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  1. Who do you hire to fill in an inground pool? Can anyone recomend someone in the Toms River area?
  2. I'll take the .22 lr. I'm local PM me and we can set up a place to meet.
  3. Need it gone, make an offer
  4. Based on what I read in the thread, I went to Klee's on Thursday and ordered the sizzling steak. Easily just as good as any steak that I ever had at Ruth Crist and half the price. 20211104_194941.mp4
  5. I'm sure that this has been covered somewhere but I can't find it. My wife has a permit and I want to legally transfer a pistol to her. I know with long guns no FFL is needed but do I need one for a pistol?
  6. Walmart in Hamilton has them for about the same price that Mr.Stu said.
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