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  1. Actually, I recently started carrying OC spray. Found one that's pretty compact and easy to deploy. (POM) USRifle30Cal, sounds like it's not right for you, but I'm still going to keep mine.
  2. Yes, I've practiced emergency loading one into the chamber and shoving two into the tube, but depending on the proximity of an adversary, the gun could be up after the first round is in. Exactly! Having a concealed carry handgun available would be a lot quicker, but that's not an option in NJ. Clearly, this wouldn't work as a Tuller drill. You would need some time to get the gun up. Here are a few possible scenarios that I came up with just off the top of my head: 1. You are at a mall. You are outside and your family is inside, and there is an active shooter. 2. You come home to find that home invaders are holding your family. 3. You turn a corner and are surrounded by a mob which begins to close in on you. You make the calculation that the crowd is too large to drive through. Are any of these likely? Of course not. But neither is the chance of ever being the victim of a violent crime, yet it happens to people all the time.
  3. There have been many discussion on this board, including one currently, on the legalities of keeping a "truck gun" in New Jersey. The requirements are that one needs to possess an FID, and the gun has to be unloaded. There is no need for it to be stored where it is inacessible, but generally they are kept in a trunk or in the back compartment of an SUV. My concerns in this discussion are what you would or do keep close by, and could you imagine a scenario in which it would be feasible to access and load it in an emergency? I believe a lot of the decision on what to have with you depends on how one feels about loaded magazines, a subject which is a gray area, and has been frequently discussed. If you are OK with loaded mags, I would think your best bet would be to have a rifle or carbine with loaded mags nearby that could be quickly used to get gun up and running. If, like me, you are leery about carrying around loaded magazines, I think your next best bet would be to have a shotgun with some buckshot and/or slugs in a pouch nearby. I have found that I can go from my driver's seat, uncase the shotgun, and load a few shells in about 30-40 seconds. Would that ever be useful in a real world scenario? I'm not sure, but I feel more comfortable having it with me than not. Curious to hear how others feel about this.
  4. These discussions of effective defensive calibers are at least as old as the internet, and probably a lot older. While they are kind of fun to have, they are ultimately pointless. They remind me of similar discussions on which is better, the Mossberg 500 or the Remington 870. While my personal choice of ammo for a carry gun in places where I am permitted to do so is Hornady Critical Defense in 9 mm., any caliber is better than none, as others have stated. I think one would be hard-pressed to find anyone who had been shot with a .22 round who laughed it off, and said, "Is that the best you've got?" Home defense opens up another whole set of questions: What's the best weapon platform? What's the best ammo? Where and how should they be stored/staged? And on, and on. Then again, if we didn't ponder questions like these on this and similar forums, what would we have to discuss?
  5. So they want to take more money from millionaires, not to prop up the budget shortfall, but to give it away to other people? Isn't that scheme the very definition of income redistribution?
  6. Welcome to our clubhouse. So much one can learn here. Let the search function be your friend.
  7. Of course, this will discourage other companies from doing business with customers in NJ, which is exactly what Murphy and Grewal want.
  8. FWIW, as a member at Gun for Hire, I pay only the $15 NICS fee on transfers.
  9. This is good advice. I've found that a pistol grip makes it hard to manipulate the safety and slide release on a pump shotgun, and they are illegal on semi autos in NJ, so I would suggest a tradtional shoulder stock.
  10. Check out Gun for Hire’s Holster Draw, then Urban Pistol 1 and 2.
  11. With the price of gold having dropped almost $150 from its recent highs, I decided last week that it would be a good time to grab a few more ounces. I logged onto the website of my favorite supplier, put what I wanted into my cart, and went to checkout, when a message came up informing me that the politicians and bureaucrats of the State of New Jersey require that sales tax be collected on precious metals. At 7%, with the price of gold around $2000, that comes to roughly $140 per ounce. On top of that there’s a premium to the dealer of a little over $100. (Not sure if that’s taxable.) Then if one is fortunate enough to one day sell at a profit, you are required to pay capital gains tax, which I believe is now 15%. All that would appear to make it prohibitive for NJ residents to buy physical gold. I thought a new law had been passed, but it turns out this follows from he Supreme Court ruling a couple of years ago requiring online dealers to collect sales tax in states where it is in effect.
  12. That's exactly what I do, on no particular schedule. When I'm feeling the urge, I'll get in there to sort things out and run a tally on what I have. Takes quite awhile, I'm happy to report. Last time I did it was a few months ago during the Corona lockdown.
  13. Does he plan to bring back the poll tax? If he can tax one right, what's to stop him from taxing others?
  14. I have the SR 22, and recently got the TX-22 and the Riger Wrangler. They are all a lot of fun. Or you can circumvent the whole P2P hassle by buying a conversion kit for a gun you already have. I have a Tactical Solutions kit for my Glocks, and it runs pretty well, admittedly with an occasional malfunction.
  15. I’ve mentioned in similar threads how I struggle to grasp the legalities of this. When Trump does something the lefties don’t like, they run to the Ninth Circuit to rule against him, and they get a nationwide injunction. But when a court like the Ninth rules in our favor, it applies only to them, and we don’t benefit from it. Would one of the legal eagles on here be kind enough to explain that again to this tired old man.
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