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  1. I've had a Stag Arms Model 2 for several years, and it has been ultra-reliable and fun to shoot. You might consider renting a few AR's somewhere before you buy one.
  2. Muzzle brakes are legal. They must be permanently affixed (i.e. welded). Flash hiders are illegal. Go figure!
  3. Best of luck to you! What part of Florida? We recently purchased a condo in Jupiter, and have spent some time there. Loved it! Really hoping to change residence to there sometime soon.
  4. Robski from AK Operators Union, who knows a thing or two about AK's, loves the Zastava ZPAP M70: I would urge you to watch a bunch of his videos before you purchase an AK.
  5. My son-in-law just informed me that he used his to buy his first gun (a Sig P320).
  6. I don't see how something like that could be even remotely close to being Constitutional, but then liberal legislators just go ahead and propose, and sometimes pass, whatever legislation they want, the Constitution be damned. Heaven help us the next time we have a liberal SCOTUS (or when they pack the court).
  7. I get the general drift of that graph, but one could get a headache trying to sort out the specifics. Is it just me, or are some of those colors really close to one another? Can't even remember the last time I bought ammo. It was well over a year ago. Glad I stocked up every time I saw good prices over the last few years. BTW, looks like 7.62 is recovering quicker than most other calibers, in terms of price and availability.
  8. Reminds me of the time a few years back when I was living by myself, and had a dozen or so cans of ammo, which didn't fit in my hidden storage spot, in the middle of the basement. I had a guy come by to service my oil burner, and he asked me why I had a bunch of empty ammo cans piled up. I started to say, "Empty ammo cans?" But I caught myself, and said, "Oh, yeah. I got those on sale and left them there until I can figure out what kind of stuff to store in them."
  9. Just a few off the top of my head: Active Self Protection Chris Baker at Luckygunner.com Hickok45 For 2A news and info: Braden at Langley Outdoors Academy Guns and gadgets
  10. I was dreaming about getting 50% off on a 1301 Tactical shotgun, but then I woke up.
  11. Both of those companies have competitive pricing. Just watch that you don’t negate your savings with unreasonably high FFL transfer fees.
  12. I just got an email saying that Prepper Gun Shop has them currently. Pretty sure I’ve bought from them in the past. CDNN Sports has them as well.
  13. Here's a piece from The Federalist that discusses this in detail, and illustrates how enviably consistent the left are in their messaging. Our side really needs to do a better job with getting its word out. https://thefederalist.com/2021/06/07/dont-believe-leftist-lies-about-a-federal-judges-end-to-californias-gun-ban/
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