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  1. In addition to being a cool movie prop, it was also a remarkable radio telescope. We're unlikely to ever see another one like it. But one of the support cables snapped a few weeks ago, damaging the reflector dish below, and a second cable snapped a week or so after that...at which point they declared the scope unsalvageable, but they hadn't begun to figure out a safe way to dismantle it...when the 'scope kind of took matters into it's own hands on Tuesday.
  2. At $0.15 profit per round, I'm about 50 million rounds short of having enough .22 ammo to fund my retirement.
  3. That is, if you can find one who isn't already in some other 'protected class'.
  4. Our old Weil-MacLain boiler started to leak in late summer (it feeds the hot water tank, so it's never really off), and the contractor we went with recommended replacing with a Slant-Fin. From the internet research I did, I couldn't see a clear winner on quality, so that was fine with me. The Weil-MacLain was old. It was already decades old when we bought the house. I didn't get a chance to look for a manufacture date before it was hauled away, but we noticed the team that removed it actually posed for selfies with it in our driveway, so apparently even they thought it was remarkably old. Externally, the Slant Fin looks remarkably like the Weil. Not sure who copied who, but apparently the patents have expired and the cloning has commenced--though I'm sure there are more subtle differences inside. The efficiency rating is exactly the same as the old boiler--we didn't opt to pay for a higher efficiency unit since we'll be joining the exodus from NJ in just 2 or 3 years. No issues with the Slant Fin, but then we're only a few weeks into the heating season...
  5. Great meeting you tonight--thanks for the brass!
  6. I've got a Competition Electronics Pocket Pro shot timer that must be at least 20 years old. It's never missed a beat. Gets a new battery every few years, and that's it. I do wish it had adjustable sensitivity for shot volume...but if you buy one now, you'll get that. They added that feature 10 or 15 years ago. $117 at Midway. I don't have a Pocket Pro II ($132) but a nice feature is that it puts more information on the screen, so you don't have to push as many buttons to scroll through your split times.
  7. I'll take it! I'll PM to figure out where I can pick it up.
  8. I’m not sure if replacing the bushing is necessary. True, milspec guns have loose fitting bushings; you can often remove them with your fingers. But bushing fit is crucial for accuracy, and guns that have had accurizing work done will generally have a hand-fitted bushing-and those will be tight! But the gun will be a lot more accurate as a result
  9. 15 should be a fine starting point. You’ll know to go lower if the gun doesn’t cycle with the ammo. It’s harder to know when to go higher, but the strongest spring that allows reliable function will best protect the frame.
  10. That looks to be the right part, but I'm not familiar with that make, and you already have the springs. I think the standard guide rod is less than $10 from Brownells, Midway, etc, so I'd favor one of those vendors, though I guess you'll also need to add the spring cap, but it should still come in under the ebay price. The springs are interchangeable in size, but you pick the spring depending on the load you will be firing. 16 lbs is the 'standard' spring for a 5" 1911 like yours. If you are going to fire a lot of heavy loads, military ball or hotter, you would go to a heavier spring to keep the frame from taking a beating. If shooting light loads, go to a lighter spring. I don't think you'll find commercial loads light enough for the 8# spring, but some target reloads would get you there. Too heavy a spring with lighter loads won't hurt the gun, but you get to a point where the action won't fully cycle...time to go to a lighter spring if that happens.
  11. Hard to tell from the photo, but you may be seeing the remains of an old shok-buff (Shok Buff). Wilson and others make them, they aren't always blue as the one in the link, and they are life limited. You can replace them inexpensively, and they offer some protection against frame battering, or you can leave them out, as some folks think they add an unnecessary point of failure. You could get a replacement guide rod of standard length from Brownells, Midway, or a bunch of other suppliers. The full length rods can be a pain in the neck, but you do see them on high-end guns like your Wilson because they slightly improve accuracy and reliability. The standard length rods are also cheap, and are a drop-in replacement. You could pick one up and see if you can tell the difference.
  12. Pre-covid, RTSP hosted GSSF indoor matches a couple of times a year, I think they also ran some type of action pistol competition once a month or so, we had a NJGF meet-up shoot there with plenty of sustained fire going on. I belong to private clubs, but I've gone in just to rent guns I was thinking of buying, and I certainly put those through their paces. If you're keeping 'em on the paper, and your gun handling is good, you won't be hassled by the ROs. ROs are really good at spotting who can be left to their own devices, and who needs close supervision--and everyone they don't know will fall into the latter category, for at least a few minutes. Sounds like that is what happened here.
  13. Match.com? Oh, perhaps you meant to compare different models of generators. Consumer reports has their reviews behind a paywall, and I don't recall them rating natural gas generators anyway. Popular mechanics published this, but I think it is also limited to gas or gas/propane. generator reviews
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