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  1. I just want to know when I can go back to Cherry Ridge and start shooting again. (Looked for, but could not find the emoji with a tear.)
  2. Nice find! And some good work to get it up and running again. Good luck with it.
  3. Can't believe I posted this over two years ago, and I still haven't gotten one. Any updates from current users?
  4. Curious how all of you are spending your plentiful idle time, especially now that all the gun ranges are closed? I feel like the nerdy guy who loved to read in the Twilight Zone episode where he finds himself in a large library at the end of the world, with no one else around and nothing but time on his hands, only to break his only pair of glasses. We went out for a couple of family hikes on the weekend, but the trails were so crowded, we might just as well have gone to the mall. Not coincidentally, I received a notice from the trail conference that people should stay home, because the trails are too crowded to allow for social distancing. I spent yesterday taking inventory, sorting, and labeling all my ammo, which I had not had a chance to do since moving last fall. I won't say how much I have on a public forum, but let's just say it's enough that if it ever made the news, I would be labeled some kind of maniac, probably no different from the rest of you. Other than that, I've been getting out for morning runs on some quiet trails near my home, hitting our makeshift basement gym in the evenings, doing some reading, and watching some shows and movies at night. This whole thing would be a lot more of a painful ordeal if the power was out! How about the rest of you, how are you spending all that newfound time?
  5. I don't recall our having much say in it. I thought they weren't supposed to be able to legislate away our rights...omo.
  6. As I understand it, Murphy's emergency order mandates that all public and private, indoor and outdoor ranges be close for the duration.
  7. I'm pissed that I can't go up to Cherry Ridge to shoot with all the newfound free time that I have available. It's outdoors, and if we only use alternate benches, we can maintain social distance, so I don't get what the problem is?
  8. Did I say I was stressing over water? I could just as easily have mentioned toilet paper I was merely making the point that people have been needlessly panic buying those items, so why wouldn't they hoard a drug that could provide a potential cure?
  9. If it turns out to be effective, which looks likely at this point, good luck getting it. It's hard to even find water in my neighborhood.
  10. I am very much inclined to agree with you. OTOH, we were scheduled to leave for Florida tomorrow, and we cancelled our trip, so while it all seems like BS to me, I'm reluctant to disregard it completely.
  11. Damn, that thing looks awfully bristly!
  12. Lol! I picked up an order from them in Pompton Lakes last night. There appeared to be only one guy working there. I asked him if they were going to be allowed to stay open after 8:00 PM, since no one could go there to pick up orders, and their drivers are not supposed to be on the roads. He seemed to have no idea what I was talking about, so I just took my pizza, wished him well, and left.
  13. I wasn't laughing because the whole time I watched I was thinking that there was no way I could have walked over that log without falling in!
  14. Congratulations! Some good folks over there at RTSP. I was a member there for a couple of years when they first opened, and I've bought a couple of guns from them.
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