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  1. Overall Length is 26 7/8" with the muzzle device cleaning cap removed
  2. pretty much any color on their site can be done. there is no spec page for the "other". The weight on this was not heavy at all compared to the other "others" iv handled, They all seemed pretty similar.
  3. Yes, if you want them Coated we just order one in the color you want.. We can also do color schemes IE flag designs etc etc. Black Rain has a full custom shop.
  4. Its hard. for the record i make the best steak along with home made cream spinach.... I wont even argue that fact. I use to love porterhouse and skirt but in my aging years i seem to have found the love of a Ribeye with or without the bone. 100% Correct
  5. remixer

    Cz 1012

    I dare you
  6. It needs to be pinned. The reason the Sub2k was immune was it was unable to be fired when adjusting the stock
  7. Whats the Going rate for Range Bag transfers?
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