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  1. I was going to say this, but you said it better than I could have.
  2. Anyone except someone who is prohibited from owning firearms is allowed to carry a concealed weapon in New Hampshire without the need for a permit. From the state's website: https://www.nh.gov/safety/divisions/nhsp/newsevents/2017/20170222-concealed-carry.htm
  3. I have one and I love it! What are you waiting for? Take it out and start shooting it.
  4. Just got back from a wonderful trip to Maine, including a visit to Acadia for some sightseeing and hiking. They have Constitutional carry up there (except for in the park, for some reason), which means that anyone who is not an otherwise prohibited person can carry a concealed firearm with no required training or credentials. It works just fine there, as it does in the other 11 or so states that have the same provision. But in NJ, politicians and anti-gun activists continue to insist, "But it's different here."
  5. I carry a Springfield Armory 9 mm mod. 2 subcompact in an IWB holster (usually at 4:00, but occasionally appendix carry) whenever I have the opportunity. I have thought about carrying either my Glock 19 or 26, but have never actually done so. I like the grip safety on the SA, because I feel that if I get some clothing or anything else in the trigger guard while I am re-holstering, I will be less like to have a negligent discharge.
  6. I'm hoping to get out of here soon, but the reality is that we're running out of places to go.
  7. I am up at SSA again for a few days of shotgun training. (Fishnut, I appreciate your offer, but I'm on a pretty tight schedule.) i just saw Advanced Defensive Shotgun pop up on their calendar last week. I had been watching for it for a long time, as it is not offered very often. When I saw it, I cleared my schedule, and headed north. It's a two day class that builds on their Defensive Shotgun, or similar classes. It was a solid class, that did not disappoint When I make the nearly five hour drive up here (this is my third trip), I try to bundle at least a couple of classes, so tomorrow I'll be taking Home Defense Shotguh with Rassa. Just as some people can't get enough cowbell, I'm like that with shotgun. Lol! I believe that's going to be more CQB, incorporating fighting with the gun as an impact weapon. If anyone would like more info, LMK and I'll post an AAR.
  8. Looking for some advice here. I've had a Stag Arms Model 2 for about five years, and it has been nearly flawless. Using just an Aimpoint PRO RDS, from a bipod I am able to shoot fairly tight groups at 50 and 100 yards, and am mostly able to hit a 12" circle at 200 yards. Recently, I have been unable to hit a 6" target at 50 yards with any consistency. Could the likely cause be barrel fouling? Generally, all I do is shoot some Breakfree CLP down the barrel and run a bore snake through once or twice. Recently, I poured some Hoppes down there, ran the snake through, and got a really tight group for my first few shots, but then the group opened up again (mostly high and right, FWIW). Would it be worth investing in a barrel cleaning rod, and/or taking it in for a professional cleaning? Any thoughts or suggestions would be most appreciated.
  9. Pizza Bob, I appreciate your efforts to try to pull this together. Much as I love coffee, and most of the members of this forum, just checked to find the location is 90 minutes from me, so I'm not going to be able to make it. If some people from north Jersey would like to pull something like this together, I would be happy to help organize it. And despite their politics, I love Starbucks coffee, and refuse to deprive myself of it to make some statement that no one will know about.
  10. This discussion has come up on here from time to time on here, and I have said that I can't imagine a scenario where it would make sense to bug out vs. staying put in my north Jersey suburban location. I have a couple of bug out bags packed, but mostly, I fret over all the pricey gear in them that I am unlikely to ever need to use. As for escaping NJ, it is frequently said that PA and DE will prevent us from exiting across their bridges. Even if that's true, unless my knowledge of geography fails me, can't one escape NJ without any river crossings by heading north?
  11. Considering that you can find them for under $200, that's probably your best option.
  12. My 9mm handgun that people seem to most enjoy shooting is a Glock 34. It's the same size frame as a Glock 17, but with a longer slide. It's a pleasure to shoot, and the long slide makes it easy to be accurate. For carry, I'm looking forward to getting my wife a SCCY in 9mm when we get out of NJ.
  13. Sorry to necropost on this thread, but I just got a Mini 14, and was reading through this. Curious how HE made out with his class. The Mini 14 shoots nicely, but I find mag changes to be a bit trickier than for an AR or AK. Not sure how that would work out in a tactical situation. I just ordered an inexpensive Nikon scope for it, and am looking to make it my first scoped rifle. It will be nice to actually see the target at 100, 200 yards and beyond, instead of just seeing a black dot off in the distance with my old eyes and an RDS.
  14. Seconded. Banned by name. Thread over.
  15. Must be true if it's on the internet. They can't say anything on the internet if it's not true, can they?