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  1. 22lr would be fine I mean, for almost 100yrs it caused the most deaths out of a handgun. Not advocating for it but look at the pros; zero recoil, light, cheap to train, lots of options and low signature
  2. RUTGERS95


    again, I don't own anything from them, not a fan I stick to colt, lmt, kac, and ca oh I did put a cheap x39 side charger together with Aero and BCA and freaking love it (reliable and shockingly accurate) so not a name snob but prefer quality and proven performance
  3. RUTGERS95


    few make their own barrels but will cut/tool them, as bcm does 2 companies make 99% of AR mkt bcg so hard to fault anyone on that. Shit half this other boards actually think Toolcraft makes bolts! receivers etc, they have contracted to machine shop with their own specs and their qc is industry regarded as one of the best Only 2 companies do chf in house for 99% of the mkt. Look, I'm not a BCM fan as whatever they do on the milling and lathing machines isn't working or wasn't working for me and many others in the regards of accuracy but trying to hammer a company cause they don't make all their shit in house is monumentally retarded given the state of the industry. took this from the hide as they have reps there and m4. simple search would answer most questions..... 'BCM has significant investments in manufacturing machinery and equipment. (Spent later part of last week setup up a new grinding operation) BCM has significant investments in all our own tooling. (fixturing, QC, uppers, lowers, charging handles, handguards, lower parts, stocks, grips, etc, etc, etc, … I know I am missing a bunch) BCM has its own engineering department and holds a number of patents with dozens more applications at the US Pat office. (IMHO our engineering dept is the best in the industry) BCM has its own prints, specs, data package on all parts with tolerancing to the mil-spec or often better. BCM has one of the best QC dept, procedures, and track records in the AR15 industry. We have made significant investments in equipment for this as well. Some of the QC procedures and tooling BCM has created is now being implemented by multiple USGI contractors for .mil sales. (BCM built the tooling and/or supplied the procedures and prints) BCM makes OEM parts for some of the biggest names in the industry. BCM family (of companies) is operating in multiple locations right now, maybe more in 16?
  4. I'd buy a saiga 308 but for x39, AR platform imho
  5. RUTGERS95


    you guys are wrong on this as bcm does make plenty in house and their rifles are considered very reliable. Not a fan but an ace is an ace and spade is a spade. If I'm not buying Colt, LMT, KAC then it's Centurion Arms (have or had a few and they are outstanding) DD, Troy, are out. PRI actually has great stuff but not a marketer I will say the two BCM I had were not nearly as accurate as I'd of liked but quality parts (overpriced imho)
  6. I have the cm4 with all the upgrades and they cerakoted the barrel od. I'd have to get pics as I was just thinking about this last night as it sits in the safe. Only 30rounds of 77gr imi razor core down the barrel. LMT ambi handle and swapped to a OD green Colt buffer tube also had them polish the ramps. https://centurionarms.com/firearms/midweight-cm4-complete-rifle/
  7. If you want to up your game I have a centurion arms I've been noodling getting rid of
  8. I will do whatever course I need for this but let's keep watching, the SCOTUS has a case that will kill abc agencies so let's go WVA!!!!!
  9. great and please let us know. I'd like to sign up right away and my permit application in. thank you
  10. better to find a lower with a a5 buffer tube and the brace if possible
  11. if stu backs out I'll take them as I was just looking to add more thanks
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