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  1. Really? If the police budgets are cut back, please tell me how the departments pay for all the additional costs of the cameras? Is Biden going to pay for them?
  2. Sniper


    It's pretty amazing. I showed wifey a case of 223 a little earlier, told her if I sold in now, it would be a 300% ROI. Showed her a case of 9mm, close to a 400% ROI... Crazy stuff... she would roll her eyes when the UPS guy would deliver it. Now she says, why didn't you buy MORE back then??
  3. This use to be the first suggestion as a HD long gun... Basic and easy to use. Somehow, it's now gravitated to getting a full blown, kited out AR15 as your first... My, how times have changed...
  4. Sniper


    I think it's time to switch investments from Bitcoin to Bulletcoin.... The ROI seems to be way better, and it even has a utility use, too! And, you can hold it in your hands
  5. How will that work out with Biden's and the Dems plan to "Defund the Police"?
  6. Interesting... Sure could be a bigger demand for their products in the future. That stock has doubled in the last year, wonder how much room it has left to run?
  7. Wow, rough crowd... Do you remember the first battle rifle? I'm sure a PCC beats this, right?
  8. Why all the lack of love on the pistol caliber carbines? They offer a great shooting experience, and when you can share existing ammo with a handgun, it's a better bang for the buck. What I see is the herd mentality, that it's a AR15 or nothing... Kinda like, if you don't buy a AR, you're a second class citizen. Crazy stuff... it's like a cult or something.. For a H.D. situation that the OP is looking for, a pistol caliber carbine in 9mm or .40 will get the job done just as well as a .223. Having both platforms available, my go to for first choice is my Beretta CX4 versus the AR15.
  9. I thought that was the whole point. You build your own AR with fun parts, just because... ....then post it on the "Show Us Your AR" thread here, right?
  10. Interesting article, and really sums it up. Looks like the NRA has been playing Defense, and being reactive to all the lawsuits, instead of playing Offense, and protecting our 2A rights. Here's a snip... everyone should read that whole article: ...."Now on to the mess in the NRA. To begin with, it’s not just one lawsuit. The NRA is involved in a maze of lawsuits. In response to the suit by the New York Attorney General, the NRA has counter-sued New York State. In addition, the Association filed suit against New York Governor andrew Cuomo back in 2018 for trying to prevent banks and insurance companies from doing business with the Association. There is also a suite filed bye the AG of Washington, D.C., this one against the NRA Foundation. And there are several other lawsuits that have been filed over the past year involving the NRA’s long-time PR firm, Ackerman McQueen. All of this litigation and related activity, has been costing NRA members a lot of money. A year ago, during the September Board of Directors meeting, Wayne LaPierre estimated that the whole mess had cost the Association between $80 and $100 million as of that point in time. Since then, several keystone NRA programs, including Carry Guard and NRA TV, have gone belly-up, and NRA members have been paying a single law firm something in the neighborhood of $2 million a month. Then there is the lost revenue from wealthy members who have withdrawn pledges and regular members who are withholding donations until they see some sort of stability and accountability return to the Association. Not to mention the tens of millions of dollars that have apparently been squandered or shoveled into the pockets of a select few top NRA executives, and their pals.
  11. Exactly how I feel... the Return on Investment has been negative in this state. Exactly... being the biggest really doesn't do squat for us here, we've LOST more 2A rights then gained them recently, while Wayne buys new Italian suits and goes on nice trips... I look at it this way, I don't hire any contractors or pay for any services if my payment/contribution doesn't match the services I get in return. The NRA, in my view, is just another organization that hasn't done anything to help us here for many years. And that's the real truth. As we saw this past year, voting, at any level, produces crappy results for Conservatives and Pro 2A people. Until the TOTAL population wakes up to that fact, and decides to change it themselves.... we're just stuck in the Definition of Insanity... Doing the same thing, over and over, expecting a different result!
  12. Here you go dudes... get out your checkbooks, hopefully you got something in there to spend. Here's the Motherload of muscle cars... get ready to bid!!! ....."According to AutoBlog, Rick Treworgy's Muscle Car City has the "biggest collections of high-performance American cars in the world." Most of the 200 cars are GM built and will be auctioned off with no reserve. Treworgy has decided to unload the classic cars in an upcoming auction later this month. Mecum Auctions is expected to sell the vehicles on Jan. 22-23 at the museum. Get out while you can appears to be Treworgy's move as central banks inflate the everything bubble. It remains to be seen if the collector will get top dollar for his cars, though there's a lot of people out there armed with stimulus checks that may take a stab at bidding. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/worlds-largest-muscle-car-collector-set-auction-200-rare-cars-no-reserve
  13. Wouldn't that be the same as using margin to buy stocks? Otherwise, what Jack said, under normal investing in anything, you can only lose your initial investment. Or, in the case of what happened back in 2018, where the kids jumped into Bitcoin at 16K, and put it on their credit card, only to see it crash down to 4K, so they lost their initial investment money, and were paying 24% interest rates to pay back their credit card balance. A double lose lose.
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