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  1. Each week, I start at episode 1 and watch through the newest. I was sad they were so short at first, then I realized, if there were commercials, they would each be an hour episode on a prime time network. I think they are using the time they have for each episode wisely. I like where the story is going and am looking forward to what happens next. I also heard that there will be a tie in to Ep IX in an episode before the release date for “Rise of Skywalker”. This concerns me slightly, but - so far, so awesome!
  2. I am really liking the Mandalorian. It makes me very very happy. I am also re-watching Rebels, this time with my son. He was too little when it premiered, so he waited. We are about halfway through season 3. I thought it was just ok the first time I watched it. I am really liking it know. Season 3 is incredible with lots of tie-in and “whoa” moments. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. Im still excited for Ep IX. Mostly because my son is over the moon with anticipation and it’s a lot of fun to feed off his excitement. He’s got all these theories and ideas about what is going to happen next. I imagine this is how I was with my dad after ESB and waiting for RotJ to come out. Star Wars is just too much fun!
  3. LA Police Gear has Aimpoint Pro for $379 You do not have to be LE to buy from them.
  4. Nice! Those Alpha tubes are great for free floating the handguard without having to cut the muzzle device and removing the gas block. Arisaka: https://arisakadefense.com/products/inline-scout-mount-troy-vtac-alpha and Arson Machine Company: https://arsonmachine.com/product/troy-light-mount/ make great light mounts specifically for The Alpha tubes if you are looking. Also the Troy Squid grips are worth the minimal investment. That tube can eat your hands up.
  5. Damn. You got me. My position must be invalid since I quoted the wrong post of yours. I quoted to post that reiterated the silly notion instead of the original post with the bad advice. I edited my response above to reflect your original post with garbage advice. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I’m sure none of the people reading this thread had any idea what I was referring to. Seriously, you are doing God’s work here. You should be commended.
  6. Use a safe. Be reasonable in your physical security plans. But physical security is only half of the equation. The other half is comprised of equal parts education and honesty. That is quite possibly the worst advice I have ever heard. Don’t underestimate the curiosity of a child. Instead, teach them young. Secure your firearms properly and teach them why they should be treated responsibly. Take the “mystery” out of them and the kids won’t care about what’s in the safe. Mold your children into responsible young Americans and make them advocates for responsible gun ownership. Let’s bring back the “gun culture” that is so sorely lacking in our State and our nation. Let’s remove “Gun Owner” as dirty word in society. If you hide youR firearms and never speak about them, they take on a mythical life of their own. If you don’t teach your kids about them, they won’t know what to do if they find one. They won’t be able to shrug off the daily assaults by the media, by politicians, by educators, by the liberal parents of their friends. Every time my kid asks about a firearm I stop whatever I am doing and take the time to explain firearms safety. I go over appropriate uses for firearms and open the safe so he can see anything he wants. We talk about what we do and do not talk about outside the family, outside our home. These conversations change as he gets older. But, because we talk about them, I know he knows what to do if his friends ask about them. He knows what to do if he comes across one outside our home. He knows what to do when we are out as a family. He is now resistant to any “re-education” society and the modern day school system tries to put in his path. None of that would be possible, if guns were a dirty secret in our home. Since when has secrecy and exclusion within a household ever worked out better than education, wisom, and experience?
  7. “No man is an Island” - John Donne, Meditation XVII, 1624 ”A man has to know is limitations” - Harry Callahan, Magnum Force, 1973
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