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  1. Balimore is having a high capacity mag buy back...$25/mag, i gave them to a relative and hes turning them in for some cash....10 magazines...$250.....thanks Gov Hogan.....the least NJ could have done was returned the sales tax I gave them for the legal purchase....
  2. I have raised this point before...flood the judges with requests...a denial, seriously? getting a denial in NJ? Everyone know the impossibilities. Getting denied for another P2P in our own state because you were denied a CCW? You pass the mental health check, the criminal background check, it's left to the local PD to issue the P2P, he already knows why you didn't get the CCW permit. If any one ever asks why you were denied, tell them the truth, your life and the safety of your family has no value in NJ. NJ prefers to keep everyone a victim! I'm sure they'll understand...LOL.
  3. (27) Have you ever had a firearms purchaser identification card, permit to purchase a handgun, permit to carry a handgun or any other firearms license or application refused or revoked in New Jersey or any other state? If yes, explain. Well at least you are given the opportunity to "explain" lol
  4. you are correct...anything is possible...i guess i couldn't picture that happening in my town, small, police department pretty connected to the community, historically turns around permits in less than two week., but thats just my perception...Thanks
  5. i guess i dont understand whats the downside to being denied? When you fill out an application for another P2P and you have to answer YES to that question...well duh....no one gets it anyhow, the only reason you didnt get it is becasue your life has no value outside of your home in this state....the chief of poiice that signs off on the purchase already knows that...and another handgun in your possesion isnt going to change that...so I am sure the chief will let you have a gun to clean in your home and take to a range. We should probably all apply and overwhelm the system. At the very least it might make the news.
  6. its just that the questions are check off, yes or no on issues that even a close friend might have no knowledge of, when i fill out reference letters for doctors hospital applications...it is always qualified with " to the best of your knowledge" and no one want to know if I have a drivers license. This person that is appying is being finger printed, and background checked....at least send me an intelligent reference letter. The request shows just shows how broke the system is. Look, this is a friend who certainly is entilitled to the guarentees of the 2nd amendment, and I will answer the questionaire as all would here...I dont know if the questionaire is a standard form written by the state or each police department comes up with their own ideas.
  7. Ha, no but they ask for my drivers license number...did not know you needed to have one of those to know the answers to all those other questions? Now I feel bad for all my friends that had to answer this stuff for my permits...
  8. So I just received a questionnaire for a friend of mine that listed me as a reference from a south jersey PD. They are asking the following..and I can only answer yes or no...not yes to the best of my knowledge. Has the applicant ever been convicted of a crime or disorderly persons offense? How would I know for sure, and wouldn't that be some thing that the police would know? Does the applicant suffer from any physical defect or illness? suffer? Seriously? Illness? Like a cold or flu? Has the applicant ever been confined to a mental institution? If they were they never told me...and are t you guys supposed to,be doing the mental health background check? Has the applicant ever belong to an organization that promotes the overthrow of the us government or the state of NJ. Overthrow NJ???? Are there such organizations? Like who would want the state? And wouldn't those meetings be secretive? How would I know? This is the state of our system...this is what they want to know from a reference in order to decide if the applicant is worthy of owning a gun.
  9. Clearly, the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness is as complicated as most other life threatening illnesses. Just always so hard to wrap out mind around it.
  10. a rational, healthy sane person would probably be more considerate in how they kill themselves. so much for conventional wisdom....
  11. Like i said, you are not getting it, it is not "easy", it is not an "out", it is genetics, DNA, pharmacology, illness, its a disease, You can not see it, it does not have rash, it does not slow your blood flow, it does not grow tumors on your organs. and the sooner we come to understand it, the better our prospect of defending our 2nd amendment rights and defending ourselves because this is the stuff that others will uses against us.
  12. calling these people selfish is not understanding the disease. When someone has cancer and looses their hair, we get that, a broken leg in a cast or a wheel chair, we get that too,heart disease and cancer, we understand that.......but the brain, those neurotranmitters...we dont. It is hard for the healthy mind to understand the pain and desperation and hopelessness that these soles feel. They are not punishing anyone, they are not thinking about their, parents, siblings, wives etc.....they are just lost and want out, they are dying too. Sadly it exposes us to the far reaching effects of mental illness and some people will be present during that final act. Whether they choose to rent at RTSP, jump from the GWB, step out into the path of truck, or take pills....we cannot stop them. All thats left to do is pray for those they left behind, and the people that were working at the range, and that truck driver, or the cop that could not stop that person from jumping....nothing good comes from these events. Hug someone you love, kids, wife, significant other, parents.
  13. painting all bike riders with the same brush as those that dont follow the rules and dont care about sharing the road with the cars is like painting all gun owners and cops with the same paint brush as those that have embarrased us with their irresponsibility, recklessness of disregard for life. Its not fair and i am disheartened to come to one of my favorite forums and read the cyclist bashing. I would urge you all to respect those cyclist that are riding responsibly, they are just people that have the same passion for their sport as we do here. And even if they are acting poorly, killling them or threatening them is just another form of road rage that only leads to trouble. They are husbands, fathers, mothers and daughters. They may even be the EMERGENCY ROOM doctor that you might wind up seeing some day. Be nice. They are trying to get out and exercise and enjoy the bike.
  14. I agree, room safe is a joke, room service coming through there....too bad ha just can't carry it with you.
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