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  1. Never has anyone wanted more to be caught in a monsoon, than that guy. I've wondered how well the plow on the front of the jeep would work. It's got a polycarbonate blade though.
  2. really the limiting factor is weight. 50cal can get obscenely heavy. It's one of the reasons i went with 30cal for a bunch.
  3. watch for them on amazon. lemme get the price i paid for mine. eta: $18.49 in 8/19.
  4. http://www.mtmcase-gard.com/products/shooting/4-can-ammo-c-30-AC-sec.php I have one of the 3-can kits in the back of my jeep. First Aid, Towing+pump, emergency blankets. Easy to get them all out when needed, and quick to grab when you need just one. When I went to Easton recently, I loaded up a 4-can one with .22, 9, .38, .45. easy way to sort and contain.
  5. bicycles have always been a thing for me. it was my gateway to freedom.
  6. Only reason the bulk of my ammo is in cans and not their original boxes, is I had a basement flood that wetted down most of it. 3 days with large towels, dumping out ammo and rolling it around gently to dry, then running large fans over them; I had to put it all in something. Thankfully HF had their $3/30cal can sale going on at the time. frankly, they're useful for a lot of other things as well, and stack nicely. You can even get the MTM ones with the carrier for a good price if you're patient.
  7. I wouldn't buy shit from AVG. I'd be afraid of my balls falling off.
  8. Al... tell me what you got. I need a men's and women's bike. something triple chain ring and 8 cogs, if you have it. And there's a good chance the shop is putting service bikes in the windows. I know mine is.
  9. I was going to say, there goes the buying cabela's discounted gift cards and buying stuff from them. I won't even bother hitting the PA shop now when I drive by it.
  10. I was the dude with the DAD shirt, and the kid in bright orange shorts.
  11. sounds like you're making this WAY over complicated. Just leave her on the FiOS router/WiFi until you get back and can either dicker with it yourself, or hire someone to dicker with it for you. (Like me! )
  12. H&K P30 9mm I'm a lefty. I have several for a reason.
  13. This is a weird one, but i'm interested in seeing if anyone has a source for plastic water filled jersey barriers, for cheap. The taller the better, the cheaper the better. Minor leaks I'd be willing to attempt to patch on my own.
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