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  1. That is only a good plan if by 'SHTF insurance', you mean you plan to sell or trade it in a SHTF scenario, and you think it will be more valuable if NIB. But that's probably not what you meant. And probably not that good of an idea anyway. As everyone else has pointed out, if you are counting on it for defense, you need to get out and shoot it. You need to sight it in, for starters--rifles don't leave the factory pre-set to magically put the bullets where you want them. Everyone sees the sights and holds the firearm a little differently. You also need to shoot it enough to make sure it is reliable, and if it isn't, you need to fiddle with the gun and/or ammo until it is. And finally, you need to shoot it enough to become safe and proficient. Really proficient.
  2. I'm a huge fan of the 1911, but they're not striker fired.
  3. I received my copy--flipping through, it looks pretty good! Thanks. I'll give it a careful read, and encourage my family to do the same. I did notice you wrote your name in my copy, but still charged me full price like it was a new book.
  4. Try loading them to capacity, and leaving them that way for a few weeks...or months. Sometimes that relieves just enough spring tension to allow them to seat under a closed bolt. Sometimes it also works if you just can't get the 10th round loaded in a plugged 10 round mag...load 9 and leave the mag that way for a period of time. It doesn't always work; depends on how close the tolerances are when you start.
  5. Y'all know the primary is over, right?
  6. Chip passed away a few days ago. If you haven't heard of him, as a competitor, as a gunsmith, as an inventor, you've at least used things he had a hand in creating: 8 round 1911 mags, drop-in match triggers, Kimber and STI/Staccato pistols. Chip McCormick
  7. 10X

    primary ?

    They can't lose their seat until the general election. Yesterday's results just mean they didn't lose the right to run for re-election. But your conclusion is still accurate...
  8. 10X

    primary ?

    Jack now has my full, enthusiastic support, even if he didn't 24 hours ago. He's what we have to work with, and nothing is more important than getting Phil out of the Governor's office.
  9. I like it…but that’s a standard capacity magazine, since that’s what it shipped with. And 5 generations of gun owners have used such guns responsibly. Considering a shoulder stocked broomhandle Mauser extends the argument all the way back to 1896.
  10. That all looks amazing! When are you having your going-away BBQ? Good tips on the rib source. I've also had bad luck with beef ribs from the local grocer.
  11. Eh. It'll look all shriveled and crusty. Pork butt is about the least attractive food to come off of a smoker. As you know, the magic happens when it gets shredded and served up on fresh buns with slaw and sauce on the side!
  12. Nice! They should be awesome. I'm injecting a pork butt tonight, firing up the smoker and putting the rub on the pork early tomorrow. If I have it on the smoker over pecan and apple by 8 am, it should be ready for a light sauce glaze by 6 pm, and we'll be eating pulled pork by 8 pm. ABT's, too! (smoked cheese-stuffed bacon-wrapped jalapeño poppers).
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