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  1. will say that academy has them with free shipping. i'm more interested in cheapest price for a bunch.
  2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/12-Pack-50-Cal-Ammo-Can-Box-Army-Military-M2A1-Metal-Storage-5-56-/282364528698 saw someone bought a pallet of 'em. wonder where I could get one of those!
  3. except President Shepard wanted to come for our guns, and said so. sad part is, I thought that speech was pretty damn well written, except for the part where he buses over 2A. oh well.
  4. I have the Brownells P500 Pro sight pusher tool if you want to swing by and use it one day.
  5. BH is reporting 3-6 months for newbies. No idea on the lag for renewals. I was told traffic is up 3x over normal, and I bet it gets worse. Oasshole wishes he could have created a firearms bump in this state like muffdiver is doing.
  6. I pretty much only take my long guns to EFGA anyways, since my home range sucks for long gun shooting. (underground tubes)
  7. oh no doubt. and I know i can get assistance from my inlaws. there's also the option of getting a mail box right over the border in PA, which would give me an excuse to visit EFGA more often. but the sales are coming up now and I might as well jump on them.
  8. ammo. lots of ammo. if I can never buy another gun as long as i'm in NJ, I have enough to keep me busy for quite a while. gun food is going to be the bigger problem.
  9. i'm thinking a red dot would be interesting.
  10. https://www.ebay.com/itm/100-Cabelas-Gift-Card-For-Only-82-FREE-Mail-Delivery/292324385688?epid=515551192&hash=item440fe42398:g:sOMAAOSwEzxYRtS6
  11. steve is going to hate us. his alerts must be going bonkers.
  12. @remixer MONMOUTH ARMS is a great supplier.