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  1. Bacon at home. Sausage at a diner because the bacon is always undercooked and there's not enough. On a side note those eggs are way overcooked for my taste.
  2. Thank you to all who replied. After some research on your recommendations I decided to go with the Bushnell Trophy that was recommended by Old Glock Guy. Found one gunbroker for $67 shipped.
  3. Looking for recommendations for a budget red dot. I'm looking for something under $100 and will be mounted on either a Ruger 10/22 or Ruger pc carbine. I put a cheap $20 (off of an airsoft rifle) on my 10/22 and it's a lot of fun but want to get something a little better without spending a lot.
  4. Gun Magazine Warehouse has the for about $12. Where are you finding OEM Glock Magazines for less than $20?
  5. Thanks to all who replied, think I'll pick a few up and try them out.
  6. Looking for any feedback on Magpul Glock magazines. Are they reliable and or worth buying?
  7. Not sure if I'm correct on this but I seem to remember reading somewhere that gas powered leaf blowers will be illegal in NJ starting sometime in 2024.
  8. If any of the. 22lr is still available I'll take a box when I pick up the rifle case
  9. Oh well guess BlueskyBob beat me on the ammo cans but I'll still take one of the Opmod cases. I'm near Seaside Park
  10. I'll take one of the Opmod cases and the buy 2 deal on the ammo cans
  11. Has anyone gone to the range at Colonial Williamsburg to shoot the flintlock muskets? Trying to find out if it's worth it and how to sign up for it.
  12. I'll take the 500 rds of Winchester.
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