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  1. Ok, so I spent the last couple days cleaning the basement and going through all the random stuff I accumulated over the last few years that has been sitting in my famous parts bins and I have the following stuff for sale. Everything is in great condition. Some stuff still has tags on it. I will update this post as items sell, and I will be adding to it as I find more stuff. If you’d like to discuss trade ideas, let me know via PM. Venmo and cash preferred. I’ll take a USPSMO, but you’ll have to wait till I get it and deposit it before I ship anything. I live near Sandy Hook and work in Middlesex County. I am open to Face to Face deals that aren’t too far out of my way. Otherwise, if you want something shipped, add $8 to get it to you. If you want extra insurance, let me know and we’ll figure it out. I’ll put photos up when I have a minute. In the meantime, photos on request via PM. For Sale: • Eagle FB pouch - holds 2 AR mags with 4 Glock mags stacked in front, MOLLE attachment, black - $80 • Gcode Scorpion soft shell AR single mag pouch, MOLLE/PALS attachment, black - $25 • ESSTAC Triple M4 Tall KYWI magazine pouch, Malice Clips included, black- $55 • BCM pistol and pic rail mount vertical grip, Wolf gray - $40 • BCM vertical grip MLOK, black - $30 • Strike Industries handstop MLOK or Keymod - $25 (scratches on the rear screw) • MFT React Adjustable Vertical Grip - $20 • Magpul MOE Midlength Handguard, black - $30 • Magpul K Pistol Grip, pic rail mount Vertical Grip, and ACS Stock, Magpul Gray - $110 • Magpul Paraclip and pic rail front sling mount system - $35 • Magpul vertical grip MLOK, black - $20 • Tangodown pistol and pic rail mount vertical grip, Foliage Green - $65 • Tangodown MRO cover, black $35 • Safariland MLS fork and plate (no hardware) - $10 • Olight Mini Valkyrie pistol WML - $70 • HSGI Lasercut belt pad XL - $50 • Ameriglo Spartan Operator night sights, fit small frame Gen 3 &4 Glocks (G26/27, 19/23, 17/22, 34/35), these are less than a year old, orange front sight, very bright tritium - $60 • Reptilia 10mm RMR/Holosun riser - $40 Thanks for looking. More to come soon - (slings, holsters, AR parts) First to post “I’ll take it” wins the sale.
  2. I used a socket set for mine - was super easy. Then I added a Wilson +2 extension a Vang Comp follower.(I also replaced all the MIM and plastic bits in the bolt and trigger group with parts from an old Wing Master). The old 870 Express runs like a champ.
  3. They forgot to install the top locking block pin….
  4. In NJ, whatever the device is marketed as, is what it is. “Pinky test” is a myth. No muzzle device is illegal in NJ. Flash hiders are perfectly legal. However - Depending on what you install a flash hider on, it may make a weapon an “Assault weapon” making it illegal to own in NJ. Example: • Flash hider on a bolt gun: legal • Flash hider on a mini 14 or SCR: legal • Flash hider on an SBF Other: legal • Flash hider on an AR: illegal. A pump action shotgun is not semi-auto, so it will not fall under the provisions of NJ AWB. You can add any muzzle device you want to it.
  5. My FiL is a huge golfer. Played every weekend, belongs to a country club, nailed a hole-in-one a couple weeks ago. Me - I’ve never swung a club in my life aside from putt-putt gulf when I was in grammar school. Never had interest In golf, but your post intrigues me.
  6. The Battlecomp is an excellent device does exactly what it’s supposed to on a 14.5” gun. I like the Surefire MB556 paired with a warden blast diffuser. The MB556 can be blasty indoors to shooters next to you, but the warden does a great job redirecting all that blast down range.
  7. I’m going to create a meal made completely out of meat. Then I will call it “H.E.’s Delicious Vegan Dish”. The FDA will say - and rightly so - “Wait a minute, that’s not vegan. There are rules as to what you can and not call vegan. You must change the name.” So I then have to change the name to reflect the proper contents of my meal. Would you still call it “H.E.’s Delicious Vegan Dish”? Or would you call It by it’s new and proper name as advertised by the company? This isn’t rocket surgery. Words have meaning - everyone knows what ham is - what it looks and tastes like - and Pork Roll is certainly not ham. Just like pork chops, Bacon, or pigs feet are not ham. Of I order Bacon and get ham, I’ll be pissed off. If I order ham and get Bacon, I’ll be less pissed off, but it’s still not what I wanted. Same same.
  8. Vintage Taylor Ad: Notice the lack of the word “Ham”
  9. That’s a lot of magnification for an AR for a new shooter. Remember, magnification helps you see better, it does not help you shoot better. At 16 power you will have an outstanding view of your misses though. My advice, start with a red dot sight and then learn irons. Practice your shooting fundamentals. When you can knock the center X out of a B8 at 25 yards move to 50 yards. When you can do the same, you are ready to start thinking about low-power magnified optics (1-4, 1-6, etc…)
  10. See! You started talking like a fixed LOP was bad, but by the end, you realized it was a blessing in disguise. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s not inconvenient, I’m just saying, it isn’t a big deal. Also, I’m 5’6” and I shoot with a fully extended stock and I have been teaching people to shoot carbines for 15 years. Long LOP is the way! I’ve seen women and kids smaller than me shoot like a striped ass ape with the stock all the way out. I imagine if you or your significant other is shooting with the stock all the way in there is literal room for improvement. Just sayin’
  11. Why change them out? None of the Jersey legal options take away from the effectiveness of a NJ Legal carbine. While it is stupid and, in my opinion, nothing more than feel good nonsense - the features we can’t have in NJ are really no big deal in the grand scheme of things. Adjustable Stock: Once you find your LOP, you don’t change it. A1 and A2 stocks aren’t adjustable and they work fine. Set it for your preferred LOP and pin it. Done. I have never ever adjusted the LOP on a carbine during a shooting session. Unnecessary. Bayo lug: 90% of carbines out there have free float hand guards with flip up sights. No bayo lug without an a frame sight post. You planning on running “what makes the grass grow” drills? Bayo lugs are vistigial and unnecessary. Flash Hider: Brakes and comps are perfectly adequate. Most shooters prefer them anyway. Pinned muzzle Devices: 14.5” Barrels with mid-length gas systems are the #1 choice for “fighting” carbines. You have to pin them anyway under federal law. So no loss there either. If you look at a lot of rifles in free states, they are often set up exactly like a NJ compliant rifle (they don’t have to pin the stocks, but they don’t adjust them so they may as well be pinned).
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