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  1. Get a pair (or a few pairs) of Mechanix Wear gloves. The are extremely comfortable to shoot with. I use them frequently, both in cold weather, and sometimes to keep my hands from getting beat up when I'm taking training classes. https://www.mechanix.com/us-en/men/tactical
  2. Wait, I'm confused. Aren't these exactly the kind of policies that Murphy has banned, claiming that they are "murder insurance"?
  3. Seems like it would be hard to argue against the equivalence of the two kind of sanctuaries, In fact, I have seen the theoretical potential of 2A sanctuaries used as an argument against similar havens for illegal immigrants. Would be nice to see this used to turn things on our favor.
  4. I find it amazing that with concealed carry so prevalent around the country, when you go to those places, not only do legal CCW holders not run around shooting each other, but one never even sees a gun. Yet, here in PRNJ, our overlords (legislators) fear that if they allow us to defend ourselves all hell will break loose.
  5. I count 7 posts on this thread. Why does his post count still say "zero"? Does this thread not count? In any event, welcome to our clubhouse. Much to learn from this gang, and at the very least, we have a place to commiserate about how miserable life is in this god forsaken state.
  6. And don't think that's not their ultimate goal! When I hear talk of banning "assault rifles" or "weapons of war," I often wonder if any parent would feel better knowing a school shooter used a handgun or a shotgun. Don't they realize that the issue is dealing with evil people, including those who are mentally ill, and making schools safer, not the weapon.
  7. I'm surprised they don't just pivot and say that this proves that access to guns is a bad thing.
  8. Good (short) video from Prager U about heroism during a shooting in California last year: https://www.prageru.com/video/the-borderline-bar-and-grill-a-tale-of-men-and-masculinity/
  9. Try dry firing with a penny or dime balanced on your front sight. The steadiness you need to squeeze the trigger without the coin falling off is what you need when live firing to accurately hit what you are aiming at. (Assuming, of course, that you have your sights properly aligned.)
  10. From the NJ Second Amendment Society: https://nj2as.org/moms-demand-action-hosts-event-with-illegal-large-capacity-magazines-ghost-gun-parts-and-tools-bayonet-and-live-ammunition/ There's a picture of the guy who cut his AR in half "if it would save the life of just one child." Pretty sure his AR was not going to shoot anyone. Besides, he could have saved all that trouble by just pulling out the takedown pins to split his AR in half.
  11. Interesting piece. The authors twist themselves up in knots to reach their convoluted conclusions.
  12. Good advice from High Exposure, as always. I wanted to add that if your new AR is just going to be a range toy, and perhaps a home defense option, if you are going with a red dot sight, you could probably get by with something by Primary Arms, Vortex, or Sig's Romeo 5. I have an Aimpoint PRO on my AR, and it works fine, but I have some of the less expensive options on my other guns, including AK's and 9 mm carbines. They have held up well through many range sessions, and even some fairly intense training classes. While I might be reluctant to trust my life to them in a multi-day grid down scenario, they are fine for most everyday situations at a much lower cost.
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