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  1. I'm surprised anyone still would consider an eotech to be honest the mro is probably the best optic within $200 at that price range
  2. SC is not dumb, they know why NY is trying hard to kill this case
  3. njsp do not make law. they hold as much opinion as you or I
  4. just wanted to post that you did a great job on these!
  5. Colt barrel added cross posted....................SOLD Cabelas scope added
  6. I agree with Griz sniper, I think you're view will lead to innocent people having issues with the law. I do not like slippery slopes
  7. updated with both rifles sold. .45 ammo still up and the misc items.
  8. only price drop on rifle and ammo cross posted now
  9. I would too, can't argue that at all it amazes me that they can't build a great bullpup in today's day and age....nuts
  10. I don't know, we're finding out the Tavor isn't all it's cracked up to be. I have an LMT MWS and it's outstanding. I cannot say enough good things about it. I like the bullpup for the OAL and I'd like one I can abuse but they are too much for that
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