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  1. We will just wait till it arrives.
  2. Yup we can do it
  3. Sounds like too many chiefs
  4. only 2 pages.... I'm impressed
  5. IF we go can we bring @Zeke along for the trip?
  6. Why do you hate Americans.
  7. i only pick up matching. you will need to leave the mostly matching in MD
  8. There is no winner lol
  9. If you knew what his usually early morning calls were you would take them as well. Usually starts with him screaming about some conspiracy. I like being entertained.
  10. I did not even ask him LOL
  11. Thats not an easy one to answer
  12. Or who would want to spend 6 hours in a car with @capt14k
  13. I think Lockton also issues NRA policies