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  1. High Exposure

    AR build trigger issues

    Just FYI: There are different types of AR BCGs: Depending on you LPK, the difference between your BCGs could cause an issue. Sounds like thebgrip screw may be the culprit - but I’ve never seen an out of spec grip screw. May be worth it to swap BCGs and see if you get different results.
  2. High Exposure

    AR build trigger issues

    What bolt carrier do you have installed? Does it look the same as the one in your Bushmaster? Try swapping BCGs and see if you get the same results. Better yet, swap entire uppers and see if you get the same results with the problematic lower.
  3. High Exposure

    Is *Insert any semi automatic handgun* legal in NJ?

    Ok, Gotcha on the DOD part.
  4. High Exposure

    Is *Insert any semi automatic handgun* legal in NJ?

    Well, for one, your opening statement is in no way, shape, or form, easily understandable in the English language. It follows no accepted format for the written word and, as written, can be interpreted many different way. The lack of a capital O and the inclusion of an unnecessary colon makes your second sentence nonsense at best, intentionally misleading at worst. The above .gif is an attempt at humor. Not a personal attack. Please don’t take it as such. I understand typos happen, I make them all the time. I also understand that people make mistakes with spelling and grammar, I get it. But don’t call my reading comprehension into question when your post is what is jacked up. A better way to go about it may be to clarify your statement. Because at this point I still don’t know what you are trying to say. Simply bolding the text of a poorly crafted sentence does nothing to enhance the clarity of your statement. Second - What weapon systems do you repair for DOD. I was unaware that DOD uses an outside vendor for weapon maintenance? I was under the impression that they will either use their own unit level armorers, send it to depot level gunsmiths, or call on the manufacturer to make serious repairs.
  5. High Exposure

    Is *Insert any semi automatic handgun* legal in NJ?

    Since when are PSA rifles DOD approved? You are really scraping the bottom of the barrel here in defense of your position with some very specific examples that are rare in the overall scheme of things. Most folks are better served with a pinned/fixed stock, pinned comp or brake, and no bayo lug - while retaining the regular removabel mag and standard pistol grip on an AR than not. There is no need to reinvent the wheel or get creative. If someone just wants to be different, that’s fine - but don’t try to sell It as better.
  6. High Exposure

    Is *Insert any semi automatic handgun* legal in NJ?

    Lol! Aren’t you the guy that tells people to not be poor? My primary use for my rifles is “tactical” and all of my rifles have a brake or comp on them. While I agree they aren’t necessary, they all do offer a measure of increased control on the carbine. When I shoot on a timer, I see some measurable benefit to them. They definitely don’t make my carbines unusable in their designated role. Also, as I stated earlier, there are some brakes/comps that do a decent job at reducing flash that are N.J. legal. For the rifles used socially, I use a blast-diffuser or blast shield like the Surefire Warden. How often are you replacing gas blocks that a fixed mag makes more sense than a removable muzzle device? Generally, when a gas block is shot out, the barrel also need to be replaced anyway. If for some strange reason you want an adjustable gas block on an already built rifle (which seems at odds with the rest of your position as I read between the lines) there are quite a few quality 2 piece adjustable gas blocks out there that are priced affordably and easily installed. In any event, are you saying that you would rather have a threaded muzzle with an unpinned flash hider than an easily removable magazine?
  7. High Exposure

    Is *Insert any semi automatic handgun* legal in NJ?

    Ok. So, legality aside. I just looked at the video demonstrating the item that is being bandied back and forth. That thing is stupid. While it may be necessary in CA, at this time it is thankfully unnecessary in N.J. If it came to pass where we needed something like that, it is better than most of these devices, but still - it’s bag of hammers stupid at this place, at this time. A “Pistol grip” and a “detachable magazine” are the two parts that are most useful on the AR platform - especially in NJ. In a state where you are required to only keep 10 round magazines, the only thing that makes the reduced capacity even remotely workable is the ability is simply and quickly swap mags with a removeable mag, and a pistol grip allowing you to keep positive control of the carbine allowing fast shots and easy handling when conducting administrative functions and effective TTPs. So, which “evil”* do you think should take precedence over that ability? Why should someone purposefully create a fixed mag version of an AR? Is it to: • Install a grenade launcher? C’mon. • Have a bayonet lug? Most ARs today have free float tubes with low-profile gas blocks that remove the lug altogether. The bayonet lug is practically vistigial at this point. • Have a flash hider or threaded and unpinned barrel? For most people the substitution of a brake, a compensator, or even a crowned muzzle is adequate. There are a few brakes and comps out there that also do a decent job at reducing flash - although most flash reduction is a function of quality ammo designed for reduced flash and barrel length. Also, many ARs are 14.5” and are required to follow the federal standard of pinning anyway. • Having a folding or telescoping stock? Maybe this is a little more useful than the others but it is not as important as a removable mag or pistol grip IMO. Personally, once I find the LOP I find useful on an AR, I don’t tounch it again. Additionally, there are plenty of options out there to make a fixed stock that doesn’t cause permanent damage to a receiver extension. You can swap fixed stocks with LOP or add an adjustable if in a free state, then bring it back to a fixed stock when you return home to Jersey. If you want the folding or telescoping ability for mere storage, maybe just buy a new case/safe/bag/locker. Serious question - Is the presence of any of these features more important than a carbine with the ability to simply and quickly swap reduced capacity magazines? I don’t think any of those features is more important or useful than a quick and efficient mag swap. I just don’t see where the juice is with the squeeze with this thing..... * Note: I don’t think any of these features should be “evil” but we have to work within the current N.J. laws as passed until such time as something changes.
  8. High Exposure

    Is *Insert any semi automatic handgun* legal in NJ?

    As an FYI: This is false. NJSP FAU considers the Law Folder a folding stock, and thus would be no good with any other features. Before you ask, yes, I have it in writing.
  9. High Exposure

    Daily humor thread

  10. High Exposure

    Glock Gen 6

    Yes. They are an excellent option.
  11. High Exposure

    Glock Gen 6

    No thanks. I really hate this criticism against Glock. It’s not true. You have the option now when buying a Glock to pay more (between $70 and $100) and have your choice of two different sets of night sights from the factory - Trijicon or Ameriglo. There are 18,459,107 different options out there for Glock sights and everyone has a different favorite set. I personally prefer they keep the plastic placeholder “sights” so I continue to benefit from the commensurate savings rather then they raise their prices because they provide each gun with a set of real sights and the increased costs of doing so just so I can take those sights off and throw them away. I like that Glock saves me $70-$100 per pistol by not forcing me to spend money on sights I don’t want, as I am just going to buy the sights I do prefer anyway. If you don’t like the available factory options, just budget for the sights when you buy your Glock.
  12. High Exposure

    Glock Gen 6

    This is pretty accurate info and jives with what I know and have been told - especially regarding the military contract. Sig won because they priced the M17 so low that they are taking a loss on the guns. They hope the note rusty of being selected gives them a huge jump in the LEO and civilian market. Colt is a disaster - their QC is taking a shit as is the CS and they were forced to share the TDP with FN. FN is now making an excellent AR now for a very good price and have the .gov on a sweetheart of a contract. FN is slowly taking over all of Colts business. Their civilian rifles are top notch and the quality is high. They make the TDP rifles and the civilian guns on the same assembly line. As for Glock Inc - Keep in mind - Glock already makes more than pistols and they make it for the rest of the world, not just USA. Example, do you guys know they make disposable polymer suppressors that go for almost nothing? They don’t sell them here because they way cost less that the Tax Stamp you would need to get one and only last hundred rounds or so. Foreign militaries and civilized countries that see suppressors as safety equipment instead of assassin equipment love them. Not a photoshopped photo: I’d love to see Glock design, manufacture, and market a carbine. I’d like to see their take on it, but it’s not something that will help their bottom line right now so why would they do it?
  13. High Exposure

    Steiner M332 - Fixed 3x AR Optic $199

    Shit. They must be sold out. You can click on other stuff and get to an “Add to cart button” but not on the M332. Maybe try calling them? Sorry guys.
  14. If anyone is looking for a quality 3x fixed optic for an AR, Interstate Guns has the Steiner M332 with 5.56 reticle on sale for $199. I played around with my buddies. It is excellent quality and if you like fixed power optics, this is a winner at 1/6 the price of an ACOG: https://www.interstateguns.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=Steiner+M332

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