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  1. They've had sales on the progresso and campbell's soups as well in the past. I've bought a bunch the last time to sample, and keep a running log of ones I like/dislike. Like you I look at it as a cheap/easy way to prep.
  2. I am 13.84 miles in a straight line from the southern tip of Perth Amboy, at an elevation of 220' above sea level. Do I need to buy a boat?
  3. This was a weird one as, no one thought it would or could carry that much water that far north and east, after land fall.
  4. got some water weeping from the stand pipe exit hole in the wall. we'd previously filled and patched it, as Irene dumped enough and material behind the face-only of the block couldn't stand up to the pressure, causing it to burst. flooded the basement in minutes that time. already have the floor padding dried out, and will reinstall it and the vinyl tiles soon. could have been worse, that was a SHITLOAD of water.
  5. Sota

    S&W M&P12 Bullpup

    TFB did a review of it. He likes it. Does mention the comparison to the KSG.
  6. My recent trip to Gettysburg has reminded me, just how often SCOTUS has gotten it totally fucking wrong. That and the fact that SCOTUS is basically now a dog with no teeth in terms of enforcing their rulings.
  7. sweet. means wifie's boss's attempt to force everyone back into the office will fail.
  8. disappointed none were closer. I could use the free firewood.
  9. I'd also demand a "never needs to wear a mask" clause in my employment contract.
  10. Yes. New Jersey likes to follow in California's footsteps. The so called delta variant is reportedly on the prowl. go for it. it'll keep the dipshit boss at my wife's company from trying to force people back into the office full time. she's proven she's no less effective working from home, her/our work/life balance is dramatically improved, and frankly we've saved an astonishing amount of $$$. We're happier, we're healthier (biking like crazy), and we're actually enjoying each other's company more. her commute, quite frankly, was approaching grounds for divorce. With some states now offering moving incentives, we're looking hard at getting out of NJ anyways. funny part is, she's been talking to recruiters, and they asked her if a lack of WFH was deal breaker or not. They're saying companies are wanting people come back in. Apparently they're reading the wrong tea leaves, as the Great Resignation is currently going on.
  11. more like Christie 0.25... unless he's got a weight gain program no one's talking about.
  12. bingo. I know which relay is the fuel pump on all my cars, and have the quick disconnect tools needed, plus the appropriate size hoses. one of these days I'll get the matching barbs, so I can just push it into the fuel line and have a guaranteed leak free connection.
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