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  1. My permit has restrictions “none” checked and a list of handguns I qualified with. So the PO looking at the permit should think . . . The original court order has the sensitive places which I had rescinded by a subsequent court order. However the original still has the handguns listed with some wording saying I can carry these. So a prosecutor looking at the permit and court order should think . . . I know what I think but it’s anyones guess what PD, prosecutor or grand jury would think.
  2. Hey, no problem. I know I'm anxious to read the transcripts, probably many are. I can't get enough of winning, it's very new to me as a NJ citizen. Also need to know where I can carry day to day, ha. When the governor sign the bill into law I was probably in Walmart or on my way home. Instant felon.
  3. Depending on how these two cases are archived/combined, here are the links for the documents: SIEGEL v. PLATKIN (1:22-cv-07463) KOONS v. REYNOLDS (1:22-cv-07464)
  4. Depending on how these two cases are archived/combined, here are the links for the documents: SIEGEL v. PLATKIN (1:22-cv-07463) KOONS v. REYNOLDS (1:22-cv-07464)
  5. Yes, thanks for efforts NJ ANTI-GUNNERS RUNNING SCARED: Motion to Intervene in NJ Carry Law Challenge a Sign of WEAKNESS Always a good analysis
  6. If you live in Ocean County and have handguns listed on an order or on your permit, "Judge Ryan is looking into this issue regarding your permit and permits obtained by others." I emailed his law clerk asking if he could rescind the court order from the original assignment judge in light of the bill the governor signed into law last December. This same judge has been rescinding the sensitive places order so he probably will do the right thing. Maybe if the court receives enough requests it may speed things up. Jessica M. Layton, Esq. Law Clerk to the Honorable Guy P. Ryan, P.J.Cr. Superior Court of New Jersey, Ocean Vicinage 120 Hooper Avenue, Courtroom 12 Toms River, N.J. 08754 Tel: 732-504-0700, Ext. 64239 E-mail: [email protected]
  7. NY got some very favorable rulings at the district courts but the state went to the court of appeals and they reversed the lower courts order. NJ has a good court of appeals makeup, more Republican appointed judges than Democratic. So once this gets settled in Bumb's court the state will probably appeal and then we'll see who the three panel court is. Illinois got carry because they drew 2 out of 3 good judges.
  8. Realizing we live in a state that has demonstrated a zeal for its "gotcha" laws, safest to try and get a rescind order from the court. While you wait, carry what's on your permit and/or court order. No one wants to be the posterboy for some prosecutor doing his job and saving us from scary guns.
  9. It bears repeating, the Ocean County Superior Court issued an order rescinding a previous order on my behalf. The original assignment judge listed sensitive places and the current assignment judge reversed that. It only took an email to the law clerk and a week later I had the new order. I realize that there is mass confusion with these judges and the way they issue. There is no continuity across counties but try asking for a rescind order with your court.
  10. My bad, most police are for legal carry, took me a minute. Well that's encouraging to hear.
  11. Ha, can't decode "mist police are for legL carry" Is it most police are legal for carry? When my family member was pulled over out of state he had his badge on his leg facing the window. The on duty PO saw the badge and chatted him up for a minute or so then said be safe, the end. I guess it was assumed he was armed.
  12. What state? Assuming not NJ, too soon for PD to be normalized with civilian carry IMO
  13. In Ocean County the first assignment judge issued a one page "sensitive place" order which the next judge rescinded just by me asking. Judge Ryan said in his order sensitive places was the job of the legislature. He actually wrote in his order. Now that any gun you legally own is the law of the land in NJ, you should email the law clerk of your county and ask for a court order rescinding the "listed firearms" since it's moot. Then you have some paper you can file somewhere just in case.
  14. I used the Delaware County website, paid online, was able to check status online and drove out to the courthouse and get my picture taken and license laminated and issued in 5 minutes. Real easy process.
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