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  1. Willing to entertain offers, let me know what you think if you are interested.
  2. 2012 GMC Sierra SLE 4X4 Extended Cab -152,115 miles -Tow package -Suicide rear doors -Cap and painted bedliner -New tires -Near mint condition This is my father's truck and was babied since new. He was one of those guys who would set the cruise control at the posted speed limit and just cruise, regardless of how late he was. The truck was used to commute an hour each way every day, in addition to several trips to upstate New York and dozens of trips to South Jersey. All maintenance and fluids were kept up constantly and it needs nothing. Located in Piscataway and asking $14k.
  3. Do a search for "Allentown" on Facebook for footage of the immediate aftermath. That was one hell of an explosion, and I will also be watching this one.
  4. Looking to sell the Tonneau Cover from my truck. I have a crew cab with the 5' 8" bed. Includes all mounting hardware and instructions for $300. Only selling because this one was replaced under warranty due to the clamping bars detaching from the cover. I have since fixed the problem and the cover works perfectly. As a note, the top(visible when closed and latched) of the cover has a scratch and a few small dents, but it's for a truck, so who cares, right?
  5. Not necessarily a youth gun, but it's cheap. You're welcome to shoot before you buy if we can meet at Clinton
  6. Wealthy areas have lots of nosy neighbors. You'd be shocked at how many times I get called out for a neighbor claiming that the home in question is vacant and currently occupied by an unknown person. Ditto for homeowners who arrive to find an unlocked door and call us.... Only to discover that their family member was in the house.
  7. Depends on the factors of the particular incident. I also work in an area with both the richest and poorest people in our state.
  8. Every open or unsecured door is treated as a potential burglary. Other factors in the exact incident determine how loud or quiet we are.
  9. Lots of nonsense in here but just want to throw out some personal evidence to support wml. At a recent mandatory force on force training I was armed with a sim rifle that was identical to my issued gun in every way save for wml placement. I was rapidly approached by an unknown person in a well lit warehouse full of overhead fluorescent lights. Despite that fact, the unknown was mostly backlit and I was unable to determine what, if anything, was in his hands. In fact, I truly believed he was holding a handgun and delivered a few well-placed rounds, at which time he fell to the ground and I saw that he was unarmed. On another note, I have spent probably hours with my gun drawn inside stranger's homes with only a few years of experience as a LEO. This is a common occurrence and I'd hope that you guys who decry the use of a wml are not comfortable ending a young cop's life over your stubborn misconception that you don't need a wml.
  10. OMEGA RAIL® 7.0, CARBINE The Daniel Defense Omega Rail system is the most exciting rail system to hit the market in years! The Omega Rail is a free float rail system that allows the individual operator to easily install it with the provided Allen Wrench and requires ZERO modification to the weapon! The Omega Rail features an integral QD sling swivel mount, with rotation limiter, and an uninterrupted upper rail platform. This light weight rail system is meticulously CNC machined from Aircraft Grade Aluminum and is Military Specification Type III Hard Coat Anodized. All the Omega Rail fasteners are military specification. The Omega Rail 7.0 is designed to work with carbine-length AR15 gas systems and its exceptionally light weight makes it perfect for short rifles where size and weight are crucial performance attributes. I will include the BCM stubby grip for $140 in Somerset, Middlesex, or Mercer County.
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