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  1. Well, they can...problem is they end up with a house that looks like it was built in a weekend or two from scrap lumber found in a dumpster.
  2. It’s about the right size to be a good reloading/gun room.
  3. As long as it’s not hollow point, you can fill your trunk to the brim!
  4. I dunno, but a project like this might be done exclusively off hours to minimize impact to normal cathedral operations, or they might be working around the clock to finish some aspect of the work before Easter weekend. Or it could be something more sinister, but I’m not inclined to jump to conclusions.
  5. They’ve been doing extensive renovations, from what I’ve read, so presumably there are construction materials and activities that aren’t normally present the fire reportedly started in the attic. From what I’ve seen here, even discussing attic work generates a tremendous amount of heat and smoke. But all kidding aside, it’s a tragedy on a grand scale
  6. Hopefully not like Solo. Although that story had so much unrealized potential.
  7. Yep. Who'd have thought that a thread asking for an architect's opinion--right there in the thread title--would get so heated when an architect's opinion was provided.
  8. Sure it does. It tells us that standard precut batts are the right width!
  9. Those years of driving in NJ must have hard-wired that response.
  10. I knew I waited too long! Paid $350 for a Python in the late 80's.
  11. And now the Russians have all of your personal data and full control of this board. :-) I hope I’m kidding.
  12. The separation is in how well the supported-pinkie-crowd shoots compared to the dangling-pinkie crowd. :-)
  13. If you’ve got documentation for purchase of the blank while a resident of PA, I’d hold on to it.
  14. Don't get me started on those abominations. They're probably responsible for more spilled gas in a year than conventional cans have been since the first jerry can was welded up from scrap sheet metal. At least you can find YouTube videos on how to convert most brands back to something approximating a working gas can, and a thriving cottage industry has sprung up offering conversion parts. Gas spouts EZ Pour Spouts
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