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  1. Bailey's comments to the press are misguided, but I seriously doubt they are shared by the rest of the team. I'll bet the official response he got from the USA Biathlon organization was along the lines of 'shut the hell up.' Enjoy the recording if you are able--biathlon coverage portrays the shooting sports in a positive light. And Bailey didn't medal--let him fade into obscurity.
  2. I think you're largely correct, Jim. It's long been lamented that a lot of talented shooters that could be competing in international events are getting siphoned off into other forms of competition that might be better known and certainly are easier to find in the US. The US is big enough that it evolved a lot of forms of competition that aren't done in the rest of the world. Even I rarely shoot the international events anymore; it's just a lot easier to find other forms of competition. Of course, the biggest problem we have in biathlon is that other countries have a history of developing better cross country skiers, and there is a lot more skiing than shooting in a biathlon event. Yes, Kikkan Randall and Jessie Diggins just won gold in the the women’s team sprint freestyle race, but that is the first Olympic gold medal ever for the US in cross country skiing, and the first US medal of any kind in XC skiing since 1976. That said, the top level competitors in the US do face a number of challenges. States that shut down internet sales and/or require background checks for ammo effectively shut down competitor's supply lines, because the specialized, high end ammo and other gear either isn't available in retail channels at all, or might be carried by only two or three stores in the entire US. The patchwork of transport, storage, and possession laws across the country are pretty daunting to someone who may be competing in a dozen or more states a year. The mere prospect of being arrested flying in or out of JFK or Laguardia, despite being in full compliance with both state and federal law, is chilling. And competitive shooters don't get much in the way of positive publicity in the US anymore; they are much more likely be vilified by the press. I don't think that happens in other countries; my impression is that top competitors still have strong support in their home nations, and their accomplishments are celebrated.
  3. The biathlon events have concluded at the 2018 Winter Olympics, so I'll post a quick summary. There will be much less detail here than in my Summer Olympics thread, because I've no experience in biathlon, but hey, it's a rifle event! Ok, it also includes a bit of XC skiing... Your US Biathlon Team Members are here: US Biathlon Team The official Olympics Biathlon page is here, with a good bit more detail about the events: Biathlon events There are 11 biathlon events in the Olympics, including Men's and Women's Individual, Relay, Sprint, Pursuit, and Mass Start events plus a mixed Mens/Women's relay. The distances skied range from 7.5 to 20 kilometers. Shooting is done with highly modified .22 bolt action rifles (iron sights only), fired at 50 meters from the prone position at targets slightly under 2" in diameter, or from the standing position, at targets that are about 4.5" in diameter. Targets are simply scored as hit/miss, and depending on the event, a miss either adds a 1 minute penalty to the skiers time, or requires them to ski a 150 meter penalty loop before continuing. Most events only allow 5 rounds for the 5 target string, but the relay events allow the competitors to single-load up to 3 additional rounds if they exhaust their 5 round magazines before all targets are hit. As you might imagine, it's enormously challenging to ski at your maximum speed for several kilometers, then stop, quickly slow your breathing and heart rate enough to permit accurate shooting, then immediately transition back to ski racing until arriving at the next shooting station. When it was all over, Germany lead the medal count with 7, three of which were individual medals (two gold, one bronze) won by Laura Dahlmeier. Norway was just behind, with 6 medals, France won 5, Sweden 4. The US was shut out of medals; in fact, the US has never won an Olympic medal in biathlon. In the 2016 Summer Olympics, the US won just 3 of 45 medals. Perhaps the gun culture in the US isn't quite so strong as the media would have us believe. On a positive note, there were no reports of North and South Korean biathletes lining up on opposite ends of the firing ranges and shooting at each other.
  4. I didn't realize that. But I was pretty excited to find 19.95 bricks of CCI primers, and a number of common pistol powders for $12-$15 lb!
  5. I'd not ordered from Bullets.com previously, but I saw a note on the Brian Enos forums saying that they were closing shop, and blowing out everything they had in stock. I was just on the site, and I can confirm that the deals are really good, but inventory is dwindling rapidly. I may be partly responsible for that...
  6. Skittles They’re also useful when your blood sugar starts getting low late in the afternoon.
  7. Maybe this court won’t, but it will be a different court soon. Ginsburg is, what, 135 years old?
  8. Same at any trap, skeet, or sporting clays club. If you are shooting above the horizon (i.e. no backstop) you don’t use buckshot or slugs.
  9. I’d avoid anything from ConnectAmerica, whose products include Medical Alert, Alert 911, Alert 365, and Caregiver365. My parents used them, and despite a lot of verbiage on their website about round the clock monitoring of system and connection health, when my parents moved to assisted living and disconnected the phone, no alert was generated. For 4 months, the system was stone dead, and ConnectAmerica never sounded an alarm (but they kept up the automatic billing). When I finally found the unit, I called and cancelled the service, and shipped back the hardware, whereupon they continued to bill for another six months! I had a signed receipt for the package arriving at the ConnectAmerica office, and they told me that only proved I had sent a box, not the hardware. It took almost a year and a lot of legal threats to get it cleared up, and I remain livid that for the first 4 months they didn’t respond to a ‘system offline’ error, and so had no idea if my parents were ok or not.
  10. Well, it is a mental condition, but I agree it doesn’t seem like it should be a factor here...except ADHD might make you buy and enjoy a lot of different kinds of guns. :-)
  11. I'm just back from the match--had a great time, as always! Thanks to the organizers; it's a very creative format for a competition, and a nice donation was made to the local PBA with the proceeds.
  12. Because that experiment hasn’t already been done hundreds of times before...
  13. Listen to the Texan. Most of the dual probe thermometers also allow for remote monitoring, so you can keep an eye on the temperatures without having to hover over the smoker. That is a very useful feature. Some useful links are: http://www.smoking-meat.com https://www.smokingmeatforums.com http://www.thesmokerking.com There are also some very good cookbooks out there. I also recommend keeping a notebook with all of the details of things you smoke; prep, times, temperatures, how well everything turned out... Also, don't forget to try making some less traditional things in the smoker...some of our favorites are smoked nuts, cheese (gotta do this with minimal heat on a cold day), baked potatoes, meatloaf (wrapped in a bacon weave), quesadillas...and don't forget appetizers like ABTs, moink balls, pig candy (you can find the recipes online). After I conditioned my smoker, the first thing I smoked was a whole bunch of assorted sausages. That's a fairly foolproof starting point. Chicken is also fairly simple, as are the pork chops you mentioned. Ribs are pretty simple; I favor this recipe: Best Ribs in the Universe Brisket is more involved, and it's a loooong smoke, so with a wood or charcoal smoker it's best tackled once you've got down the basics of maintaining temperature in the smoker. You'll have a lot of fun with it, and your wife will consider it the smartest present she ever gave you.
  14. All the trap and skeet clubs with which I’m familiar keep their clays outside in unheated trailers sheds, or shipping containers. Doesn’t cause a problem for them.