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  1. Interesting observation. And to your point, I don't play golf anymore, but when I did, I didn't have a Jeep. Go figure!
  2. I discovered BRC not long ago, and have been drinking it for the last couple of months. Yes, definitely a bit pricey. I just drink it on my days off, as a special treat. I got a bunch of it delivered a few days ago, as they were running a 25% off special. Oddly, I find that it saves me money, because a lot of times when I would have Starbucks in the afternoon, I have some of that instead. (And yes, I know there are 2A issues with Starbucks, but their coffee is so damn good that I am willing to overlook them.)
  3. I've been to both, and think they are both really nice. Are you about equidistant from both of them? If the distance is not a factor, why not just shoot at both as a nonmember for awhile, and see if you start to develop more of a fondness for one than for the other.
  4. Are we counting range memberships and training classes in this? I think even all in, I'm spending less than I used to spend on golf when that was my passion.
  5. Got them all right, but I was lucky on a couple, especially made a good guess on the Greek word for "ballistics."
  6. Good advice from vladtepes, as usual. T Bill, thanks for posting that video and saving me the trouble of digging it up. That's the best explanation I have seen of the pros and cons of different zeroes. I refer to it every once it awhile, but mostly I'm zeroed at 50 and 200, so my POI is just a little higher at 100.
  7. Hey, thanks for posting that on another thread. That was the first I had heard of it. Checked mine, and I was GTG.
  8. I've been wanting to get one as well, but I think I'm going to wait until I'm out of NJ so I can get the real thing.
  9. The Dems are now totally unrestrained. If they can think of any anti-gun legislation, they will do it.
  10. Where is that? I want to move there!
  11. Nice work, Ant! Thanks for speaking out so eloquently for all of us.
  12. Well, that and the people who keep voting for them.
  13. As troubling as it is to learn of this, it would be far worse to not know about it. The hodgepodge of ever-changing laws make concealed carry truly perilous. The consequences of not knowing about a capricious change like this are a potential felony conviction, possible prison time, and the permanent loss of the right to own firearms in all 50 states.
  14. Call me sentimental, but I loved last night's season finale. Some good action, but heartwarming conclusion. Could someone please tell me if Eugene's ammo sabotage could really work?
  15. I felt like I had to go as well. I couldn't make it to the last one, so I was feeling kind of guilty, relying on others to carry water for me. But I know we all have our own situations and priorities, so I don't begrudge anyone who didn't make it. I was a little disappointed with the turnout, but as others have noted, the actual number of people to show up is relatively unimportant. if we had 250, as reported in the news article (a generous estimate, I believe), or 1000, I don't think it would have made any difference. There was no way we were getting the thousands that showed up for the Parkland brats. Our great strength in the past as gun rights advocates is that we have more at stake than the other side, and we are more likely to be one issue voters, even if we suffer from a large degree of apathy. Fortunately for us, after every tragedy, the uproar for legislators to "do something" quickly subsides. I couldn't find a single opinion piece or letter in The Bergen Record yesterday on the subject. Of course, we have no way to know what will happen in November, but we can only hope that gun owners are just as motivated to come out and vote as is the other side, if not even more so.