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  1. Nah, no withdrawal here.
  2. nutsedge. so that's what it's called. I'd swear it's been a month since I mowed. I've just been leaving it alone and letting it (the lawn) get as tall as it wants. Interestingly, it's in about the best shape it's been in a long time.
  3. $13.90/month (I pay a full year up front though) with out of state rider.
  4. I'm pretty sure most cops would know how to make another cop's life hell, at least enough to make them "resign" and seek employment elsewhere.
  5. You interested in property in northern NJ?
  6. @Sniper22 it's not defeatist. It's realist.
  7. I have a 20' car trailer...
  8. heh... watch we'll get a freak snow storm that day.
  9. Yes. And their quality of life was already such shit (irrespective of their sexual choices), that they had nothing to lose. Most of us, however, DO have a lot to lose. You can always get another barista job, but it's pretty difficult to gain employment that requires a security clearance, or even a legitimate background check, when you've got a weapons arrest record. It's the reason why the BOHICA threshold is so much higher for the rest of us; we're not pussies... we're just not as "free" as the have-nothings. Our lives, to a certain extent, trap us. But if you could GUARANTEE a turn out of like-minded individuals who wanted to protest in the fashion you mention, as well as the legal representation needed to fight for The Cause, I'd be willing to make arrangements on my end to risk what I have. Until then, I know which hill I will die on, and i'm not willing to share that info.
  10. The difference between a nut and a revolutionary, is how many people are standing behind you when you launch the first arrow.
  11. that's just kicking a dog when he's down, glen
  12. mine came. UPS driver didn't even bother making me sign for it. He saw me working in the yard and just waved and left it.
  13. rent a storage spot just over the border in PA, and leave all your toys there. trust me, you'll thank me for that bit of advice.
  14. that being said, anyone successfully get more than 1 from them?