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  1. Trump’s U.S. Attorney in Philly issues a stunning attack on DA Larry Krasner , and rips him a new one...
  2. They are trying, as hard as they can, and after the last few shootings, more Congressmen are signing on. Emotions are on their side. Be prepared... ...."And nearly 200 House Democrats have now signed on to legislation — authored by Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I.), the head of Democrats’ messaging operation — banning semi-automatic firearms and large-capacity magazines. With 198 co-sponsors, the bill is just 20 votes shy of the number needed to push it through the lower chamber. Five Democrats added their names to Cicilline’s Assault Weapons Ban of 2019 in the immediate aftermath of the back-to-back massacres in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, that left a combined 32 dead and dozens more injured. Two more got on board on Tuesday: Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas), the brother of Democratic presidential hopeful Julián Castro, and Rep. Cindy Axne (D-Iowa), who unseated GOP Rep. David Young last fall. https://thehill.com/homenews/house/457323-assault-weapons-ban-picks-up-steam-in-congress
  3. Nobody disagrees with that, it was a stupid idea done by a kid without our level of insight to see what reaction he was going to get. There will be nothing that we can do to desensitize anyone who fears firearms. NOTHING.. Talking about P.R., the pro 2A groups and republicans NEED to go on a PR campaign to stop the emotional outbursts and unconstitutional 2A laws passed by the Dems. We will NEVER legislate away gun fears, mental illness, crazy or irrational people. These people will always be out there, and they are a very SMALL minority. Our side needs to be PROACTIVE to fight this trend...unfortunately, our side is sitting on their hands, with duct tape on their mouths, while Moms Demand Action are getting what they want.
  4. That's what many medical professionals are saying. Yes, you can strangle yourself and close off the windpipe, but based on the short drop, in most cases, that bone doesn't break. They see that bone being broken in homicides more frequently.
  5. But that's exactly what this was. Soccer mom reaction to a legal action. So, do we go through life, worrying if the color of our tactical pants might scare someone, or maybe wearing a MAGA t-Shirt will be considered offensive to some? Where do you draw the line and stop rolling over and stand up to these emotional reactions? Yes, it was a stupid idea by this kid, and he said he did it to test and see if the Walmart manager would honor his 2A rights. By all accounts, he DIDN'T make one threatening move, point the gun, act like a terrorist, none of that. The rifle just hung in front of him as he walked through the store, the whole time LEGALLY. It was OTHER people's reactions that started the problem, not his. The point is, why are you siding with the emotional Liberals, who, because of their "feelings", want to change the country in many areas. Are you just going to roll over and accept 57 genders, LGBT being forced teaching in the schools, your wealth given to people who want to sit on their asses, and all your guns taken away because some people don't like them. Where's your line in the sand?
  6. Maybe NOT suicide: ...."Allegedly Epstein's hyoid bone was broken at autopsy. While this is possible during a suicide by hanging it's unlikely. It is, however, very common when someone is murdered by strangulation. The reason is where the stress is applied when you hang yourself .vs. when you're strangled. They're not identical acts and the force is not applied the same way." Did he have "help" while the guards were sleeping for a few hours???? http://market-ticker.org/akcs-www?post=236604
  7. How about NOT letting it get to the S.C. by having the Republicans in Congress grow some balls, and STOP these emotional laws from reaching the floor for a vote and being signed into law.. I know, that's a pipe dream... Thinking the S.C. will save us, that's another pipe dream too.
  8. Question, do you want your life ruled by new laws passed based on EMOTIONAL responses, or would you rather have new laws passed based on logic, facts and data?
  9. Exactly right, how the heck does the mayor get away with saying this stuff, when he has facts that show Hill has been a career criminal for DECADES living in the mayor's city?? The mayor wants to blame the NRA?? Really?? Where are the reporters and media to call him out on this crap? ....."“This guy is clearly a criminal…he had apparently a long record. Has been involved in criminal justice before and he was able to get these weapons,” the mayor said, calling the situation “Disgusting.” In a press conference, the mayor criticized the government for not standing “up to the NRA.” “If the state and federal government don’t want to stand up to the NRA, then let us police ourselves,” he said. “Our officers deserve to be protected.”
  10. That could be very possible. It depends what the prosecutor does with the charges to the guy carrying the rifle. Based on all the reports I've seen, he didn't break a single law, everyone else around him acted overly emotional to seeing him. The cops had to charge him with something, but my guess is, the charges won't stick. So, the guy holding him at gunpoint for no legal reason could be looking at legal jeopardy, as well as the store manager, who pulled the fire alarm (when there wasn't a fire) causing a panic in the store.
  11. Ha... Nope, I'm tired of paying for the UPS dude's hernia treatment...
  12. Just saw a post on Reddit that stated SGammo is requiring a copy of your FID and DL to ship. Has anyone ordered from them recently that can confirm?
  13. Great news, all 6 shot officers released from the hospital with non life threatening injuries. Unfortunately, the perp is still held up in the apartment and hasn't been killed yet.
  14. Look at the number of LEOs that have responded (white vehicles) in the picture below, this is for a SINGLE shooter. When true civil unrest starts, does anyone really think the cops will be able to cover/respond to it all?
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