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  1. There is at least one exemption, for competition. It needs to be an approved match (not sure who approves them) and you need to bring with you a copy of the match bulletin, and possibly proof of entry. Under those circumstances, and assuming the gear is NY legal, you can bring a handgun into the state (but not into NYC) for the match.
  2. So next you want to consider accessorizing with a biometric handgun safe. Transitions the gun from locked-away to in-your-hand in seconds. Biometric safe review
  3. The accurate but not-so-useful answer is, it depends. Serious IPSC and Steel Challenge shooters use full-on race holsters, not at all concealable, but very configurable and fast. Those aren't legal for IDPA, which requires concealment, though not a high degree of concealment. Blade-Tech, Comp-Tac, and others make Kydex holsters that are competitive in IDPA. They're also a lot cheaper than a race holster, and IDPA legal holsters are also legal for the other events (not the old West SASS type events, but otherwise...) So I'd start there, it gives you the most flexibility while you try different events and decide if you want to later upgrade to more specialized gear. There are some on the forum who are much more active in these events than I am, so expect more advice to come rolling in.
  4. A holster lets you play all of the great gun games...IPSC, IDPA, Steel Challenge, etc. etc. Pick one, give it a try, you'll probably love it.
  5. I believe the expression is 'all hat and no cattle', but my ranch days were in Idaho. We'll see what the Texan has to say.
  6. I was trying to come up with a counter example...wasn't aware of the Kel-Tec...
  7. Kudos to West Milford! Though the declaration does stop short of saying they won't prosecute or will otherwise ignore recent changes to state law.
  8. I was surprised at first that it's only 10 round capacity, even for the free states, but I guess that's due to difficulties in getting a double stack mag to work with rimmed cartridges.
  9. We're shooting or stockpiling all the lead. Supply and demand.
  10. I’m cleaning out some SCUBA gear, so I have tanks. 30 cf and 40 cf aluminum, 45 cf steel, and two sets of double aluminum 80’s with bands and isolator valves, all O2 clean and nitrox ready. Need VIP, some need hydro. Most of the valves are DIN/yoke convertible. The small bottles are stage rigged Let me know if interested and I’ll look up hydro dates. $80 for an Al 40, which might make the most sense for paintball
  11. Rain water is actually quite good, IF your collection and storage apparatus is clean and sanitized (I know, rarely the case), and if you don't collect until 30 minutes or so into a given rainstorm, which gives time for most of the particulates and microbes in the local atmosphere to be washed out.
  12. Never seen one of those. I’d expect a lot of pushback in NJ. I’ve seen a bunch where the target is a life size turkey head molded from plaster. Bust the head (50 yds for pistol) and win a frozen turkey. The Pardini free pistol worked really well for that
  13. I ALWAYS select ANJRPC as the smile charity on Amazon 1) it’s a worthy cause 2) it forces antigun Amazon to send money to a gun rights organization Win-Win
  14. A basic potato gun design scaled up to use a 4”* polyethylene pipe should work fine *6” for fat cats. :-)
  15. 10X

    10mm Glock

    Because its 1mm better than 9mm! Mine goes to 11! (ok, .45 is 11.43 mm) Spinal Tap This goes to 11
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