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  1. 10X

    New fangeled key fobs

    I’ve never heard that. Why would 2 working keys be needed in order to program a third?
  2. 10X

    Dna genealogy kits

    Yes, but the local labs aren't extracting and sequencing DNA. You can't do that at thousands of sites and keep it a secret. I'm not disputing the long reach of NSA--maybe they know the triglicerides level of everyone who ever sent a sample to the lab--but if the DNA sequence data isn't there, they can't capture it.
  3. 10X

    Dna genealogy kits

    I dunno...informed consent laws have teeth. I don't think blood going through a testing lab for routine screening ends up having the DNA extracted and sequenced in secret. Testing labs are local, there are thousands of them nationwide, and the techs aren't paid well enough that all of them would keep a secret of this magnitude.
  4. 10X

    Dna genealogy kits

    And here is my DNA: A T C G That's right, I'm not afraid to put it out in the public domain. Assembling the sequence is left as an exercise for the reader.
  5. 10X

    Cali plane crash caught on nest camera

    If anyone is still following, the NTSB preliminary report came out--it took a lot longer than usual. It could be a long wait for the final report. It strongly hints at weather being the cause, and confirms the in-flight break-up, which we already knew. Location: Yorba Linda, CA Accident Number: WPR19FA079 Date & Time: 02/03/2019, 1345 PST Registration: N414RS Aircraft: Cessna 414 Injuries: 5 Fatal, 2 Serious Flight Conducted Under: Part 91: General Aviation - Personal On February 3, 2019, at 1345 Pacific standard time, a Cessna 414, N414RS, experienced an in-flight breakup over Yorba Linda, California, about 11 miles west of the departure airport Fullerton Municipal Airport (FUL), Fullerton, California. The pilot and four individuals on the ground sustained fatal injuries, two individuals on the ground sustained serious injuries and the airplane was destroyed. The airplane was registered to and operated by the private pilot as a 14 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 91 cross-country personal flight. Visual meteorological conditions (VMC) prevailed over the accident location, and no flight plan was filed. The flight departed at 1339, with a planned destination of Minden-Tahoe Airport (MEV), Minden, Nevada. Radar and audio communications data provided by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) revealed that after departing FUL, the pilot initiated a climbing left turn to the east. Visual meteorological conditions (VMC) existed at the departure airport, however, preliminary information indicated that the weather transitioned to instrument meteorological conditions (IMC) with precipitation, microburst and rain showers over the accident area. During the take-off clearance, the FUL tower air traffic controller cautioned the pilot regarding deteriorating weather, about 4 miles east of FUL. Radar data showed that 5 1/2 minutes after takeoff, the airplane had climbed to an altitude of about 7,800 ft above ground level before it started a rapid descending right turn and subsequently impacted the ground. Numerous witnesses who were located near the accident site, saw the airplane exit the clouds at a high rate of descent before parts of the airplane started to break off. One witness reported that he, "observed an aircraft emerge from the overcast layer on a northwesterly heading with a nose down pitch of approximately 60 degrees, pointed directly at my location with no discernable movement. It remained in that attitude for approximately 4 to 5 seconds before initiating a high-speed dive recovery. Approaching the bottom of the recovery the aircraft began to roll to its right. As it did, the left horizontal stabilizer departed the aircraft, immediately followed by the remainder of the empennage. The left wing then appeared to shear off just outside of the number one (left) engine igniting the left wing. After which, the aircraft disappeared behind the hill to the northeast of the observed location, trailing flames behind it. The sound of an explosion and large plume of black smoke immediately followed." Examination of the accident site revealed that the wreckage debris was scattered throughout a neighborhood area about 1,000 ft long and 800 ft wide on a south-to-north orientation. At the far south parameter of the debris field were tail sections. The far north area contained the left engine, and left propeller and the fuselage. About 700 ft north-east from the first recovered piece of debris, the right engine and the right propeller impacted an asphalt road, and came to rest in a nearby front yard. The left wing was found about 716 ft north of the first recovered piece of debris, about 140 ft south-west of a burned house. Within the house, fragments of the outboard right wing (which also contained the fuel tank) were located. The fuselage with the attached right inboard wing, along with the left propeller and left engine were located about 310 ft downhill from the burned house on a heading of 310. The wreckage was recovered and moved to a secure location for future examination.
  6. 10X

    interesting article from arfcom

    Sure they do. California, Oregon, Washington.
  7. 10X

    Looking for medium/heavy duty truck mechanic

    But so is the OP.
  8. Voted, for three, including AC, so not exactly bullet voting; more of a triple tap.
  9. Well, my lenses mostly correct astigmatism (I also brought in a dot sight, and the Doc was able to make the 'comet' I see uncorrected into a beautiful spherical dot. My correction for distance doesn't amount to much (not yet, but I'm not getting any younger), so when my sights are sharp, the targets in the distance are still pretty good--no issue finding them.
  10. If you are going to normally wear progressives, by all means learn to shoot in them. But for competition purposes, I'd suggest single-vision lenses tuned to focus on the distance where your front sight sits. I've taken a slide in (best not to do it with the whole revolver!) and had lens selection done while holding it up at arms length to get a really sharp focus at that distance. Then have the glasses built to safety glass specs, and tinted if you wish. I'd be very hesitant to compete with progressive lenses, because it gives you one more thing to line up...no longer just front sight in the rear sight (and secondarily, lined up on the target), but you'd also have to line up with the right section of your progressive lens. Too complicated for my skill set!
  11. Awww. Isn't this sweet... Couple gets engaged at Reloaderz
  12. 10X

    Glock Gen 6

    Finally make the trigger not feel like the internals are coated with marshmallow fluff and sand.
  13. Maybe something like: "Look at that, 116 years later and there still isn't anything more practical than fossil fuel for aircraft propulsion."
  14. This may as well be the electric car thread, repeated. It all comes down to a suitable power source, and you can't fit enough amperage into a hand-held pistol with today's technology. Right now, nothing matches the energy density of a dozen or so grains of smokeless powder.
  15. 10X

    Sjsc conditions

    Wet indeed. The Pequannock police range is next to a retention basin--no way to drain water from that--and it has been under 6 feet of water for weeks on end. Benches & tables submerged, target trailer half under water. We don't know what kind of a mess we're going to find if it ever dries out enough to use.

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