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  1. yeah, clearly that guy is trying to drum up business or something
  2. investing works, always, due to inflation. time in the mkt is better than timing the mkt pretty simple, keep it simple and on point. Invest in what you see and use
  3. moving to other board later today as I want this gone by tomorrow due to travel. all you cats complaining about no ammo are only seeing x39 go up in price. my last batch of this a few weeks ago, the mkt was lower and I was still under mkt here. x39 not coming down foreseeable future and no palmetto plant online for 2 more years. heads up
  4. updated, added stock, removed sold item links cross posted
  5. there is still ammo at the other link I had on here. shoots great and cheaper plus it's brass and no bs with NJ. I refuse to buy from companies that won't sell legal products to NJ, regardless of who they are
  6. hi, apologies and updated AR15 platform, new, with port door and FA.
  7. how sick did it make you? were vomiting, bed ridden? let's not get dramatic now thats' out of the way, poor parenting obviously but not much different nor more dangerous then sitting in the car with your kid driving and watching them text. plenty of examples of stupid games winning stupid prizes
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