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  1. Thanx bud but I just got done all my tests and xrays. Plus since the disc is ruptured Im not sure how anything but surgury will work at this point
  2. Thanx Zabuca. Ive suffered from lower back pain forever and have arthritus in both knees and Im a mechanic so its only going to get worse. I dont depend on pain meds at all and I dont have an addictive personality so it dont scare me. And I agree I will need to strenthen my lower body when this is done and I have a good tens unit. I tried not to get the surgury but the mri showed its too far gone not to
  3. Work harder millions on welfare depend on you!
  4. Ha small world that the place Im getting mine done just down here
  5. Yea sciaitica sucks man. My whole right side is pins and needles. Ive been out of work since late march since I tried different was of getting better but the mri showed how bad it is. Just sucks cause its digging into my new house funds Ive been saving up for a long time
  6. Ive battled pain in my back for years but I never go to the dr for anything. Well my lower disc ruptured and I have sciatica now so surgery is required. Just for a consultation cost ME $700! MRI $600! Other tests $1000 and I havent even had my surgery yet! Blows my mind how much employers and employees have pay every check and it dont cover squat! Our healthcare is one of the biggest scams! Anyone else run into this? I just dont understand how they expect you to afford to get healthy.
  7. If these units are in good shape check out the capictor in them. They fail often and its an easy ad cheap repair. Ive done a few
  8. Well its next week and from what I understand is you can only be on the road if your going to work or getting groceries, medicine. Obviously me driving a big camper with a golf cart on the back dont meet that criteria thats why Im asking.
  9. So Ive booking camping spots for 3 weekend in april alone. 2 in Pa and 1 in NJ. As far as I know no campgrounds are shutting down just no planned activities. So, is it illegal for me to travel with a camper to get there? Id have to go through Delaware also. I saw 2 motorhomes on the Delaware today so not sure.
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