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  1. I am in a unique situation, NJ is my primary residence, but I am also a part time resident of NYS which allowed me to get an unrestricted CCW in NYS. NYS considers me a resident, since they do not issue permits to non-residents. If the wording of HR38 is ….in the state in which the person resides….., would my CCW in NYS allow me to carry in every other state? If the wording were primary residence or domicile, I would say no, but I DO reside in NYS, albeit part time. Then again, a case could be made that the wording, THE state in which a person resides, could imply primary residence as opposed to, A state in which a person resides. Well it will be interesting to see how it pans out, though I agree as some have said, no matter what happens, we will never be able to carry in NJ.
  2. NJ gun owners have a reason to be paranoid, the penalty in this state for simple unlawful possession of a hand gun is quite severe. Mandatory 5 years in prison with possibility of parole in 3 and the Graves Act does not allow the Judge any discretion in sentencing. The only defense may be a claim of an illegal search.
  3. I understand not answering the question about having a gun in the car and how it would give the cop probable cause to search your car. But what if he asks where are you going or where are you coming from, which they most always do? If you say you are coming from or going to the range, it can be reasonably assumed you have a gun in your car, wont that give the cop probable cause to search you car? If you do have a gun in the car and are going to the range, you don't want to lie just in case he finds probably cause to search you car. If you said you were going somewhere else, you lost your exemption for transporting the gun.
  4. I am reading this post and I am a bit confused. I live in NJ and have a PA LTC, are you saying that unless I am going to a range in PA, that I cannot legally carry my handgun thru NJ to get to PA? I cannot drive directly to the PA state line with my handgun (safely stored of course as per NJ law) just to go shopping? I own property in NYS and also have a unrestricted carry permit in NYS, is it legal for me to drive from my home in NJ directly to my home in NYS where I can legally carry? If it is not legal to drive from my home in NJ directly to a state where I can legally carry unless I am going to a range in those states, then that basically makes my CCW in those states worthless, no??
  5. I hear ya, I grew up in NYC where the gun laws are even more strict then NJ. During that time (the 1980's)I moved to Texas briefly due to work. I remember buying my first handgun there. I walked into a gun shop found a pistol I liked and asked how much it was. He said $100. So I said I will take it and asked now what do I need to do to purchase this gun. He gave me a perplexed look and said. Give me $100. That's when I realized I wasn't in Kansas(NYC) anymore. As much as I would like to move out of this area, all my friends and family are here, I can't leave. Though I can't carry in my home state of NJ, I can legally carry in all the border states.i have a residence in NYS where I can exercise my 2A right on the weekends in the summer. That will have to do for now.
  6. My check was cashed 2/22, not today as I originally had said, I just received the permit today.
  7. My check was also cashed today. They must process them in batches.
  8. In the summary of this Act, you will find the following text: ....who also meet certain other criteria, including an award of benefits based on a finding that the individual's mental impairment meets or medically equals the requirements of section 12.00 of the Listing of Impairments (Listings).... This seems to indicate that to be considered mentally incompetent you have to meet certain requirements. The following is a link to Section 12 which spells out what constitutes mental disorders according to the SSA. https://www.ssa.gov/disability/professionals/bluebook/12.00-MentalDisorders-Adult.htm After reading this, I don't think they are talking about someone who has their kid drive them to the doctor or handle their finances. IMO, if you meet these requirements, I would have to say you should not own a firearm.
  9. Its is because of this ignorance that I have no hope of ever being able to carry in NJ. ......under HR 38, someone who was deemed unfit to own a gun by New Jersey's standards could acquire a gun in a state with less strict vetting, and legally carry it in New Jersey...... What make you unfit to carry a gun in NJ is if you have not been assaulted repeatedly by someone who has vowed to kill you. The mother of stupidity is always pregnant!!!
  10. I found this on the Delaware Firearms forum, it seems like it may not be a done deal just yet. https://blog.princelaw.com/2017/02/15/delaware-changes-concealed-weapons-agreements-not-for-the-better/
  11. Am I missing something? I couldn't find anything in that link that said anything about not recognizing non resident permits. I couldn't find anything authoritative on the internet either.
  12. The congressman from my district where I own a residence in NYS is also a co-sponsor. My congressman here in NJ, District 7 is a republican and according to his website, pro-2A. I am writing him a letter urging him to co-sponsor and support the Bill. Anyone else in District 7 also should. Its probably useless with a democrat congressman, but with a republican, its worth a shot.
  13. Unlike NJ, in NYS simple possession without a permit is a class A misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in prison. It's only a felony if you are otherwise forbidden from owning a firearm or using it unlawfully. Still it is not a good idea to bring it into NY but the greater risk is traveling thru NJ.
  14. As per 27CFR 478.11, maintaining a home in another state makes you a resident of that state as well as your home state. NJ is my home state but I also own a cabin in NYS where I "reside" on weekends in the summer. Because of that I was able to get a resident unrestricted carry permit in NYS. Question is, will that allow me to carry in NJ under the Carry Reciprocity Act??
  15. "Phil believes that sensible regulations can prevent gun violence while still preserving Second Amendment rights for law-abiding residents" OK, so he lists many "sensible regulations" that supposedly can prevent gun violence, but not one mention of how he will preserve 2A rights for law abiding residents. I can carry in 39 states, including NYS and Connecticut (2 states he lists as having the most strict gun laws), but not in my home state of NJ. Is he going to change that?? Of course not, it's all BS.
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