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  1. Thanks, I'll ask around and see if if I can find a local one who will
  2. Hopefully someone can answer this question. If I buy a shotgun on gunbroker from a private seller, can he ship it directly a FFL in NJ or does he have to have a FFL from his state ship to a FFL in NJ?
  3. What are your fees on long gun transfers?
  4. Does anyone know if GJ Arms in Bayville is still in business? I've used him as a FFL in the past and was always happy with him. I ordered a shotgun online and tried to call him to give him a heads up that he would be getting something in for me and the phone is disconnected. Had to cancel the order until I can find out if he's still around or find a new FFL.
  5. Went to Redwing for the first time today. Never shot sporting clays before and the people there couldn't have been more helpful. They even congratulated me on a crappy score. Great place and would highly recommend it. I will definitely be back
  6. Good idea. When I nail down a date I'll post it and see if anyone is interested. More than likely going to be a weekday.
  7. Google says that it's about 2.5 hrs I figured 5 hour round trip plus a few hours shooting might be a long day. Does anyone know if they take singles or do you have to shoot in a group?
  8. I have a week off at the end of the month and I'm thinking about checking out Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays. I was wondering if anyone can recommend a decent hotel in the area?
  9. The guy who hit my car in a parking lot and took off
  10. gfl216

    New pc carbine

    Does the bolt lock back on an empty mag? I'm sure that this has been discussed but with 5 pages I'm just being lazy.
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