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  1. From what I'm reading in this thread, they even taste the same.
  2. Yep, that is certainly a big contributor to the confusion.
  3. Vaccines are cheap--and the margins are low for their producers. The various treatments being tested now are mostly off-patent, and are also cheap, and low margin. We need both. I don't see market forces favoring one or the other. I'm not surprised that the treatments in clinical trials and limited clinical use right now are showing mixed results--none of them were designed to fight this virus. It's just a happy accident that antimalarials may have some activity against the virus. If this coronavirus comes back year after year, I'd expect something much more effective will eventually be designed and patented and tested and approved. But that won't happen for a couple of years, and those next-generation drugs won't be cheap. So, we keep rooting for the cheap drugs being tested now to be useful, even if not as effective as we'd like.
  4. #4 TBD could be misused, if Emma Peel is in charge of the FAQ. She'll use that section to push her views on what that odd pork product should be called. She may even promote it to #1.
  5. I don't see mention of that on their website--where did you get the news? I've been wanting to get in there for years--it's supposed to be a great place to get mass quantities of meat for the smoker.
  6. Nooooooo! I hope to return to Idaho someday, and don't want to find it filled with north easterners. The influx from California is bad enough.
  7. So, why isn’t Identigo processing fingerprints? I couldn’t tell from your post.
  8. I only got three minutes in, alarm bells went off almost immediately when he said he's quoting an anonymous source, and I stopped the playback when he said PCR is known to not work...(it works, it works well, and it's been working for 35 years). Yes, there are multiple families of coronaviruses, but that's been known for decades. Right now, there are believed to be 8 strains of the particular coronavirus that causes COVID19. That might account for the highly variable symptoms infected people are experiencing, though that could still also be due to individual differences among the patients. The highly encouraging news is that the 8 strains are very, very, similar to each other, which A), makes it more likely that a single vaccine will work against all, and B), makes it more likely that if the virus comes back each year, a one-time vaccination will continue to protect. A) and B) aren't yet proven, of course, but what we know so far makes both seem likely.
  9. Fair point about tank rust, but all of my yard equipment has plastic tanks. The generator and the snowblower are really hard to drain, and since those are also the ones most likely to go unused after a fill, I store them empty. The gas stabilizer recommends no more than a year of storage anyway, so I'd still be stuck cycling the gas once a year regardless.
  10. I don't bother with stabilizer. I have one 5 gallon gas can for all of the yard equipment; it gets used quickly enough that it needs no stabilization. I also keep multiple 5 gallon cans constantly filled for the generator. I write fill dates on these and every six months or less I dump them into the cars and refill on the same day, so I never have a gap of more than a few hours without my full supply of generator gas. I'd have to do that once a year anyway, even with stabilized fuel, so just save the cost of the stabilizer and rotate stock twice a year instead. Four to six times a year, I put just enough gas in my generator to run it for 20 minutes or so under load, then run it till the tank is dry for storage.
  11. How long does the bag material hold up if buried? Asking for a friend.
  12. Clearly, my kids need to step up their game. I've never found a rifle under the Christmas tree...
  13. Pina colada meatballs? Or more accurately, coconut margarita meatballs? I dunno....I've enjoyed both drinks, never once thinking "hmmm, this would really taste better if it had some ground chuck in it".
  14. My youngest is finishing her college semester from home, and I learned that somehow she's never seen Animal House, Airplane! or Blues Brothers. So I'm filling gaps in her formal education by introducing her to the classics. We're up to Airplane!, scheduled for tonight, but I can't find my copy of Blues Brothers, and it's not on Netflix. Update: She liked Airplane!, but I learned she's never seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail. So that one is queued up for the weekend.
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