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  1. I have Trijicon XD sights on my Springfield Armory 9 mm subcompact. Yesterday, while I was shooting, I suddenly noticed that the orange insert in my front sight was gone. Looked around a bit, but no luck in finding it. I was going to buy a new front sight, but then I thought it might work if I get some glow in the dark acrylic paint, and put a drop of it on the front sight post. Anyone ever had this happen to them? Any suggestions would be welcomed.
  2. I really do not mean for this to sound like gloating, just a comparison to how things are in Free America. Here in Florida, one can be in and out of a gun store with a purchase or an FFL transfer (I have done both) in about 10 minutes. FNJ
  3. Ditto. Just saw this. Nice work! I'll definitely keep an eye on your site.
  4. No way to know if Wayne is issuing a steady stream of permits, but it seems like they just pushed out a bunch all at once.
  5. I got my application in on 12/22/22 (yes, a buzzer beater), and just got the call today from the Wayne PD that it has been approved, and that I can pick it up. Somewhat ironically, I got the call as I was sitting in Newark Airport on my way to Florida for a few weeks, where I can carry almost anywhere I want, with only a few small exceptions. I should note that the detective in Wayne was helpful and courteous, the whole process taking just over two months. Any one else get a permit issued in Wayne?
  6. You just beat me to it! I have received emails from several sites this morning offering it for $329 after rebate. If you're going to go for it, now is the time. Edited to add: Prepper Gun Shop has them for under $300 after the rebate. Definitely a hot deal!
  7. I like the way the side-folding design eliminates the Sub2000 dilemma of how to re-fold it with an optic in place. I've been looking for a pistol caliber carbine to keep in Florida, and I think this might be the one.
  8. Here's a video review from just a couple of days ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdFm5-EbtE8
  9. Welcome to our clubhouse! Yes, lots of good folks here, and much to be learned, especially with NJ's laws designed to trap honest people and discourage people from owning firearms. in what part of the state are you located, and where do you shoot?
  10. Wanted to report back that we have been drinking Full Metal Java for about a week now, and are enjoying its full flavor and smoothness. Thanks for the suggestion.
  11. Curious why they would sue to go back to 15 rounds. Why not just try for no limit, as in free states?
  12. Come to think of it, have not heard anything from them in quite awhile. I was kind of hoping this thread was going to release some new training dates.
  13. Not sure if this has been mentioned in this lengthy discussion, but the way the law is currently written, aren't we prohibited from carrying a gun in our car? Doesn't it still need to be unloaded and stored away? I guess this is a theoretical that assumes that this provision of the law will be overturned by the courts.
  14. I love my Sub2000, both for its backpack potential and that it's fun to shoot. But be aware that if you get one, it's probably going to need some upgrades. M*Carbo makes a lot of nice add-ons. You will likely need to purchase their rubber sleeve for the receiver to keep the bare metal from slamming against your cheek. Also, you will probably want to add a red dot sight, as the cheek weld to use the iron sights is awkward, at best. Then you will need a special mount for it that either swings out of the way, or is QD of some kind, so you can still fold your gun. All that said, I believe it's still worth it, but it's definitely a case of mo' money, mo' money.
  15. And New Jersey continues to get worse and worse. But it's for the children.
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