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  1. I did watch it. My wife had elected to watch The Golden Bachelor finale upstairs, so the evening's entertainment bar had already been set pretty low. And I had guns to clean, and a TV in the shop, so I had it on down there.
  2. Over a kilo of fentanyl? WTF! 2-3 mg is a fatal dose, so a kilo could kill close to 500,000 people. A 20 year sentence doesn't seem like it's enough.
  3. I appreciate the shout-out in the initial post, but I'm afraid I can't make it. I shoot in a police revolver league on Sunday mornings, and it would be at least 1:30 before I could make it to the shoot. Y'all have fun!
  4. Newsom can only be doing it because he's been running as an undeclared presidential candidate for a dozen years, and figures this will give him an edge if Biden drops out/is forced out/croaks. Murphy must be home tonight thinking 'damn, why didn't I think of that?' DeSantis got free air time. And the rest of us got a circus sideshow of a debate between one candidate. It was kinda amusing seeing bar graph after bar graph put onscreen, comparing FLA vs CA in categories of taxes, homelessness, gas costs, unemployment, etc, with Newsom arguing that the giant bars representing CA's numbers were better than the itty-bitty bars representing Florida's numbers. He is one slick, slimy, lying bastard.
  5. Rosalyn, if you feel the need to complete a set of 3.
  6. I suspect there were plenty of civil suits, but Trump has always had a lot of lawyers on payroll. It would take very deep pockets to prevail.
  7. Yeah, but set the clays on a rack and she can break them at 600 yards.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving to Tex and the rest of the NJGF family! May you all have a wonderful holiday.
  9. Thanks! Though I'm sure you and the Mrs. put together some tasty meals as well. And if a recipe doesn't work out, just add another martini or two.
  10. Once a year or so I smoke a prime rib (well, a rib roast, it's usually not prime beef). Yesterday it was a 7 lb roast, cherry-glazed. It took four hours over cherry and hickory smoke. Since the smoker was running, I also did a batch of smoked olives, sausage-wrapped shrimp, and sausage/cheese/jalapeno-stuffed mushroom caps. Non-smoked sides included spinach casserole, and popovers We were very happy with how everything turned out. And the smoked olives were a great addition to martinis!
  11. I guess we should nationalize all of the ranges. Only under a socialist system would we eliminate the problem of people overpaying for firearms training.
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