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  1. OK, I'm in. See you all Sunday. Handguns TBA, but I won't duplicate anything already on the list.
  2. Well, there is the assumption that more of their base isn't working day jobs, and so are more available. There may also be something to the belief that the left follows orders better than the right, and will just show up where they are told. I don't personally believe that the protesters are generally getting paid, but the organizers are, and that's enough to make a big difference. I think that to really rally their base, the best approach would be to hire a few good computer hackers to crash the sites for Fortnight, Overwatch, Netflix, Pornhub, etc That would really get the blue wave lumbering out of basements across America.
  3. Impressive list. How many ports do you have reserved for the group? One whole section of the range just for the meet-up? Are center-fire rifles mixed in on the ports, or are they in a separate section of the range?
  4. Well, they are both pretty dense and easy to melt, so if you run out of lead you can keep casting bullets awhile longer...
  5. I don’t want to buy the whole sign, but I could see a robust market for just the “Phil Murphy’s a Jerkoff” part. Printed on self adhesive vinyl the same color and width as the actual Welcome to NJ signs.
  6. Shhhhhh!!! Do you want the morons in Trenton to start a campaign to outlaw deadly machine gun bullets?
  7. It’s always time to stock up on wheelguns! Just don’t give up on the “in common use” semiautomatics
  8. Well, Trenton already looks like it has been shelled...
  9. It's too much work for a Friday afternoon to calculate what kind of muzzle velocity would be needed to push a cannon shell 1000 miles. So I'll just skip the math and say that is never going to happen. Thousand mile+ ranges are what rockets and aircraft are for.
  10. That's right up there...and also being discussed in another thread. Technically, a Darwin Award winner has to remove himself/herself from the gene pool before reproducing, but this certainly deserves an honorable mention.
  11. So, not a problem as long as you know where they keep the keys to the Henry demo van! :-)
  12. We're expecting the Henry demo van to roll up, with one of everything, and free ammo for all!
  13. Transfer to someone out of state is also an option, so that they can either make a triumphant return if the ban is overturned someday, or so that they will be waiting for you when you make an even more triumphant departure from the state.
  14. Expect longer lines at the post office on Dec 9... If we tell the clerk the box contains only magazines, will it qualify to ship at the cheaper book rate?
  15. The entire 'screen' consists of only two questions, and short ones at that. That's not much upon which to base even a screening diagnosis. Teen depression is a serious problem, deserving of serious attention...but this isn't serious attention, and it does seem to dovetail conveniently with the recently-passed red flag laws, which were designed to allow firearm confiscation from pretty much anyone.