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  1. Bump. Willing to sell primers for less than the trade value.
  2. Oh man what a throwback! I'll trade you for CCI large pistol 1:1. Don't need the heads.
  3. What I have for trade: -5k small pistol primers (CCI) -5k large pistol primers (CCI) -5k small rifle primers (CCI) What I'm looking for: -Complete m-lok AR uppers factory assembled by higher end reputable manufacturers (BCM, LaRue, Noveske, etc) -LPVO, Prefer 1-4 with illumination, but let me know what you have I'm looking at a trade value of $150/thousand, but open to reasonable negotiation. Located in Hunterdon County, but willing to travel for the right deal.
  4. Who's got extras they want to get rid of? I'm in Hunterdon County so the closer the better.
  5. I stumbled into this upper years ago with no information about it other than being a 16" 1:8 carbine gas crowned barrel with a Keymod handguard chambered in 223 wylde. I put a decent scope on it and it shot sub-MOA at 100 yards. I need to make space in the safe so unfortunately this one has to go. Comes with barreled receiver, handguard, BCG, and charging handle for $500. Scope and rings not included. Located in Hunterdon County but can meet in Hunterdon, Somerset, Middlesex or Mercer County relatively easily.
  6. See link for pictures! https://imgur.com/a/VgH41CB $120 obo Stevens 58B Detachable magazine Perfect for the new, young shotgun shooter Located in Hunterdon County but willing to meet at most FFLs in Hunterdon, Somerset, Middlesex or Mercer County.
  7. Lots of OG peeps coming out of the woodwork for this one...
  8. Do a search for "Allentown" on Facebook for footage of the immediate aftermath. That was one hell of an explosion, and I will also be watching this one.
  9. Wealthy areas have lots of nosy neighbors. You'd be shocked at how many times I get called out for a neighbor claiming that the home in question is vacant and currently occupied by an unknown person. Ditto for homeowners who arrive to find an unlocked door and call us.... Only to discover that their family member was in the house.
  10. Depends on the factors of the particular incident. I also work in an area with both the richest and poorest people in our state.
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