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  1. if you move to this state with rifles and do not obtain a FID I believe you are still ok what was the FFL?
  2. I need to figure out what my truck is worth as I haven't researched it at all. I may go tomorrow and look into this
  3. I have a 2019 ram1500 and thinking about the rebel
  4. I'll be honest, with used car prices, I may trade mine in for a new truck
  5. Ammo prices will come down anytime you have a large swings and prices that remain elevated you will get new entrants. Also we've seen 556 go from a dollar around down to 52 cents today. Not to mention you Have 5 million new gun owners and with social unrest, It's a recipe for higher demand and elevated prices on top of that we have a liberal Communist administration that hates us but prices will come down and when they do stack deep now if any of you have any 762X39 let me know lol
  6. I have a ram 1500 and couldn't be happier. a friend works at dodge and said they are very reliable but sometimes the electronics are a problem (luck of the dice here). Dodge has the larges corporate leasing program so they do get a lot of returns which makes for a great buy.
  7. absolutely although I've never used an Anderson BCG but their lowers and lpk with ss hammer are gtg in my experience
  8. agree I was thinking you get just the upper, put a longer barrel on and swap to a lower and have a different kind of set up
  9. never saw this to heat pools but have seen something like this in the islands for hot water. pvc pipe?
  10. RUTGERS95

    check this out!

    interesting to say the least and he's go these for sale now. Pretty interesting although not sure where it is on New Jermanys' gun restricitons. link to order page https://solo300.com/
  11. meh don't worry too much, algos need a reset and to be honest, the notion of rates impact is vastly overrated given the way companies finance now. Let the noise and chatter get played by the MMs and have some cash ready to invest.
  12. good stuff thanks. I was looking at definance earlier but a lot of options to look at. I do like the idea of caliber or barrel swap. I'll research this more. thanks!
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