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  1. @remixer Steve @ Monmouth Arms is still my guy, if I ever get the scratch to buy anything.
  2. liberals do it to us, so I say vet all sales.
  3. that would explain some of the, bizarre, ammo he's had come through lately.
  4. best part is, they got some shit on there I'd NEVER heard of! 200 Round Box - 4mm Randz Courte Rimfire Sellier Bellot Cartridges - SB4RC now I want a gun that shoots it
  5. https://www.sgammo.com/product/45-auto-acp-ammo/50-round-box-45-auto-acp-230-grain-fmj-steel-case-tula-ammo-ta452300-limit- so can you, for now. also I see certain types of ammo aren't suffering from a china bat virus bump.
  6. he'll still try that shit everywhere else, regardless. it's not his money.
  7. 03/16/2021 TAXEIP3 IRS TREAS 310 PPD 4,200.00
  8. I'm sure the actual plumbers will be in here, but for the love of god people, maintain your water heaters. the easiest and simplest thing you can do is, once a year shut off the water coming in to the tank, shut off the gas or electric, hook a garden hose to the drain, run it outside, and open the drain. let the water come out until all the nasty shit has left. you can literally double or triple the life of your heater that way. The only maintenance I ever did to my old tank was this, and it lasted over 15 of the years I lived here, and the tank wasn't new when we moved in. I do mine when the "spring" change over happens, and I put in a new HVAC filter. add on to that, if you can, replace the sacrificial anode every 3-5 years. it's usually a separate screwed in rod, but sometimes it's the cold water drip tube. as the name implies, it sacrifices itself to protect your tank's insides. I get all my big parts from http://www.supplyhouse.com and my tank's anode is $22.40, and it's a 60 gallon Bradford White that I paid too much for.
  9. Also in the not surprised at the happening but surprised the severity of it camp.
  10. did that before. Also the thicker soups won't freeze and burst the cans.
  11. we have 2" down, at a computed rate of 1.18"/hr right now.
  12. How much, and how much of a bitch, are replacing the O2 sensors? You didn't list mileage but if it's up there in the 6 figures, I'd probably do them. I've seen, and experienced, wonky/bad/damaged O2 sensors do what you're talking about, and never throw a code.
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