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  1. CTD could give shit away and I still wouldn't take it. Fuck them. also, promags suck.
  2. the sheer number of hulls on the ground in some of those pictures... we shot A LOT of shot... not so many clays though.
  3. NICE. it does seem to have that effect on a lot of people.
  4. if any thing, ray fucked up more than he helped.
  5. so PP didn't get actually harassed? and you shoulda invited them to bust a couple clays with ye before they left.
  6. I won a T-shirt. Also.. Shotgun Shootout: Got Wind??? Edition
  7. oh he can come, just expect we're going to have to start shouting or dancing or something while he's shooting.
  8. oh, and who's kid was that; the one that was hitting EVERYTHING without even trying. you're on my list, kid. making us old people look bad like that.
  9. I had to adjust the angle on my thrower, as it was tossing them so high the wind was carrying them past the field boundaries. The hang times were impressive too.
  10. shoulda finished the drive. the mobile pumpkins had taken a bunch of the front parking spots, but there was practically no on on the firing line. i'd say about 10:30 or so we really got rocking and rolling, and the two throwers we had were pretty much chucking clays non stop until about noon-ish.
  11. the parking lot was crowded, but the clay range was more than 50% empty. the wind was insane though.
  12. sadly patrick has a point. you're optimistic about this thing.
  13. shit even one of my bullion dealers just tagged sales tax onto an order. I didn't consummate the transaction yet. Now I have to factor that into my purchases.