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  1. prefer the ccu but will get one of these eventually. They will come down once this subsides in a year or two..lol
  2. Rob lives in a vacuum. While I agree, if you are in gunfights then you are most likely already dead, the fact that so many live in urban areas and the 'flight' will be bring encounters where more is better. That said, hunker down during the day, move at night is the smart option
  3. I think some of the gun dealers/lgs are the real culprits. Anyone see the Colt thread where RTSP tried to give the guy 1100 for 3 colts?
  4. posted some 9mm, not too much 70/rd which is cheaper than anything not named Tula I believe
  5. WTS- 550 9mm 115gr FMJ brass cased 8 boxes of Blazer of 115gr brass cased 1 box of 50rds Winchester 115gr brass cased 2 boxes of 50rds of Monarch 115gr brass cased $400 10 boxes (500rds) SB .357, 158gr FMJ brass cased $400 Live in Middletown but can meet reasonable distance First post to take it gets it matching fid/dl required
  6. I hear you and myself as well but I can sell a little.
  7. I'm thinking of posting some 9mm and 357. I see quite a few new people joining and they may need ammo but it's not cheap
  8. in stock, 499 before tax and shipping and unlimited purchase quantity. I won't use Tula but for those that do https://globalordnance.com/tula-9mm-luger-115gr-fmj-non-corrosive-1000-round-case-upc-814950011531-cs/
  9. up to 2yr backlog and over 1billion in sales pending so it's not gouging, it's supply issue. Raw components are not up while demand far outstrips availability. .20/rd for 22lr is going to be here a while. While I have a ton of 36gr high velocity ammo, I'm glad I bought all those Thunderbolts at .02 delivered while everyone dogpiled them on the deals posting. lol I sold 3k of it so far to people begging for 22 at 200/1k I've zero sympathy for people that didn't stock up
  10. if shipping wasn't such a pia with ammo, I'd help you out on the 38 and 357.
  11. 22lr is definitely one of the worst based on pricing
  12. monte ss was the original guido car..lol I had the gt convertible and remember thinking that those 225 ponies screamed..ha of course had the rocker arms, bolt on chip, lower temp gauge, pullies and she was pumping 300 or so. loved that car, went through half the cheerleaders in hs in it..lol yeah, I was that guy
  13. well if we're in the 80s, gotta go with the fox body mustang, the 350 iroc and of course the natty
  14. here is a good write up https://www.militarytimes.com/off-duty/gearscout/irons/2020/02/07/colt-is-back-sort-of-this-time-with-an-updated-version-of-the-us-military-m4-rifle/ still says colt defense but yes, they dropped stamped 'colt' and the M4 and kept the rollmark however, the way they do the rollmarks have changed and that occurred 2018. I think they are trying to save money and streamline production given the loss of military contracts. Dumbest move was marketing and aggressively selling the CCU. That was a nice rifle and regret not getting one.
  15. wow....unbelievable. I recommend going to Howell Gun Works, they will do it consignment and he sells a lot like that. In fact, on his fb they are gone before you refresh many times. https://www.howellgunworks.com/ full disclosure, have never used his services, not affiliated but I see what I see
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