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  1. That's a cool reference. You can sort right in the wikipedia table. If you click the arrows next to the H/R header, it separates the entries into Handgun and Rifle, much like you can click the arrows on the date column to sort by date introduced. I'm not completely sure I believe the '# of factory loadings' column (or maybe I misunderstand how it is used here), but it shows the 9 x 18 Makarov of having the most of any cartridge, at 10, followed by 10 common rifle calibers (30-06, 308, .223, etc) each having 8 factory loadings available. Dozens and dozens of oddball cartridges have no factory loads available.
  2. .380 has been around for quite awhile, though never used widely. I think the .40 S&W might be one of the more recent introductions. And there are rifle wildcats-gone-mainstream that are newer still.
  3. I don't see much need for it. It's no great shakes ballistically, and as a reloader I have no interest in finding and stocking 8 mm bullets. I'm glad it's unlikely to see much use, since the cartridge case is the same length as a 9mm. It would be a huge pain in the butt to separate that from 9 mm brass when scooping up range brass. This might, barely, be more annoying than finding .45 small primer brass mixed in with your .45s.
  4. They would have, but this thread was resurrected on Monday because that deal fell apart. Sportsman's Warehouse is remaining independent.
  5. That's closer than I thought--thanks for pointing it out.
  6. That is good news! I like Sportsman's Warehouse much more than Cabelas or Bass Pro. I only wish we had one near here.
  7. Murphy's attacks on gun owners fail, at least for the previous legislative session Many of you received this today, but I'll post the text here. We have, as the article notes, won a short break in the action. Thanks to all who emailed and called! Be ready for more of the same in 2022. (edit.....I see I was two minutes behind GunForHire's post of the same info) GOV. MURPHY'S ANTI-GUN BILL PACKAGE FIZZLES AS LEGISLATIVE SESSION ENDS Thanks to Gun Owners For Making the Difference! January 11, 2022. Thanks to an overwhelming outcry from law-abiding gun owners, Governor Murphy's much-touted anti-gun bill package fizzled as the 2020-2021 legislative session ended. Your efforts made the difference, and the current outcome proves that no matter how overwhelming the odds, no matter how futile it may seem, the outcome of every legislative battle is never written in stone and the collective effort of gun owners and sportsmen can make the difference. That being said, a new two-year legislative session is now beginning, and the anti-gun bill package will likely be resurrected all over again as the session unfolds. But in this upcoming session, new national standards could be set by the U.S Supreme Court (in the pending right to carry case) that greatly clarify the boundaries of what is permissible generally in laws restricting Second Amendment rights. That could affect misguided proposals like Governor Murphy's, which fail to punish gun crime and instead restrict the rights of honest citizens who have nothing to do with crime. In the meanwhile, gun owners should enjoy a well-deserved short break in the action, as the legislative session resets and the gradual bill introduction process begins all over again. Enjoy the moment, but be prepared to go into action once again in the not-too-distant future.
  8. I'm very glad to hear that! Glad your wife is mostly recovered as well.
  9. It kinda tracks with the popularity of the guns allowed for each event. Chips and Blue Bloods are popular since you can use any 6" revolver, or any centerfire Glock (or Kahr or Sig). Assassin's Guild is any gun not listed for the other events. Sterotypical Villian is any semiautomatic. Most anyone will have something to use in one or more of those events, even though optics aren't allowed. Criminal Minds and Walker Texas Ranger tend to get a few entries as well despite the gun requirements being a little more specific. Dirty Harry gets more entries now that they allow any .44 mag revolver (non-magnum loads only on the indoor range). It used to require a S&W 29. Some of the other events are more niche, only a few Pythons turn up for Walking Dead, not a lot of 2" revolvers for Dragnet or Hawaii 5-0, and some years not a single Walther PP or Mares Leg for the events that require those. And I think it's rare to have more than about 3 shooters in the Gunsmoke event. One entry fee lets you shoot as many events as you have guns for (or lets you re-shoot the same event as time allows). I've entered as many as seven events at the match.
  10. It's a lot of fun. Shooting from the FBI crouch is humbling, as it's not something most of us ever practice. There are usually few to no entries in the 007, Gunsmoke, and Wanted Dead or Alive events, so if you have a gun that qualifies for any of those you've got a decent chance of going home with a trophy for that event.
  11. If you do end up making the drive to PA to buy your airguns, be aware that you will find many rifles with internal sound suppressors built in. That is perfectly legal, as airguns are not firearms. Until you cross the border into NJ, where reality and federal laws both are ignored by the idiots in the legislature. In NJ, airguns magically become firearms. No one has actually observed this magical transformation take place, but somehow as you cross the border the airgun you legally bought becomes a suppressed firearm you can't have, and you, as possessor, have magically become a criminal. So buy with caution, and don't bring in any airgun marketed as suppressed or silenced.
  12. Fun idea, but I am NOT shaving my back just so I can duct tape a pistol to it.
  13. Parts of it have really shot up in price; Bozeman, the lake district (Flathead, Whitefish, etc). I think further out on the plains to the east it's still pretty affordable, but then you are further away from the gorgeous mountains.
  14. 10X


    To keep the frozen food frozen longer, fill the empty spaces with water...plastic bottles, bags of ice. It has a lot of thermal mass, so it will help the freezer stay cold longer, and it also provides yet another source of stored water. Liquids taking up space in the fridge serve the same purpose, higher thermal mass, holds the cold better than dry ingredients. Here you can substitute beer for water. Bagged ice should be double or triple bagged and stored near the bottom of the freezer in case it does melt--but that also provides an indicator should the temp in the freezer get to high (kinda like the old trick of putting two ice cubes in a ziplock in a seldom-used freezer, to show if the contents had thawed during a power outage, then re-froze). Of course, whatever filler you use has to be in there before the power goes out, otherwise the energy used to bring it down to temp is kinda counterproductive. If it wasn't already mentioned, start your generator (then attach a load) once a month or so, just to make sure it stays in working order. Some people use gas stabilizer, I store mine with the tank empty and put in a pint or two of fuel to test...I keep 20 gallons of generator gas that I rotate through the cars every 4 to 6 months to keep it fresh.
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