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  1. Great! I have had to miss the last few but I will make this for sure!
  2. Drez, I am surprised you did not make it for today! lol. Unfortunately I too have to work weekdays. but I am good for most weekends.
  3. Great Time in a Winter Wonderland, see you all next time!
  4. 1) I am all for research but science by nature should be trying to prove the null void not the other way around 2) follow the money (i.e. be skeptical of those that have an economic interest to further an hypothesis 3) You never observe climatic change, it occurs over 1000 of years (as stated above climate is not weather 4) Finally pursuing policy has serious economic impact - Not talking about the profits of "Big Oil" but the kind of policies that lose jobs for the average joe (see the decimation of coal workers). IMHO - WR
  5. Yep, tried to order a mossberg and they said No Go, company policy.
  6. This is my first year on the forum (as well as gun ownership) I feel I am among friends, especially those that have given me advise and counsel at the Shotgun Shootouts. A safe and prosperious New Years to all. Cheers, WR
  7. You described very accurately (well maybe not the swill part) - and it's nectar from the gods! Btw most of the Islay scotches are like this but not all.
  8. Never saw them in Concert, but grew up listening to Freddy and the band. If I had to pick another Band Bon Jovi would be right up there. As much as I am down on social media these days I must say it's great to be able to watch incredible performances on You Tube by many different bands throughout the years, not to mention the "how to" videos, which have helped me in this hobby/recreation we are all so into.
  9. Ok, I admit it - home on Saturday Night and watching You Tube.... Queen must rank near (if not at) the top. Actually this post was meant to encourage other suggestions!
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