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  1. You are welcome and thank you as well
  2. Dang just sold the bronze a week or so ago They use to... Similar to Zanders... But i think Davidsons ended that practice. I know Zanders did.
  3. GoG / Davidsons are idiots. I stopped dealing when them for multiple reasons that being one of them. Gun is readily available
  4. Where was it censored?
  5. Cnn seems to always do a batter job and breaking down live.... But the bias in the coverage is astonishing. But math is math
  6. It comes down to where the turn out was.. Sadly CNN seems to have the best coverage when it comes to breaking down areas... Seems it not partisan just math.
  7. Kasich no doubt helped.... He was a bit late in his endorsement. But do not discount trumps help as well. The left runs people who are moderates but proclaim socialism.. Stupid thing about this is 3 more months we will have this election all over again.
  8. Yes turnout was high... Very high in Dem areas. Its more who turned out.. Angry people tend to vote more.... People who are sorta happy and do not. Trump saved OH12 but helping turn out. in regards to the Progressives they lost big time.
  9. We are off that topic already... We are now into elections.
  10. Hate is a strong motive to get out an vote in off elections.. In the general you will see a big differences.
  11. Dont confuse him anymore Embarrassing?
  12. You seem a little confused LOL, I thought this was explained in txt LOL Its extremely easy. LOL Better yet Go OH12
  13. LOL... google is your friend. we can continue this on TXT lol...
  14. I'm an American White Heterosexual male who is jewish