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  1. You're application has been remove from consideration.
  2. Welcome to the Forum
  3. If you see one, let me know i will get in touch with the dealer and see if we can change their minds about shipping to NJ.
  4. Valid Point. It should be included
  5. Problem with NJ gun owners are we are as diverse as our population. We have gun owners that are fall with all political parties. while most do lean right there are some that no doubt lean left from our perspective but are centrists according to them. The other problem is people complain a lot but don't get out and vote, Donate to candidates that support the 2nd AD. We cant beat the left in NJ by going for the gold. We need to Baby Step it... Target 1 candidate at a time. This is the only way to give us a chance.
  6. Based on what customers ask us for 40 is no doubt dead at this point. But who knows... it does not take much for people to change.
  7. No LOL Where else can you get a gun and theater at the same time.
  8. I'm sure no one would notice LOL Not something to play games with.. i'm pretty sure you would be gone before you can even spell membership.
  9. its different. Recoil can have Members an Open to Public BUT no FFL to sell guns Union Hill has to be membership ONLY but can have FFL and sell guns.
  10. We have never had an issue with a single RAS47 or C39v2. Iv heard bad things about IO but we never sold them so i can give honest feedback.
  11. As per the agreement with the town, Yes. membership only.
  12. Apparently you cant build on Top soil I'm sure they will get it built at some point... it would be nice to have a non membership local range. Closest to us is 45 min
  13. Last i heard was end of July / Aug. The Union Hill delays have nothing do with with politcs and more to do with building codes.
  14. Went to cemetery to visit mom then met up with my brothers and the families to do a brunch.
  15. Assault Weapon Book? I dont have one and never needed to use one. If a non compliant firearm comes in we make it compliant immediately before it hits the book He can take possession in Maine if he takes it to an FFL with the owner and transfers it that way As i said before... The assault weapons book statement is incorrect. If a m1 Carbine came in then we would have to log into an assault weapons book. Which means i would have to get a new book since we have no AW book THIS IS TRUE! I dont know if Windham sells compliant upper only... If you want it done from the factory i'm sure they can special order one for you.. Or you can just send the rifle to us for compliance work.