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  1. remixer

    Glock 48 or 43x?

    Which would you choose and why.
  2. Dam. I was wondering when someone was gonna day that lol
  3. I dont understand how you can drink while lying on your back.... out of stock at the moment.
  4. Shit.... Heres for free 1. Eggs 2. Milk 3. Vanilla Extract. 4. Cinnamon 5. pinch of salt 6. Sugar 7. European Sliced Bread Mix mix mix... Soak bread until its very wet.... Butter pan... Place bread... Brown.. Flip. Powered suger DONE
  5. To avoid any issues we can break up the sale into 10 slices per transaction... While this is legal it might be viewed as intent to skirt the laws.. Please beware that you cannot have another person purchase your 10 slices as it would be a straw purchase.
  6. Sir... This is Merica! Go back to Canada!
  7. Yes.. One more available.
  8. Great point.. sometimes its hard to look at him that way since hes sorta the Moral Criminal
  9. remixer

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    Got my Genny day or so before Sandy..... Best move i ever made.
  10. Training should not be a Governmental requirement to own a firearm... Just as a civics class is not a requirement to vote. Private ranges would be smart to have RO's standing ready to help a new gun owner that is not up to speed on firearm safety and those veteran gun owners who disregard safety.
  11. Depends where it will take place... If its NJ he will carry nothing.
  12. Don't be silly... This does not require a nics check in NJ yet. Horrible planning on my part. Sorry

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