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  1. great and please let us know. I'd like to sign up right away and my permit application in. thank you
  2. better to find a lower with a a5 buffer tube and the brace if possible
  3. if stu backs out I'll take them as I was just looking to add more thanks
  4. agree 100% not to mention people sell used like it's new lol this one however, really is a good deal. The first gen are by far the best ones I may have to do this!
  5. I think that is one of the main reasons they don't do this anymore just because it's too much liability
  6. I almost took the head off one guy doing matches in the pits. Not all those ring leaders were safe, competent nor respectful.
  7. Nah I'm good with it. I pay to shoot and like using my range besides, some of those non members treated the club like shit. If members should not have to take a back seat to nonmembers who want to come and ring steel
  8. I had the gen 1 and imho, the best of the lot as these used TC barrels and springs were thicker than subsequent models. super reliable, regret getting rid of mine. glws
  9. I have a pair that I just took off of a x39 if still looking
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