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  1. I was at the SG range just a couple of months ago, and siderman's advice is accurate. 1. I have hung pieces of cardboard from the wood frame, and they kind of stay up, but tend to fall down after a few shots. 2. You can bring your own throwers, and I believe there are electrical outlets for them. Their 5-stand machines are pre-loaded, and the fee is .30 per round, minus 10% at the end for missed or broken clays. You can set a delay if you are shooting alone. 3. Yes, you can shoot slugs on the rifle range, but they are tough on your target backing.
  2. It's not looking good for those who are looking for the courts to save us from an onslaught of new anti-gun laws.
  3. We have touched on some of these issues in other threads, but I want to make sure I have this straight. Do I understand correctly that the dreaded AR-15 is no different from any other semiautomatic rifle chambered in .223/5.56 (like the Ruger Mini 14), except that it has features that give it a scary, military appearance? If that's true, then when there is a clamor to ban these "weapons of war that have no place on our streets, whose only purpose is to kill as many people as possible as quickly as possible," why does no one point out the obvious that I stated above? I'm sure all of us often hear people we know saying, "I support the Second Amendment, but no one needs to own an assault weapon." Shouldn't we be running all kinds of public service announcements to make the public aware that they are being duped by our politicians and the mainstream media? I guess the danger in that strategy is that we then may push them to ban all SA weapons; however, I think that would be a much heavier lift for the anti-gun brigade. Or should we just keep quiet, let them ban "assault weapon," and quietly acquire items like the Mini 14 and Mini 30?
  4. Good article. Thanks for posting it. It's a refreshing change from the multitude of opinion pieces going the other way in this morning's Bergen Record. Why do I continue to subscribe? I guess I take some kind of masochistic pleasure from reading all the anti-gun opinions, plus I enjoy the coverage of HS sports and the puzzles.
  5. Whoa, I've been officially taken to the woodshed! Your points are well-taken, but keep in mind that I was posting a couple of sentences on a gun forum, not writing an outline for legislative action. Perhaps I should have said that since virtually every mass shooter is a young man on psychotropic meds, maybe they should be given extra scrutiny before they can obtain a weapon. Would that have been more palatable? Mental health is tricky. Most people with mental health issues are not violent. Then you get a maniac like this guy, who clearly should never have been able to obtain a firearm.
  6. There is strong evidence that virtually all mass shooters are on psych meds. I think they need to figure out how to keep them away from guns, and leave the rest of us the F alone.
  7. And yet I'm hearing the politicians and talking heads on CNN and MSNBC yammering about how we need to ban "assault weapons" and other "weapons of war that have no place on our streets."
  8. Agreed, which is why they have to keep emphasizing that they support the Second Amendment, but they just want to take guns away.
  9. Saw the note from ANRPC, and listening to the discussion now. So much wrong in New Jersey, and they choose to spend their time obsessing on how to make things tougher for gun owners. BTW, they keep saying that we have strong laws, but we haven't gone far enough. How far do they believe we have to go?
  10. Holy crap, those comments are painful to read! Those people are all living in their NYC/NYT bubble. They're still trying to figure out how Hillary could have lost. To them, the term "law-abiding gun owner" is an oxymoron.
  11. Good article. Thanks for posting it. I must have missed it when I read my (failing) NY Times yesterday morning.
  12. That's a beauty! If I ever get around to getting a revolver, I think I want one like that.
  13. Smokin.50, don't sell yourself short. I've heard you on GFH radio, and you handle yourself well.
  14. Dave, I don't disagree with you at all. Scott's problem was that he was forced into a soundbite, with no time for detailed explanation, so a simpler explanation might have served him better. BTW, if that were me in that exact same situation, no way I would have been able to handle it as gracefully as Scott did, so I didn't mean to sound overly critical.
  15. Kind of weird that everyone has the same problem. Seems like some kind of glitch in the program. Took me awhile to stumble onto the solution that others have figured out.