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  1. I'm sure there will be some attrition. Me i'm not concerned, as it's been a long time coming, and it's going to be a MAJOR upgrade in the facility. Want an omlet? You know the song...
  2. that'll put lead in your pencil.
  3. Unless they've totally screwed the pooch since the last time I was there for an engineering and design update, ventilation will be massively improved, with a logical upgrade path to air conditioning as well.
  4. damnit. forgot it was wednesday.
  5. could be a difference in leg vs. torso lengths. I'm slightly long in the torso, and shorter in leg length, for my height (5'10".) it means my head rubs the headliner in many cars, and I have to have the seat closer to the steering wheel than I'd like.
  6. he needs to troll the used car lots and see what he fits in.
  7. FB page that's from says it was an overpressure load from Hornaday.
  8. huh. I noticed the same shit happened on the unRAID forum. I thought I did something some how. they're on invision too.
  9. I would like PA to declare that all NY and NJ plated vehicles will be routinely stopped and their drivers investigated to see if they're illegals. If they are they will be arrested. PA will no longer give full faith and credit to NJ's drivers license. Then issue non-resident PA DLs and some kind of sticker to put on NJ plates.
  10. and now you know why I love working for cash. Wrong. Scumbags like Sweeney will always try to reach deeper into our pockets.
  11. I hope I'm wrong. I want to be wrong. First round of expensive booze is on me if I'm totally fucking wrong. But i'm pretty sure, i'm not wrong.
  12. More like, I know piss vs. rain, when it's running down my back. When shit's literally on fire, yo, then I'll believe the winds of change are blowing.
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