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  1. I feel sorry Capt will not be able to take full advantage of his possible future FFL03. I vote he move to PA
  2. Oh... Yea fuck you LOL
  3. Actually some of your firearms caused Europe to almost speak German. ok i gotta get to work... fuck off LOL
  4. Yes thats the solution.... You know NJ can kick in your door as well
  5. If you learned anything over the last 2 years... the feds do not follow the rules
  6. again it does not mater. Nics is not how you would do a registry so its really pointless.. ok im opening now... well fight later LOL
  7. BTW this entire mess wasthat NJ can make a registry based off the nics... My point was the Feds can do exactly the same thing.... THey both have access to our books. You actually think they delete the data?
  8. I dont think anyone really knows.. What info was attached to the NTN... his agents list might not be what the database has.. i would assume its name, ntn date and status You dont know that... Fuck.... i dont know that... You know who knows.... the FBI.
  9. As my point was the nics data is hardly the way to make the registry.. there are easier ways
  10. Why stop at NJ... NJ has pretty much the same data as the feds minus the type of gun.. unless you live in certain southen states where more then 1 guy requires the dealer to send the ATF all the purchasing info including serials, brand, caliber etc etc.. ok im done with this debate.
  11. Dont go slower.. just be accurate. The nics number goes on the 4473 not in the AD book. Why bother with a list of NTN's.. just copy all the info from the 4473 and or scan the AD book. that gives you all you need...
  12. If the feds or a state wanted to get a registry they would only have to visit every dealer in each state and just scan every single page of every single 4473 the dealer has ever filled out.. Seems like a simple task.
  13. Explain to me how the ATF brought a list of numbers to Pauls Inspection.... why would they... if they cant match to a name... the Nics number only shows a date nics was ran. you can pickup within 30 days... so you think pauls agent brought those with the idea of checking 30 days of records for each number not knowing the name of the person. BTW even without the name it really does not matter... You know that the Federal government can hire about 10 million illegals to search and document every single transaction we have ever done and then create a registry For what purpose.