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  1. world would be a MUCH better place if people would just mind their own damned business respectfully
  2. the reality is the 22lr is the most accepted and practical round for shooting in both good and bad times. The whole family can shoot it, learn on it, one can train with m4s on it etc etc etc at .20/rd, it's still a bargain compared to not shooting. Price shock, once that subsides and people realize this is for the next 2yrs, people will pay .30/rd
  3. I'll sell 50k rounds!
  4. big fan of MRO until the dems got in. I owned sub 5 and sold at a nice profit. great company but shale and strip is it's primary driver. It will benefit from rising oil prices but I see capped upside. xom on the other hand could see 75 in summer, definitely 60-65 imo
  5. oil going higher, much so xom should be longer term hold. add on dips another one to look at is yten, more risky upside but great concept and applicability. I may take a position
  6. gotcha ok I'm still annoyed! lol regarding 22lr, I called this a month or so ago and said, if you guys recall the last 22lr shortage, they slowed production to a crawl to focus on other calibers with raw materials and labor resources. Would not surprise me to see a stoppage or near stoppage
  7. if you are going to play risky things, ETH and BTC are your best bet play stocks that will give you the most appreciation with the least amount of relative risk. Plenty of large caps still to get 10-20% returns. don't be stupid guys. If you want to throw money away, buy some 5.56 at 1.50/rd and ship to me. I'll pm you all my address
  8. agree, people here are used to having large stores of ammo but that is not the case for most of America. Group think is strong in every group, we are not unique in this. Nothing worse than having a 700-2500k rifle and no ammo or a collection of firearms and no ammo. Now THAT is insane! you want ammo, pay you didn't stock up, pay
  9. I want the Angel Family law......
  10. deal in confidence boys, had the pleasure of meeting chocodove recently
  11. that is actually a deal in today's mkt. Everywhere else it's .15/rd higher check that, wolf is, Tula could still be free and I wouldn't use it
  12. https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/18/investing/oil-price-spike-jpmorgan/index.html
  13. It will and remember, today was not really a loss, it was an accounting impairment and was known in Dec. The dividend is secure and free cashflow is 4billion. I'm stunned it's not near the WTI price right now but it will pop
  14. let's not forget oil is a hedge to inflation and the stim makes oil more attractive both because of spending and second because of printing remember this always; everything you own came on a truck and trucks run on oil!
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