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  1. Based on my previous post, I’d say the odds are pretty low. We need to have a future BBQ shoot-out up north I’ve got rib and jalapeño popper recipes dialed in and ready for any critics. And my smoked leg of lamb, while less traditional, is just about perfected
  2. I’m wondering about that myself. I see the periodic emails of status, but I don’t think I’ve seen an estimate for completion.
  3. Wish I could make it, but that’s a long way from me, and I’m committed for half of the day up north. I look forward to the pics and the tasting notes from the group.
  4. Yes, you not only have to twist the cap off of the bottled sauce, but you also have to drop ribs into the pot. I’m exhausted just thinking about it
  5. He may be distracted by picking paint colors and new carpets for a week or so. It came out today that he’s spending $1MM of our money On a new office in Newark. Whats that, you say? Newark isn’t the capitol of NJ? And the governor already has a lavish office there, just a short hop away? Well, yeah, but Murphy defended the move by saying that Gov Cuomo has offices in Albany and NYC, as if that justifies anything
  6. The headline says “hunter catches deer”, but from the article I see he caught it with a broadhead through the vitals. Anyway, if I was a deer, I think I’d identify as a poodle or something until hunting season was over
  7. Only one solution. Ban pH < 7.0 It’s for the children.
  8. 1995 Giant Sedona. That was the good year, they started doing weird things over the next decade with that model.
  9. 3/8” dowel slightly longer than the barrel, and judicious use of a mallet.
  10. You moved too fast for me! I've got a second Glock prize certificate (like the one described in this thread: New Glock, $400) that I'm selling, and I'm considering parting with a low mileage S&W 915. But that Q5 looks pretty sweet...
  11. I’ll see your hot glue gun, and raise you a grease gun, two caulk guns, and four staple guns
  12. The B17 was legendary for its’ toughness. The link below has photos of battle damaged B17s that made it back-hard to imagine those staying in the air. Reports today say Nine-O-Nine had been in the air for 5+ minutes and was several miles from the airport when they reported the problem, so it wasn’t a classic ‘impossible turn’ scenario, if the reports are correct Of course, last night ABC described the B17 as a “WWII fighter”, so let’s not give the press too much credit https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwiYua7xk4DlAhWRZd8KHTyQCuYQzPwBegQIARAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.warhistoryonline.com%2Fmilitary-vehicle-news%2Fincredible-images-of-damaged-b-17-bombers-that-miracilously-made-it-home.html&psig=AOvVaw2SP1GMUDjzyKNCbQQ5iSIG&ust=1570194342490122
  13. Ah, another pretty bird! I saw the unpainted finish, which is the same as Aluminum Overcast. According to Wikipedia, there are now only 10 flying B17s left. And only two flying B29s (FiFi, which has been flying for decades, and Doc, which was only restored to flying condition in 2016)
  14. I would have thought so: feather the prop on the dead engine, raise the gear, get the flaps to whatever setting is appropriate, and establish a slow climb straight ahead until you have enough altitude to turn back. But I’ve no flying experience that is relevant here, beyond knowing that an engine out on takeoff is a nightmare scenario, even-or perhaps moreso-in a multi engine plane. You have to do a lot of things quickly, perfectly, and in exactly the right sequence. And if something else is wrong, like the other engines aren’t making rated horsepower or the prop won’t feather or you simply waste too many seconds thinking “what the #!%*#”, it’s all for naught.
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