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  1. Newsflash - Guns are loud. Now back to your regularly scheduled beating of a dead horse.
  2. What a coach!
  3. Buy your small frame Glocks in .40. Then buy 9mm conversion barrels and mags. Then get a .22 slide conversion and mags. 3 calibers in one gun with one permit.
  4. Do you have a link to this policy? Did they actually state this to be their new practice?
  5. Just go shoot it. It will even out.
  6. I prefer multi day classes if training - multiple 10-16 hour days (breaks as needed for food, instruction, and rest). I retain more, even if it’s a fraction of what’s covered by the instructor. An occasional 1 day (8-12 hour) class as a tune up is good too. For practice sessions I stay as long as it takes to complete my range plan. Go to the range with a plan. Have a drill or two that lets you work on a skill. Limit how much ammo you bring. Avoid ballistic masturbation. If you do it right, you can make each round you fire make you better. If taking new shooters, I stay as long as it takes to make them feel accomplished without getting too fatigued.
  7. No. You’re right. It’s not. But.... Shoot a Modified Navy Qual* with a crowned barrel. Then shoot it with a well designed comp/brake attached. Compare your times. A quality device makes a difference. * Modified Navy Qualification Distance: 50 yard line Target: 8” circle (NRA B8 8 ring) Passing Time: 24 seconds Prep: Load 3 mags with 5 rounds each. Load one mag and store the other 2 on your body appropriately for reloads. Course of fire: 5 rounds standing, speed reload, 5 rounds kneeling, speed reload, 5 rounds prone. Scoring: Each round out of the 8” circle adds 1 second to your time. Any shots off the paper, DQ.
  8. Cohen ruined that company. Sig used to be a stand up company that you could trust to put out a solid product, then they hired that scheister Cohen. Now, they lie and manipulate. They put out bad products that are dangerous to their end users. They cut corners. I enjoy seeing companies with no integrity fail.
  9. I use the same ones. Have 3 pairs of the Supreme Pro and one set of Peltor ComTacs. They all have the Gel Seals. Worth every penny. Best money I ever spent on shooting gear. I’ve had the Peltor’s the longest and they get the most use as they are my training set. They are almost 8 years old and still work perfectly. They’ve been out in the rain, the snow, the cold, the heat. Never missed a beat. Friends with the Howard Leight models are on multiple pairs after they shit the bed and theyvhave only had them for a year or two. Buy once, cry once.