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  1. just so we are clear. what i get from this is the following. Gun ownership is a constitutional right. But you need to be able to afford to exercise it or no rights for you. Healthcare is NOT a constitutional right but a human right to some and should be paid for by the tax payer. Sounds like a buncha bullshit to me.
  2. From what i can tell a "right" is what you or your party thinks is it... regardless if its an actual right stated in our constitution.
  3. BTW the issue of Gun owners needing insurance can be solved by one simple law. Those and the family of those who are Injured or Deleted while in the act of a crime are ineligible to seek any civil case against those who were acting in self defense. Anyone acting in self defense would be immune from civil law suits. That would put the burden on the criminal and not the law abiding citizen.
  4. without question.... If you consider healthcare is not mentioned anywhere in the constitution or bill or rights and firearms are... it seems the law is very clear.... i cannot see anyone having an issue with this.
  5. Let me be clear... I have changed my opinion on AVB's mandated gun insurance program. 1. My required insurance is to be funded by the tax payer. 2. My self defense firearm is to be funded by the tax payer. Those who do not accept my right to self defense will still need to pay for my rights.
  6. I got a great idea... In your opinion Heathcare is a right and should be provided by the government... Well along that line of thinking.... Gun ownership is a right... Your insurance mandate would interfere with my rights if i cannot afford to pay for it.... So why not just make the government provide that insurance as well... in fact i think the government should give me a $500.00 tax credit for my gun... Im sure the antis will have no problem funding my rights.
  7. Sorry typo.. Insurance is NOT a bad idea... its unconstitutional to require it to exercise a right... But i think you know what i was saying
  8. Wait... Who was i calling.. Its possible i had a mini stroke between saying i'm calling and actually making the call. It is in Cuba
  9. I think you are missing the point.... Insurance is NOT a bad idea... its unconstitutional to require it to exercise a right. This is not a question of is this a good idea... this is a question of rights.. The only way Obamacare mandate was upheld was it was argued as a tax.
  10. HC is NOT a right... you can disagree but i ask you to point out where in our constitution is says it is. "legally immigrate to the U.S. must have health insurance" Yes because they dont have rights here.. they are still there.
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