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  1. With all these Tags and Notifications from last night i was worried someone was going to accuse me of sexual harassment.
  2. It’s ok we still sorta like U lol
  3. There are very few democrat alive ... They are now progressives. Which is pretty much Marxist.
  4. Even that's debatable at this point... Soon we will all call it tayor ham... Maybe that's when people will take elections seriously..
  5. And yet they voted for this. Hopefully its things like this that will wake up people. But lets not fool ourselves... VA is hardly a red state. Its packed with folks that work for the government who dont want to live in DC... If they think its bad now.... Let them come visit us... its their future... PA as well.... So before you go running across the boarder dont plan on staying to long. Yesterdays conversation with a guy in our Brownsville Brooklyn shop went like this. Just a primer .. Brooklyn is going though a major revitalization, We always wondered where the previous residents are going. Can you believe all the building going on. yes its amazing Where the hell are all the people who are being forced out moving to? Majority are moving to PA. you can own a house for the price of rent in an apartment. /\ that spoke wonders. While PA remains safe for now.. as the cities and certain border counties inherit more and more displaced nyers that will chance quickly.. it will be another Upstate Vs Downstate NY issue where the cities rule.
  6. To collect all the data from 4473 would be nearly an impossible task. I️ doubt they will ever get to that point. The firearms unit is already massively understaffed
  7. Again.. they enter your home... Why and How... lets say they got a call... Do they have a warrant to open safes.... Search desk draws? Cavity search? Yes... one guy wanted to pick up his rifle yesterday thinking election day was the day new laws go into effect...
  8. Well thats because you hide them wrong
  9. I just dont want people thinking they have to dump their toys at this point... I already had phone calls asking if their ar is now illegal.
  10. Main reason i made my choice 1 year ago today... I expected this to happen and want this man backing me up in the SCOTUS
  11. I'm not even sure they realize it YET... sure they can lie on the 4473.... But then what. I think we all need to just take a few days to chill out and come up with some solid plans for this mess we are in.. Iv been doing it for more then a few months... No point in making rash decisions this is time to go low and slow and think strategic.
  12. There are more then a few that would not pass muster....
  13. Few of these that i think very well might be challenged Via courts and overturned. Requires psychological evaluation and in home inspection as prerequisite to purchase firearm. Requires mental health screening by licensed professional to purchase a firearm. Requires handgun ammunition to be encoded with serial number. Increases references required for application for handgun permit and firearms identification card from two to five Disqualifies persons with three drunk driving or refusal convictions in five years from purchasing firearm.