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  1. Old Glock guy

    Turning in Assault Rifle and Ammo

    Well said, triple P!
  2. Old Glock guy


    Because they shoot little plastic pellets which can't really hurt anyone, unless maybe you hit them right in the eye? Trick question, or anti-gun person visiting us?
  3. Old Glock guy

    Better buy you laser sights right away :(

    As soon as I saw your heading, I knew where you were going with it. I hadn't made the connection, but I had heard about the green laser, and should have realized that there would be a push to ban deadly laser sights.
  4. Holy crap, I can't believe how everyone in this area goes to pieces when we get a few inches of snow! This never gets old for me:
  5. Old Glock guy

    Walking Dead...things that annoy me

    I mentioned to my wife (who doesn't watch the show) that they were skipping ahead six years. She asked me if that was because the show is moving too slowly. I said, "Yeah, that sounds about right."
  6. Old Glock guy

    2019 Training

    That would be a shame. I was hoping to do some training with them as well.
  7. Old Glock guy

    Walking Dead...things that annoy me

    Normally, I just go with it, shrug my shoulders and say, "Yeah, whatever." But one thing that really bugged me was when in a world with limited ammo supplies, they dumped hundreds of rounds on full auto into the windows of the Sanctuary. Also, I believe it might have been that same episode when they had a clear shot at Negan from close range, and didn't take it. In the big picture, if you're willing to accept the premise that the dead come back to life and eat the living, it's hard to say that anything else is unrealistic.
  8. Old Glock guy

    Unscheduled Downtime 1/31/2019

    Very interesting. I'm at a conference, and when I couldn't connect, I just assumed the WiFi was censoring a firearms website. (I've seen that occasionally on public networks.)
  9. Old Glock guy

    Glock woes!

    It's so rare that one hears the words "Glock" and "woes" in the same phrase. I have several Glocks, and I've never seen that happen.
  10. Old Glock guy

    New Jersey

    I'm sure all of you are aware that it's not just gun owners. People are fleeing NJ faster than any other state. The bad news is that they are taking their liberal BS with them to contaminate other states. I'm so afraid I'm going to be the last one to leave, and I'll have to turn off the lights on my way out. Know why people in NYC are so depressed all the time? It's because they realize the light at the end of the tunnel is New Jersey.
  11. Old Glock guy

    FLA renewal

    I sent just one check, and got my renewal back in the mail a few weeks ago.
  12. Old Glock guy

    NRA ballots are dropping. Colandro for NRA please.

    Here's a good, relatively concise explanation of bullet voting: https://www.ammoland.com/2017/01/nra-board-bullet-voting/#axzz5dXAsBja6
  13. Old Glock guy

    Servo Group classes coming up

    Thanks for the update. I'll watch for the new class list.
  14. Crap, I saw that he was going to be there, but then I forgot all about it. Anyone?
  15. Old Glock guy

    Assault Weapon Ban of 2019

    In case anyone has any doubt as to the intent of these bills, see this article in The Federalist: http://thefederalist.com/2019/01/16/two-democrat-gun-bills-fight-like-dickens/

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