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  1. sadly, I've been believing that for a while. and I don't like the feeling that I've been had.
  2. confirmed same. {"error":"redirect_uri_mismatch","error_description":"The redirect URI provided is missing or does not match","error_uri":"http:\/\/tools.ietf.org\/html\/rfc6749#section-3.1.2"} admin is shit.
  3. I already have my kid's first car here. it's a competent 4dr family sedan with just enough safety gear to help get him out of stupid trouble, but not so much as to help him get INTO stupid trouble.
  4. I wanna see/read the reconstruction of how they pulled that shit off? That's like 200' from the curb. Mofo had some serious hang time to get that distance.
  5. hey, that's good enough as a starting point. I don't think I've ever seen one with the entry door on a long side like that; usually they're on the tail end. I would note though... maybe flipping it on the long axis or rotating it 180* would have been an idea? so that the entry door is on the "curb" side, and the windows by the sofa would have looked at something other than the tow vehicle? What do I know though... I've never built one. And looking at it a bit more, I can see problems with that idea involving the mini split. These things are a hell of a mental exercise.
  6. You will probably spend a lot refurbishing the trailer just to make it capable of working. @sniper that thing is probably one of the most plain looking tiny houses I've ever seen. I LOVE IT! Can you link to plans for it? It's exactly what I'd want.
  7. When I get divorced, move to TN or WV, and get my 100+ acres of land, i'm parking a tiny house on it to start with. I've long said, I only need a couple hundred square feet to "live" in... the rest needs to be a barn for my cars and other toys. Careful with that. Lots of municipalities all over the country are catching up to the tiny house thing, and cracking down. ALWAYS, due diligence is warranted.
  8. some of you guys make me worried.
  9. you know what needs doing then, don't you? post random pictures of guns off the internet, with or without doctored serial numbers. This one is M81549Z. Turn the whole thing into garbage in, garbage out.
  10. what's this "weekday" access thing? I don't remember reading that. n/m. it still requires paying per-visit range fees. it'd be cheaper for me to get off my ass and get out to easton a couple times a month, even including travel/gas costs.
  11. Yo, Mrs. Peel... where you hauntin' right now, since home is closed for rebuilding?
  12. Yea. and all of them are wanting.
  13. My only interaction with cumcast is for their most basic package.
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