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  1. Welcome to our gang! New Jersey sucks in many ways, but we have really good tomatoes here and the shore is pretty nice. Be sure to educate yourself on our firearms laws, as they are quite complex, and every violation is a felony!
  2. So sorry to hear that. We get so attached to our dogs that it's incredibly painful when we lose them. If you don't mind a slightly lighter note, one time many years ago we had our cat and dog put down on the same day. My wife was sitting in a diner with a friend, crying her eyes out. A helpful, elderly gentleman approached her, and asked, "What's the matter, honey?" She told him, "I lost my dog and cat today." With the sincere intention of wanting to help her feel better, he said, "Don't worry, I'm sure you'll find them."
  3. Just saw this. Congratulations Dave/Rosey!
  4. Good choice! I think when I leave this state I'll get an M1 carbine.
  5. Another good reason to never get into a fight. One should avoid anti-social confrontations at all costs, but should be prepared to defend oneself with ruthless violence if faced with the threat of death or serious bodily harm.
  6. I've had one for a year or so, and I love it! Good luck with yours. You adding an optic, or just going with the iron sights? I have a Primary Arms RDS on mine.
  7. Thread over!
  8. PK90, I mostly agree with you, but I believe one can face legal action in NJ by claiming one is carrying a knife for "self defense." We are expected to be willing victims in this state, not people who can defend ourselves. I believe a rape whistle is still legal to carry.
  9. Mipafox (RIP) used to remind us that all knives are illegal in Philadelphia. While I have not verified this, it certainly seems worth looking into, if one is headed there.
  10. It's at Cobra One Tactical in Great Meadows (see above) 9/4-6. https://costaludus.com/courses/carbine-elements-theory-2-cet2/
  11. Looks like Joe struck a compromise, and is now shooting for a Carbine 2 class. Based on my experience with Costa's handgun class in May, I would recommend this to anyone who is serious about his or her training. Alex V, will you be going?
  12. Next move is to have another hearing on this en banc to nullify the original decision.
  13. Holy crap, the uber-left Ninth Circuit amazes all of us once again! That's the second time within a week.
  14. Joe says he's considering making the 9/4-6 class shotgun. I'm seriously considering it. Would you still do it if it changes?