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  1. You need to ask? Look at pay options
  2. added the 308 carbine buffer and spring buffer alone sells for $50 https://www.kakindustry.com/lr308-carbine-buffer-heavy
  3. 1. Aero lower cerakote odg with Geiselle LPK, replaced trigger with standard mil spec , a2 stock set up, bcm gunfighter grip......175$ https://imgur.com/a/zx0bxsA 2. traded away 3.sold 4. kak 308 heavy carbine buffer (5.3oz) with 308 carbine spring...$30 first post to say I'll take it wins Not holding to meet up, you want you pay we go from there. thanks
  4. I have to agree, I think the price is what turns people off (it's a proven correlation between price and perceived value). Apparently, the ponies have performed very well in Ukraine as they are seeing action
  5. I don't own but for 399 it's a buy for people looking to get into ARs on the cheap. Better than all but one of psa lines imho. I only own colt, lmt, Centurion Arms, now so I'd not buy this but for a beginner etc, absolute buy
  6. looks to have the upgraded lpk as well https://www.kygunco.com/product/anderson-b2-k869-a023-am-15-5.56-16-free-float-handguard-magpul
  7. well no offense but it's due to your lack of education on the matter. French 1st Army retreated fewer mile against more Germans than the Brit expeditionary forces who also had more men on the northern theater. Dunkirk was only doable as a result of the 1st army literally, LITERALLY shooting to last round. The german command diaries (forget the name) of the time have nothing but contempt and loathing at the brits but accolades for the tenacious defense by the French in early part of war. In fact, after the war it was said of the Western theater by those that fought there from start to finish the French were hardest fighters but had shit leadership. Of course I call bs as no one is better than us:) seriously however, lots of stuff on this out there. Don't forget, no one, not the French, Brits, Canadians, etc expected Germany to go around like they did. The bulk of French forces were much further south and part of the reason why Vichy existed (Germany wasn't going South with all it's armies after Dunkirk vs setting up friendly gov't. I could go on but the skinny
  8. But they were, more so than Brits. 1st army is responsible for Brits life and success
  9. Taking this off the table as I was able to get some at 26 a brick shipped
  10. updated, upper and ff rail only
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