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  1. Ditto! Picked mine up just before the pandemic hit, so I haven't had a chance to shoot it much. Looking forward to getting out there with it very soon.
  2. Just working from memory (too lazy to look it up), I believe that applies to transporting handguns through New Jersey, not traveling within the state with them.
  3. That's kind of unusual. I order from them a lot, spend enough at a time to get free shipping, and usually get my coffee within a week. Carl_g, JB is one of my favorites, but there are a number of other solid ones as well.
  4. Yes, I was about to ask which two aren’t?
  5. Saw that video. It's dangerous. How could you not want one after watching that?
  6. I bristle whenever I hear one of them say (of MSR's), "Their only purpose is to kill as many people possible in the shortest possible time." What idiots! Many, if not most, of us here own AR's and/or AK's, and I'll bet none of them have ever killed anyone.
  7. The situation in Canada proves that gun grabbers won't be satisfied until all guns are banned. To my understanding, Canada already has every law on the wishlist of Moms Demand, Every Town, and others like that, including universal background checks, magazine capacity limits, and possibly even a registry(?). Still, every time a shooting occurs, they decree that more laws are necessary. Anyone know what the recent mass shooter in Nova Scotia used? Was it an MSR?
  8. There's no need to continue the thread beyond this (although I guess I just did).
  9. Wondering if NY can now just say, "Ha, ha! Changed our minds. The law is now back in effect, so we guess you are going to have to start the judicial process all over again."
  10. fmf.src, it was not the cleaning of the trigger group that caused it to stop functioning, In fact, I didn't even remove it during the cleaning. From what I've read, it was the act of pushing the safety halfway between safe and fire, as instructed, to be able to remove the stock from the receiver, that allows it to rotate 180 degrees out of position. Somehow that prevents the hammer from falling, so in essence, you end up with a dead trigger.
  11. Thanks for that tony357. If we make it to our shore house this week, I'm going to wander down there with my P2P in hand.
  12. How about northern NJ, anyone know of any places that deliver or provide curbside pickup?
  13. Anyone know what happened to these? They were all over the place a few month ago, but now they are nowhere to be found.
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