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  1. Hey Im trying to get in touch with you about your 590. PM me if you are still interested in getting rid of it. Thanks

  2. You dont wanna get me into it lol but yeah guy captured jackson hush hush
  3. Who ever does jacksons public relations needs to be fired. So tired of the hush hish politics in this incest wanna be gang banger ridden town
  4. Over by 60 acres closer to countyline rd. At this time Jackson Police have a person of interest detained. All school lockdowns have been released and all roadways have been opened. To confirm, there are no reported injuries and the investigation is ongoing.
  5. Nada they havent released anything and my buddy just confirmed and had to go.. im guessing he was on duty
  6. Lmao why didnt i think of this... shawn good job to these over powered desk jockeys
  7. Idk if it was legal or what... be nicd if i didnt have to read about it on facebook then call a jackson cop i know about it cuz if u called jackson and ask the guy was shooting a super soaker
  8. 3 schools on lock down and as usual the jackson pd doesnt have a statement or a bolo out.happened around 1300
  9. I need to learn how to do that.. i wanna get wood for my saiga 12 and i think that would look awesome
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