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  1. None that I have seen. However, I received guidance from the NJSP Firearms Unit in late May of this year. • There is currently no restriction on the power level or type of device. • They can be owned by anyone 18 or older. • They can be carried. • They can not be used for unlawful purposes. • They can be used for self defense.
  2. Well fuck me... I scrolled up to what I thought was the first post and saw Peel’s. Thanks Bully.
  3. Where is this range going to be located Peel?
  4. OLight makes good stuff. I have a couple of their lights. They hold up well.
  5. Thanks for this Ty.
  6. What distance are you shooting at? That may change your POA/POI relationship. If you are only shooting at 3 to 7yards, that’s kinda they way it’s supposed to be.
  7. FourSevens AA Quark Prometheus Lights bought FourSevens, but you can still find them online at a few places. Prometheus is still honoring the FourSevens warranty. /thread
  8. I Shane! He did one of my rifleguns too. He did the nicest job out of all of my rifles.
  9. That’s awesome bro! Thanks for sharing. Too often we only hear when companies screw the pooch. It’s nice to hear when a company does right!
  10. Yikes! Glad you are OK. Airbag deployments can be nasty.
  11. I use Ballistic rated Oakley’s which are rated for MIL PRF32432 and ANSI Z87.1 (2010) - specifically MFrames 3.0 with clear lenses for “Social” work and ballistic Det Cords when at the range. I know that Smith, Wiley X, and ESS also make glasses that meet those requirements. Your eye and ear pro choices are no joke. Those are not places to cut corners and get something “just as good”.
  12. Nice! Can I have it? Needs an optic. I’m thinking Aimpoint T2 in FDE in a LaRue 660 mount will do the trick.
  13. For all you Mosin fans:
  14. I’ve seen Solo twice now. Going again this weekend with my son and my dad. I liked it very much and thought it was much better than TLJ. Ultimately, I love all of the movies, even the ones I didn’t particularly like - because in the end, it’s still fucking Star Wars. The movies, books, TV shows, comics, video games, they are all a part of the story. You may not like what happens, or how a particular character is portrayed, or how a writer or director handled a scene, but that doesn’t ruin it. No matter how annoying Jar Jar is, or how bad Anakin’s acting was it doesn’t make the Hoth battle any less awesome. You hate Rey, that’s cool. It doesn’t take away from how badass the battle of Scariff was, or the space battle above Endor, or the first time you saw Yoda use a lightsaber. May the Force be with you!