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  1. I suspect there are far more out there than we realize, and I also suspect the average person doesn't understand that every man has a breaking point where becoming a sociopath can occur. Or to steal a line from a movie... "No... not without incident."
  2. look i'm dead seroious. we all band together, rent a cheap ass apartment in newark, split the rent (20-30 ways should make it stupid cheap), and we all can collect. I mean, we're going to be putting the money into the system anyways, we might as well try and get as much back out as we can.
  3. do I actually have to LIVE in newark? or can I just SAY I live in newark, and get paid?
  4. @1LtCAPyea but serpa's *do* suck.
  5. @124gr9mmEXACTLY! @1LtCAPhence my desire to spread the data far and wide.
  6. I'm quoting someone else external to this board...
  7. I'm not advocating anyone watch it, but consider, having your own copy of it, and the manifesto, when the powers that be decide to lie as they will, provides you with the means to refute them.
  8. https://we.tl/t-uuR5Zkxt7N manifesto and full(?) ~17min video.
  9. Oh goody, let's stir up another religion/race war. I was getting bored.
  10. The video is being suppressed everywhere I'm looking.
  11. Like the topic says: Looking for a Zoning and/or Land Use attorney in the Union County, NJ area. Referrals are requested. Thanks.
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