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  1. Just give a neighborhood kid you don’t like a dollar and a baseball bat. Watch from inside the house.
  2. I'm pretty sure it also fails to meet the legal definitions of 'meat', and possibly 'food'.
  3. Now I have to wade into the fray...because I love a good Hawaiian special pizza! A cold slice leftover from the night before is also one of my favorite breakfasts. I mention this mostly because I recently came back from an anniversary trip to Hawaii (I've now visited all 50 states!), and we saw a pizza place that advertised their ham and pineapple pie as a 'Mainland special'. So maybe it's the pizza equivalent of the 'Texas wieners' that are ubiquitous in NJ, but unknown in Texas.
  4. I like your thinking. Even If there are 2^35 (~34 billion) rounds extant, you’ll have plenty of unused magazine capacity! (And the spring won’t take a set if you leave it loaded)
  5. I absolutely believe the police know they have much more important things to do than go out of their way to look for 11+ round magazines. I also believe that Governor Gopher can't wait to hold a press conference, preferably at an elementary school, so he can stand behind a table full of 11+ round mags and brag about the success of his liberal agenda in getting these 'deadly weapons of war' off of the streets. And then it will suddenly become a priority for the police, at least until they have enough mags to fill the viewfinder of a News 12 TV camera.
  6. Nice! Thanks for all you do for the cause.
  7. Thank you! But to be fair, I had the joke as soon as Sota made his post, and Krdshrk's post only improved it. But then I had to wait 5 agonizing hours for the right post that I could follow. Fortunately, Scorpio came through with the perfect set-up.
  8. Well, she did agree to the 'Adult Play Date' that Sota offered. She didn't even flinch when Krdshrk suggested making it a three-way play date.
  9. Griz offered good advice. I've bought all of my tires either through Tirerack or Costco for many years, and have great experience with both. Can't comment on Amazon, never thought to look there for tires. Tirerack does let you look up local installers, many of whom will let you have the tires shipped directly to them, and they break out all of the additional costs that can add up quickly...mounting, balancing, stems, disposal fees, etc. I think Costco lumps all that together and you can see what the add-on prices come to. Tirerack will have a LOT more options, and some great online tools to help you sort through them. I've seen the best prices bounce from one to the other. Costco does have $70 off 4 tires specials every month, alternating between Bridgestone and Michelin. A bit of trivia...Tirerack was one of the earliest big online sellers. You'd think it would have been some company selling computers or other electronics or a precursor to Amazon...but no, it was a small family business selling tires in Indiana that laid a lot of the groundwork for how we buy things today.
  10. I've always found it easy enough.
  11. Don't get hung up on genetics and bloodlines. I thought the important thing is what you identify as today.
  12. Neither, but the press event was held at an elementary school, and he's not one to pass up visiting an elementary school.
  13. One can be happy until the 3-gun match is over. But then one needs to go home to the big safe with all of the other guns in it.
  14. Quick, somebody publish 3D printer files for making straws, just so we can watch the California AG bring suit to ban internet distribution of such dangerous information!
  15. Agreed. See who benefits. Maybe you support the cause, maybe you will choose to pick another one.