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  1. I generally avoid Willowbrook, but now I may have to put a dab of Hoppes behind each ear and a drop of Remoil or CLP on each wrist and go check out the mall.
  2. I just updated the top post to include all Costco locations. While I’ve never seen a ‘no guns’ sign at one, their website has a statement banning carry at all Costco stores. That sucks, though I’d think lack of signage makes it a ‘leave if asked’ scenario.
  3. And ground them how? It won’t bother them otherwise
  4. Not universally, but yeah, I guess that is the more common way to describe the house.
  5. Those look more like skeet houses. Too tall for trap
  6. Not entirely true. They weren’t required to have a serial number, but many, perhaps most, did. And it’s a rare military arm that wasn’t serialized by 1900 or so.
  7. I suspect this guy is not a concealed carry permit holder; if he was Papa Smurphy would have had all media outlets carpet bombing the state with alarmist nonsense about the dangers posed by legal gun owners.
  8. The NJ AG has repeatedly used the phrase 'bad constitutional law' in reference to the Bruen decision...most recently in the statement he issued above. It's too bad there isn't some higher authority, who can make the final determination as to what is 'good' constitutional law. Oh, wait...guess he wasn't paying attention in class that day.
  9. Powder, .44 dies, 30-06 dies SPF to bossnagy. I think I do have some--let me check and get back to you with details.
  10. Bump! And I've added a pound of H380 powder, which pairs nicely with a number of the rifle-caliber dies I have listed!
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