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  1. RUTGERS95

    Cz 1012

    I'm seeing street prices in the 460 area
  2. RUTGERS95

    Cz 1012

    how did it shoot?
  3. Troy...cmon guys. Great looking set up however
  4. no you need streaming for news, sports and live shows but the firestick will give you everything that's been played for instance, Game of Thrones was on immediately after the episode aired. You just download the apps from various guys stores (I found a great one) and I watch everything. All you need is internet
  5. we cut the cord for 2yrs now and have used hulu plus the firestick. We are getting rid of Hulu due to price increases. I just need something for the sports firestick gives you everything the disney plus gives fyi
  6. I like it, looks great. I have an XD in the sniper grey and love the color OD is my favorite and the 92 will look great in that color. I have a p-01 in that color and it just pops if you will
  7. I'll add that a great scope for the money is the vortex diamondback 6-24x50 ffp. You get a lot of scope here for a good dollar figure
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