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  1. Not a single one
  2. New in Box CZ USA Sp-01 / Safety $650.00 plus NJ Nics (15.00) and NJ Tax BRAND: CZ-USA PRICE: $650.00 CALIBER: 9mm STOCK/FRAME: Black Synthetic BARREL: 4.72 ACTION: Double / Single Action LENGTH: 8.1 SAFETY: Manual,Safety Stop,Firing Pin WEIGHT: 2.6 lbs SIGHTS: Fixed Tritium Night Sights FINISH: Black Polycoat
  3. Hey man... Full Disclosure
  4. New in Box Keltec Sub2k MP9 Magazines $410.00 plus NJ Nics (15.00) and NJ Tax (Price includes Compliance work) (Post recall Non Exploding Barrel version) BRAND: Keltec PRICE: $415.00 MODEL: SUB-2000 (SUB2K9MPBBLKHC) CALIBER: 9mm STOCK/FRAME: Black Synthetic CAPACITY: 15 +1 ACTION: Semi-Auto SAFETY: Internal Safety SIGHTS: Open Rifle Sights FINISH: Matte Blue
  5. Welcome to the Forum
  6. A bar / Lounge.
  7. Thats very Progressive of you
  8. Made in Italy
  9. Italy I believe I’ll double Check. Btw the Italian one with stainless controls is no longer made
  10. I refuse to take orders for a girl I will not comply and Congratulations.
  11. If that then worst case just dont keep ammo in the house... A gun is not explosive. When you say explosives would things like aerosol cans be explosive? The issue with this kinda shit is people who are renting apartments hardly have the fund to hire a lawyer to go after the landlords...
  12. I cant see this being legal If he's publicly renting apartments. Maybe if he was renting rooms possibly. Did i read this right that he asked the landlord about getting a firearm? Did he also ask if he can vote? Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned
  13. New in Box Beretta 92 INOX $690.00 plus NJ Nics (15.00) and NJ Tax these have been impossible to find for months.. PRICE: $690.00 MODEL: 92FS Inox CALIBER: 9mm CAPACITY: 10+1 BARREL: 4.9" ACTION: Double / Single Action LENGTH: 8.5" SAFETY: Slide Mounted Manual/Decocker SIGHTS: Fixed FINISH: Stainless
  14. It was a nice trip. In preparation for the trip I ate a hardy dinner of Mediterranean food including spicy liver cubes. Figuring Capt would suffer then entire trip but sadly my preemptive strike came much earlier which cause my wife to take the brunt of it. Capt picks me up at 4:45am and immediately says we should have left at 5:45am. Then watched a him order a very girlie kinda coffee which i found amusing and to top it off cleaning out quick check of all change. Overall the ride was nice. Conversation was good until he says "we will get stopped because of my carry permits to which i thought "he's bat shit crazy". Then asks me if i have my FFL on me in-case.. (Don't ask why he asked that, I did not ask) i just LOL'd not more then 5 minutes into Maryland i hear him say "We picked up 2 troopers not sure where they came from" i look back an sure nuff there are 2 state troopers behind us i said its 7am... its coffee time which turned out to be true. Went to Wawa with the troopers had my second coffee and capt had him 4th piss. After what seemed like 30 Piss breaks (He needs medical attention) we arrive at the super secret location with a horse track in the middle.. My Waze tells us to go into a tunnel and enter the center of the track LOL. Lucky for us the importer called us and said stop and ill drive to you. The importers were a nice bunch.. Husband and wife... It was nice meeting them. We spoke about She crab soup, pork roll and Scraple. Ended up home at 11:30am. It was enjoyable with good conversation. Good Road trip. Pics below. These 4 pictures were the only ones to pass capt's censors. Some how you knew before me LOL
  15. I’m more of a m400 / Windham kinda guy.