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  1. I have a party horn I've been using lately, when these people call I blow it loudly into the handset.
  2. there's some assembly required, it's made out of fake plastic "wood" material, but for $32ish it was a lot easier and cheaper than me building one myself, or getting one of the "nicer" wooden ones (all I found were like $200+.)
  3. you can see 'em in the picture, dude.
  4. Bought. Look on gun.deals
  5. http://www.shtfplan.com/conspiracy-fact-and-theory/ill-come-to-your-place-when-shtf-no-you-wont_10222014 found it. read it, and the related posts if you want.
  6. I have something I want to try... the stand, not the guns.
  7. I found a couple other MTM items banned as well. but not all of their products.
  8. problem: jessica chastain is a gun grabbing hollywood elitist. ergo, she's off the 'viewing' list. unless there are nude scenes. that's what fast forward is for.
  9. I think the zip ties cost more than the floppies. I know the pens do.
  10. I know I can find them elsewhere. I just found it astonishing that some plastic trays were "banned" from being sold to NJ residents. I now wonder, is it anything from that manufacturer (MTM) that's banned?
  11. BUT THEY SELL AND SHIP AMMO CANS!!!! Your cart: 4 items Stout Stuff Metal Ammo Box Qty: 12345678910111213+ $12.83Was price $12.83 $8.66 ea$8.66 each $34.64 Current price $34.64 2-day shipping Pickup
  12. send 'em to matt/Demolition Ranch, to see how many can stop a bullet
  13. I don't understand how some PLASTIC TRAYS, can't be shipped to NJ?
  14. Due to state restrictions, one or more of your items can’t be shipped to 07922 or picked up in stores nearby. See details below. Please save them for later or ship to a different ZIP code. Update MTM Ammo Can Organizer Qty: 12345678910111213+ List $9.99List price $9.99 $6.92 Current price $6.92 Shipping Your item isn’t available for pickup or delivery to 07922. That's some bullshit.