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  1. Or, through the same manual transfer switch as the genny uses, and pick which circuits to power. No big deal to manually choose which input to use and which circuits to power. Like I said above, learning how to live and manage with limited power is the first part of the equation.
  2. Anyone know where Kavanaugh disappeared to?? Or, is this just ANOTHER SCOTUS punt? Did Biden give him a three month paid vacation to Europe? ...."Kavanaugh’s opinion wasn’t law. It was politics. Had Kavanaugh done what a judge ought to do, the moratorium saga would have ended in June. Instead, he put us through another partisan fight, forced those harmed by the moratorium to go to court again, and ensured that the Supreme Court will face the same issue a second time. Will Kavanaugh own up to his mistake or will he say that because the new moratorium is set to expire in October, he’ll permit just a little more lawlessness? https://www.heritage.org/courts/commentary/kavanaugh-eats-crow-eviction-moratorium
  3. The lawlessness in DC just continues... D.C. Judge Rules Biden's Eviction Moratorium Can Remain In Place, Makes Clear She Thinks It's Illegal A federal judge in Washington, D.C., on Friday rejected a request from a group of landlords to block the Biden administration’s renewed eviction moratorium, appearing to overrule The Supreme Court's ruling that the moratorium is unconstitutional. As The Hill reports, the ruling by U.S. District Judge Dabney Friedrich, a Trump appointee, leaves intact the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) new freeze on evictions, which is set to run until early October. Judge Friedrich said that she does not have the authority to halt the eviction ban, and any stop to the moratorium must come from a higher court. In other words, she punted it up the chain of command... https://www.zerohedge.com/political/blow-landlords-dc-judge-rules-bidens-eviction-moratorium-can-remain-place Wasn't it nice that Trump appointed so many federal judges, that were going to make the correct rulings and bring back law and order??????
  4. That is the first plan to put into motion. Learn to live with minimal power. That's the best way, and the way I did it. Built my own system versus using a outside company. First, the markup is nuts from them, plus you can build it anyway you want with the battery backup. It's the battery backup that's the most important part, even if you only use it rarely. Being able to power your general needs off a battery bank, versus running a genny 24/7 is the way to go. Then, you only need to fire up the genny to top off batteries and use as backup to the solar.
  5. This is the error most people make when getting systems. The don't understand the terms, and don't realize, when the power goes out on your street, you're dead too. Doesn't matter how many panels you have on your house, when the power goes out, get the flashlights out. The reason to get solar is to lower your electric bill AND have power in an outage. This is why you BUY the panels and equipment PLUS a battery storage system. Never lease them. You'll still get the benefits of SRECS and tax credits, but aren't at the mercy of whatever solar company you used.
  6. Aren't you a good boy scout, who's prepared, with multiple ways to get power? Based on the situation and condition of the grid in this country, everyone should think and plan seriously on how to live with minimal power.
  7. Ha... he's also been a huge investment in time, training, money, etc. , I got a lot invested in this dude, just trying to get a Return on that Investment at some point in the future. I can't send him back to the manufacturer as "defective"..
  8. After Rosey posted that link (thanks again @Smokin .50) I did a lot of digging around about that brace. On the front end, it looks really good, and well engineered. Don't know why I didn't see it the last two weeks with all my CCL research. It's definitely a consideration, depending what I hear tomorrow from the ortho doc. I'm definitely NOT leaning towards surgery, if I can help it. My faith in doctors/surgery in the last decade has really dropped off. I also noticed on their site, that Red Bank is one of their local places that will do the cast template and fitting. But, if I decide to go that route, I'll go to Morgantown too, and have the experts do the fitting.
  9. Hey Rosie, thanks for posting that info @Smokin .50. I hadn't seen that particular brace. I saw some others that were complete wrap arounds on the rear of the dog, and my dude would never put up with it. This one looks really good, and custom fitted. I'm going to check them out. He has an appointment tomorrow morning with the specialist, so we'll see what they suggest. Thanks again!!!!
  10. I bought a pair with it on the bottom, and after trying, I was thinking the same thing. These bifocal sections of the lens seem small compared to the rest of the lens. I'm going to get a pair of the top type and try that. Thanks for that. I was thinking the same thing, if I go to a lower magnification, it should help with seeing the sight without making the target too blurry.
  11. How do they know which side is up? Don't they slide around?
  12. It uses the original trigger, and drops back in. It connects back to the hammer with a sliding bar, since it's mounted forward. I thought that might be an issue, but so far, it's fine.
  13. I've had multiple transponders, and have switched them between vehicles, with no issues. I don't think they compare transponder to license plate every time you go through. If you have two cars, and swap one transponder between them, I don't think that will be an issue. But, in the case of a misread, and they try to read the plate instead, that could be a problem if the plate isn't registered.
  14. There is someone here with one. I was actually going to do exactly that last year, take a 995 and do the bullpup conversion. Problem was, at that time, no 995 were available anywhere. Those HTA conversions are really neat. I ended up taking an existing CZ Scorpion I had, and did the CZ bullpup conversion on it.
  15. I'm sure a few here use reading glasses for everyday use. Sadly, as the years tick up, using cheater glasses for close up work ends up being a necessary accessory, more and more. Now, it's getting tougher sometimes to clearly see the front sights, specially on handguns. I prefer iron sights versus optics. So, wondering, is anyone using bifocal shooting glasses that have a stronger section to see up close sights? Also wondering if maybe changing out the actual sights to something brighter might be the ticket? I just bought one pair of bifocals to try, which has a small magnifying section in the bottom, but it doesn't seem big enough for shooting, but does help when working on the bench.
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