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  1. Someone I know (Passaic County) is going for thier court hearing next week on Tuesday. They submitted thier application 3 weeks ago. They were told by the clerk that the hearing will be 10 minutes, they will ask basic questions and the permit will be handed to them immediately after. Will update next week
  2. You got ripped off on the notary, unless you did it out of state. Notaries are typically only allowed to charge $2.50 per notary in New Jersey, that is what the UPS Store in Rockaway charges. They also did the passport photos $13 and gave me a set of 6 1.5 by 1.5 photos.
  3. The UPS Store in Rockaway is doing the 1.5 by 1.5 photos for anyone in the area. You can just walk-in. They have a notary from 8 to 5 as well if you need that.
  4. Either size should work. My police chief said that they are just trimming down the standard 2 by 2 passport photos submitted to 1.5 by 1.5 so it fits on the carry card. He said if you can get 1.5 by 1.5 that is ideal which is what I did. As long as you get a standard proper passport photo, your head will still be completely in the frame after trimming.
  5. Yeah, you just ignore it, they didn't bother making an updated form
  6. The bill states "firearms purchaser identification card issued or renewed after the effective date of P.L. , c. (C. ) shall expire during the tenth calendar year following its date of issuance and on the same calendar day as the person’s date of birth" The effective date in the bill is "effective immediately". So the way I read this is that since his is not issued yet, it will be subject to the ten year expiration date even though he applied beforehand. And when it comes to the required training, the bill also mentions that you have to have training within 4 years of receiving either your FID or your first permit to purchase a handgun. This is effective immediately as well. I would contact your local police department about it, maybe they will push it through since he already applied but by the letter of the law, he would technically require the training before it is issued
  7. I know it needs to be signed in ink at the very least. I'd do it all in ink to be safe
  8. No, if you change your address it's considered a new one and you'll need to renew every 10 years like everyone else. Hopefully this gets challenged
  9. He still needs to sign but pretty sure that's it
  10. The case will be heard in the future and a decision is yet to made
  11. Doesn't the CCW permit last for two years though?
  12. I'm a New Jersey Notary Public, I wouldn't worry about the raised seal. It is not required and all the other notaries I work with just use a regular ink stamp. Never had a problem personally, including with documents that were going before a judge for approval. In fact the one person who I worked with who was still using the raised letter seal had it rejected once because the judge apparently said it wasn't fully legible as it had to overlap with printed text on document to fit. On the CCW form specifically they leave like no room for it. A bad judge will find a way to be a PITA if they really want to. If anyone is in the Morris County area and needs a Notary after hours weekdays, I am available. Just private message me
  13. Ah, thank you for clarifying, that makes more sense
  14. https://www.foxnews.com/us/scrapped-maryland-ends-bullet-id-program-after-15-years-5m-and-zero-cases-solved The technology exists but it is utterly pointless. Maryland ditched their microstamp law after it cost the taxpayers over 5 million dollars and didn't solve one crime after 15 years. The law only exists to make it more expensive and cumbersome for law-abiding citizens to purchase firearms than it already is Criminals will get the guns illegally from out of state or simply file down the stamp. This does not prevent crime or help to solve any crimes. Wouldn't be surprised for a criminal to take advantage of this by going to a range, picking up a few bullet casings with the microstamp of the ground and leave it at a crime scene either....
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