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  1. Here is a video of the finale of a municipal show I did a few years ago. It's all NJ legal*. It's mostly a ground-level video one of the crew shot, which shows a perspective few see...including the mess made by the aluminum foil used to protect the finale mortars from errant sparks from the main body of the show. Fireworks finale *OK, it's not consumer legal. I have a very cool one-day-a-year job as a crew chief for one of the big firework companies. What you see in the video is about 700 3", 4", and 5" mortars chain-fused together.
  2. On the menu today for my son's birthday: 3 racks of baby back ribs, using the BRITU recipe, saucing most at the end of the cook, but leaving some in just the dry rub. Both variations were great. Once the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker was stabilized, it held temperature unattended for 3 straight hours. As an appetizer, I smoked a rack full of black bean quesadillas (I'd smoked a pan of the bean/green pepper/green onion/jalepeno mix before using it as the filling, with lots of shredded cheese to hold the quesadillas together). I served it all with cornbread baked in Grandma's hundred-year-old cast iron skillet, and the annual birthday toast with an Irish single-malt, distilled 25 years ago, when my son was born. I was gifted the bottle of 18-year-old Tyrconnell, coincidentally when he turned 18, and now the bottle comes out just once a year, on his birthday.
  3. The Weinermobile was at the Garden State Games opening ceremony at Rutgers Stadium, at least once. Uncle Floyd was the pre-opening entertainment. How long ago was it? Back when there was a Garden State Games, and being the state Olympic festival, it included Olympic shooting events. I think funding for it stopped under Florio. Kinda ironic now that I and others were given shooting medals by the state of NJ.
  4. The video of her with the rifle is great...and on a CBS affiliate, no less! Alabama grandmother holds car theft suspect for deputies
  5. Yes to the first point, maybe to the second. I think the 'D' next to his name on the ballot was sufficient to get him elected. Considering the politics of NJ, if Murphy got the D nomination, and then never left his villa in Italy, never made a campaign appearance, never gave an interview, never appeared in a TV spot, would he have still won? I think he would have. I think NJ has enough voters who can't see past the D on the ballot.
  6. The Han Solo blaster was built from the venerable 1896 Broomhandle Mauser. I love that the props department came up with that!
  7. More accurately, any ass hat BILLIONAIRE democrat can in this state. There were good reasons that Murphy was dubbed Corzine II.
  8. Maybe, but I suspect it more likely that he is just using them as bargaining chips. Once he can trade them to Gov Gopher for something he wants, I suspect they'll be brought up for a vote.
  9. They do tend to over-react. I had one go absolutely apoplectic because my wife had packed her small bottles of shampoo and conditioner in a 1-gallon clear ziplock bag, instead of the specified 1-quart clear ziplock bag. He was holding up her bag along with a quart bag and loudly lecturing her and anyone within earshot about the obvious, critical difference between them, and how she'd better learn how to tell them apart and make the right choices next time and airline safety isn't a joke and.... I was going to intervene, when I noticed that he'd let my forgotten 1-liter water bottle, in an obvious, external mesh pocket of my backpack, go right through his screening. So I just stepped in really close, pretending to listen to his lecture, while I opened the bottle and began to drink, not 18" from his face. He never noticed... Yeah, those idiots make me feel a lot safer.
  10. And must it lie flat in the crock pot, or can you ball it up and boil it?
  11. Grinders come in three flavors: die, side and bench.
  12. They only take 3 hours on the smoker Jus sayen
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