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  1. Sadly.. Most Forgot..... The 9/11 Story has been watered down to the point where it is told as something happened to some buildings in some city... I WILL NEVER FORGET!
  2. Funny thing is, it mentioned it was eyeing you as well
  3. Masada Means "“strong foundation or support" Most Jews regard Masada as a place of reverence, commemorating ancestors who fell heroically. i was their... Its incredible. Only One jew committed suicide on Masada. And yes its a well made firearm with a great price point.
  4. Just some of my latest arrivals CZ 75B Stainless 9mm - $799.99 Beretta 92X Fullsize - $775.00 IWI Masada 9mm - $455.00 Springfield Saint Victor .556 - $1039.00 (NJ Legal) DPMS L-Lar 5.56 - $585.00 (NJ Legal) Glock 45MOS - $635.00 Sig Sauer P365 with 2 Boxes of Sig Ammo - $499.99 Some Pre-Owned Firearms in stock Keltec Ks7 Un-fired — $475.00 Keltec PMR-30 22Mag OD Green — $180.00 Each Henry Color Case Steel 45-70 GOVT Un-fired Include 2 boxes of ammo $650.00 Beretta 92FS - Preowned Unfired - $425.00 Walther PPS .40 includes 5 Extended Magazines.
  5. All Gone. If you are asking such a question i will have to say no.
  6. Not sure... They are pretty good.... I would not compare it to a 1300 beretta .
  7. BRAND: Rock Island Armory MODEL: VR80 Shotgun (VR80) CALIBER: 12 Gauge CAPACITY: 5 + 1 ACTION: Semi-Auto BARREL: 20" Contoured BBL WEIGHT: 8.27 lbs. SIGHTS: Flip Up Front and Rear
  8. That is not a Horrible Idea.... It would be even better if Multiple People from Different House of worship (Church's, Mosques, Temples) etc etc did it then coordinated when denied. It would bring attention to this by using multiple people of multiple faiths. Maybe even bringing letters from the heads of those congregations to the Carry hearings and submit onto the record.
  9. Beretta 92 Series CZ 75, P01, Rami, SP01 etc Sig P226, P229 If you want 9mm the most bang for the buck would be CZ 75 series or a Beretta 92
  10. I actually had this conversation with a Rabbi who called me. It came down to this. If the rabbi was on the leave or ownership of the building he would be covered but since most rabbis are NOT they would not be... Most (reform and Conservative )Rabbis are contracted to the temple by the temples elders / board members and do not hold a Stake, Claim or lessee's of the property at all. Maybe i should from my own congregation.... Mt Monmouth....
  11. G45 G5 MOS - $625.00 CZ-USA 97BD - $799.99 CZ 75 P-01 - $620.00 Ruger 22/45 - $475.00 Thomspon Center T/CR22 - 349.99 Prices are Plus Nics and NJ Tax. Pistols Require Valid P2P / Drivers Lic. Long Guns Require FID / Drivers Lic.
  12. My first Experience with USPS was shipping a rifle to VA... Took 14 days for the tracking to say they actually received the rifle. When it finally tracked it was in Detroit. Second time was another shit show where it tracked for a day then stopped for a week, It finally got to its destination but was a PITA. We get packages all the time from USPS.. always seems to be an issue. But i blame that on the Local delivery people. To be honest FEDEX is not all that more expensive (depending on where its going). Most handguns seem to ship for under 20 bucks unless its going to some rural area and it arrives in 2 days
  13. Yes it would have to go in the AD book, BTW i never ship USPS... We use Fedex... USPS is horrible.
  14. Thats pretty much what i think of when i see the polished ones LOL Yes we did sell the 75b series polished....
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