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  1. Our chief had us just refile application with him and new picture, no charge and he collected our old permits and court order and reissued permit with no restrictions…if he ever runs for office, he’s got my vote.
  2. In March, the bill passed the Oregon House followed by a passage in the Senate in June. In 2015, Oregon legislators began allowing self-serve gas during evening hours in rural and coastal counties.
  3. Did you know that up to yesterday there were only 2 states left in these "ununited" states that refused to let you pump your own gas, Oregon and NJ...now there is only one....If they don't trust you to pump your own gas without killing someone...do you really think they are interested in letting you carry a gun? Legislators must really think we are stupid....
  4. i looked at the use of force info from the state police...and while I was at GFH today, shooting at 25 yards, I said to myself, based upon the rules and law...shooting at 25 yards...I think they want me running first. The ACLU should be stepping in to defend the rights of those that have physical challenges. and after we already jumped through hoops to get a permit requiring us to come back for a do over?
  5. If you already have permit, I assume this applies upon renewal?
  6. going to breakfast at a diner and they serve alcohol....watch out!
  7. Way ahead of you…printed them out at home on color printer and laminated them, can’t tell original from duplicate after you laminate.
  8. Okay it worked, Montville Township, Chief asked residents to fill out new application and notarized, 2 more pictures….turn in “old” ID card and original court order, issued new permit with no restrictions 1 week turnaround time and……no charge!!!
  9. Snail mailed application to pike county Monday, they called today, when would I like to come visit? Just bring 20 bucks and a drivers license, and we will throw in the picture and lamination….
  10. Sometime your local government works…got a call from my PD records department today. I have an early permit that came with Morris County judge’s court order, specific gun and carry the order. Our police chief would like to reissued my permit with no restrictions, just fill out the application again, two new photos and the consent for Mental Health check, no fingerprints, and drop it off…but wait…I asked what will this cost me…..no charge!!!! Sometimes you can’t make this up…..i jokingly asked if there was a lamination fee?
  11. just write a letter to requesting additional handguns, send proof of ownership, make model, serial number, superior court of NJ-criminal division..box 910, Morristown, 07963
  12. I was wrong....I just looked through paperwork i received when i got permit with instructions for adding firearms, submit in a letter to the court, no emails, proof of ownership, no qualifications needed requesting additional firearms be added to order......did not realize it was that easy....no qualifications necessary....
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