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  1. As New York attempts to severely limit areas where people can carry, it was just a matter of time before our rulers jumped in to "protect" us from the widespread presence of firearms.
  2. Welcome aboard! Lots of good info and good folks on here.
  3. Looked like around 8-10 people.
  4. Thank you. That is very helpful. I had not gotten around to taking a closing look at the application.
  5. I have kind of a quandary on my CCW app. I am in the process of moving within the same town. I know that I will need a new DL and FID card. Anyone know if the CCW card needs to be re-done after a move like the FID? Much as it pains me to wait, I suspect it's going to be best to get my new DL and FID before I submit my CCW app. Anyone have any knowledge on this?
  6. I finally got around to qualifying today at Gun for Hire. It looked like they are still running a lot of people through the quals. Short safety briefing, instructions on course of fire, then right into it. We did not specifically have to demonstrate safe gun handling, but there were a lot of instructors, so they might have been observing us. Course of fire (untimed) was 50 rounds as follows: 24 rounds at 7 yards 14 rounds at 10 yards 6 rounds at 15 yards 6 rounds at 25 yards It appeared that everyone in my group passed. Anyone who cannot hit 80% or better on a full silhouette target with no time pressure probably should not be carrying a firearm. They did say that if anyone failed, they could try again in a week at a reduced fee, presumably after some practice and some remedial training.
  7. I was under the impression that the qual only requires 6 or so rounds at 25 yards, so if you hit most of them at the shorter distances, the 25 becomes moot. (But of course, I plan on hitting all of them with my Springfield Armory XD subcompact 9 mm, which is very similar to a Glock 26.)
  8. I believe you could get a +2 extension and have it blocked. Or you could just wait for NJ's mag limit to be overturned. Hope you are enjoying your 1301 Tactical. I love mine! I was in a shotgun class at GFH recently, where 5 of 6 students were using the 1301.
  9. Cool idea. Think I might try that. Actually, that's one of those ideas that while it's probably legal in NJ (unloaded, of course), it's certainly not advisable.
  10. Sometimes it comes down to the clothing. Try wearing a plaid shirt with dark colors to hide the lines of your concealed firearm.
  11. That's hot stuff that someone defies overwhelming odds to win the money, and the government gets nearly twice as much.
  12. If this happens, it will be nice to reunite with a box of mags that I had to exile out of state.
  13. Considering that you would not use deadly force unless you were faced with the prospect of death or serious bodily harm, what is your alternative? Considering that CCW insurance is legal in most states, and that it was banned here by executive order, not legislative action, it seems this would not stand up to legal scrutiny.
  14. Statistically, the chances of needing a reload in a civilian self defense encounter are almost nil. People who study these things (like John at Active Self Protection) say it rarely ever happens. Despite that, I keep a spare mag in the lower pocket on the left side (support side) of my cargo shorts.
  15. Just to clarify, I believe LEO's in NJ can carry HP's when on duty, but are not permitted to do so when off duty.
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