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  1. I was going to say the same thing. It's hard to fault USCCA, which is a wonderful organization, for having a hard time keeping up with NJ's constantly changing carry laws these days. BTW, their website does mention a duty to inform police as of July 1st of this year.
  2. Sounds like it should be pretty manageable for most people. Is the target the full "bowling pin," or is it the truncated one used for FBI quals?
  3. Looks great! I'm going with a Sig Romeo 5 that I had lying around. The Attero Bravo mount said it should work with that.
  4. Thanks so much HE and Krdshrk. I really appreciate the very helpful advice both of you have provided. After considering all the options, I placed an order for the Attero Arms mount. It appears to be easy to install, it seems pretty solid, and its price is a fraction of some of the others. Plus, it's recommended by HE, so I'm sure it's going to work just fine.
  5. Thanks HE. Does that attach to the dust cover? I have heard that dust cover mounts generally struggle to hold zero. How has yours held up?
  6. I believe that the people out there refer to him as "Saint Benitez."
  7. Do I understand this correctly, that even though my qual went out to 25 yards, as it did not involve drawing from a holster, I need to repeat it for $135 or so? I find this particularly repugnant, because I have taken many tactical classes that involve repeated drawing and reholstering, so it seems like just a note that I have done this would seem to be sufficient.
  8. I recently purchase a Century Arms VSKA in black polymer which has no side rail. I have looked at options for mounting an optic, and I have found they include an Ultimak to replace the gas tube, or some kind of post production rail, like the AK Master Mount. I don't think the latter works with Century Arms, so the choices are limited. Does anyone here have experience with this, and if so, what are your thoughts?
  9. My wife and I went over to Riverside Square Mall (The Shops at Riverside) yesterday. Of course, I was armed. There were no signs saying no firearms, but there was a small sign saying "Code of Conduct." In small letters under that heading, among a list of other rules like dress code, polite behavior, and such, there was a line that said "no weapons." I told my wife that as there was no large sign, I was OK. She did not agree, so in the interest of maintaining marital harmony, I stashed my gun in the car. Curious how others here feel about this. Do you agree with my assessment? How would you have handled it?
  10. I don't get the talk about needing to re-qualify. As I understand it, if the first qual was substantially equivalent, there should be no reason to repeat it.
  11. Looks really nice. Best of luck with it.
  12. I bought this semiautomatic beauty a few years ago, but I have barely used it, so I’m putting it up for sale to make some room in my safe. It is in like new condition, with just a few hundred rounds through it. I added a two round extension tube to bring it up to the NJ legal limit of 6 + 1, and a six round side saddle with a six inch rail. Each of those upgrades was around $100. These are currently going for around $700 when you can find them, so I’m offering this with the upgrades for $600. Please feel free to post here or pm me with any questions. I am in Wayne, and can meet at an FFL dealer within a reasonable distance. The guy at what was formerly the True Value Hardware store in Lincoln Park I believe has decent fees. So does Tom at Oak Ridge Firearms. First to post “I’ll take it,” gets the sale.
  13. I like the GFG guy and watch most of his videos, but he is kind of out there.
  14. I agree with your sentiment, but there’s no way we outvote nearly a million more Democrats than Republicans, who think that delaying gun sales is a good thing, even though they would prefer to halt them altogether.
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