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  1. look with how crazy the weather's been, I wouldn't be at all shocked if we had a massive temperature drop for just 1 day.
  2. @45doll damn they really fucking with you.
  3. If anyone wants to consult, I've done several whole house on-panel generator transfer switch installs for people, back after Sandy decided to frack people's collective couches.
  4. dunno if they're fucking around with my power or not, but it's gotten pretty ugly it looks like.
  5. "Hell hath no fury like an ass kicked liberal!" -- Clint Smith
  6. his taxes would triple. Not joking either; lots of towns have fucked up tax rulings about that. I've seen many a "tear down" that left a wall or 3 standing, and built the house off of those, as there's a percentage of the old house that had to remain to keep the tax base the same.
  7. Yea. I got nothing good here. There's gun sitting services available, but frankly you're going to be forced to choose between guns or her, and she's going to win it looks like. Might consider just caving in now and save the hassle.
  8. That would be my kid; he's a goddamn farting machine.
  9. it's all a cover to make us forget about epstein
  10. read this thread. run away and find something else.
  11. hey jimg50, how's it going! your dad and my dad served on the same bases, IIRC. you need a reference, you got it! (this is how it works here.)
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