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  1. Tried the Aimpoint 3x magnifier in a LaRue FTS mount for quite some time. Had it behind an Aimpoint M4, a couple of T1s (2 and 4moa versions) and some PROs. Took multiple multi-day classes with it. I just couldn't warm up to it and ended up trading it for a Trijicon RMR. It was heavy, gave the rifle a weird balance when flipped to side, hung up on stuff, I was measurably slower inside 100 yards. Zeke, just get a PRO and call it a day. Unless you are planning on regularly shooting people over 100 yards away or doing a lot of benchrest type shooting, you will be much better served with an Aimpoint and a pair of 8x binoculars. Spend the money you would have spent on the magnifier and buy ammo and take a class. You will get better results at all distances. If you think you absolutely have to have a magnified optic, get a 1-6 variable powered scope. Vortex Strike Eagle is hard to beat for the $$.
  2. Add that to this and forget it. How can Col Powers well written statement have any impact after this? When did the US become an insane asylum? We are doomed.... http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/nypd-cops-rally-support-colin-kaepernick-brooklyn-article-1.3425792?utm_content=bufferd50d0&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=NYDailyNewsTw
  3. They say the exact location will be held back.
  4. RIP Sailors. I think this is pretty cool! The final resting place of the USS Indianapolis has been found in the Philippine Sea at a depth of more than 18,000 feet. Some cool pictures at the links below. https://www.stripes.com/news/navy/wreckage-of-sunken-wwii-warship-uss-indianapolis-discovered-navy-announces-1.483641#.WZi8J_H3aEd http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=102031
  5. Whatever you do - don't drop it or throw it over the berm.
  6. Oh boy. Amando, you need to talk to someone in the know in your chain of command and possibly an attorney your agency uses. Don't make decisions that can affect your career and freedom based on info you receive online or from agencies outside your state that don't know you or your job.
  7. Yup. I have a Geissele SDE. Do not like it as much as my SSA triggers.
  8. My wife went to E&M Gold Beekeepers in Tinton Falls for a NJ Master Gardener event this morning. As she is into all things nature and plant related, I had told her about the new regulations that I learned about here a while ago. She brought up the new regulations to the staff there. They said that the regulation set to start on 8/21 has been recalled for further conversation and research. The Link at the NJDA site in the OP reflects this:
  9. I do not like flat triggers. I personally do not see any advantages on any pistol other than maybe a 1911 style gun where the trigger is essentially a "button" that you push straight back vs the "switch" that pivots on a hinge at the top of the lever that most other pistols have. I tried a bunch of different flat triggers when researching a trigger to upgrade a Glock I was messing around with. I ended up going with the Overwatch Falx trigger which retains the original curve of the stock OEM triggers, but removes the pre-travel. That being said, the reason I tried so many flat triggers was that people I know that shoot well, seem to prefer them and I know a few guys that shoot flat triggers like the proverbial "House on fire". There is obviously something there that works, it just isn't for me.
  10. http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/matt-foley-van-down-by-the-river/3505931?snl=1
  11. Aaron Cowen / Sage Dynamics released a paper on the subject of RDS sighted pistols. http://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/7dc128_50a7c57f2d284e53bca8584a7f7925b1.pdf It's long and I haven't read it all but I figured some of you may find it interesting. It is mainly written from a "Duty Use" perspective, but the info I've read is pretty good. Special attention: @blksheep and @Vlad G
  12. Nope, actually getting delivered to my house. I got it in UDE, maybe it takes a little longer for the color. My Mother-In-Law is home at the house all week, she can sign for it. ETA: Just checked my account at LaRue. No tracking number yet. Now, I need to order a lower.... Decision decisions...
  13. The video I linked to above was a "part 2" response to their original video below. It was made by the same people for the same distributor.