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  1. We did another practice cook today for next month's BBQ competition. I think I finally have the flavor profiles I want for both meats, but I'm up to 5 rubs, 4 sauces, two fruit juices, a brine, an injection, plus honey, brown sugar, and margarine for the rib wrap. But they are tasty!
  2. I’m still waiting to hear if it works for anyone else, but it might be a way to fool the system into thinking you are from out-of-state even though you had to enter your in-state address initially.
  3. I did raise it to Strikeforce earlier this week, including a screenshot showing no NJ appointments and over 1600 in NY, within my 25 mile radius. I noted that several have reported that scheduling from an out of state address unlocks all the NJ appointments. I hadn’t yet hit on the ‘schedule out of state then reschedule in state’ hack, which I hope works for everyone No response thus far, but I think they are more appropriately devoting their resources to the counties that aren’t issuing at all, or are issuing with the ‘no vehicle’ restriction. Maybe they can circle back to Identogo at some point
  4. There may be a workaround. When recently I tried to schedule in northern NJ, within the next 7 days in a 25 mile radius there were no appointments in NJ, but over 1600 at those NY Identigos that were within the radius. So I reluctantly booked one in NY. When I got the confirmation email, I immediately clicked the 'reschedule' link, searched around my zip code once more, and-Surprise!-the NJ appointments were now visible. My nearest IdentoGo had appointments any time I wanted, as soon as the next day. So I moved my appointment there, and the out-of-state surcharge disappeared. I was printed Thursday. I've not yet heard if this has worked for anyone else, or if I just got lucky somehow. If this is a general hack, I recommend it to anyone struggling to get prints done.
  5. The Air Safety Institute has posted an 'early analysis' video. They note that the NTSB hasn't issued any kind of report yet, so it is still speculative. ASI favors GLOC as the cause, but does also call out structural failure or wake turbulence as possibilities. Reno air race crash early analysis The ASI VP who made the video is a former flight leader for the Thunderbirds.
  6. I've deleted the list of sensitive areas I copied from the bill--they were posted while I was still typing. Note, there are inconsistencies between the body text of the bill, and the summary at the end. Possession at a public demonstration is apparently prohibited as well, and the entertainment facility restriction is left off of the summary.
  7. That's really messed up. I'm more concerned that the ND extremist was granted bail after killing a young man because he suspected the victim was a Republican. The Californians who burgled the Democratic representative's house are probably the only burglars to have been incarcerated in California since Governor Newsom took office. Funny how that works.
  8. My application is finally complete. Submitted in Morris County. I got the fingerprints done in-state early this evening. The 'book-an-out-of-state-appointment-then-reschedule-for-the-NJ-appointments-that-magically-unlock' hack worked. The Springfield Identogo was empty; one employee working, so 5 of the 6 fingerprint cubicles were shut down. I forgot to ask if they take walk-ins, but he did volunteer that the've been doing a lot of fingerprinting for carry permits. My all-in costs were just over $300; big bucks, just to exercise a constitutional right. $51.65 USPS Money Order $0.53 passport-style photos, 4x4 collage print at Walgreens $4.20 postage, two references over an hour away, so I mailed the forms around. $191.91 Qualification, full HQC-1, 4 guns, at ReloaderzNJ before their last price increase $0 Notarization, included at ReloaderzNJ, though I used my bank $57.38 Fingerprinting, in-state -- Lots of ammo expended. Priceless! All reloads, and I would have been shooting anyway. $305.67 Total. Not counting perhaps 70 miles of driving around, mostly to get to ReloaderzNJ and Identogo. And now, I wait.
  9. The article certainly implies he was also charged with carrying in MD, a state that doesn't recognize reciprocity with his home state permit. If true, that could make it an interesting test case under Bruen, though I suspect it would take a number of expensive appeals before he is exonerated. I agree, the prohibition of carry within 100 ft of a public building will probably jam him up.
  10. I’ve been following this on one of the pilot boards, but didn’t make the connection to Hogue firearms accessories until it was pointed out here. Tragic accident. The consensus is G-LOC, the plane showed no signs of mechanical issues, but the pilot was no longer making control inputs I learned that the racers don’t wear G-suits, to save weight And while it wouldn’t have helped an unconscious pilot, they don’t have ejection seats either, both due to weight and the near impossibility of getting one approved for a civilian aircraft
  11. Didn't forget, just not sure if that gets sent to the Middletown address, Drumthwacket, or the State House.
  12. I believe it. The IdentoGO guy on the phone told me that no NJ locations accept walk-ins, but I recall one or two others on this thread saying they had managed to walk in.
  13. I don't know if this is a general hack, or if I just got lucky, but after I was unable to book an appointment in NJ, I called the IdentoGO scheduling number. They can look out more than the 7 days allowed by the website. They still didn't show anything in NJ until mid-Oct. He said the earliest available in Springfield was Oct 13. So I reluctantly accepted an afternoon appointment in Chester, NY a week from now. I received the confirming email, clicked the 'reschedule' link, re-entered my NJ zip code, and suddenly there were a lot of open NJ appointments for firearms fingerprinting, 70 or 80 in Springfield, as early as tomorrow. So I rescheduled for after work on Thursday. Saved $40, an hour less driving, and I don't have to miss work. It may be that once you have an out-of-state appointment, and reschedule for NJ, the software interprets the out-of-state appointment to mean you don't live in NJ, and so it unlocks all of the appointments that had been hidden. It's worth a try, if you are having trouble getting an appointment. If it works for you, let us know!
  14. I submitted my application in Morris County today. It was straightforward enough, it just took me a long time to get my reference signatures (mailing the forms around) and get on the schedule to complete a full HQC-1 qualification at Reloaderz. I shot the course twice, with a striker-fired and a hammer-fired gun, and they added two more striker-fired guns on my qual sheet since they were substantially identical. So two passing scores should get me 4 guns listed on the permit. What wasn't straightforward, as many, many people here have pointed out, is getting an IdentoGO appointment for fingerprints. The Service Code flags the fingerprint request as firearms-related, and magically all appointments in the system disappear. Using the maximum values in the search terms, 7 days out, within 25 miles of my zip code, there are ZERO appointments open to me in NJ. BUT, that 25 mile search radius brings in a number of the NY IdentoGO sites. Between them, they have 1661 openings in the next 7 days, I'd just have to make the drive and pay the extra $40. Several on this forum have noted that if you use an out-of-state address in IdentoGO, suddenly lots and lots of NJ firearms print appointments appear all over NJ, only to disappear if you change back to an in-state address. Since the address used has to match your ID, that isn't useful as a workaround. It's probably outside of their scope, and lord knows they're crazy busy chasing down other infringements, but I emailed my search results to Strikeforce just the same.
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