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  1. I'll start a parts list later when I get some time. Between baseball/football camps and work, little taxed but I'll start something up for sure. maybe we can do a group build...lol
  2. No appears....no law against...period Emailing njsp, whi by the way is not the best source for accurate firearms interpretations from what we've seen, is beyond absurd imho. no law against it anywhere so why open that can?
  3. Wrong question; why do you need their or anyone's approval given you make perfect sense? I'll go the mm route if cheaper on a demo day:)
  4. 2 separate subjects. he's not wrong in a literal sense and what u guys know is irrelevant to the core subject. wrong approach here...respectfully That said, I'm TOTALLY down for a demo day!!! want this!!!!
  5. I never really look at mm because i think they r overpriced but in this instance, I'll look. i do not look at them for other products or services however
  6. Sorry to hear what happened but I'll ask around
  7. Already looking!! ideas? my go to is ksd but they've been really poor at communicating of late so I'm not even sure if they are still really in business
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