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  1. Did anyone notice this? Rutgers is getting in on the Anti-2A bandwagon, hosting a seminar where our awesome Gov. Murphy will be the keynote speaker. It's going on Tuesday , April 23rd. They're increasing the brainwashing of students even more. Liberal indoctrination at it's best of a captive audience. .... This event will introduce the Center on Gun Violence Research to the public, and allow for a broad audience to engage in a conversation about the future of gun violence prevention in NJ and throughout the country. It will begin with a keynote from Governor Phil Murphy followed by a talk from Dr. Stephanie Bonne who will present the state of affairs of gun violence in NJ. " https://gunviolenceresearchcenter.rutgers.edu/preventing-gun-violence-in-nj/ And here's the newly formed leaders: Stephanie Bonne, an assistant professor of trauma and critical care surgery at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, has become one of the nation’s leading voices on taking a public health approach to prevent gun violence. Her experience at University Hospital drove Bonne to take the lead last year on New Jersey Medical School’s winning application when Gov. Phil Murphy announced that the state was taking proposals to create a $2-million center for gun violence research, a role that has helped put her in the national spotlight. Bonne will be a keynote speaker at the inaugural conference of the New Jersey Center on Gun Violence Research on April 23. https://news.rutgers.edu/preventing-gun-violence-new-jersey/20190418#.XL5uJy-ZO7A
  2. So, just go get your load out vest, and instead of loading it with 30 round mags, you could load it with batteries. Problem solved!
  3. I agree with that. I have a vinyl fence, and I have to be real careful when I get in tight, it can get hacked up really easy.
  4. Those are two items I thought of too. Taking apart the pallets is a pain. Many boards get split in the process. Plus, you have no idea what the wood has been exposed to (dirt, chemicals, oils, etc.). Not a great idea to use on the inside of a small, confined living environment.
  5. Yeah, but I have the cleanest AR on the street.
  6. Actually I've seen a bunch where used pallet planks have been used for exterior siding and interior wall coverings.
  7. Nope. That's one of the attractions to them. Since it's on wheels, and not on a foundation, the towns have no say. That's how some kids get away with building them so shoddy. They're treated like a travel trailer, although some towns take issues with allowing someone to live in one full time.
  8. Ha, that was kinda the situation with the last one. I wrestled with building a basic house or a nice house for the first one, and opted for nice. So I put in a lot of upgraded materials, fixtures, mechanical system, some high tech and really over built it. Many considered it to be a luxury tiny house. Problem was, I built a Lexus, when the marketplace could only afford a used Toyota Corolla, and at that price range, still couldn't get approved for financing. I ended up almost giving the house away, just to get it out of here. In the end, I think I made like $8/ hour. It's a good thing I'm retired and not depending on that money to live. So, this go around, I simplified the design to go with more basic materials that won't be as labor intensive to build. I learned with the previous tiny house the important point was : Price first, followed by "looks nice" second. That's it. These kids couldn't care less about mechanical systems, functionality or features. Hopefully this time, I can get a raise to Murphy's $15/hour wage, at least.
  9. I follow the tiny house trend and forums and there were many kids, due to limited budgets, spent like 6 months scouring construction sites or Craigslist looking for free or excess materials to build their houses. Unfortunately, they ended up with a hodge podge built house made with all different materials, windows, doors, etc.
  10. In the Mueller report, there were listings that 12 redacted criminal referrals were in progress. If they were connected to Trump (other associates or his kids), I think Mueller would have already indicted them. So, my guess, in those 12, there should be some FBI or Clinton or DNC criminal activity that was found during the Russian investigation. If the DOJ punts on what we already know, then there are really bigger issues to tend to in the country.
  11. Hoppy Easter everyone! (yes, I meant to spell it that way )
  12. For those of you that don't know, AMAC is the Conservative version of the AARP. The AARP has always leaned Liberal, so this organization was formed to give Conservative retirees equal coverage. They asked what the DOJ should do now, the results are pretty unanimous. https://amac.us/poll/now-that-the-mueller-report-has-exonerated-president-trump-what-should-the-doj-focus-its-investigations-on-in-the-future
  13. It's both, many think they can just buy the trailer, and in a weekend or two, build themselves a house out of scrap lumber found in a dumpster, and save a lot of money. There are tons of partially completed houses on the market that many started, only to find out how time consuming and expensive it was. Others want to buy a completed tiny house, as they don't have the funds or credit to buy a regular house. I've done tons of different types of construction, and even for me, none of it was difficult, but many parts took longer than anticipated due to working in a small space. Also, price and costs wasn't an issue with all the materials, so I wasn't scrounging around for materials. I'm actually going with a completely different design and engineering plan to see if I can actually make some money on THIS one.
  14. That's true, a specific tiny house trailer is easily another $1K or more over a standard equipment trailer. There is definitely a market, but what I found out with the previous I built, the target market (mostly Millennials) are broke, and have no money. Lots of interest but no money.
  15. A few rare situations... has the town done any hydrant flushing recently in the neighborhood? That churns up all types of crap in the water lines. Or, have you checked your water heater, possibly sediment/dirt laying in the bottom that gets churned up by the opening/closing of the solenoids in the washer? Try draining it.
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