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  1. If you got the "Access Denied" message, try to use different browser. I had the same problem with Firefox, but it worked with Safari.
  2. Hi all. I am new with shotguns, never planned buying one, not a hunter either. But I recently tried trap shooting and I really liked it! And I found myself looking for a budget solution to get a 24"+ 12-gauge shotgun suitable for trap shooting. I came across the Turkish shotgun Omega S12S, which have an option for longer 28" barrel. I was told that it was a Benelli M2 clone. Do you think it is worth trying? The price was attractive about $230-250 plus shipping.
  3. Just went through 17 pages of 9mm ammo at their web page and there was no single item in stock.
  4. I usually buy my ammo locally, but with the inflated prices I just tried to look online. Unfortunately, I currently see no online retailer offering 9mm ammo. Any advise where to purchase the ammo these days? When I went to a shooting range in PA, they offered the only 9mm 50-round boxes for $45. It is almost a $ per round!!! Well, these were hollow points, but still crazy.
  5. I see, you have to have an account there. Anyway, thanks for the info! Actually my gun arrives only tomorrow, I just came to start the paperwork earlier to speed things up. But it seems they have to process the package first, as, they have to have the gun in hands to start NICS, right? So if they start it on Thursday, it should be done by Saturday or Monday. Well, I was told: "most likely Tuesday"
  6. I suspected he was a bit behind with the paperwork, so this is why. Hmmm...
  7. So what happened to deerpark? What was the end of the story? BTW, I went to my FFL today to start NICS and was told that it takes about a week to get through. Really??? The things got that crazy or it was a little lie?
  8. Thanks everyone for your input. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find anyone with current membership. The 5-round limit makes a little sense to me. Anyway, I will try to join, as it is so conveniently located. Honestly I was interested in using the indoor pistol range only. Let's see what happens.
  9. I was not able to reach the CRRC guys, they are not responding to my emails. Could somebody give me a hint how to contact/join them?
  10. I just purchased a new gun, SW22 Victory, and really want to break it in. I live near CRRC, and was considering joining it, but it would be great if someone could guest me in, so I can get a better idea about all the facilities. Thanks!
  11. It is clearly stated on the NJSP website, see question #24: https://www.njsp.org/firearms/firearms-faqs.shtml
  12. I would like to add that the airsoft guns are considered to be toys in NJ. The plastic pellet ammunition utilized for an airsoft contain a hollow cavity which do not conform to a solid projectile.
  13. I received my FID and P2P today. Here is the timeline for the record: 1. Application type: initial FID + P2P 2. Police Department where you applied: Plainsboro PD 3. Name of the person you dealt with at the PD: Leigh Ann Roberts 4. Time taken to issue FID and/or permit: 50 days June 2nd - Inital online application filled, FP scheduled References completed within 24 hours June 16th - Fingerprints done June 19th - Criminal History Check completed June 25th - Asked to add another P2P June 26th - mailed the payment and SP66 July 20th - Application approved July 22nd - FID and P2P picked up from PD 5. Documents required by the PD (aside from the standard application and the mental health release form): SP66 form 6. Notes - anything pertaining to the application process: I originally applied for a single P2P, and I contacted later my PD via email and asked to add another P2P. They told me, no problem, just send us SP66 and the check for $9. Finally I received a single P2P, but was promised to get the other one a week later, because the Chief is away this week. Will update on that.
  14. I am a little bit confused. So the 10-round limit does not apply to the .22 caliber? So that makes the M&P 15-22 with 25-round mag NJ complaint?
  15. I just think it could be more friendly to the newcomers (non-members).
  16. 50 yard range is $30 per hour per port $15 per person for each additional shooter (you have to have a friend with you) $25 per gun rental (does not include the cost of ammo) How much for their ammo? Probably not less than $25 So you are looking for ~$120 damage per hour just to try two guns. This is what I call overpriced
  17. You can simply check it out online! https://uenroll.identogo.com/status-check
  18. I did my fingerprinting last month and got first confirmation from IdentoGO within hours from it. Then three days later I received another email from njportal with status update saying "Criminal History Check completed".
  19. My FP appointment was two weeks after the online application date. The lady doing FPs told me that I should get FID in three weeks from "today" (the day of FP). The week after I realized that I want an extra P2P, so I emailed the PD and they added another P2P request, no prob. But I was also told, that regardless the fact I was NJ resident for >10 years, I have to submit a hard copy of SP-66 to them together with a payment. I was also told that "normal processing times have slowed due to the pandemic" and "all applications are processed in the order in which they are received". So only the original application date matters, not the FP date.
  20. I did it on the FARS electronically. When I called them to add another P2P permit to the application, they told me that I don't have the SP66 in file and asked me to submit it together with the payment. So I did. Didn't give my PD a single visit as of today.
  21. Where did you find this info? I looked all over njsp.org
  22. They asked me to send the SP-066 form, even I live in NJ (same county) for 20 years (8 years at the current address). So I filled the part One, made my wife to sign as a witness, and mailed it out. Does it have to go through all the steps? Looks like Part Two requires the signatures from County Adjusted and a Doctor. First of all why did they want it?
  23. Well you always can take Rt.95 to avoid it, but in this case it will be a detour.
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