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  1. Thanks JT. Best to you and everyone else on here as well!
  2. OK, good question. Yeah, we're not talking fractions of an inch here. At 50 yards, I would guess the zero moves about 6" down and 6" left. Hey Shane45, good article. And thanks also to everyone else who chimed in.
  3. Anyone still watching? I think it's been a great season so far. Some hope, some kicking Savior ass, and lots of full auto fire. What's not to like!
  4. Thanks for asking! Short answer is no. But I got some good ideas. Probably going to end up shipping it out to Paul.
  5. I have zeroed the Primary Arms RDS on my Century Arms AK at 50 yards from a seated position on a sandbag rest, to the best of the ability of my old eyes. I have noticed that when I shoot from a prone position, my group remains reasonably tight, but it shifts down and to the left. This happens consistently. At a recent AK class, we started from a prone zero. I foolishly adjusted my sight to move it up and right. For the rest of the class, from mostly standing positions, I was shooting high and right. I'm guessing that somehow my head position in prone moves relative to the sight (I struggle to get it lined up from prone), and exceeds the adjustment for parallax. (Does that even make sense?) Wondering if anyone can shed some light on this.
  6. Gentlemen, thanks so much for your help on this. I appreciate all of your prompt, informative replies.
  7. I look at that smile, and can't help thinking that with all his money, you would think he could have gotten better dentistry.
  8. That's great news! It's heartening to see our groups working together., especially in this time of coming crisis. What, no inclusion of NJ2AS?
  9. I was looking to swap out the sights on my Springfield SD 9 mm subcompact for a set of Trijicon HD night sights. My local gunsmith tells me that the sights on the Springfields are very difficult to remove, and he does not want to do it. Has anyone else had this done, and is there someone you can recommend?
  10. Quite possibly true, but there's nothing to keep them from passing loads of bills, then leaving it to us to take years sorting it out in the courts. And BTW, the Jersey courts are packed with liberal judges, who have never been friendly to the Second Amendment.
  11. RIP. Was he an old guy, or was it an untimely death?
  12. Are people here mostly using a belt or a chest rig? What are some of the reasons for your choice. Any particular one you would recommend? It would be mostly for training classes, and possibly for worst case scenarios.
  13. And it includes a shooting range!
  14. Nice account T BIll. I've flown with a firearm (handgun) a bunch of times now, and the procedure is always different. I never know exactly what to expect, so I try to get there a little early (always a challenge for my wife and me) and go with the flow.
  15. I, too, saw a Beevis and Butthead moment in that heading.