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  1. in an AR it may present a problem and that's after several hundred rounds unless you've got tight chamber. In handguns, I've never had an issue but I rarely shoot 700-1k in a single outing with handguns (500 is usual and then I hit rifle range). I've done this ARs and have had issues but only after 700 rd mark. In full disclosure, I'll mix brass and steel on occasion to insure reliability steel downside is really not sealing the chamber on ignition so you get more carbon buildup than with brass. That can impact function and I've had it happen but only once. Again, this is in an AR and not handgun.
  2. if your firearm has issues with steel case, get a new firearm of course you could just buy a cz and not worry about it I like steel case as it's cheap, reliable, and I've not had any issues with it in pistols. As for warranty issues, not sure who would void the warranty but there are AR manufacturers that do (dpms, dd, to name a few)
  3. any good codes for cabelas,optics or in general?
  4. first time like OP, go with revolver imho next would be the cz p-01 next would be the sig 320 not a glock fan, it's lke the iroc of the 80s in NJ. Yes I had one...lol smokin is right however, try as many as you can first
  5. would love to come out and do this with a bunch of guys from here
  6. absolutely and shows the pols don't even understand the purpose of the flash hider vs the brake still no more dumb than the rule against the adj stock. I mean, you pin it short, medium length or long but can't move back and forth???? that is the dumbest thing I've heard of in a long time
  7. unless they've recently changed the law that I'm unaware, 16" and greater only requires a pin 14.5" must be pinned and welded with whatever brake to reach the minimum of 16"
  8. did this change recently? 16 and longer was ok with just a pin
  9. ? of course you can remove the handguard. Remember, your handguard has to have clearance on the gas block and the gas block is taller than the brake
  10. awesome idea!!!!!!!!!!!! need more of this
  11. well if you really want harder hitting, I'd do a short barrel 308 to be honest. Wilson combat had their 14.5 barrels on sale. I had a set up like this and stupidly sold it. My oldest son could handle it so weight was not an issue. I prefer staying to 'common' cartridges of course you could go x39 as well
  12. boys and I built their first ARs this weekend. Have to bring to Steve for muzzle brakes and stock pinning I do need 2 forward assists but will order those tonight (forgot them when getting everything for the builds)
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