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  1. I found the J-COMP to be a great compromise across price, noise, and flash.
  2. I ordered a kit including the felt they velcro to. they work, but the problem is if you have big, optic'ed guns like ARs, you'll never get to the ones in the back without bashing into others. I eventually abandoned the rod idea and went with gun socks instead. At least then they're not going to clink as hard when you're shuffling for the one you want that day, which inevitably is in the back. Just my 2c.
  3. My HK45 with 200gr ammo is pretty soft shooting. Use a gat that's heavier slinging those lighter bullets would be almost like shooting a .22lr
  4. I'd been meaning to do something about it for a bit as well. I guess it decided I was taking too long to deal with it, or it was feeling neglected. Still, SMFH for anyone who installs them.
  5. contact the event organizer from the link on the eventbrite page if you have any questions.
  6. ... and you use a vampire tap ever... I hope your dick falls off from the nastiest STDs known to man kind. Seriously, fuck you. Out last night plowing from 12-7 so no sleep in the past 24 hours, come home to find water leaking into the utility room from the vampire tap the plumber company installed to pipe hot water to the whole house humidifier. It had corroded/rotted/whatever. Those, a short length of copper pipe, and 45 minutes of plumbing yoga to get it all sweated together, and we're leak free again.
  7. I've never shot a PC tuned gun, but I can concur that the triggers on my 686 6" and 617 4" are damn smooth, and they're only at 440 and 665 rounds respectively.
  8. I'm waiting for the kid to accidentally take a spent case to school, after a day out shooting with dad.
  9. my favorite days: arrive at club @ 8am, shoot until 11ish, eat lunch I brought with me, shoot until 2:30, head home to meet kid coming off the bus.
  10. FID, P2P, or carry permit needed to purchase handgun ammo. No such paperwork needed for rifle or shotgun ammo. That's in the law. If an out of state online seller wishes to require or not such ID, that's on them. If such a vendor had what I wanted I can choose to provide the needed info, or not.
  11. According to a liberal, yes.
  12. I have *slightly* more respect for certain persons here, than I did mere minutes ago.
  13. :werd: if people start suddenly selling the things for < $200 used, I'd buy a couple more just because. Meet the ultimate NY RELOAD!
  14. In the area of home defense, that is my plan. given the floor plan of my house, there's really only 1 narrow corridor where you'd be able to shoot clear through the 40' length. everything else is 10' to 15'. honestly probably don't even need the dot.
  15. Posting for a friend of mine. I've taken this class... it's enlightening.