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  1. The Glock certificate mentioned in post 2 is still available to anyone who wants it. $400 (no tax, no shipping charge) will get you a brand new Glock (most models).
  2. The Pan Am Games are wrapping up today in Lima, Peru. For most international sports, in this hemisphere, the Pan Am games, the World Cup, and the Olympics are the big three stages on which athletes compete. Team USA sent 7 pistol, 7 rifle, and 8 shotgun competitors to the games. Kim Rhode (Trap), the only person to win medals in 6 consecutive summer Olympics, was chosen as the flag bearer, leading the entire US delegation into the opening ceremonies. Team USA did well, winning 10 gold medals, 8 silver medals, and 2 bronze medals. Team USA wraps up Pan Am games competition I had to hunt to find the results, they're not considered newsworthy by the media. What is getting a lot of coverage is the US fencer who took a knee on the podium after winning a gold medal, to protest, among other things, what he views as insufficient gun control in the US. Fencer takes knee in Pan Am games medal ceremony, in protest of perceived lack of gun control in the US So this douche, adept at hacking at people with swords (ok, foils), takes the podium to call for more gun control? Besides demonstrating a staggering inability to perceive irony, he insults his 22 teammates on USA Shooting, he insults the host country, and he insults the country he represents. Makes me sad...
  3. That's unlikely to have worked before DNA sequencing was available. For the last couple of decades, not a chance. Not in a high profile case where people are paying attention.
  4. Buy the lot yourself. It would give you room to park this: Custom semi-trailer 76-foot smoker complete with walk-in cooler, beer taps, and diesel generator More details Or perhaps consider this one: Colt SAA smoker
  5. Well, it was worth a shot. My only experience with a live burn was decades ago in Idaho; I was working on a ranch for the summer, and the owner decided to burn down a small, run-down shed. It was in a safe location to do so, and we lit it up. There must have been four or five of us standing around watching it burn, when a fire truck came racing out from town and up the dirt lane where we were standing. The firemen got out, and just milled around with us once they realized it was a controlled burn. Finally, the ranch owner asked the driver who called in the fire. The driver replied that he didn't know, they just got a call for a fire three miles north and a mile west of the bridge. We all went back to watching the fire for a moment, and then when the statement sank in, all heads swiveled in unison around to the southeast, where a large column of black smoke could clearly be seen in the distance. The ranch owner yelled 'we're three miles west and a mile north!!' The firemen all piled back into the truck and raced off in the direction of the fire call. I never found out what had burned out there, but they lost a good 20 minutes in responding.
  6. Nah, that will make it too easy for them to catch us all in one place.
  7. Some fire departments will burn down abandoned buildings for training purposes. If the neighboring houses aren't too close and If you can get your local FD interested, they might be able to nudge the town to do what is necessary to make the house available to them. Still leaves the problem of someone paying for cleanup costs.
  8. OK, sounds like the next NJGF Shotgun Shootout will be held at Mrs. Peel's house. Expect it to be called on short notice, and at night.
  9. Here is the last word on dealing with bats. If you don't want to watch the whole clip, start around :45 and again around 4:15. The Office--bat episode
  10. It's more a matter of not being able to post photos here directly, and being too lazy to put them on an external service and link to this board. I do have a decent photo of the poppers. The meat, as you know, looks pretty hideous after that much time in the smoker, so the only photo I took was after it was pulled, and that can't convey the gustatory joy of consuming the pork.
  11. I'll hijack Displaced Texan's thread to detail my latest smoker run. I'd previously bought a whole boneless pork shoulder at Costco. It was so cheap, it followed me home. Then it sat in the chest freezer for months, once I realized how long it would take to smoke (it weighed 16 lbs). This past weekend, I decided it was time. I figured I may as well do it right, and follow one of Myron Mixon's competition recipes for pulled pork. Myron wins a lot of competitions, but his recipes tend to be pretty complex... I cooked up a batch of his hog injection, and injected the shoulder with almost two quarts of the stuff, leaving it to marinade overnight in the overflow. Then I mixed up a batch of his basic BBQ rub, dried the shoulder, and gave it a good coating of rub. I fired up the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker with a crap ton of charcoal, lumps of pecan and apple, and filled the water pan to the brim. The shoulder went on at 7:30 pm Friday, because it was going to have to smoke for 20 FREEKIN' HOURS! Because I was committed to spending the night minding the smoker, I assembled my gear. A bottle of Jim Beam Black bourbon, and a wireless thermometer that lets one monitor both smoker and meat temperature from up to 100 yards away, and also set minimum/maximum temperature alarms. Around midnight, I set the smoker alarms to sound if the temp got too high or too low, and I went to sleep on the downstairs couch, just yards from the smoker. Alarms around 3 am and 6 am prompted me to add more charcoal, and spray the meat with apple juice to keep it moist. In the morning, I put a big tray of mixed nuts on the top rack to smoke for three hours. The smoker got more charcoal and smoke wood, the meat got more apple juice sprays, and I got more bourbon as needed throughout the day. In the afternoon, I put on two dozen ABTs (bacon-wrapped jalepeno poppers), and started cooking up a batch of Mixon's hog glaze, which first requires making a batch of his vinegar sauce, because he lists that as an ingredient in the hog glaze. I told you his stuff is complicated... The shoulder was glazed at 2:30, and between 3:30 and 4 everything came off of the smoker. The guests feasted on the poppers and smoked nuts, while the shoulder rested until it was cool enough to pull. The pulled pork was exquisite! Best I've ever had. People are still raving about it, which is good, since I've got well over 10 pounds left over to freeze. I served it with homemade cole slaw, Bush's baked beans to which I'd added a lot of the smoked pork, and biscuits. The pork was too good to sauce, so I served sauce on the side.
  12. Judging from Mrs. Peel's post, I think she would be just fine with that.
  13. The PD and the second gun shop are wrong, very wrong. They're your guns, and if they are NJ legal guns, you can transport them between your residences in PA and NJ without jumping through any hoops. The NJ FPID card will simplify some things down the road, but you don't have to have it in advance of bringing the guns in. People move here all the time, and legally bring their guns into the state with them. Without an FPID, or any time you are transporting handguns or hollow point ammo, you need to drive directly to your house once you cross into NJ. You aren't allowed to run errands or go to the movies while transporting (though once you have your FPID, that restriction goes away for the long guns). Don't be too quick to give away the old ammo; if old enough, it may have collector value. If not, it probably still works just fine. Ammo has a really long shelf life.
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