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Found 28 results

  1. I just got my FID for long guns, although I don't know anything about guns or ammo. What is a good gun to get my hands on that will help me learn more but won't break the bank, at the same time being ideal at home defense?
  2. Hello, I have two questions regarding FID application. So I have seen three psychiatrists for ADD, and while I know this is not a disqualifying factor, I do not know the exact dates or years that I attended, and mind you that I am currently 20 and attended from ages around 7 to 17 or 18. This is a problem because the application asks this, and then asks for the names and dates of such occurences. Is it okay if I state that I do not know the dates of such occurences, or if I give the date estimations of which (I do know the names)? My second question is regarding references. I do not know any police officers well enough to be able to ask them to use them for my FID, so will two friends that I grew up with do just fine? Thank you.
  3. Hearings for the 1966 FID Law March 2 1966 Here is the link to the pdf of the actual hearings for A165 Public Hearing for the proposed Sills Act for the Firearms ID law on march 2 1966. Find out who opposed the law, who supported it, who attended the hearings, the politics of the time surrounding the proposal. Find out who Arthur Sills is and how he changed the way firearms were bought in New Jersey. This has been uploaded to Google Drive, made public and the link is below. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B-_3nzDGTebjblYxTTF2R3VHcnM/edit?usp=sharing In addition, for those wishing to do more research on the history on New Jersey's Gun Laws. The two links below should be helpful. http://cemeterysgunblob.com/2012/01/14/when-did-new-jersey-become-so-anti-gun/ http://cemeterysgunblob.com/2012/01/15/when-did-new-jersey-become-so-anti-gun-part-deux/
  4. Hi everyone, Apologies if my question has already been discussed numerous times here, but I wasn't able to find a clear answer anywhere online. I read about people applying for FID in NJ listing their friends / former colleagues as references who lived in other locations and that (as far as I understood) has never been an issue. Yesterday I went to my local PD (Bloomfield, NJ) and got instructions that my references MUST live in NJ and must not be related to me. While I perfectly understand the rationale behind the latter one, I didn't really get it why a person living in Manhattan (<15 miles from here) who worked with me for last ~2-3 years is not an acceptable reference while a person from Cape May or Camden county (~100 miles from here) is perfectly fine (if we judge only by distance). I asked this question and their explanation was quite strange for me: "Because they WILL be contacted". Okay. Got it. What I don't get is what makes it impossible to contact a person in Manhattan, Boston or even NoCal where I studied if they send letters and give calls anyway, but not visit those people in person? So, is it a statewide requirement for references to be NJ residents? Both ways, is there something I can do with it? I know this might sound like a stupid issue and it probably is for those who grew up, studied and lived for the whole life in NJ. But for a person who moved to NJ rather recently, who works in NYC and studied somewhere really far this is kind of cumbersome. I obviously can ask several of my neighbors who know me somewhat well if they don't mind to be my references, but that's definitely not what I wanted to do in the first place. Appreciate your feedback, Thanks, Mikka
  5. Hello Recently moved back to NJ.. Clifton to be Exact. I received a FID card a long time ago from Oakland but have misplaced in my moves. Is every towns protocol for FID cards different? Clifton has me calling a detective to schedule an appointment to hand in my application for FID. Seems odd that I can’t just drop it off at the station. Problem is the detective has yet to answer my calls or return the messages I leave him. Needless to say but it’s frustrating not being able to get my application submitted because I’ve heard it can take months for them to complete Has anybody here had a similar experience? Any tips to getting in getting the ball rolling? Thanks! Hope this is in the right place.
  6. Hello all, new here and would love some advice. I just applied for my FID and permit to purchase a pistol in Montair and I answered yes to question 26 due to seeing a psychiatrist about 10 years ago. The detective I spoke to was nice enough to not turn me away but told me I need a note from a psychiatrist, the issue is that my old psychiatrist is no longer practicing. Does anyone have any suggestions of who I can see or what to do? Thanks all!
  7. Guess the state has a new system for pistol permits and FID cards?!?
  8. After reading so many references to the new FARS application and registration system, I stopped by my local PD to check it out. I believe it’s worth mentioning that not all PD’s are currently using the new system. So, before paying any fee’s or signing on to FARS you should check which system your PD is using. Sorry if this info is redundant to another post, again thought it was worth noting as all fees are non-refundable Firearms Application & Registration System (FARS) The State of New Jersey is now accepting firearms applications for Firearms Purchaser Identification Cards and Pistol Purchase Permits electronically. The following Web site will allow an applicant to apply for Initial and Duplicate Firearms Purchaser Identification Cards and Permits to Purchase a Handgun: https://njportal.com/NJSP/FARS If you reside in a New Jersey State Police covered area and are certain which NJSP Station you are applying through, utilize the following ORI #’s to apply. If you are not certain, contact the NJSP station to obtain the proper ORI before applying. All fees are non-refundable.
  9. So I'm currently a NJ resident and have a FID. However, there's a decent possibility that I may move out of state (prob NYS, but I'd want to keep my firearms in NJ) in the near future. I'd like to know if I can somehow get a nonresident FID now before Murphy implements many more hurdles to getting FIDs in general (like mandatory training, etc.) Is there any way to do this? Or can I "convert" my resident FID to nonresident at some point in the future (and perhaps be grandfathered in should the law change)?
  10. Hey guys, My name is Frankie. I am new to firearms all around and I am excited to start my journey into the world of firearms. I am from Monmouth county and I am currently waiting on my FID and Permit so i can purchase my first handgun, the Glock 19. Here is my experience so far with the application process with the Middletown PD: 5/13- Filled out FID and Permit application 5/21- Got fingerprints done 5/23- References received and sent back letter to my PD 5/24- Went into PD and followed up with copy of my finger prints receipt becauseI wasn't sure if I had to bring that back. The women at the desk told me I did not have to however she took my papers and made a copy for their records. 6/7- Called the records department in Middletown PD and kindly asked for an update on my application. The women was very nice and more than happy to check my status. She told me that they had recieved all my paper work a couple days ago and that they are processing them at the moment. I am hopeful that they will be done soon. A couple of my buddies have told me that my PD is fairly quick so my fingers are crossed!!
  11. So I have this...um...friend...who is moving to a new town in 2 weeks and apparently he has misplaced his FID card. He thought is was in his safe, but alas, it is nowhere to be found. The question is, should he go to his current town PD and request a duplicate before moving, or just wait until he gets settled in the new town and then just request a new FID with his new address and go thru the entire process all over again? Can he go to the PD in his new town and say his FID got lost in the move. He has the FID number from his PPs, just cant find the damn card anywhere. Anyway, any info you can send my way...my...um friend will greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
  12. This question is more about which police department to go to for an FID address change. The place I am moving to is physically located within Galloway Township in Atlantic County. Services like Police and Fire Department are Galloway Township. HOWEVER, the US Postal Service considers it to be Egg Harbor City and the mailing address is an Egg Harbor City address. So my question is, which Police Dept do I go to get my FID address changed....Galloway Township -or- Egg Harbor City???
  13. looking to find out some information about the firearms purchaser id card application process (waiting time, any extra forms to fill out, etc)? anyone have any good experiences? i will be handing in my application and just want to know what i should be expecting. thanks!
  14. On April 24th, all parts of my FID applications was submitted to my PD ( Aberdeen), and my references sent their letters back to Aberdeen with no problems. I received a call on May 2nd saying that I needed to sign a release so that my employer can release my info, still unsure why. After I signed the release, I was told by the receptionist that I 'should' be receiving my initial FID and 2 p2p`s withon a two week period. Today marks the start of the fourth week of me signing the release form. I don`t plan on taking any action today, but would it be a good idea to call tomorrow? I know this state doesn`t like to give out FID`s in a timely fashion but, it does bother me.
  15. Ok, so I got my FID and Pistol permit a few weeks ago. Subsequently went out the very same day and purchased my very first handgun, which I sadly and blasphemously, have yet to fire at the range. Lonely unfired gun aside, I took a look at my FID a little closer as I was going to laminate it and noticed that the boneheads mispelled my first name... Weeks of calling and having them look up my name (spelling it for them each time, obviously correctly) and they don't get it right. So...do I really need to go get that fixed? Is it going to be the same disaster all over again with waiting weeks for it to come in and all the while being without a valid license even though I technically have one? Anyone have this issue? Anyone know if it simply means them reprinting it and handing it back? I don't want to go to the range and be denied or have some other kind of issue. Thanks for the help. KCCO
  16. According to Senate President Stephen Sweeney, the right to purchase a firearm under the new card could be electronically switched off by local police “if they have a suspicion or concern.” Under current law, Second Amendment rights can only be suspended after conviction of a serious crime – not based on mere “suspicion or concern.” The new approach turns the presumption of innocence on its head and violates due process. READ MORE: http://www.ammoland.com/2013/05/changes-to-nj-anti-gun-bills-include-7-day-waiting-period-electronic-onoff-switch-for-rights/#axzz2T3b1cWL2
  17. Howard got the jump on me but I have to tell you my story. The Franklin Borough Police Department (Sussex County) is awesome; A true exception to the horror stories that I keep reading. Only ten days to get this signed, sealed, and delivered. It was a pleasure from picking up the forms and on. Wendy who handled the intake paperwork is very pleasant… on the ball. The officer (Sergeant?) who handles the internal stuff obviously works hard and was polite and nice to talk with. The Chief runs a tight ship for sure. So yes, in spite of potential obstacles outside of your police department, 10-days can be done. I was shocked when I got the call since I was prepared for another horror story. Mastodon Ammo & Camo; great shop, great people. Joe is a character but great to work with. I will bring my business there... thinking now maybe a .22 pistol or perhaps a long gun of some sort, ammo you bet. FYI, if faced with waiting for your fingerprint appointment at a MorphoTrak site, look at scheduling in Irvington. I was able to call and get a slot that was a cancellation. I don’t recommend parking at the municipal lot…. Hint, adjacent parking for pharmacy… make sure you buy something
  18. Getting prints done on the 8th. Does anyone know if Howell waits to send out the reference letters until fingerprinting is done? Itching to get this all taken care of so I can go looking for my first shotgun.
  19. Hi everyone, I have a quick question in regards to an address change and how it relates to the application of an initial FID. I lived with my folks for a while (in Cherry Hill) and I just moved in with my brother (who also lives in Cherry Hill). I updated the address on my driver's license and the DMV is sending me the sticker that I need to affix to the back of the driver's license. I will be applying for my FID and 1 PP in May. My question is, will I have a problem applying for my FID if my driver's license has my updated address in sticker form? I did a search and I wasn't able to dig up any information regarding this matter. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  20. Has anybody sued the PD due to a delay in FID processing and won? At what point did you get an attorney? IE: Day 31? Day 365? How much did it cost? How long did it take? I don't believe anyone wins in this case, except the lawyers and Judge.
  21. Maybe I'm over thinking this but I'm looking at this form (found here @ http://www.njsp.org/...arms/sp-066.pdf) and a have a question. On the Mental Health Consent, do I have to just complete part 1? Or do I need to have the County Adjuster's office/doctor fill out part 2 before handing it in?
  22. hey guys, quick question, i applied for my FID a little while ago and have a little bit of a concern on how i may have answered one of the questions and more so how they would go about finding out the info. i had a slight problem with prescription pain medicine and sought the help of a doctor and am currently prescribed a medicine to control cravings called suboxone (it is a class III drug) i pay for all the visits out of pocket and prescriptions out of pocket. i am very new to the processes and the way questions are worded with NJ gun laws and when i was asked #25, i answered as though i felt no as was seeking help and not dependent, also when answering #26 about mental health technically i could have answered yes but i answered no thinking they are talking about people in one flew over the cuckoos nest... well bottom line is i called a lawyer to ask his opinion and the lawyer deff had an agenda and really freaked me out saying i will deff not get it and probably be charged for not telling the truth on my application but to save his number and make sure to call him right away with any problems.... how do they find out what medicine your taking or what doctors you see? especially if its a non insurance transaction? thanks guys any info or anyone with similar situations would be a huge help i am really upset about this :/ note: i had no intentions of falsifying any info and when asking this right now i want to let you know that i do not have the intent of being sneeky i really mis understood the questions i think, im just now (2 weeks later) thinking it mat be a problem it would just really suck that if getting help could be used against you
  23. So, we all know how tragic this past weekend has been for Newton, CT. I send my prayers out to all of the families affected by the massacre. For us here in NJ however, do you think our local PD's will be using this as an opportunity to delay the FID and PP process even further??? Most townships here treat us as criminals and will wipe their butts clean with our FID/PP apps before they approve anything. I wouldn't be surprised if they did. Here in Linden, one forum user is well past the 200-day mark. I just past the 30-day mark this past Saturday, and I'm afraid to even call and ask on my app's status. My references have yet to receive their letters. I can just imagine the disgruntled attitude I'll be given for wanting a gun during this time. Only if I had disbanded my BS liberal socialist views when I turned 18, then I'd be swimming in firearms already... Times are tough.
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