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  1. sota

    WTB small gun safe

    How much of a "safe" are you wanting. The stack-on steel cabinets are fine if you just want to make sure someone can't just pick it up and walk away. Tractor Supply and a lot of bulk big box places have good deals frequently on ~60" tall "gun safes" in the $300-$600 range.
  2. sota

    Recall List

    Man makes imperfectly.
  3. Texas. At night. If someone's stolen your property. With noted caveats of course https://codes.findlaw.com/tx/penal-code/penal-sect-9-42.html
  4. You got the '72 Chevy, and the Amana side-by-side refrigerator-freezer.
  5. have your shit in a locked container, with an actual lock on it. No, you may not search my LOCKED container.
  6. sota

    NJ compliance

    I am doing my best to educate my child and his generation. Once I'm dead and gone though, I can do no more, and will never know the outcome. I therefore will not engage in worry about events I will no longer have influence over.
  7. sota

    AR Fixed Mag

    I'm more interested in the fixed mag idea in terms of a pistol build.
  8. sota

    AR Fixed Mag

    Given the inexpensive nature of lowers and lower build kits, if you really needed to have stock adjustability, you could just build 6 completed lowers and call it a day. For me and mine. we have 3 identical rifles, just with different LOP.
  9. I think you meant... Stop being a douche, new people!!!
  10. Given the way christmas eve is going around here, fuck it; once i'm dead let them get shafted on value, if they stupidly choose to sell it all off. I'm beyond caring now, and certainly won't give a shit once i'm busy feeding the crabgrass from underneath.
  11. January should be "Not so Loud! Hangover Edition" Let's have the pow wow and see what happens.
  12. sota

    NJ compliance

    compliance? no habla ingles.

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