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  1. JasonSeidman

    looking to buy my first rifle

    Not a gun I ever planned on getting. One day the wife showed me a pic of one and said that looks cool you should get one. AND SHE MEANT IT. Having never been in such a scenario, I went right to RTSP and got one before her tune changed. I do have to say that I am very pleased with it overall. That said, not for someone new to firearms.
  2. JasonSeidman

    looking to buy my first rifle

    I’ve spent many hours and shells learning just how far left I pull, but a laser may be a nice touch!
  3. JasonSeidman

    looking to buy my first rifle

    That’s so true. I love my shockwave, not sure how in any way it’s practical but boy is it fun to shoot!!!
  4. Jesus, who’s left after that list
  5. JasonSeidman

    What is your go to EDC blade

    It’s tough as I’m in and out of courts all day during the week. On weekends and weekdays where I can I carry a gerber air ranger. I’ve had it for well over 10 years and used it for various applications. Blade keeps a good edge and it’s nevr let me down.
  6. JasonSeidman

    looking to buy my first rifle

    I’d go with a ruger10/22 or mp 15-22. Learn to shoot well, then move on to bigger better stuff. It will save a lot of money. My first gun was a Henry classic 22. I loved and love that gun. That said, having several pistols, rifles, and a shotgun, I’m looking to get myself a 10/22 for days where I just want to shoot a ton for basically nothing. I don’t like to run a ton through my Henry. If I was starting from scratch and being practical, which many of us can’t be with firearms, I’d build my collection as follows: ruger 10/22 9mm (beretta 92/Springfield xd/Glock 19) 223/556(ruger 556/mp sport) 12 gauge (Mossbergs have always worked well for me and are budget friendly) .357 revolver (ruger or Smith and wesson) 22 or 357 lever rifle
  7. JasonSeidman

    TapaTalk Released Update

    Any update on progress?
  8. JasonSeidman

    Arlo or Blink wireless cameras

    Blink does require that - every 30 seconds
  9. JasonSeidman

    Fear Mongering?

    yes he is. He posted a wildly inaccurate article and made the following comment upon it: My comment to his thread was: I'm pretty disappointed someone who ran for office is this uninformed about the magazine ban. 30 and 17 round magazines haven't been legal since around 1990. We've been limited to 15 ever since. Stop grandstanding on things you know nothing about. It makes you look bad. Your fear mongering article also does not quote the NJSP quote one day later where they say they will not be going door to door. That extreme liberty was taken by brietbart when the NJSP said no comment and suddenly a fake news article about door to door searches came out. You have a platform, be better than this if you are going to use it.
  10. JasonSeidman

    Arlo or Blink wireless cameras

    I cannot tell you anything about the Arlo system, but after we became suspect of our babysitter, weordered five blink cameras. You can set the length of time they record at from 5 seconds to a minute at a clip. You can also check them live. They have motion sensors for recording and you can set a schedule as to when you want them to be active. Biggest drawback, if they record a long time or there is lots of motion, you can go through batteries quickly. I don't think I have any complaints other than. Battery life.
  11. JasonSeidman

    Fear Mongering?

    He wrote an article on one of his sites or profiles about how the only true disobedience is taking noncompliant mags to the range and saying you won’t comply is pointless. I’d find it but choose not to give him added publicity
  12. JasonSeidman

    Fear Mongering?

    Sure seems to quote Pelleteri with the same compulsive regularity Sent from my Moto Z3 Play using Tapatalk
  13. JasonSeidman

    Fear Mongering?

    My guess is fedupinnj is James Kaleeda. Would make a lot of sense Sent from my Moto Z3 Play using Tapatalk
  14. JasonSeidman

    Fear Mongering?

    It's almost like someone else wrote something similar a few days earlier and was excoriated by his minions for it because they were a complicity monger. Either way I'm happy people are getting the right info now as opposed to the garbage posted earlier on Facebook. Sent from my Moto Z3 Play using Tapatalk
  15. JasonSeidman

    Fear Mongering?

    First off, did you read that brietbart article? At the bottom of the article, the author noted "The NJ State Police refused to rule out house-to-house checks. Rather, they responded: “We do not discuss enforcement strategies.” Those are some EXTREME liberties with a denial for comment. Second...https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2018/12/11/nj-state-police-no-plans-to-go-door-to-door-to-enforce-magazine-ban/amp/ Third, the police may know what guns people own and are capable of accepting a large capacity magazine. They do not know what magazines you own and based on my experience ownership of such type firearm, in and of itself, is not pc for a warrant. There is a big difference between an exigency search for someone who just blew up Boston and murdered several people, including a LEO, and reactionary raids of gun owners not involved in what you speak of.

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