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  1. dude's fucked. poofa has a thread on it already. it's a riot. I really wish they would blockade the bridges between NJ and PA over this.
  2. actually, I would like to know what gun companies are selling product to NJ government agencies, so I know who to never buy from again. THAT'S how we put a stop to this shit. A moderately successful nationwide boycott of vendors selling firearms related goods to the state would probably convince them to stop selling to the state, thereby denying them the enforcement tools needed to enact their plans. Yes, it would be painful for those honest persons who serve, but perhaps they'll finally start putting their own pressures on to bring an end to this shit.
  3. Wat... none of my shit is broke. Maks must have migrated the chat server to a box hosted in the Grand Bahamas...
  4. polishing compound, or mag wheel cleaner. gently rub.
  5. worst fucking I.T. person ever....
  6. yea. i'm in the "shit's broke" camp.
  7. which sucks as I might have some funds to invest more into my collection, but i'm going to wait for the prices to drop.
  8. ... and like that, Angel of the Morning starts playing in my head...
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