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  1. do we need to buy a HG if we have an old FID? Not planning on moving for decades.
  2. Does this apply to existing NJ FID holders? Or does one still need to renew our current FID card 4 years from today?
  3. Zanotti is an interesting option. Do Call how much shipping was to New Jersey from IowaCall how much shipping wise to New Jersey from Iowa? Was each piece manageable to carry it for two people up a staircase? I’m looking at the Z1, which is 350lbs.
  4. Looking to buy a safe to store my stuff. It will go upstairs And there’s hardwood floors everywhere. So I’m looking for a place with reputable top notch delivery people. I looked at Wayfair but I don’t trust them hauling 300+lbs up a staircase with a landing. I’m in Bergen County/Rockland Co border.
  5. What’s a mental health check? Who performs it? What are they looking for? Is there a form? I’m a psychologist and haven’t heard of this. I see how MH professionals will be taking on a risk here and they may not like that.
  6. It’s silly but they could further this argument by packaging a research project that would measure if smaller mags lead to less of a, b, c... That could give this argument some legs because I’m not aware of any studies on mag size and crime stats. Liberals love to argue that the NRA stifled gun research.
  7. There’s definitely a signature right below it by the Chief. Wow, I’m so glad they saved me the hassle of starting the whole process again . Thanks
  8. I got side tracked and wasn’t able to check when this permit expired. But there are several dates listed. Did this expire on 6/12/18? Any idea if I can ask my local PD to extend it post expiration?
  9. I might have missed this but is internet ammo banned under the new bills?
  10. MeanGene

    NICS issues

    I was told today by several FFLs that there’s a surge in panicky buyers that’s also slowing things down.
  11. MeanGene

    NICS issues

    Why can’t we all just get along...
  12. MeanGene

    NICS issues

    To get on the list so that my name gets processed when the system is up.
  13. MeanGene

    NICS issues

    Just called a local FFL to ask about a rifle I ordered but they said that the NICS power has been out and there’s a verification back up for days. They told me to come in and get into the que. First time I’ve encountered this as all of my previous verifications took under 5 min. Is this business as usual?
  14. Lol, ok well, It’d be nice to know if it’s credible. But I get it
  15. What’s your source? How strongly do they oppose it?
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