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  1. It hit almost 100 F on the range today. I shot 4 events, and still haven’t managed to get fully rehydrated
  2. suspected walmart robber tries to carjack two different cars. Both drivers pull out guns. One could carjack virtually every car in NJ without encountering an armed driver. This guy goes two-for-two with armed resistance, and is now in jail. I like that system better...
  3. As of a few years ago, Walmart would send film out for developing at a very reasonable price. Not sure if they still do, but they do still sell 35 mm film. I've got an underwater camera that uses film; it's the one camera I use so infrequently that I couldn't justify converting to digital.
  4. If you are just thinking of this now, you're probably too late to get FCKPHIL01. If you want a unique serial number in that series, you'll probably have to go well into the triple digits.
  5. How do they suppress that big cloud of white smoke?
  6. Happy to see this! It’s our last, best chance. Although we still need to be sure governor gopher is thrown out of office after one term.
  7. If they continue to rule, and spend, like Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, then they SHOULD be having nightmares.
  8. Ah, Mercedes electrical gremlins...I remember them well. I had a 2002 C230 Kompressor-widely acknowledged as one of the few true lemons made by Mercedes. During the 36 month warranty period, it was in for service 36 times to address electrical system problems, with only a few being repeat problems. Then the warranty period ended, it ate two automatic transmissions in a matter of months, and I limped in to a Mazda dealer in the only gear still working, with the car alarm blaring (the dealer couldn’t silence it) to get what little trade in value I could. I’ve never been so glad to get rid of a car. And I don’t think my experience was as bad as the spontaneous 7 airbag deployment the OP experienced!
  9. Legislators who vote the way their party bosses tell them to vote, even when they’ve been inundated with calls and emails from voters telling them it’s not what their constituents want.
  10. You can shoot any or all of the events either day. If you wish, you can shoot multiple events with most stock Glocks. Read the following docs, and you'll be fine. It's quite beginner-friendly. Courses of Fire New Competitor Brief Rule Book, also describes which guns are eligible for which events
  11. Another salvo of emails sent. I didn't quite get all 7 days worth sent, but I did hit them all on 4 days. Tonight's the last chance!
  12. Weird. There is no federal requirement for such a label (and I couldn't find mention of it on their website). Is it one of the State of California 'may cause cancer in California' labels they put on everything from distilled water to meadow-grown wildflowers?
  13. No, DEET doesn't cause cancer...and it's an extremely well-studied compound. Ticks and mosquitoes are a much, much greater threat to health, and all of the DEET alternatives range in effectiveness from 'works fairly well but for a much shorter period of time' to 'doesn't do a damn thing'. DEET health effects
  14. It's easy, if you haven't already done it. READY Open an email window and paste in the suggested text of the day, or compose your own AIM Enter the Senators and Assembly Members email addresses by a simple cut-and-paste from the ANJRPC link FIRE! Your volley of emails to the elected officials. On subsequent days, just open the email you sent previously, hit 'reply all', and do some minor editing so it looks like you did more work than just hitting 'reply all'. Try to make some phone calls as well--they're more effective--but if you are crunched for time, emailing is quick and easy.
  15. Second round of emails fired off today!