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  1. Careful Tx, Akansas ain't that for from Texas. And who can forget "Broke Back Mountain" ???? Let me just say the last Clays meet, nobody left hungry and everyone's food kicked ASS!
  2. Lot's of inbreds for entertainment!
  3. I am doing the Cranberry Festival in Chatsworth that weekend....
  4. Craigslist or donate to the MS Society and take a $1500 tax donation.
  5. I believe the NRA is in complete meltdown Mode, to the delight of the Anti gun groups.... Personally aside from anual membership, that I pay , WTF has the NRA done for me and you in the Socialist State of NJ?
  6. If you can ID the car, I can narrow it down for you.
  7. Take a time-out and Enjoy what is shaping up to be a beautiful weekend. Come down the Shore!
  8. The Kenyon was the great divider and they as usual, twist it into the history of Now.
  9. Ok here's a discount coupon http://www.eaglearmsgunshows.com/
  10. Only in your mind, fishnuts...
  11. Never said anything of the sort. My point was to say NJ schools, in itself, were not reason enough to not leave NJ.
  12. Common Core public education program brought to by the Kenyon The thought was to make it fair for Jamal and Shenaynay to be taught the same as Michael and Jane. This meant dumbing down the suburban schools not lifting up the urban schools. NJ being of such Liberal mind set, stepped right in line. Free States threw it right out.. and NO fishnuts I am not going to do any research on my post....
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