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  1. stop.... your post opens the thread up to scrutiny that the seller will not want. Just 'like' and move on if inclined to do so
  2. it's a ruse really given it's simply a credit for next year I'm surprised they didn't add a few thousand of student loan forgiveness on top of this
  3. the cops should lose their jobs the chief should be suspended the town should pay out the nose
  4. and this is how they are supposed to be used. sadly, many think you can go to range and zero at 100 yds using these. 25yds max in your house and then range. OP, they are fine if used as stated
  5. I love it, great choice and looks great. Very functional...... only thing I'd recommend is to swap out the mim garbage parts for USGI
  6. Nah you're retarded but you're not alone. The concept of ebb and flow or situational dynamics is lost on many. First time im wrong on the horizon will be just that. The only thing driving prices and scarcity is the current virus. It doesn't take a genius or nostradamus to see that everything and anything except for tortillas are in short supply
  7. I'm telling you, we are fragmented and that hurts us. If all gun owners voted enmasse we'd be unstoppable
  8. I'll be watching this one and feel it's why SCOTUS will rule for strict scrutiny in NY case. They see a lot of these nonsense laws
  9. ammo, as I'm seeing it, is up maybe 3 ish % delivered. It's still cheap but with the rush to buy, it will probably go up near term then fade back down
  10. I look at it 2 ways; 1-people are really overreacting to this and the media is culpable 2-it's far more dangerous than the official reports I believe it's in the middle that said, every house with children ought to have enough water, food, supplies on hand to weather at minimum 1 month without leaving the house to include no electricity etc.. Some have more:)
  11. where were you two weeks ago!!!! lol will shoot you a pm, I may be interested but for November and Dec obviously.
  12. true on the 870. yes sir it's almost criminal to be honest. I pulled two apart (10/22) from 35yr difference and was blown away. is what it is despite the cheapness, no reason weapons should not work with various ammo given it's all been pretty much standardized. So the mags are an issue but 10/22 mags are renowned for their reliability so then the bullet head given the lead is soft and deformed heads are common. I honestly have never experienced even a 10th of the issues you will see people cite when talking 22lr. Maybe I'm lucky or maybe my regime of cleaning, inspecting, etc works...or both! lol I doooooooooooo love me some 22lr
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