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  1. So i get all these emails from multiple companies saying "Happy Memorial Day" I find it a bit strange.... I don't think its a Happy Day... its a Remember Day....I feel Annoyed Am i wrong??? Am i being overly critical?
  2. We just purchased my daughter a new car and our agent put her as the driver on one of my older cars. The insurance expense is not the collision on a new driver its the liability. I was going to drop the collision on that older car since its not even worth fixing it there was an accident that would require a repair over 2k. They will have a fender bender at some point within the first year... Sometimes it makes more sense to just pay for the damage yourself and not report the claim... of course this depends on how much damage. In regards to having them on their own policy.... Not sure that makes sense.... If they are under 18 and they have an accident even with their own policy some lawyer will find a way to drag the parents into the case.... IMO just best to list them as a driver on your policy and make sure you up the coverage... Umbrella is a great idea, I just emailed my Agent about adding it.
  3. President Ronald Reagan gave a moving speech on Memorial Day at Arlington National Cemetery in 1986. It's not a day for Sales or Shopping it's a day to Remember, I plan to do exactly what he said in his last sentence Spending that day with Family and Friends. We will be closed on Monday 27th. "Today is the day we put aside to remember fallen heroes and to pray that no heroes will ever have to die for us again. It’s a day of thanks for the valor of others, a day to remember the splendor of America and those of her children who rest in this cemetery and others. It’s a day to be with the family and remember. I was thinking this morning that across the country children and their parents will be going to the town parade and the young ones will sit on the sidewalks and wave their flags as the band goes by. Later, maybe, they’ll have a cookout or a day at the beach. And that’s good, because today is a day to be with the family and to remember." President Reagan - 1986 Memorial Day Speech at Arlington National Cemetery
  4. Its not kosher.... BUT...... To save a life you are allowed to Ignore all kosher laws. I was "dying" to try Scrapple.... After trying it... Death might not have been all that bad. Scrapple bombs would be cruel and even possibly illegal under the Genera convention. Pork roll bombs are acceptable.
  5. I tried Scrapple for the first time about a month ago..... Thats some nasty crap.
  6. The fact you thought of it then did not post it because it was racist makes your thoughts racist.
  7. https://io9.gizmodo.com/wine-pairings-for-the-post-apocalypse-what-to-drink-wi-5963040/amp This link shows you how to pair wines with exotic meats. You know we can Tweet Obama and ask him what drink they paired with dog when he ate it.
  8. Not sure what taylor ham is but pork roll is delish.
  9. I think ray ray posted the flag for farmers
  10. Not really liberal .... more socialist
  11. So you mean the Spaceforce Lowers do not make you a member of trump space force.
  12. I like the M17, We sold many of them... never an issue. Some security companies also require a particular gun Ie glock 19 or 17 etc etc i would look into that.... Some that do not require a certain gun will have requirements for the holster so you need to make sure that gun can be outfitted with the required holster
  13. Problem is they shit where they eat.
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