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  1. you know, that might be the way to go. classic car resto shops at least deal in the types of problem repairs we're all looking at.
  2. Got just over a case of toilet paper here. Just put in a curbside pickup for a bunch of stuff. maybe I should order more butt paper too.
  3. https://www.milkcratesdirect.com/ I've been buying mine from this place. Close enough that I can pick them up, and even gotten a few for the farm in the past. other nice thing is, a 12x18 dolly from harbor freight is the perfect size to screw down a single rectangle crate to, giving you a nice, stable way of moving around a whole stack of them neatly and easily.
  4. with regards to salt, or any other <insert ingredient here>, in the case of some level of SHTF, i'm not really going to concern myself with eating 100% healthy; just having reasonable nourishment is a far larger concern. We're talking about days or at worst weeks of stash eating. If it gets into months or years, I'd contend that you have FAR more pressing concerns than eating healthy. Also, I'm going to suggest people look into something that I consider is an overlooked aspect of prepping: storage and transport. i bring this up because, of the past couple of years I've gotten heavily into using milk crates to store and transport stuff. They're conveniently sized, easy to transport, stack and interlock. The one company i've gotten them from has 4-gal, 6-gal, and "super" crate sizes, so depending on your physical abilities you can adjust to your needs.
  5. Sota

    How much cash

    negative. I keep 2 extremely long term cards open and never close them. My score consistently begins with an 8.
  6. Sota

    How much cash

    oh i'm worse than that; I open and close cards to get the one time bonuses as often as I can. which reminds me, I think I have a card or 2 open that needs closing.
  7. Sota

    How much cash

    I'm the guy CC companies hate.
  8. need to pick up a couple things tomorrow anyways. think I'll put in another curbside pickup at BJs
  9. Sota

    How much cash

    1st, buy a generator now, or if you want to wait until snow storm season has passed to hopefully get a better price, fine. 2nd, buy 2 generators. A "big" guy (~6000W or larger) and a "small" one (<2000W) so you have a backup. 3rd, learn how to hook them up, and especially to things like your furnace if your central HVAC and gas fired. 4rd, and this one is controversial, get Harbor Freight Predator based unit(s). In my experience, their performance and reliability is far above their price tag.
  10. pissed we ain't gonna get shit. daddy needs plow money.
  11. this is relevant to my interests.
  12. Electricity is also horrifically wasteful. From generation, to transmission to substation, to local distribution, the losses are astonishing. There's the reason the Compound will be entirely off-grid for all services. I'll maintain 2 giant LP tanks for really cold heating and cooking if needed, but otherwise it's solar/hydro/wind for electricity (with an emergency generator of course), wood for primary heat.
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