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  1. Welcome aboard! Lots of good folks and good info here.
  2. Constitution be damned, they control our entire state government, so they will pass whatever the hell they want and dare SCOTUS to come after them (which, of course, they won't).
  3. Sorry, I've been away and just saw this. I could get you the two boxes. Where are you located?
  4. You are limited to 6 in the tube. The one in the chamber doesn't count.
  5. The Federal is gone, but I still have plenty of the CCI AR Tactical available, at least the 10 boxes listed, and I could probably dig up a few more if someone really wants them.
  6. Rifleman ended up taking 6, so I have at least 4 left to sell, but I could probably come up with a few more if someone really wants them.
  7. Yeah, sad but true. It adds over $100 to the cost of an ounce of gold, over and above the premium. Then CG on the way out.
  8. I hate you for putting the idea in my head! Now it's only a matter of time...
  9. Depending on your location, you might consider a trip up to Thunder Mountain in Ringwood. If you can get there during the week, it's generally pretty quiet. They have practice trap stations where the clays are just moving away from you, and the instructors will go through the mechanics of shotgun operation and have you breaking clays in no time, (at no additional charge). Probably worth the trip, as it will surely allay your anxieties.
  10. Curious how other NJ residents are dealing with the sales tax issue in acquiring PM's?
  11. Nice find! That's what I paid for mine about a year and a half ago, my first revolver. As someone pointed out to me, at that price it's almost free. It's a fun little gun, perhaps a bit of a pain to load and unload, but it's fine with cheap ammo.
  12. Sell it! Even if you have to take a loss. Reloading is a part-time job. There are people who love it, and appreciate the benefits. But it doesn't get you ammo in bad times, because you still need to be able to find the components, which become scarce when ammo is scarce. Larry Potterfield lists five reasons for reloading: save money, improve accuracy, they don't make it anymore, the satisfaction of doing it yourself, and one more that I don't recall. Eventually this shortage will die down, and when it does, I would recommend buying ammo whenever you see it at reasonable prices. It lasts virtually forever, so just buy it and store it. Over the last few years, I found myself buying whenever I saw a good deal, thinking that perhaps I was needlessly accumulating too much. Turns out, there's no such thing as too much. No one has enough ammo to last forever, but it's nice to have enough to last a long while.
  13. There are a lot of reasons to hold gold and sliver, these being among them. The problem with gold is that one ounce coins or bars contain so much value, that it would be hard to spend them as a barter medium in a case where the currency collapses. Many people advocate owning bags of 90% silver pre-1964 U.S. coins for the potential of using them for smaller purchases. The biggest problem with silver that I see is that after you start to accumulate a decent amount, it gets pretty damn heavy and nearly impossible to tote around. Another huge problem I have discovered is that the State of NJ charges sales tax on precious metal purchases, so one would need to add nearly 7% to the cost of owning it, on top of the premium, or around an additional $100 on an ounce of gold. I believe this makes the cost prohibitive, unless you can have it shipped out of state somewhere, or held in the vault of a reliable seller.
  14. Old Glock guy


    Welcome aboard! Lots of great info on these boards. Tell us about yourself: where you shoot, what you shoot, etc.
  15. I'm speaking, of course, of Senator Joe Manchin. He's pretty much all we have keeping the Dems from nuking the filibuster and forcing their radical far left agenda down our throats. I would suggest everyone call and/or write to urge him to stand strong. I've heard that Senators Kyrsten Sinema and John Tester, other Democrats in red states, might also be sympathetic to us.
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