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  1. Barnegat, NJ PD 4/27/23-6/9/23, address change only.
  2. Yep, there's always one in the chamber with a revolver
  3. There's more. Registrant administration is in Cameroon, Africa. City of Douala: Registrant Organization: Registrant Street: Ndokotti Registrant City: Douala Registrant State/Province: littoral
  4. As others have said, there are so many red flags associated with this site, it looks like a carnival.
  5. Thank you. You know? I've been shooting for years and the more I learn, the more it puts me at ease. I never had to really think about this until I retired and moved out of our long term house.
  6. @Mr.Stu Ah... I get it now. Thank you. I was overthinking it. The FPIC really only comes into effect regarding purchasing firearms (and both FPIC and a permit to purchase) in the case of handguns. The transport to and from the range relies on the travel exemptions. Thank you. Although it probably wouldn't hurt to have my new valid address on the new FPIC just in case I was stopped. Again, many thanks.
  7. @Mr.Stu Thank you for the comprehensive response. I sold my old house on March 1 but was living in my new house prior to that (a few weeks), thus, the new address was in effect. With the myriad of things going on, I only applied for the address change a few days ago. So, if I understand this correctly, the FPIC (FID) with the old address will allow me to bring my handguns to the range (relying on the conditions of the travel exemptions and the fact that the FPIC does nothing for me regarding handguns) AND I can take my long guns to the range (relying on the exemptions) but right now I theoretically can't possess them until the new FPIC is approved? WTF? New Jersey is very confusing. @Scorpio64 I appreciate your efforts.
  8. On my first post? lol. Thanks. I wanted to try a new range and wondered if I'll run into problems with different addresses on my license and FID while I wait for the new address to appear on my updated FID.
  9. I've filled out the necessary information online to change my address. Can I still shoot/train at a range with the old address on the FID. It will not match the new address on my driver's license. Thanks.
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