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  1. I was gonna say, there's marker tape you should use as you layer up on top of whatever you wind up running.
  2. since I can't seem to pick a date very well, that's what I'm looking for ideas.
  3. let's start talking about june and dates. once I get a consensus I'll post up a new thread.
  4. I'm going to use the Track Day analogy for this: I've done several track days, and mostly at the same track/course. The last event I went to they stuck me in the "advanced" class because of my experience (and lack of crashing.) When the call went out for "who wants an instructor" my hand went up. The lead guy for the event looked at me funny and asked "why?" Answer: because there's always something more/new to learn. I'm going to agree with some/most of Maks's comments, except the DD one... tax stamps are a violation in my book.
  5. Hell when I take people I've taken before, if it's been a while, I start 'em off on the .22/single shot route as well.
  6. *sigh* So, I guess this one is officially dead?
  7. Well, I need to know if anyone else is definitely coming, WITH a license.
  8. wait! I'm back on now! Family friends aren't making it until Sunday (reasons.) So... we still a go or no?
  9. Sadly, it looks like i'm "out" as well. Been informed by SWMBO that there are family members coming into town that morning, and I am obligated to attend a brunch.
  10. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Applies just as much to the renter as the rentee.
  11. Not gonna lie, I'd love to smash my face into those pumpkins.
  12. I hear the bitch in the OP, and agree. Hell I hate going to my PRIVATE MEMBERS ONLY club when other members are there; it's amazing how many of these old guys don't know or can't follow the rules. Last range outing with a newbie, there was a member there I'd seen the day before, and while we were waiting for him to pack up I could tell he was curious as to why I was waiting to move the bench and hang targets. It's because you still had an uncased firearm on your bench, with the action closed, and you were packing up. I knew any moment you were going to touch it to put it away, and I knew you weren't going to follow the rule about no touchie when people are forward of the firing line. How did I know this? Because you'd done it the day before!
  13. @JasonSeidman might be a good person to contact, immediately.
  14. Shizzle! I forgot about memorial day; that would be an out for me as well.
  15. fair 'nuff. So to be clear: we're "on" for the 18th, assuming the weather doesn't go to piss, then we're on for the 25th. Got that everyone?
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