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  1. in a fashion i'm glad it got pushed. my inners are doing their best impression of an A-10 on straffing run since o-dark-thirty this morning, so I'd have been out anyways.
  2. shush goddamnit! it's supposed to be a SECRET! :D donut holes and coffee or hot chocolate is always welcome. :)
  3. December 12, 2006 10:40am to 4:04pm I made 39 passes down the Atco drag strip during an invite only test-n-tune session. It was actually a warm day then as well. In total I made more passes at Atco that one day than I did total at all my visits to Englishtown.
  4. Prices are slowly coming down. I predict around the $200 shipped mark we'll have another "mass shooting" that causes bumblefuck to scream into his ice cream about more gun control.
  5. https://www.americanfreight.com/br/store/nj/watchung/9696 American Freight (formerly Sears Outlet) in Watchung, NJ 07069 has posted a big NO GUNS sign. @downtownv I like those. problem is they look expensive to get printed in small lots.
  6. In terms of perceived "pain" from taxes, the middle class is always the one with the higher perception. We're generally *just* rich enough to be comfortable, but not so rich to have "fuck you" money lying around. The poor always get assistance, and the rich don't really care.
  7. also this is a good time to rotate stock, and donate anything close to expiring (or that you tried and didn't like) to your local food pantries. just sayin' we can protect ourselves AND help others.
  8. you know, I'm starting to wonder if they're helping or hurting.
  9. The major stores are all over the map on how they'll deal with this. No idea what the mom-n-pop ones are going to do. BJs has done the cardboard box thing for forever, but for their curbside, they wheel your stuff out in plastic bins, that you need to unload at your car. that will hopefully change.
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