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  1. Many of you have already seen this article which was first posted on Canada Free Press. This was written by one of SAPPA's founding members. Please sign the petition which is referenced in this article. Here is where you can see TPATH's posting of it and where you can download it in PDF. http://www.tpath.org/two-enemies.html By the way, testing the shoe, usually let's one discover if it fits.
  2. Thanks for all those who put that dingbat in place. Going after a person's personal life is a low down leftist nasty trick. It is usually done to distract and deter another agenda. It appears this forum has a very sneaky anti-second amendment lurker. But it is still a free country. At least until the leftists take over . As far as the previous USSC action Nick was involved in all those who may think that case was just about a divorce are sadly ignorant. Mr. Purpura was at one time a multi-millionaire working for a huge financial organization. He uncovered criminal activity and decided he would try to stop it. That is when all the power and resources of that institution turned on him, destroyed his career, his marriage and his bank account. His ex-wife who had blood ties with the big shots used their attorneys to ruin Nick. He fought back, but in the end he lost everything. Properties and bank accounts were seized and he was left with no means of employment and not one penny. His history, devastating as it was to him, is what has given him the experience and know how to not just fight the Federal Court scoundrels in this battle for our civil rights but it has made it possible for him to anticipate their every underhanded move. Dwight
  3. Hey Glen and All, We took your advice and sent a letter to FOX News. I attached it here. Thank you for that information and suggestion. I'll let you know if we get a response. On other news, the reformatted Writ has been transcribed and printed and delivered to SCOTUS. We should be getting the SCOTUS filing number later this week. At that time we will begin implementing all the great ideas proffered at last week's meeting. Also we were given permission to deliver the expedite motion to all 9 justices. Those are being mailed today. Finally we will be having some news later this week concerning an addition to our SAPPA Group. This will be a very good step in getting our case accepted. We are thrilled at the prospects of this very professional patriot. That's it for now, Dwight & Nick Letter to Fox News.docx
  4. Things are moving quickly. Here are a few important links. Meeting location and time: http://www.tpath.org/sappa-meeting-set.html Form letters to help contact SCOTUS and politicians: http://www.tpath.org/sappa-form-letters.html Meeting Agenda: http://nebula.wsimg.com/82e47399c06011eb335f0567e26f157f?AccessKeyId=3221A0C50080D1C903B6&disposition=0&alloworigin=1 That's it for now. Hope to see some of you at the Middletown meeting tonight. Dwight and Nick
  5. Hey Guys, Things are going fast and furious. Here are a couple of links to help you keep up. http://www.tpath.org/sappa-invites.html SAPPA Activity Log; http://www.tpath.org/sappa-news-and-reports.html Signup to attend SAPPA meeting: http://www.tpath.org/sappa-meeting-signup.html SCOTUS Denies Forma Pauperis: http://www.tpath.org/sappa-nick-denied-poor-man-filing.html TPATH Front Page:http://www.tpath.org/ That's all for now. There is yet another development we will update you on when it becomes more clear. Regards, Dwight & Nick
  6. No reality check needed Buddy If you have been with us from the start you would know we never fooled ourselves for one moment. We knew we had less chance than a snow bunny in a wolf pack. But that did not stop us from trying. Even if we lose this case both Nick and I would do it all over again. Working to save our Second Amendment was not about walking a way with a win. It was purely about doing the right thing. Nick and I never dreamed we would have been able to outlast several groups of high priced attorneys and over see the removal of an incompetent judge. But indeed we did. Our reality is that we tried. We gave it all we had. Left nothing on the table. We have kept this forum informed because we promised to do that. Believe me when I tell you we sometimes got more flack here than from the libs. I haven't had a chance to check your profile so I don't know how old you are. Nick and I operate on the Star Trek mode. You may be too young to know what that is. It is, simply put. No matter the odds if there is one chance in a million to survive, you take it. If we in anyway help to save the second amendment that is all the reality check we need. But thanks for taking the time to comment. Dwight
  7. Hey All, The SAPPA Group posted a Press Release and is in the process of distributing it to the major newspapers. We are putting a link to it here so a few can read it and hopefully pass it on to your local newspapers or favorite website news. Thanks, Dwight and Nick These two filings we just did cost a pretty penny. Nick asked me to thank everyone from this forum who has helped. And boy, it has helped. He intends to send each of you a letter later on when we get a chance to catch our breath. THE SAPPA GROUP 7.27.17 Press Release.pdf
  8. NJ@AS has worked with us a little. They posted info on their news letter. We here at SAPPA are big supporters of NJ2AS. They have done some great work. As to the group of gun-guys who think this is a long shot and not worth their time, they are correct of course. Their time may be too valuable to taking a chance on righting so many wrongs. But it's been two years and our long shot is still carefully aimed at those who want to destroy our rights. Long shot or not, Nick, Tony, Joe, myself and many others are in it til the bitter end. Countless hours, much money and tons of resources we have already expended. We have no intention of quitting until we have lost or my friends, have won. Dwight
  9. Hi All, Not sure if any of you signed up for our upcoming meeting. There were a few names we did not recognize. I have posted updates and links as I promised. Have not seen much in the way of responses from this forum. But I will continue to honor my promise for the few who wish to be kept informed. There have been some minor changes to our upcoming SAPPA Group meeting. Here is a link to that update. http://www.tpath.org/sappa-update.html Warm regards to all our friends on this forum, Dwight & Nick
  10. The SAPPA Group is holding a stagey meeting. Anyone interested in brainstorming what steps need to be taken or who might have some ideas is welcome. This link will give you the details. http://www.tpath.org/sappa-group-meeting.html The Wed August 2nd date may be moved to the second August Wed in allowance of the Wed 2nd CJR&PC meeting. Dwight
  11. OKAY Guys, A few links that will explain everything. http://www.tpath.org/sappa-group-announcement.html http://www.tpath.org/sappa-news-and-reports.html Dwight & Nick
  12. Okay Guys, Sorry for the delay. Between the Circuit Court and the preps for the Supreme Court we have been very busy. Reading some of the posts here it appears that some think that we announced that the case has been docketed. That is not the case. What has happened is we took a special seldom used Expediting Process and filed it with our Writ. Both the Expediting Docs and the Writ have been sent to the SCOTUS. Some of you may know what the Expediting Process is. For those who do not we will be explaining it and all we have done and what needs to be done to get this case docketed for the October session. We will be posting both documents on TPATH by Tuesday evening. Now that all our work has come to a final phase I am taking Monday off and playing in a police golf outing in Westlake tomorrow. Tuesday we will get everything posted as well as posting a description of what we have had to deal with. One last thing, what we will need now form everyone is to get this lawsuit into the public eye. We will discuss how to do that in Tuesday's report. Thanks all and hope this clears up a few things. We have indeed come a long way. We battled the best attorneys the feds and the state had to offer and we are still standing. Many of them are not, including the District Court Judge. Warm regards, Dwight and Nick
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