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  1. Quite true. UPS used to do that as well, not sure if they still do. It works because if you are there to sign when the guns are shipped, and you are on the other end to sign for the delivery, no transfer has occurred. Ownership never changed. So it is perfectly legal. That said, it can be really hard to convince the clerk at the counter, and the supervisor who will inevitably be called in, that it is legal. Be prepared with chapter and verse of the relevant laws, not because they will listen to you, but to convince them that maybe they should look it up for themselves.
  2. I'm likely to be wrestling with that next year. Moving everything myself won't leave a lot of room in the car for anything else, and I'll be looking at 4 long days of driving...3 nervous nights with the car unattended in a hotel or motel parking lot. I'm not thrilled with that situation either.
  3. I think there is a typo in the linked article. It should read “10-25 ft (3-8 m) height”.
  4. There would be time for a short brine soak, if I get up early enough (the chicken turn-in is at 2:30), and an hour or two of brine is all that is needed for chicken pieces anyway. But the injection did a great job of keeping the chicken moist so I may just stick with that and skip the brine. I do need to make the injection and the sauce more flavorful, though. I've got an idea for modifying the sauce, still thinking about how to tweak the injection.
  5. I've did my first planned practice cook over the weekend. It's a lot of work running two smokers and having everything done exactly on time, to meet the turn-in window they'll have at the competition. And it's really a lot of work to transform bone-in chicken thighs into the perfect little 'chicken pillows' the judges want to see. The ribs were great--I've got the flavor profile and cook time pretty well dialed in. The chicken needs some more work on the seasonings (probably tweaking the injection, the rub, and the sauce), but they sure looked good, so I thought I'd share that photo.
  6. I wonder if his parents were more complicit than originally thought. They didn't raise an alarm when he came home alone in Gabby's van, nor for several days after 'went missing' last week. But they did tell the police he was probably in the Carlton Reserve, and they did report that they found his car there. Police abandoned the search of the Carlton Reserve very quickly. I don't think it was because they got tired of searching the swamp, I think it is because they don't believe he is there.
  7. Lotta treasures in there, but it would be a nightmare to sell all the bits and pieces individually online. You might want to consider a going-out-of-business or estate sale model, advertise heavily to the local shooting community, and open up the shop for a few hours to sell off as much as possible.
  8. Very good news indeed! Now if Gov Newsom gets recalled next week, it will have been a pretty good month.
  9. I wonder if they are? In the insanely hot market in which we're looking (the lake district of northern Idaho), the properties are being snatched up for cash offers, inspection waived. Offers contingent on a mortgage, even preapproved, aren't getting much attention. So we are really hoping things cool off by next year... (Edit: I see your buyer did have a mortgage to cover part of the sale price, and also waived the inspection...so I also wonder what the lenders are thinking.)
  10. I'll just add that your friend has very good taste in handguns. I'm partial to the Colt snake guns, and I didn't even know the Anaconda was available chambered in .45 lc...but sure enough, I see they added that in 1993.
  11. In general, I'm not sure. But I'll bet they can think of something here. Harassment, animal cruelty, and I thought they were in Everglades National Park (where they would certainly be protected), but maybe it was the everglades, not in the park. I occasionally enjoy deep fried alligator nuggets, they just went about it all wrong.
  12. Yep. They are likely to face some significant penalties for harassing or killing a protected species within a national park. There is some speculation that the FAA might get involved as well.
  13. I've done it now--signed up for my first big BBQ competition. I'm registered for the Kansas City Barbeque Society's "Red, White, and Que" contest in Jackson, NJ next month. October is the last month of the points chase for Team of the Year standings, and for qualification for the KCBS World Series Invitational, so there are some heavy hitters showing up, even though NJ is a little off the competitive BBQ circuit. As of today, there are 27 Masters teams entered (brisket, pork butt, pork ribs, and chicken), several of which have previously won at the national level. I'm just entered in the 'Backyard BBQ' division (ribs and chicken), 15 teams entered thus far, but a couple of those teams are in the top 20 in the nation. I fully expect to get my butt handed to me (BBQ humor), but it will at least be educational, and I'll get to sample some outstanding BBQ. Red, White, and Que BBQ contest
  14. Congratulations! I assume it has sold by now. We're still hoping to put ours up by April of next year, but the amount of work that has to be done first is daunting--there is a lot of stuff to get rid of! And we've no idea how to manage buying a house most of the way across the country in a market so hot most houses are selling same-day, for cash.
  15. Here's something you don't see every day... Alligator snatches drone from the air, ruptures the battery pack A good reminder of how nasty lithium battery packs can be...and adding water does NOT help.
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