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  1. On your first point, my money is on the latter. On your second, I wonder how many of those wounds she treats are from legally owned guns?
  2. Those are my go to choices as well. Ammo is relatively inexpensive right now, compared to where it's been the last few years. I would suggest you stock up while you can.
  3. Can't find anything on them. It appears that their website is no longer working. Anyone know if they went out of business?
  4. I was kind of hoping they would pick me.
  5. Howard, you had me going there for a minute you son of a gun! (Note the cheesy firearms pun.) I was especially dismayed, as my wife and I are headed down there this week to look at places.
  6. I'm having trouble understanding why when a liberal court, like the Ninth Circuit, blocks an EO by Trump, it applies everywhere, but when there is a ruling like this, it only affects the specific jurisdiction.
  7. And yet another item on my growing list for when I leave NJ!
  8. Wow, best 2A news I've heard in a long time! But yes, I'm sure many of us had that same reaction.
  9. Goes on all the time: "More Mexicans are leaving our country than are coming in." "Illegal aliens commit less crime than native-born citizens." "Illegal aliens put more money into our economy than they take out of it/pay more money in taxes than they receive in benefits." "More illegal aliens are here by overstaying their visas than by sneaking across our southern border." And on and on...
  10. I have the Spyderco system as well. Seems to work OK, but I don't have the attention span to spend more than a couple of minutes per blade. Fifteen to twenty swipes on each side with the coarse and fine rods, and I'm done. Don't know if the knife is really done at that point, but I am.
  11. Greetings from your neighbor here in northern Wayne. I'm up in Pompton Lakes a lot for stores, bars and restaurants, and running. I'm not a hunter, but I enjoying putting a lot of lead downrange.
  12. That's a real shame, because that's my favorite beer.
  13. I guess they believe that if they don't exist in their country, people won't be able to obtain them, legally or illegally. I notice that they have dropped that whole "weapons of war" canard and have just gone for all semi-autos. Wonder how long it takes for them to take that approach here,
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