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  1. During the milliseconds the explosion lasted, NJ would qualify it as a 'serious threat'. Unfortunately, you didn't get your application in during that window, so they won't consider it now.
  2. Well over 100 miles, on a flatbed. It was many years ago and I don't recall what the problem was now, but AAA agreed it required a dealer's attention, and from the wilds of northern Utah back to my hometown in southern Idaho there were no closer dealers. So even my basic AAA insurance covered it all.
  3. In no way will living in NJ be cheaper than living in Oregon. Portland housing is expensive, but not when you compare it to the expensive communities in NJ. And medium-price homes in NJ cost more than medium-price homes in Oregon. Ditto for low-end homes. Across the board, it's going to cost more here. And the state kinda sucks... I'm from the pacific northwest. Not a day goes by that I'm not dreaming of getting back there.
  4. There are exceptions for competitions; bullseye, GSSF, etc. Match registrants typically get a letter to print and bring with them.
  5. "I'm meeting some friends in Old Bridge*" *Or wherever else your range is located.
  6. Those have always held my attention...
  7. Pretty cool. I assume this would still require the federal tax stamp? That doesn't help us here, of course, I mean in those states that actually recognize the federal government.
  8. Is that the private section called 'bridgewater range members'? I don't see one for SCFGPA. Guess I'd better dig out my member number and PM a mod for access.
  9. As if there aren't enough hoops to jump through already...be sure your employer doesn't have a 'no weapons on the premises' rule. Some do.
  10. I don't recall what I last paid, only that it was quite competitive, and he's easy to work with. Best to get current rates directly from Tom.
  11. Not relevant to the thread, but when I was going to school in upstate NY, a local bar would set up an outside bar in the parking lot, weather permitting, to watch the NFL games. They'd set up a TV they no doubt bought at a garage sale that week. During the first half, they'd hold a raffle. At halftime, the winner got to throw a brick through the TV screen while Howard Cosell was bloviating. The young 'uns on the forum are now free to Google 'Howard Cosell'. And possibly, 'bloviating'.
  12. I recommend Tom at Oakridge firearms. He's on the forum.
  13. I was just trying to jog the OP's memory as to whether the guns were his while he had a residence (including a parental residence) in Florida. If there is a simple, legal way to do the transfer, one needn't look at the more difficult, legal ways to accomplish the same thing.
  14. In NJ, his party doesn't take a candidate seriously unless they have a couple of indictments to brighten the resume.
  15. Did you used to live in Florida as well? If your Dad already gave them to you, I think you can transport them from your former residence in FL to your current residence in NJ.