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  1. This little rifle recently caught my eye and despite not having a huge love of bolt guns, I want one desperately... Anyone have one? What are your thoughts?
  2. Jealous! I know I have posted this before. I want to build one of these in .45-70 or .30-30 (can't decide) and a second in .38/.357 so badly:
  3. Don't just buy any 00B. Buy something designed to shoot people trying to kill you in your home, not deer in the woods. Generally, "tactical" or LE rounds are a good choice for HD. Federal Flight Control stuff and Hornady TAP are amazing for keeping tight groups and reducing flyers at distance.
  4. Says the guy that picks Chappie and D13.
  5. No thanks. Maybe if I was doing VBSS work I would think about using it. I find it interesting that they use gallons of water and not ballistic gelatin to demo their rounds... Ah ha! Here's why, it does poorly in ballistic gelatin - the standard for testing the terminal ballistics of ammunition. From the highly respected DocGKR (Dr. Gary Roberts) ~ 2006 time frame: There is a reason they went out of business. There is a reason that so few LEO Dept and Mil/Gov agencies issued it, and only for a short time period. I also am not a fan of a shotgun for HD and prefer my AR, but the shotgun in my safe is loaded with Hornady TAP 8 pellet 00B while I look for Federal Flight control #1B, which is always sold out....
  6. What? As good gun movies? You can't be serious. Half of D13 was video game guns.
  7. So you are conducting a select buck drill if you need to take a longer shot? That's retarded. Set the gun up right from the get go and take the shot you need to take. At room distances, in a 1st world home 00/#1 rules the roost. You have a round (00/#1 B) that is a proven suitable FISHing at normal room distances and will arguably stop an aggressive attacker most times and you choose to use something less effective? Tell me how that mkes sense? Shooting high brass? What are your split times vs 00 in a tactical low recoil load? Doesn't make sense bro.
  8. Ray, I have personally seen victims of attempted suicide with birdshot walk themselves to an ambulance. We are talking contact distance to the face. Gruesome to be sure, but completely superficial. I just had dinner with a friend who is retired NYPD cool guy. He has witnessed the same thing on multiple occasions. Accidental and purposeful shootings of self - at contact distances - with birdshot. Victims walks themselves to the Ambo. There just isn't enough mass in the shot to retain velocity and it leaves a nasty looking but shallow and superficial wound. Why go with a maybe when you can have an almost certainly? I don't aspire to mediocrity.
  9. I went to Belize for my Honeymoon. We stayed a week in the mountains near Guatemala and a week near the ocean. I fully support the endorsement of Belizian Bacon!! Amazing!
  10. Ray, you are nuts. Miami Vice had some pretty good gun handling. Hell, most of Michael Mann's stuff was all good as far as gun handling. He was a shooter.
  11. Sinners and Saints has some of the best gunplay I have seen on film:
  12. It OK Ray. This is America! I support your decision to be willfully wrong and tell us all about it! If a shotgun is your choice for HD: Low recoil/Tactical 00 or #1 buck, preferably in a Flight Control type round, is the way to go for social shotgun work inside and around typical CONUS homes.
  13. Oogabooga, may indirect your attention here: https://www.njgunforums.com/forum/index.php?/topic/54786-pork-roll-or-taylor-ham/#comment-705026 Please vote your conscience and support you Pork Roll brothers.
  14. What do you mean by "real gun"?
  15. What if it's from a well?