that’s great to bring 4 pistols, a dozen or so mags, and some ancillary gear to a training class. This works best if I’m also bringing another case or bag with the rest of my range gear - eyes, ears, ammo, targets, etc…
  10. I have four T1s (2 on ARs, 1 on an AK, and 1 on a REM 870) and a T2 (on an AR). The T1 is no slouch but the T2 is definitely an improvement. The T1 and T2 • Small footprint • Lightweight • Extremely reliable • 50,000 hour battery life The T1 is damn nice, but the T2 improves on it with • Clearer glass • Crisper dot It has pretty much become the standard for small RDS.
  11. Window size doesn’t matter with a RDS - you are shooting with both eyes open. I prefer the Aimpoint T2 over just about anything out there, but that’s outside your price range. I do not like magnifiers behind dots. I’d rather a LPVO if I have determined a need for magnification.
  12. 2015-2016-ish if I remember right.
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