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  1. I highly recommend the trainings Goruck offers. I did the active shooter intervention last week. It was a great training I will definitely be doing more. They do a counter ambush response and counter terror rifle trainings that look great.
  2. My sister in law runs an animal rescue called 3 Hearts 4 Paws located in Monmouth County. I'm not sure if they have any puppies at the moment but here is a link to their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/3hearts4paws
  3. I just handed everything for mine last week in Wall Township. I wonder how long they're gonna take. I've read a few people's stories stating they take up to 7-8 months
  4. I am also from Wall Township and I just handed in all my paper work and got fingerprinted last week on the 19th. Hopefully I don't experience as much trouble as you did, any advice on when I should check in or anything? Would really appreciate some feedback from someone that just went through this as I don't know anyone who has a FID card. Thanks!
  5. I know exactly where that is. I pass it all the time but have never stopped in. I'll have to check it out
  6. I just handed in my FID application after putting it off for years. Excited to finally get it done now it's just time to wait. My main reason for getting a firearm is to shoot at the range. I have only been to Shore Shot and enjoyed it a lot. My dad is also applying for his FID. Can anyone suggest any other ranges, maybe a rifle range or any shops to start looking at rifles and handguns? Thanks!
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