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  1. Light 12 gauge loads do kick less than 300 win mag loads, but the difference isn't huge. A 1 1/4 oz hunting load in a 2 3/4 inch shell kicks about the same as the .300 mag, and anything heavier in the shotgun kicks more than the .300--even a 3" 20 gauge load kicks more. Not that anyone is recommending the .300 mag for home defense... I think a big part of the perceived difference is that the shotgun is almost always shot from a standing position, while the rifles are often shot from a bench, prone, or kneeling position, where your body can't as easily absorb the recoil. Rifle recoil table Shotgun recoil table
  2. I found it this morning and logged on. It may yet be useful, but it is the worst designed website I’ve ever seen. And it looks like you have to watch it constantly like a stock ticker, unless there is an alerting function I haven’t found.
  3. I confess, it's not something I'd worried about previously. And while I'm not a lawyer, I've decided I'm not going to worry about it now. I don't see how possession of the original box with lot number would matter. I did stop keeping reloads in HD guns a few years ago, and switched to factory ammo of a type that law enforcement might typically use. I don't know if that really matters from a legal point of view, but my thinking was that it would give a prosecuting attorney one less thing to fake histrionics over should my choice of ammo ever be discussed in a courtroom
  4. I'll plan to write a trip report. It's less than 4 hours from me; I'm probably heading up Friday after work (though with a 10 am start, I could also just leave very early on Saturday), then driving back when it wraps up at 5 on Sunday. No vacation time needed!
  5. Since we have a few folks the board who are interested in real BBQ, I’ll post this here: NEBS BBQ school and competition It’s a cooking school and competition, hosted by the Northeast BBQ Society at GottaQ Smokehouse BBQ in Cumberland, RI this May. The first day is spent learning to cook ribs and wings to NEBS Tailgate Competition standards. From the website: “Learn to cook ribs and chicken wings on two different kinds of smokers. The class is taught by award-winning competition pitmasters, but geared toward backyard cooks that want to step up their game. Learn about the proper use of BBQ equipment, and how to leverage rubs, brines, and sauces to get the best from your barbecue. The class includes a delicious barbecue meal. “ Day two involves again smoking ribs and wings, for blind judging. $1000 prize money to be split, cooks who have entered more than three competitive events previously are excluded. This is meant to be a beginners event. Registration is just $120 ($100 if a NEBS member) for both days, and they supply everything…smokers, meats, rubs, sauces, etc. Limit of 20 students. I’ve no connection to NEBS, nor have I attended any of their events—but, I’ve watched too many episodes of Pitmasters, and I’d been looking for a fairly local BBQ school. This was by far the closest and most reasonably priced. I’m signed up! I’d hoped to go last August, but they had to cancel that event due to RI Covid restrictions; this is the rescheduled event.
  6. This. There are some types of competition where loads used are typically well below any published load data. If they are reliable, accurate, and there is no power factor floor that must be met, extra light loads help in sustained fire stages. Plus, I really hate pulling bullets. I'd use them to work on slow fire precision, even if I had to rack the slide after every round.
  7. Internal ballistics and external ballistics at the muzzle shouldn't change much. It's the external ballistics downrange that will change with the ballistic coefficient, and of course terminal performance will, but that's really just a concern for hunting rounds.
  8. Min-Max load data should be pretty generic and cover any jacketed bullet of a given weight, regardless of bullet type as far as chamber pressure (e.g. is it safe) and muzzle velocity goes. Downrange ballistics will change with bullet type (specifically, with the ballistic coefficient), but that is usually a secondary consideration to having safe reloads.
  9. Put it out near the sidewalk, it will keep people from dropping cigarette butts on your lawn. Ok, it will keep them from dropping them a second time.
  10. Bump. Maybe someone has some of these oddities taking up space in the reloading room.
  11. I just ran the snowblower over the drive again to clean up the few inches we got yesterday. Unfortunately when my wife walked the dog yesterday morning she left the poop bag somewhere and it got covered in snow. Ran it through the snowblower this morning. Until today, 'shit hit the fan' had only been an abstract expression. Not as bad as when I was working on a neighbor's ranch while in high school and the foreman ran a skunk through the hay bailer, but still bad.
  12. No worries. Bashing Biden is always a worthwhile hijack!
  13. We're likely to hear from Mars first. The rover is packing a small helicopter. For decades, the conventional wisdom has been that radio-controlled aircraft couldn't be used to explore Mars, since the atmosphere was too thin to support flight. Then, a few years ago, a team went ahead and built one and was able to get it to fly just fine in a low pressure room simulating the Martian atmosphere. Looking forward to seeing what they manage to do with the chopper.
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