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  1. Here ya go Ray: http://www.andrewsleather.com/firepower.htm
  2. This is an Ares SCR: https://fightlite.com/collections/scr-rifles in pistol form. The SCR has been out for a while in both complete rifle and lower only form. They will accept any AR upper, just swap the BCG. If N.J. goes featureless for semi auto, the SCR is a viable option. Trigger is meh, but it handles well. That pistol though - no thank you.
  3. I believe that will be a No-go in NJ. It is not a firearm like the shockwave and the Tac-14. These are semi auto pistols.
  4. Oh and also - Fuck Gabe Suarez.
  5. Didn't they approve the black aces firearm at the same time as the Shockwave and Tac-14? The BA offering has a pistol brace....
  6. This will be my first Thanksgiving off in a long time (Yay promotion!). We are going to my Mom and Dad's for dinner. I'm going over early so she can teach me how to do everything. She is one hell of a cook but her health is on a rapidly accelerating decline. I want to make dinner for her and Dad next year at my house - because without some divine intervention, she won't be able to.
  7. Even with "parallax free" optics such as red dots (nothing is truly parallax free) you will get a shift of zero with different body positions. Remember, a zero is a living thing. You can spend all day at the range chasing a zero and never get it. Consistency and centered are key.
  8. Any PC that will take that size plate. PCs are sized to the plates not your body.
  9. Steel armor that is designed to be armor is fine. Don't buy re-purposed targets. Weight is a concern, but safety is the primary concern. AR500 flat sucks for armor. There are better choices out there at similar price points. Hesco plates - $129 http://www.officerstore.com/mobile/store/product.aspx/productId/31390/Hesco-Level-IV-10-x-12-Stand-Alone-Armor-Plate-Single-Curve-NIJ-06/ Not steel and good quality.
  10. For storage or carry?
  11. FYI: Arms Unlimited has a decent price on some.new and used 92s Plus SF X300u for $189
  12. Yes, they are expensive but you get what you pay for and they are worth every penny. They produce quality rifles with a stand-up company supporting them. Buy with confidence.
  13. You are posting this gun here that was someone did for you and then abbidentical gun you are "selling for a friend"... What gives?
  14. I don't understand this thread.... What's the intended use here? What do you want this "high velocity" 9mm to do?