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  1. Um... I can't think of a single modern production car engine that uses non-hydraulic adjusters, thereby eliminating the need for valve adjustment, unless things are SERIOUSLY worn out. Which in that case your motor is probably toast anyways. ETA: Ok, so I did some searching... Honda Element engines suggest valve adjustment is advised at 100k mile. Holy shit, honda. Did you use a motor from the fucking 1950s?
  2. So... anyone seen a yellow yet?
  3. you could do a WTB/BOLO over on HKPro, if you've been a member long enough.
  4. I believe they just process you through and give you a new sticker. bring the receipt for the windshield just in case.
  5. 03-yellow 04-green 05-orange 06-purple 07-blue 08-yellow Based on that, I believe we're looking for a yellow sticker for 2023. And no, I haven't seen one yet either. Blues and purples only.
  6. acme has had progresso soups on sale the last couple times I was in. buy 3, get 5 free.
  7. it's officially 2021, so I can't imagine DMV being *THAT* inept that they wouldn't have 2023's in already. Yes, I typed that without spitting my coffee all over my keyboard; it was a struggle though.
  8. The following is satire: Go to the DMV and tell them you "lost" your license. Get a replacement. Once in hand, change your address. Have two DLs: one to match your FID when/if you get it, the other to match your current address. Then you can sort out the change of address for your FID at your leisure.
  9. I'd rather PRESIDENT Trump veto the whole fucking bill for it's bullshittery.
  10. An additional suggestion: whether or not you've paid the snow contractor in full for the season, I would get a firm estimate from the fence people who put it in for you, pass it along to the plow guy, and let him come back with a response.
  11. I was going to say, you might be in a slight misunderstanding as to exactly when he's planning on coming out. He might want or need to wait until the snow melts off. I would even suggest he wait until the season is over to do the repair. If it happened once it can happen again. Perhaps tomorrow, you give him a call and calmly discuss his thoughts on when he plans on coming out. I would even have ready for him the material source so he knows exactly what is needed to replace it. Finally, if you don't already have it, install a call recorder app on your cell phone, or do most of your conversing through texts. It helps for everyone to have a more precise/written record of what was said and when.
  12. Also for the record, I've never bought from CTD ever... as they've never been cheaper on anything I've wanted.
  13. If supply was so sufficiently collapsed that $20/gallon was needed to control demand, I'd be buying my own fucking cow and just getting my milk from the source. restrictions on free market pricing (not to include collusion, that anti-free market) do NOTHING but hurt us in the long run. They're the camel's nose under the tent.
  14. even if they're essential goods, the free market should have free reign to set prices as it sees fit. gotta take the (very small) bad with the (much greater) good.
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