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  1. I put a cable lock in with the jack…just run it down the barrel or through trigger and go through jack frame mount…they can cut the cable but they would have to find it first….and even they do….i did the best possible….
  2. It’s a non resident permit, I guess if you already have a NJ permit it’s expedites the process
  3. I got a call back from pike county the same day I submitted and picked it up the next day. They take your picture and laminate it. In and out in 10 minutes.
  4. use of force course has to be "in person" i.e $$$$
  5. Whole Foods in Parsippany must have just put up “the sign”. Been in and out of that store and carrying for the past year. Corporate politics….not making anyone safer.
  6. I believe that if your qualifications were the same as the “new/present” requirements you do not have to….but…..you probably have to take the “Use of Force” one hour live class. But…who is monitoring this? Has whoever signed your card calling you to inform you of the change? How would someone who has no computer or sign onto this site know what’s going on until renewal time…which is how most licensing procedures work like Drivers license, medical license, club memberships. But than again this is the state that essentially confiscated 15 round magazines without any compensation….didn’t even offer to reimburse the sales tax we paid to the state!
  7. yup...I knew the short answer...just venting on little people/elected officials are when it comes to governing.
  8. so i'm trying to understand the new deadline for requal. I and others are holding permits with either a court order order or your chief's signature...it may not expire until 2025....My shooting qual done at RTSP certainly works...so its just the 1 hour course. But lets say I don't own a computer, i still use a flip phone, i don't even know what a message board is....how would I know that anything has changed? there are no overhead signs on Route 80 reminding me to requalify, nothing in the newspapers....Will the court or my chief contact me? Do they issue me a new ID card that looks or states something different than what I already have. Sort of like the 15 round mag ownership ban, how are the unconnected supposed to know that they may be in legal trouble? Just saying....
  9. Our chief had us just refile application with him and new picture, no charge and he collected our old permits and court order and reissued permit with no restrictions…if he ever runs for office, he’s got my vote.
  10. In March, the bill passed the Oregon House followed by a passage in the Senate in June. In 2015, Oregon legislators began allowing self-serve gas during evening hours in rural and coastal counties.
  11. Did you know that up to yesterday there were only 2 states left in these "ununited" states that refused to let you pump your own gas, Oregon and NJ...now there is only one....If they don't trust you to pump your own gas without killing someone...do you really think they are interested in letting you carry a gun? Legislators must really think we are stupid....
  12. i looked at the use of force info from the state police...and while I was at GFH today, shooting at 25 yards, I said to myself, based upon the rules and law...shooting at 25 yards...I think they want me running first. The ACLU should be stepping in to defend the rights of those that have physical challenges. and after we already jumped through hoops to get a permit requiring us to come back for a do over?
  13. If you already have permit, I assume this applies upon renewal?
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