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  1. Plenty of people think the government shouldn't be requiring it. However, you won't find many arguing against having, and maintaining, a high level of proficiency with the weapon you'll be carrying.
  2. I don't know of any, though they may be out there. I do know of harder qualifying courses than Gun for Hire. Some facilities use the same HQC-1 course the police use for qualification--holster draw, strong hand, weak hand, standing-to-kneeling stages... But as far as I know, the state hasn't been pushing back on the easier qualification courses, they just cling to their 80% number, not worrying themselves that they never specified 80% of what. Practice a lot with the .38, including a great deal of dry firing, so that you can easily pass the qualification. Maybe qualifying with the little .380 is not to be. The gun is almost certainly capable, but as you note, it's harder to do. Most ranges let you sign up for two passes over the course, and if you qualify with the .38 on the first try, you can alway try with the .380 on the second. Check in advance to make sure they offer a course of fire suitable for 6 shot handguns. Not everyone does.
  3. I picked up my permit this week! Applied mid-late Sept Money Order cashed around Nov 1 Approved by Morris County Superior Court last week. About 130 days after application, including the weekends and quite a few court holidays. On top of that, before applying I spent over a month collecting paperwork and mailing forms around for reference signatures and waiting to get a slot to fire the HQC. All-in-all, close to 5 months and almost $400 for the entire process. References weren't contacted. I have a two page court order which lists the handguns on my qualification form and specifies I'm limited to carrying only those, unless I have the permit amended to add additional guns. No other restrictions checked. I have to carry the court order; the detective recommended keeping a copy in my glove box, and a clear scan of the document on my phone as the best way to meet that requirement. I still need to clean up the poorly cut edges of the printed permit, and laminate the thing. I can't decide if I'm more happy to have it, or pissed off at how difficult the state made the entire process.
  4. I assume you can print in 2 point font, in a suitable color combination.
  5. The state will tell you that no guns listed on your carry permit means you can’t carry any. I’d think it means you can carry any pistol you own, but that’s just my opinion Congrats on getting the permit!
  6. The Morris County Superior Court informed me that my permit was approved and sent to my local PD! Now I need to pester the PD; they tend to sit on all things firearm-related. Mine was held up for a week by a bad serial number. I received an email from a probation officer with the court, asking for confirmation of the serial number of one of the guns on my qualification paperwork. I was out-of-state at the time, with no one in NJ with access to the gun safe, so it took a few days for me to respond Once I confirmed the correct serial number, the judge signed the permit same-day and mailed it out. I'll report back once I have the permit in-hand.
  7. ANJRPC's email just came out. And thanks, @DirtyDigz, for breaking the news here first. All in all, a pretty fine result! Of course, it would be even better if I'd received my permit...
  8. Cleaning a gun doesn't require an excellent gunsmith. Or even a bad gunsmith. Cleaning your own guns helps you understand how they function or why they might be giving you problems, spot potential trouble spots before they become real problems, and saves you money that can instead be spent on ammo. Also, the smell of Hoppes solvent has been known to drive women wild! Although not often in a good way.
  9. Seems silly for the rest of us, too. Silly being far too mild a word.
  10. Lotta good stuff in there. I particularly liked this line. Dan: This was bill was not well thought out, was written in a fit of rage in direct defiance of Bruen
  11. I know that in the early 90's, NJ had something like 400 Deputy Attorneys General scattered around the state. I think the Assistant Attorneys General numbered in the dozens. I've no idea how that number may have changed over time.
  12. Mom recently got a second tax rebate from Idaho, similar letter with it. The Governor says Idaho is still running a record budget surplus, tax money really belongs to the people, so here is a big chunk of yours back. So VERY different than the way the liberal states operate.
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