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  1. if you're doing a shotgun (or more likely, a shockwave?) I'd think learning how to load single rounds through the ejection port and firing, on a smooth and consistent basis, would be faster and more useful than trying to load it fully up before engaging.
  2. I would say, this guy is competent. As of right now, my guy has P.E. writing a report to put a stop to any of the dipshit's ideas. He also finally got the town zoning moron off his fat ass and into action. While I couldn't hear the conversations, the animated activities of my opponent indicated to me he wasn't liking what he was hearing ,which is good news for me. And thank you very much for your donation, Chris.
  3. At first I was gonna argue with you on that, but at current prices, yea my ammo stash value probably outpaces my guns by 4:1 or more. eta: ok maybe not quite that much... forgot how many guns I had for a minute.
  4. Hot tip: call now and get your property marked, so you already know ahead of time.
  5. watching the towers fall from across the river.
  6. I just had a $540 electric bill cross my bank account. I'm assuming they did an estimated reading recently and it was high. It's either that, or we're burning electrons WAY worse than I thought! We also did have a decently warm summer.
  7. https://pistol-forum.com/showthread.php?18001-Beretta-M9-22&p=888648&viewfull=1#post888648 and several subsequent posts. I shot a bunch of flavors.
  8. need a pretty big hoe to get them in place too. plus that would be a bad idea; the side of the easement is a county road, and between 2' and 8' above road surface. it would be really bad if one of those fell over into the road.
  9. the one on my property is an Easements Appurtenant class.
  10. you are not allowed to block an easement like that, especially in the case of an ingress/egress easement. ironically, if he does manage to somehow legally prevail in doing his plan, I *CAN* park on the easement permanently, as it would be wide enough to not obstruct their travel on/off their property. already have 2 shitcan vehicles I can park there.
  11. The easement was created in 1951. It wasn't actually used until 1978, when my house was built. I've owned my house since early 2001. The current owner of the other house bought it in 2014.
  12. I'm not a member of most/any of those groups, so if others wouldn't mind spreading it, I'd appreciate it.
  13. updated the gofundme with lawyer info, if people feel the need to follow the "trust but verify" mantra... which I totally understand.
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