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  1. Who's your GP? I'm in Ocean County and looking for a new doctor.
  2. True story: I went to my local neighborhood liquor store tonight to buy a 6 pack of beer. When I walked in the people in the store were like deer in the headlights and all shook with fear. I miss the good old days when the guy going into a liquor store wearing a mask was the bad guy not the guy without one.
  3. gfl216

    Fightlite SCR

    Messing around online today and came across the Fightlite SCR. I've never heard of them before but now I'm definitely interested. Does anyone have one or know if they are any good? I read a few reviews and they all seem to be positive.
  4. Wondering why my bid was "declined" on a Jersey legal rifle from a Jersey auction house, because I live in New Jersey?
  5. Thanks, I'll ask around and see if if I can find a local one who will
  6. Hopefully someone can answer this question. If I buy a shotgun on gunbroker from a private seller, can he ship it directly a FFL in NJ or does he have to have a FFL from his state ship to a FFL in NJ?
  7. What are your fees on long gun transfers?
  8. Does anyone know if GJ Arms in Bayville is still in business? I've used him as a FFL in the past and was always happy with him. I ordered a shotgun online and tried to call him to give him a heads up that he would be getting something in for me and the phone is disconnected. Had to cancel the order until I can find out if he's still around or find a new FFL.
  9. Went to Redwing for the first time today. Never shot sporting clays before and the people there couldn't have been more helpful. They even congratulated me on a crappy score. Great place and would highly recommend it. I will definitely be back
  10. Good idea. When I nail down a date I'll post it and see if anyone is interested. More than likely going to be a weekday.
  11. Google says that it's about 2.5 hrs I figured 5 hour round trip plus a few hours shooting might be a long day. Does anyone know if they take singles or do you have to shoot in a group?
  12. I have a week off at the end of the month and I'm thinking about checking out Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays. I was wondering if anyone can recommend a decent hotel in the area?
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