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  1. Are the WMA ranges closed or at least frowned upon using during certain hunting seasons? I would imagine that someone sitting in a tree stand for hours waiting for a deer to walk past would be pretty mad if I started shooting clays and scare them off. I looked on the state web page but didn't find anything. Just wondering what the protocol is?
  2. "Bigly" That is an underused word. I like it, thanks for bringing it back.
  3. I've seen some discussion about F2F sales and when the law takes effect but has anyone gotten an answer? The way I read the law it looks like it takes effect on Oct 1st but I could be wrong. For al I know it may have gone into effect as soon as the bill was signed into law.
  4. Sounds like you just described a Ruger Mini 14.
  5. The way I'm reading this I'm thinking that the law will go into effect on October 1st
  6. Go to the HOB (House of Bordentown) and get the PB&J wings. Probably 35 or 40 min from Somerset but the wings are worth it, definitely in my top 10
  7. So 180 days until the magazine limit but what about the rest of the bills? When would they take effect?
  8. Never did I say that pancakes can't be paired with eggs and bacon. I stated that not only can waffles be paired with them, waffles can be paired with other foods to make not only delicious breakfasts but also delicious lunches, diners, and deserts. Unlike pancakes (the inferior food)
  9. Dude you get a hole punched in your man card due to using "fluffiness" and "being filled with fruit is wonderful" in the same sentence
  10. Is that the place in Long Branch?
  11. Absolutely but never with Taylor Ham
  12. Waffles are so much better and not only can they be paired with eggs and bacon but can also move to the dinner table along side chicken or for dessert with ice cream
  13. The prosecutor is gonna love you
  14. "Deadly force" is not the issue. The issue is "intent"
  15. Do you, and if it ever comes to it I hope I'm wrong.