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  1. Its a Constitutional right to get an FFL? My bad i thought that was bearing arms
  2. What is a lawyer going to do? Courts are Closed. NJSP is not doing inspections ATF is also limiting exposure.
  3. This is an interesting time to get an FFL. Couple of Bumps i see at this point based on what the market is doing. 1. Time frame you get the FFL / NJSP Retail Lic 2. Current State of Panic 3. Availability of inventory 4. Length of time this lock down / panic goes. If you are paying rent already and have limited resources its going to be a ruff patch. Assuming the panic lasts a few months inventory is going to be non existent, Its already becoming an issue funding lower priced firearms. After the panic ends it will be a bit before distributors restock from the manufactures. so you might be very limited in the inventory you are able to source (you are the low man on the totem-pole as a new FFL) Most distributors are already on allocation which means you need to contact a sales rep for items. I dealt with that when i got my FFL but i was also home based so did not have the issues of rent and i pretty much started this doing transfers. The other issue i foresee is once the panic settles the market will be saturated and people will slow down on buying since they panic bought and are out of money. I saw that as well. But on the positive side stocks and sales will be able to be purchased. Then you have elections which will help boost sales prior to the election. I do not mean to be doom and gloom but i just wanted to set out the facts.. I went thought this as well with slightly different circumstances. I wish you lots of luck... As long as you can get over the bumps and have the funds withstand a few months of this complete and utter shit storm you will survive the market. Very interesting times we live in.
  4. You can use Digital or Paper Books.. If you use digital it does not interact with nics as it does in other states. Personally. After thinking about it and looking into it... i stay with paper.
  5. I got 2 in stock for 365.00 each (Not including yours)
  6. Lets be honest. The reasons a gun store wont let a person without an FID handle a firearm are the following. 1. Stops the sales person from wasting time with a person who was bored while he waits for his reservation for dinner and thinks going to a gun store and playing with stuff is a good waste of time. 2. Stops people from out of state who are just passing though (New Yorkers) want wanting to see a gun store which they hardly see in the five boros. 3. The person might not even be prohibited and will never own a firearm so why bother wasting someones time. Its really similar to a Car showroom not wanting to waste time time with a 16yo who's getting his Lic in 6 months from playing in the cars and taking up the sales persons time. We usually handle it slightly different.... We have had a few people come in without FID cards... We are do answer questions they have but when they start wanting to see firearms i usually tell them You are a few steps away form that....You need to get your FID first then we would be happy to spend whatever time you need to choose your first gun. The key is to not be a dick.... You can give people the time without wasting it by just multitasking..
  7. Its more of a company policy. If a person has no FID "most" stores including myself will not hand them a firearm. There are multiple reasons for this.... If a person with an FID wants brings another person in IE Son, Daughter Wife etc etc we have no issues allowing them to handle the firearm if the person holding the FID asks. Its common for a dad or mom to bring a kid in to see if a firearm is comfortable for them.
  8. just so we are clear. what i get from this is the following. Gun ownership is a constitutional right. But you need to be able to afford to exercise it or no rights for you. Healthcare is NOT a constitutional right but a human right to some and should be paid for by the tax payer. Sounds like a buncha bullshit to me.
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