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  1. I had a Brownells G19 slide that I bought right when they first came out. It worked fine. Sold it to a member here as a starter RMR setup. I just got a new Brownells G34 slide last week to top off a stripped Glock frame I had. Assembled easily - everything seems in spec. Haven’t gotten a chance to shoot it yet. I heard there can be some issues with fitting in Safariland holsters, but I have not experienced that myself.
  2. I think it is $200 after the code is entered. Like I said, Ike is the man!
  3. One other thing - a WML is not a substitute for a handheld flashlight. You really do need both - Sometimes you want to see something without pointing a gun at it. Don’t just have them either. Know how to properly use them. Simply owning a WML/flashlight doesn’t make you a night fighter any more than owning a guitar makes you Jimi Hendrix. Invest in software as well as hardware. It’s worth every penny.
  4. The only difference is in how the mounting system works. “A” type (rail slide with latch) preferred for polymer guns ”B” type (cross bolt) preferred for metal framed guns
  5. If you shop around or wait for a holiday sale you can find them for around $225-$250. Cue shitposting “of my light was $50 and is just as good” (not calling out anyone specifically, just been here long enough to know what follows after you recommend quality lifesaving gear that is expensive) My response - • Buy once, cry once. • You get what you pay for. • Don’t aspire to mediocrity. • Best VALUE is more important than lowest PRICE. I have broken just about every other pistol WML out there. I have not broken these. I now have about 6 of them. They work and they are worth it. Make sure you are getting the newest light with the brightest rating (Current is 1000 lumens but there are 500 and 600 lumen versions out there from previous generations). Buy from a reputable dealer so you don’t get an air soft copy. If the price is “Too good to be true”, it probably is. Ike at Big Tex Outdoors has them in stock now for ~ $270. Fair price and a good trustworthy company.
  6. Surefire X300U is the “A” answer. Avoid the strobe. Keep the switchology simple - light on, light off. That’s about all the brainpower you will have to spare in a real world deployment anyway. Additionally, any strobe effect that disorients your threat, will also disorient you, AND, most importantly, strobes hide subtle movement - which means you will miss threat indicators and warning signs, specifically slow movements of the hands. Get all the light (lumens and candela) you can and be able to turn it on and off.
  7. Measure how far your gas block is from the receiver. ~ 7” carbine ~ 9” midlength A lot of 14.5” guns (pinned brakes to make 16”) nowadays are midlength gas systems.
  8. You’ll need an A2 spacer, and a rifle length action spring (correct name for a “buffer spring”) for sure. You may need a rifle buffer as well. Some guns will run great with a carbine buffer on a carbine or midlength gas system and a rifle length receiver extension (The correct name for a “buffer tube”), some won’t. What barrel length do you have on your upper? What gas system? Carbine? Midlength?
  9. Brazil. Not that it couldn’t have happened here - we have all seen sketchy shit at the range. Be safe. Be smart. Don’t be afraid to call someone out on their stupid weapons handling. Remember your safety rules - They are overlapping and well thought out. Like every accidental/negligent shot that hurts or kills someone - If that guy would have followed even ONE of the four rules, no one would have gotten hurt. Loud bang and a hole in the floor/furniture maybe, but no injury.
  10. Good stuff! If you haven’t - Check out Tony Simon’s Diversity Shoots and his “2A is for Everyone” events. They are local. https://diversityshoot.com
  11. Lol!! She says she knows she is not a monster because monsters aren’t afraid, and she’s afraid all the time. Amos has said that he never feels fear. That hit him like a freight train.
  12. Amos is becoming a better character with each episode.
  13. It’s lighthearted. It’s fun. It’s harmless. Newsflash: If you don't like the topic - you don’t have to follow this thread. That is what the “unfollow” button is for. All you have to do is click it! Then you don’t have to follow a topic you don’t like, and those who enjoy the banter get to have some fun conversation without a party pooper shitting on the thread.
  14. As far as I know they are still in business. They moved to a new bigger space in November. Give a chance for the winter Holidays to pass and try again.
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