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  1. Added my replies within the body... Contacting people does not work when they are not engaged... The way to do it would be at the gun stores when they are engaged and buying something that might become illegal in a few months and cost them money. I certainly do my part.... Politics is a major show in my place... just read my reviews LOL People enjoy it... We engage them.. They engage us.. Lots drive well past other stores for that exact reason... I hope that within the banter and political discussion in the shop they actually take something home with them besides the gun.
  2. My opinion would be the store would in most cases prefer less bodies in the store who are just waiting... multiple reasons for this. not sure... may i ask why this question?
  3. You should have been paid at the point when the gun was given to the dealer... just saying for others reading this as thats the point the firearm is no longer yours.
  4. We've done some already... Took no longer then any other transfer. Seller and buyer show up Seller drops off gun Gets receipt and he's gone (can stay if they want, most do not as no reason to) Buyer continues as any other transfer... So far been smooth as i expected.
  5. 100% Some are ignorant to the importance of voting some just don’t care until it directly affects them. During the governors election I sent out an email to customers urging them to vote for Kim. I had one guy tell me to remove him as he will never shop at my store because I got political. Plenty of gun owners are ignorant bastards when it comes to politics
  6. If they are asking why go to an FFL it’s most likely they don’t even know laws changed. We have customers who come in and are surprised when we tell them the new capacity limit
  7. These are being exclusively distributed by Monmouth Arms, LLC
  8. I think he’s going to offer those free transfers as a draw to get them in the door. I think they called it concessionary zero sum gain, I forget it was complicated.
  9. WHen your ready im sure i can source one
  10. Correct there are 2 ways... I choose to do it just as i log any other gun.. I want to avoid any mistakes when we are jammed up with customers. Plus it also requires 2 people to hang around while you wait for nics which can take 5 min or 5 hours. I assume the seller cant leave the firearm and come back as he has to maintain possession during this time. What does the dealer do if they decide to not come back regardless of nics response etc etc. I will tell both parties my process and they can choose to go ahead or find another FFL that will do it with method #2... I got another question. Lets say you go with method 2. 2 guys show up. you do paperwork, run nics and he is denied. what do you charge for the Nics and failed transfer considering you pretty much did the majority of the paperwork and it must be kept in your records forever? I ask because i have never had a Nics denial on a transfer.. the one i had was for a firearm i sold so there is no transfer fee.