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  1. Try reading comprehension, you might like it: I didn't disagree that he had the right to shoot the dog. It was the WAY he did it. There's a difference.
  2. Sniper

    Congrats, she's a keeper.

    Double tap
  3. Nice target... Let's hope she never gets pissed off at him and knows the combo to the safe.
  4. I'm smelling a new business opportunity here. Design a hunting robot with a iPhone app. The Millennials can sit on their back deck and control the robot from their phone so they can shoot fresh meat while updating their Facebook status... You'll be RICH!!!
  5. Sniper

    Freedom Munitions, FAIL

    Right after the Sandy Hook shooting happened, and it became tough to find ammo, they were cheaper and in stock. Now, since many manufacturers caught up, that's not a benefit anymore. Plus, their quality seems to have dropped off.
  6. Sniper

    Any boat trailer experts here?

    We rented one like 10+ years ago when the kids were still home. Then, when we got serious about it this time, we rented one for a quick 4 day trip last Fall as a trial run and zero in on what we wanted. I was going to buy at the end of the year, but figured wait until now, as I knew we wouldn't use it over the Winter. Plus with the RV shows going on now, I knew I could wheel and deal better.
  7. Sniper

    Pelosi makes veiled threat to gun rights

    True, while SC picks are important, they only hear/argue like 70 - 80 cases a year out of the 7000 - 8000 thrown to them. What they decide has very little affect on most peoples daily life. The Constitution has turned into a floor mat in this country. On the other hand, trade deals, economic deals, healthcare rulings, etc. HAVE an affect on most people's daily lives, so getting meaningful legislation that helps the "little people" is more beneficial. This is where he's going to be a potted plant the next two years. Don't expect anything meaningful to be passed in the near future.
  8. Sniper

    Any boat trailer experts here?

    In this area, it's really wide and deep enough across most of it, so it gets water skiing, sailing, etc. Plus there are tons of lagoon houses that feed into the bay, plus the Forked River. Then you have Tices Shoal, which is a popular hang out next to Island Beach State Park. And lastly, the Barnegat Inlet, where all boats get access to the ocean. Couple that all together, along with the beer drinking by the weekend warriors, and you'll know why there's so many issues out there. The few times we went out on the weekends, it was like a parade of boats going out the river, and later on, coming back in. This was at times when you'd see 70% of the boats on the river still sitting in their slips.
  9. Sniper

    NYC Cops Friendly fire

    Interesting, yet you feel 95% of home defense is a weapon light.
  10. Sniper

    Pelosi makes veiled threat to gun rights

    There's more to what's going on in the country, economy, etc. than just the few cases the SC hears.
  11. Sniper

    Pelosi makes veiled threat to gun rights

    In reality, he's a potted plant NOW for the next two years. He won't get anything meaningful done or passed through the House.
  12. Sniper

    Freedom Munitions, FAIL

    New or reman? I have a bunch I bought years ago that was new, and as time went on, had issues with it. Glad I'm not the only one with that bad experience.
  13. Sniper

    Any boat trailer experts here?

    I agree. When I bought my last boat, I told wifey he had to go out during the week, cause the weekends were crazy. Then, a bunch of times we tried to go out during the week, the weather was crappy or really windy, so it was a no go. You guys know what the bay gets like inside of the lighthouse on a windy day. Not fun, and that's before all the wakes from the boat traffic. We'd try to fish and drift the oyster creek channel. It was like taking your life in your hands. Although it was a great boat, not missing the "adventures" in the bay. Actually, we just bought a new motorhome yesterday, so we're going to find out if the land adventures are more fun than the water ones.
  14. That's your Democrat controlled state in all it's finest.
  15. Sniper

    Any boat trailer experts here?

    In a marina on the Forked River, we spent a lot of time out in the Barnegat Bay.

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