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  1. My wife is looking for her first pistol and has her heart set on a Walther CCP M2 9mm and can't find one anywhere. If anyone has one they may be looking to sell or knows where I can find one let me know.
  2. Please delete problem solved
  3. gfl216

    New pc carbine

    Let me see how it plays out first. I have used this guy a few times before and he was always great. I'm hoping that its just a misunderstanding and the transfer will go smooth. If it goes South I'll definitely let everyone know.
  4. gfl216

    New pc carbine

    Traditional stock.
  5. gfl216

    New pc carbine

    I bought a PC Carbine online that came with a threaded barrel and my FFL is saying that it has to be pinned and that no long guns in NJ can have threaded barrels. Is that true? I thought that the barrel would be considered as only one of the banned and can't figure out what the second one is?
  6. Not trying to hijack this thread but I a legitimate question as a novist. I have a very low end eletric smoker that I like to experiment with every once in a while. I was planning on smoking a turkey breast on Saturday but when I turned the smoker on it popped the breaker. Tried a few different outlets and same thing. I checked out a few YouTube videos and I'm thinking that the heating element went bad. If anyone may know something different please guide me in the right direction.
  7. Who's your GP? I'm in Ocean County and looking for a new doctor.
  8. True story: I went to my local neighborhood liquor store tonight to buy a 6 pack of beer. When I walked in the people in the store were like deer in the headlights and all shook with fear. I miss the good old days when the guy going into a liquor store wearing a mask was the bad guy not the guy without one.
  9. gfl216

    Fightlite SCR

    Messing around online today and came across the Fightlite SCR. I've never heard of them before but now I'm definitely interested. Does anyone have one or know if they are any good? I read a few reviews and they all seem to be positive.
  10. Wondering why my bid was "declined" on a Jersey legal rifle from a Jersey auction house, because I live in New Jersey?
  11. Thanks, I'll ask around and see if if I can find a local one who will
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