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  1. I'm in East Brunswick. I just got an email yesterday that my pistol purchase permits were approved. Been waiting since September. I called my PD and they said that since I applied before October when they moved to electronic permits, that I will still be getting paper permits mailed to me.
  2. It did when i completed mine. Thank you for using the Firearms Application and Registration Service to submit the S.T.S. 033 application for Firearms Purchaser Identification Card and/or Handgun Purchase Permit at NJ.gov. Next Steps: Reference Feedback - For timely processing, it is important for your local police department to receive the feedback from the two references listed in the application.
  3. I'm not up to speed on the terminology. What are "Cyl or IC"? Thank you.
  4. When using slugs, does the choke need to be removed?
  5. Geeez. So much variation the the process. Submitted my pistol permit application on January 17th, both my references replied the same day. On the 25th the criminal history check was completed. On the 27th I get an email from my local East Brunswick PD that I need to go in and pay for the permits and show proof of residence. I did that on January 28th. Then nothing. Been waiting ever since. I called early last week and they said it was on the chief's desk.
  6. I called the shop earlier and left a message. They called me back a few minutes later saying it came through.
  7. Submitted on May 11th and still waiting.
  8. Curious as to what the prices were before for various ammo before they all went up. I see decent prices every now and then but then I will see someone else post that they got better elsewhere. I just want a idea of what they used to be about a year or two ago. Post any caliber prices. Would be a good reference for others shopping too. ;-)
  9. Finally got one in. Submitted - 05/04/13 Received - 05/24/13
  10. What about a California legal "featureless" AR? Would a threaded barrel be legal then? Since they are on one line, are the flash hider and threaded barrel one evil feature or are they considered two different ones? I have seen that in California with this featureless build, they can have a 30 round mag. I don't remember all the specs but a few of them are a bullet button, instead of a mag release and a Monster Man Grip to replace the pistol grip. Then I guess they have a non telescoping stock. Seems even though California law is similarly strict as NY and NJ, they have found legal ways to have other features. Here is a link to a shop in California that supply featureless builds. http://www.tenpercentfirearms.com/index.php?main_page=ar15 Just so happens these guys posted a video today about California gun laws.
  11. I've seen quite a few videos and a few posts about not using a polymer lower for anything larger than a .22. Like Checker50 says, there are fitment issues as well.
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