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  1. isn't 922 only if you are a manufacturer intended for sale?
  2. fan of the burris 1-4x which are popular in 3gun. I don't get the weight comments by some as if 1lb really makes that much of a difference. To some it does but to me it does not. I like the variable power as it makes a carbine more versatile imho. I never have a problem with quick target acquisition, hence the 3 gun popularity of them. Really depends on what you like, weight parameters and how balanced your rig feels
  3. What is total cost to build u think? Always wanted one of these
  4. I use plumbers grease and Green Grease (great stuff by the way) any waterproof grease should suffice
  5. too funny I have to admit, of the numerous porsche owners I have known in life, most suffered from either not being cool enough when younger, insecurity, need to show off or it appears now the small penis problem...lol
  6. no reason to spend more than $24/500 on 22lr. I think even that is high as prior to ammo scare, it was $18/500. just relax, stop panic buying/hoarding and prices will come down. We've seen .22 rifles really drop in price as the alure of practicing with m4 style .22 has seemed to drop off so it only reasons that .22lr will follow soon enough. remember guys, I haven't been wrong yet on the ammo:) jinked it I know...lol
  7. fastest growing gun org is the national association of african American gun owners or something like that and it's being led by black women. We need these people front and center!
  8. Disagree, I just 500 blocks at 24.99. I don't think I've ever paid more
  9. Is this good, I mean will it last? Has a generator to charge? Never saw one of these. Please explain
  10. I checked my seals, all gtg. Stacked away now after greasing the seals
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