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  1. https://carrytrainer.com/training-courses/parlin-nj-3/
  2. I've seen some of his videos, and they appear to be solid. I see that he is giving a three day class in Parlin, NJ June 8-10th, 2024. I'm seriously considering attending, but as that's a big commitment of time and $, I'm wondering if anyone has trained with him (Mickey Schuch), or has any other intel about his classes?
  3. That, plus the mindlessness of just dumping one mag after another, without even stopping to think about what they are doing, presumably until they run out of ammo. Wonder what their plan was if there was still a threat after that?
  4. Interesting discussion by William Kirk on Washington Gun Law about a recent case. Damn, those police fired a lot of shots! They just kept reloading and mag dumping. How to respond to something like that?
  5. I believe you were GTG. Hope you had an enjoyable meal. The part about not consuming alcohol while armed I may have heard from Nappen. Even if not strictly required legally, it’s good advice anyway.
  6. Yes, South Carolina is an odd bird on CCW, considering that they are a fairly deep red state. Last I heard, they were on the verge of going Consitutional/permitless carry, so that might be your best hope.
  7. Most of the time these stories are about a guy having "an arsenal" of 10-15 firearms and a few thousand rounds of ammunition, so it's ho-hum. But this was truly impressive (OK, except maybe for the shotguns).
  8. Most of the time these stories are about a guy having "an arsenal" of 10-15 firearms and a few thousand rounds of ammunition, so it's ho-hum. But this was truly impressive (OK, except maybe for the shotguns).
  9. I believe this is correct, with the caveat that if it's a BYO, you can't consume any alcohol.
  10. I just did a quick check and found out that Gun For Hire has many Glocks available for rental, including the 43x and 48. Might be worth the drive for you to check them out. BTW, it's a pretty impressive place, well worth seeing.
  11. Yes, that has been my experience with them. I have been able to get it to fire by feeding one round into the chamber, but it will not cycle.
  12. Hey, welcome to our clubhouse. The six round limit on shotguns (6 + 1) in NJ applies only to semiautos. There is no limit on pumps. I do not know how mini shells are treated under the law. Perhaps someone else can weigh in on that.
  13. My wife and I have been down here for a few weeks enjoying life in the land of sunshine and freedom. A couple of days ago we got together with some long-time friends from New Jersey who have been down here for almost 20 years. At one point the conversation turned to guns. (Of course I was carrying, unbeknownst to them.) They told me that there was a law that had been passed that made it legal for anyone to carry a gun. I played along, but pointed out that there are rarely any shootings taking place. They told me that there are a lot of shootings from road rage incidents, where people use Stand Your Ground Laws as a defense, claiming that they had been attacked. I had never heard that, but I let the subject drop. Anyone know if this is true? Later, back at their house, my friend showed me a baseball bat he keeps in the bedroom in case of intruders. I wanted to say that I preferred the shotgun that I keep handy, but being a good friend, I kept my mouth shut.
  14. Here is a video I came across that might be helpful:
  15. Have you looked at the hybrids, with leather or foam against your skin and kydex on the outside to support the gun? Not sure that would solve your problem, as I generally find the butt of the gun digging into me is more the problem than the actual holster, but it might be worth a look.
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