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  1. WTS- 1.Centurion Arms CM4 5.56, factory done by Monte with 16" chf medium contour barrel with polished ramps and OD Green barrel (options no longer offered). LMT ambi handle, AST trigger, B5 stock, Colt OD green buffer tube (I sent him this to use), BG6 brake, Magpul overmold grip-----(Burris RT6 and ADM Mount not included less than 500 rounds but in keeping with CA accuracy (for those that don't know, CA are like early Noveske accuracy when John was around) printed .65 with 77gr mkt 262/black hills. With $hitty AE 55gr she still prints MOA for 5 shot groups you simply cannot find a better price as standard CM4 is 1475 new without any upgrades. Priced to move as eye on other thing ...........1k for rifle 2.Home build side charger 5.56, 14.7" BA pencil barrel with BCA upper/BCG, Aero Lower, RTB FF rail, Aero LPK, A2 stock, BCM grip........$400 for rifle prefer to use Steve at Monmouth Arms but open, both rifle fully compliant First post to post 'I'll take it' wins like I normally do, will keep up for 2-3 days then move to my usually spots but will give the NJ crew a look first any questions let me know, no trades, you want it you pay for it https://imgur.com/a/rLU4X1P
  2. I just bought a rossi .357 and couldn't be happier. I paid 550 delivered so deals are out there and if patient you can grab one. QC is the culprit right now but per many boards, it's hit or miss across the board across all manufacturers. link to what/where I bought. He runs specials every few weeks and like I said, 550 delivered for mine 2 mos ago. https://www.brothersfirearmshop.us/products/rifles-rossi-923572093-662205988776-6274 too bad you didn't want any ARs, about to unload some:)
  3. YES!!!!!! I stopped watching Ozark cause the guy behind gun counter asked the guy if he wanted high cap mags. fk that!!!!!! standard capacity and if you want to call 50rd drums or 60rd surefire mags high then ok
  4. I had 2 of these https://fnamerica.com/products/discontinued-products/fn-15-tactical-ii/ not prop
  5. went to FN might be prop nut but I can't remember and don't recall it being prop https://fnamerica.com/products/rifles/fn-15-tac3/
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