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  1. Do a search for "Allentown" on Facebook for footage of the immediate aftermath. That was one hell of an explosion, and I will also be watching this one.
  2. Looking to sell the Tonneau Cover from my truck. I have a crew cab with the 5' 8" bed. Includes all mounting hardware and instructions for $300. Only selling because this one was replaced under warranty due to the clamping bars detaching from the cover. I have since fixed the problem and the cover works perfectly. As a note, the top(visible when closed and latched) of the cover has a scratch and a few small dents, but it's for a truck, so who cares, right?
  3. Not necessarily a youth gun, but it's cheap. You're welcome to shoot before you buy if we can meet at Clinton
  4. Wealthy areas have lots of nosy neighbors. You'd be shocked at how many times I get called out for a neighbor claiming that the home in question is vacant and currently occupied by an unknown person. Ditto for homeowners who arrive to find an unlocked door and call us.... Only to discover that their family member was in the house.
  5. Depends on the factors of the particular incident. I also work in an area with both the richest and poorest people in our state.
  6. Every open or unsecured door is treated as a potential burglary. Other factors in the exact incident determine how loud or quiet we are.
  7. Lots of nonsense in here but just want to throw out some personal evidence to support wml. At a recent mandatory force on force training I was armed with a sim rifle that was identical to my issued gun in every way save for wml placement. I was rapidly approached by an unknown person in a well lit warehouse full of overhead fluorescent lights. Despite that fact, the unknown was mostly backlit and I was unable to determine what, if anything, was in his hands. In fact, I truly believed he was holding a handgun and delivered a few well-placed rounds, at which time he fell to the ground and I saw that he was unarmed. On another note, I have spent probably hours with my gun drawn inside stranger's homes with only a few years of experience as a LEO. This is a common occurrence and I'd hope that you guys who decry the use of a wml are not comfortable ending a young cop's life over your stubborn misconception that you don't need a wml.
  8. On the calendar. I should be able to make this one.
  9. I've shot hanging ar500 at wma ranges dozens of times. As long as they're free swinging or angled downwards you will be fine.
  10. Comes down to each individual agency, but in my agency if we can determine fault we'll issue. There are only a few title 39 statutes that can be written on private property though, so it'll normally be a careless. Based on what the OP described of the incident, I would likely leave it a he said/she said and unable to determine fault.
  11. Why does anyone buy a revolver that shoots shotgun ammo? Every time someone has evaluated that novelty its been shown to be less effective than any other traditional handgun for self defense. The answer? Because it's cool. The whole backbone of the pro 2a argument is that you should not have to show a reason or a purpose for buying any type of self defense tool. Why question the OP? To the OP; I don't like the idea, but if you do, rock on with yo bad self!
  12. Call me what you want, but I have cheap AR mags in the marketplace, go get em! My loss is your gain!
  13. Don't tag me with that lust crap! I only carry/shoot Glocks because I'm not the guy making decisions about duty guns... Yet.
  14. You know I'm joking And we know that cops can't shoot Save for useless quals
  15. Those are fighting words Fitness challenge you and me? Just watch your hip, gramps