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  1. Pelosi is up for re-election, so she'd be screeching all over the news regardless. This just gives her a good topic du jour for making the voters think she has any relevance here.
  2. There are indeed gun collectors that focus on collecting Glocks. Which is a little like a car collector focussing on collecting Corollas, but it's a thing. The Glock Talk board has a forum specific to collecting Glocks. You may find some good info there. GlockTalk forum
  3. It shipped with 10 round mags? I first heard of that starting less than a decade ago.
  4. At $50 a permit, the state is going to make a lot more money off of @Pizza Bob than they will from the millionaires tax.
  5. Similar story in the case of Brandon Lee (Bruce Lee's son), filming The Crow. A cast member shot him, either with a blank, or with a blank in a gun in which a bullet had been previously been lodged in the barrel. Brandon Lee
  6. I need to see if our KWH rate has changed over the last year. We did get a residential bill a month ago for $600, nearly double what we were expecting, but it was based on an estimated reading, and our actual meter reading at the time was quite a bit lower. I just haven't done the math to see what the bill should have been. The actual reading will be taken this month, at which point we should be back to a real number for the two month period. Update: Just got this month's bill, based on an actual meter reading. $98. So the average over the two months was about what we were expecting; no idea why their estimate was so screwed up last month.
  7. I know it's been pointed out before that for a gun board, we spend an awful lot of time talking about food. I'll just note that on the Pilots of America aviation board, there is currently a thread raging on Isosceles vs. Weaver stance. 40 posts and 400 views in less than 18 hours. It's kinda funny. Lots of BBQ threads showing up there as well...
  8. Thanks for the link. I'd not seen that one, and I've been watching a fair number of BBQ videos in recent months. The big names in competition BBQ have some great content out there. My wife wandered by my screen a week or so ago and asked "are you watching meat porn again?"
  9. That should be amazing. Great price, too. I don't have a Walmart with grocery department near me, so I have to rely on Costco, and I've not seen them anywhere near that cheap there, or at Restaurant Depot, when they were letting non-members in. Is the comparatively low temp overnight just to get the timing right to finish cooking by dinnertime tomorrow? I just ordered a roll of butcher paper to wrap my next brisket, as I've heard from a few sources that it makes for a better bark than does a foil wrap.
  10. I dunno. I'd think the pointy stick penetration in ballistic gelatin is only limited by the length of the stick.
  11. Taxing stupid would provide a lot of income in this state. Although the state lottery is kind of a tax on stupid.
  12. So much wrong here: Loaded rifle used as prop in rap video
  13. The article states that it isn't known when the middle-class rebates would be paid out. So I think we can safely assume those checks will go out in October of 2021, right before the gubernatorial election. The rebate program will be cancelled by December of that year.
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