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  1. OK, that's concerning. How can a friggin' judge--the one who CCW approvals go to, no less--be 'unaware' of one of the most highly publicized Supreme Court rulings in recent years? Even if hizzoner inexplicably feels no need to pay attention to what the highest court in the land is doing, the ruling saturated ALL media for a full 24 hour news cycle.
  2. I thought I heard that Murphy was going to expand the list of sensitive places by executive order, bypassing yet again any legislative oversight. Not that legislative oversight means much in this state. Re: the online system, they said they were in discussions with the vendor to add CCW application to the system. So it'll be awhile, even if they'd like it to happen faster, which they may not. They've gotta get funding approved and contracts signed, and then that whole software development cycle starts.
  3. 10X

    CCW Recommendations

    I personally like the Springfield XD-S a lot, partly for the grip safety. Sure, there are other safeties incorporated, but the grip safety is pretty much bombproof, at least in my grip. And it's by far the most accurate 3.3" bbl gun I've ever fired. I personally liked it much more than the Shield, but the Shield is enormously popular, so as always the best advice is to shoot a few models and see what works best for you.
  4. Thanks...I'd seen that some years ago, didn't recall where i found it at the time. There is a lot of information there... For a quick look at what one might expect for the police handgun course (should that end up being what is required) the table below shows the requalification course of fire. There is another variation in the document for lower-capacity handguns. The initial qualification is a little different than the requalification, and is also described in the document, but not in a nice table form. The requalification has to be completed twice a year, with the duty firearm and duty ammo. So, while we're all waiting to see what exactly will be needed for us to apply for CCW in this state, you can at least hit the range and start practicing for what might be expected in the qualification course. Or at least practice those stages that your range will allow. I see some more dry firing practice in my future as well.
  5. The headline has it exactly backwards, the ruling told New York to stop giving the middle finger to gun owners. The 'Broaden Gun Rights' bit is another thing most of the press reports today are getting wrong. The Supreme Court is not 'broadening gun rights', rather they are making clear that NY and a few other repressive states have been wrong this whole time. They're not saying 'do something new', they're saying 'this is how you should have been doing it all along'.
  6. A month or so ago, Governor Gopher stated "Not on my watch" to the question of whether concealed carry would be allowed in NJ following a favorable ruling. So I guess he has no choice now but to resign. In reality, I expect the state to spend an inordinate amount of our tax dollars fighting this because they seem to operate under the delusion that Supreme Court rulings, or the Constitution in general, don't apply here. Ultimately, NJ won't prevail--they will ultimately have to drop the justifiable need nonsense--so it's just a question of how slow, painful, and expensive they can make it.
  7. WooHoo!! Great News that I didn't expect to hear today.
  8. This! I only get up there a couple of times a year, but whatever my primary reason for going (generally HP rifle), I always toss a .22 or two in the car, and I always end the day on the plinking range!
  9. I sent my email as well, briefly describing my objections to all of the bills. ANJPRC makes this very easy to do, by supplying talking points and cut-and-paste email address lists. You can email all 120 or so members of the assembly and senate in a matter of minutes. I encourage everyone to do so, no matter how little effect it might have in this state. I received 10 automatic replies almost immediately upon sending my email; most said that due to the high volume of email received, I might not get a personal response for several days, but if I had emailed my position on pending legislation, my position had been noted. Assembly members Brian Bergen, Kevin Rooney, Mike Doherty, and Gerry Scharfenberger emailed back that they would be opposing the bills. None of the Senators have responded thus far. None of the authors or supporters of the bills bothered to respond. If past experience is any indication, I'll get a few more replies over the next week, but will hear nothing from most of those contacted.
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