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  1. I understand your frustration, but comments like that don't do anything to advance the dialogue. I admire AVB and Greenday, even though I rarely agree with them, because they continue to come back here to provide opposing views in the face of nearly universal hostility Without them, we would all be in near total agreement on most issues, and the discussions would be a lot less interesting. That is my understanding of it, yet the anti-gun people continue to obfuscate, and conflate manufacturing defects with intentional misuse of a product to claim that the firearms industry is the only group that is protected from liability lawsuits.
  2. I have tried to consolidate calibers, and not stock too many of them. My first handgun was .40 caliber, but I never shoot it, so I only have a small quantity of ammo for it that I bought a long time ago. I have stockpiled 9 mm, 5.56/.223, 7.62, .22LR, and 12 gauge. Keeps it simple for me.
  3. In fairness, he said that over 20 years ago. Anyone know if he's changed his viewpoint since then?
  4. Sorry I can't help with your original question, but I wish you the best of luck in getting through what sounds like a tough time.
  5. What a horrifying story! I sure hope the unfortunate victim of this negligence is going to be OK. While I don't dwell on it, it frequently crosses my mind on the way to a training class that someone could end up getting shot. In the last few years, I have twice been in classes where there was an NG. In one instance, there was a break in the action and one of the other students was fiddling around with his trigger, causing a round to go off. Luckily, the gun was pointed in a safe direction, and we all still had our hearing protection on, so it was just startling. In the other, we were running a drill, and one of the students put a round into the floor, so again, we were saved by relatively good muzzle discipline. I've done F on F a few times, and this was my experience as well.
  6. If I'm reading that correctly, it looks like it applies only to "commercial sales," is free of charge, and no records will be kept of the transaction, so no registry. Also, it does not apply to lending guns to friends or family at a range, or while hunting. Seems like a good way to give the antis their beloved "background checks," and then tell them to STFU. Has anyone else noticed that whenever Democratic politicians of members of the mainstream media talk about background checks, they also say that it has anywhere from 90-97% approval? Doesn't it seem that when pollsters ask people, "Should there be background checks?" the average person doesn't know that they are already done for most sales, so they just say, "Sure, that sounds like a good idea.," hence the high approval number.
  7. Just a follow-up: Emails to her have gone unanswered, and a couple of calls requesting a meeting have gone unreturned. When I was asked about what I wanted to discuss at the meeting, I said "gun control," but didn't say which side I was on. Pretty sure they put my request together with the notes I sent. I was told they would get back to me. Still waiting...
  8. Yes, I saw that. It's a big win, indeed! It never seemed right to me that the 9th Circuit could overturn a presidential order in 50 states, especially one involving national security, which is supposed to be outside the domain of the judiciary branch. While this ruling makes perfect sense, still I was surprised to see it go 7-2. In connection with this, never fully understood why we can't go to a conservative circuit to rule in favor of concealed carry to make it legal in all 50 states.
  9. I heard that's part of Murphy's welfare program, that he is providing them at no cost to people in inner cities who can't afford them.
  10. Tell him to check www.longislandfirearms.com Chris Fry of MDTS Training used to offer some classes out there, but he doesn't seem to be teaching this year.
  11. Exactly! Don't be silly. That only applies to their subjects, namely us.
  12. Seems like lately we're always just one election away from losing our Constitutionally guaranteed rights. And with the constant influx of millions of Third World voters who consistently vote Democratic, complete and permanent rule by Democrats seems inevitable.
  13. They are getting pretty close to saying that incidents like this are why we should ban all firearms.
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