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  1. Every ones pretty jammed with work.... My usual turn around is a day or so.. we are about 3 days give or take now. May i ask what kinda brake your having installed? Was there something that needed extra attention? When was the last time you spoke to him?
  2. Lots of first time gun owners are buying or trying to buy right now.
  3. Iv noticed that message is not always correct... i sometimes get them soon then the days they claim and sometimes a day off. I dont think they know what the hell is going on
  4. It might not be a nics issue but an appointment issue... Is your FFL appointment only if so he might have his own backlog.
  5. To be honest.. if you were waiting that long.. regardless of the rules i would give you the gun.
  6. If your nics it taking 9 years you might have a problem. I would have given up
  7. My guess would be friday or saturday unless it rains again
  8. You are LOL. Iv been getting a steady stream of glocks... its like a surprise.. i get a call in the afternoon... heres what i have for you... Never know what its going to be.....
  9. Pretty much.... Expected to hear... Mossberg 590. Remington 870 and Glocks
  10. out of curiosity what were you looking for?
  11. Nics is a Mess. They closed on friday due to rain LOL
  12. Its not... Its a NJ issue... Under-staffing or Deliberate Slow Processing.
  13. Back in the day five bucks was the amount needed to make you a man.
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