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  1. A brand new, never used clay pigeon thrower. Single shot, foot release, one person can throw and shoot, The unit weighs 20 pounds and comes with a box of 30 clays. Local pick up only, located in Rockaway Borough 50.00 cash and carry. Made in the USA For product info see https://www.lymanproducts.com/the-trius-1-step
  2. Sale pending you got it, I sent you my phone number.
  3. WTS 22LR ammo. SOLD 300 - rounds CCI 40 grain polymer coated also, 400 - rounds CCI 29 grain cooper plated also, 1000 - rounds Winchester M22 40 grain cooper plated. And 100 - Aquila Super extra. Selling all at $145.00. Rockaway Borough, NJ Near exit 37 off route 80. Ammo can Included. FIRST I TAKE gets it Ammo can Included.
  4. WTS 9MM ammo. 150 rounds WOLF ( Russian) 115 grain FMJ Also 100 Rounds Winchester 9MM 115 grain FMJ . $50 takes all. Rockaway Borough, NJ Near exit 37 off route 80. Must show FPID and matching DL Ammo box Included. FIRST I TAKE gets it
  5. I'm moving out of NJ, shipping guns and ammo is just a pain, I don't want to deal with.
  6. What sort of paperwork do I need to sell ammo? I think rifle ammo I don't need anything, however, pistol ammo, 9mm I do. Correct?
  7. Is it legal to mail firearms? I guess I could say they are golf clubs
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