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  1. RUTGERS95

    Beretta M1951

    I picked up one of the police trade in 92s and have to say, it's a blast to shoot. I thought about one of these as well
  2. so we're not equal under the law; glad you see that to be honest, it's the best possible thing because the more people feel the pain, the more the ridiculous spending and borrowing by the gov't will be in check. Let people suffer under it, then the gov't will have to act accordingly as the very parasites that live off the teet have to pay for the teet and they bite the hand that used to feed them tax should be fair across the board, regardless of income.
  3. that holds true for many forms of gov't but not in a functioning republic. Her last 20yrs on the bench she was a terribly biased, jaded, tool of the left, and legislated from the bench
  4. stop; she was a threat to our republic and should be afforded that which she earned. I'm glad, next up?
  5. no worries, there were almost 2k people for cantor in the wtc. lots of desks
  6. name does not sound familiar. what desk was he on?
  7. Bob, the reason it's an issue is that we've got corporations leaving due to high taxes and once you start taxing those with the means to move/relocate/adjust tax structure to make up budget shortfalls, those shortfalls will trickle down and we will have to pay them. If even 10% of the top 1% leave it leaves a huge hole
  8. I started with Cantor out of College and went through their trader training program. I was on the mbs desk for a few years and knew all of those guys very very well (as well as many others there that day). Call me racist or bigoted or whatever but I don't trust muslims, don't want them here as their religion is incompatible with western civ and will not associate with any of them. We've seen enough from that part of the world to know this and to argue otherwise is beyond foolish imho
  9. on the phone with Cantor trading mbs and heard the initial chaos while tv's on the floor switched to the towers Middle East should be glass
  10. you can't fix stupid,it's the next thing to be regulated and taxed lol
  11. the problem is we've allowed constructive intent and thought police to reign free
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