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  1. Not sure why your profile shows zero posts, but clicking through to 'activity' shows your your posting history on this forum goes back 13 months, and consists of over two dozen posts asking sellers to message you because you are too new to post.
  2. Sorry, both are SPF. Being picked up this week. Win M22 22 LR SPF to Ringwoodfrank.
  3. Bump, with some additions to the list, and price reductions.
  4. Don't mess with Idaho moms! Note that the perp had her handcuffed to a chair and she was still able to retrieve her .357 and shoot him twice.
  5. Nice! I saw this on a door in Sodus Bay, NY when we were up there watching the overcast that had an eclipse behind it on Monday. Much of upstate NY feels the same way about the nonsense that comes out of Albany and NYC.
  6. It was pretty good. Clever concept, I had to support the ingenuity of the brewers who came up with the idea of making a beer for the eclipse.
  7. This is a late trip report, as I avoid posting trip plans to social media until after I'm home. We planned to drive to upstate NY. The forecast wasn't great, but it looked like the best odds were to get as far east as we had time for, on the southern shore of Lake Ontario. We ended up at the delightful town of Sodus Bay. In town we enjoyed a brewed-just-for-the-occasion black lager called Totality, then set up at a primo spot right on the beach. But, the overcast arrived well before the eclipse. We saw nothing of the sun, though of course it got much darker for 3 1/2 minutes. We hedged our bets by spending the day before in Ithaca; It had been 20 years since I had a chance to wander around my grad school alma mater, then the day after we had planned a trip to Niagara Falls--my wife had never been there. So the trip worked out ok, but if I were to post my best eclipse photo, it might be this, taken under blue skies the next day:
  8. 10X


    Not to be outdone, Sunny Hostin, co-host of The View, claimed on air that the eclipse, the earthquake, and the upcoming cicada emergence were ALL due to climate change https://www.foxnews.com/media/the-views-sunny-hostin-blames-eclipse-earthquake-cicadas-climate-change.amp
  9. Warby Parker (their brick and mortar stores) advertised that they would be giving them away. I've no idea for how long. Some local libraries are also handing them out. We still had ours, along with a camera filter and cheap eclipse binoculars, from the 2017 total eclipse.
  10. 10X


    Felt it here! I thought it wasn't that much weaker than the first one, though it was shorter. Reportedly, there was a magnitude 2 aftershock at 12:20 today, and I didn't notice that one. I might have been in the car then.
  11. I'm sorry to hear this...even though I'd planned to make last year's event my last appearance at the TVLand shoot--time to focus on getting packed and ready to move, if we can ever find a home in North Idaho... I hope Stan has a speedy recovery...he has been the driving force behind this charity match, and a number of historic firearms matches at Cherry Ridge every year. As noted, these events are a LOT of fun, and I encourage everyone to turn out when the match is rescheduled, even if it means waiting a year. For now, I guess our favorite high-scoring female will retain the Ziva David (NCIS) title for a SECOND year! Pretty good prize pool, too. These are goodies from 12 of the events, since donated back to Stan to award at future events. IMG_2418.HEIC
  12. 10X


    I'm seeing reports that today's quake, though not all that strong at magnitude 4.7-4.8, was still the strongest ever recorded in NJ.
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