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  1. Sounds like the North vs the South war is about to begin.
  2. I'm Warning you guys, don't mess with my girl!
  3. I've traveled extensively and NEVER had I had any issues and NO, when I got my bag, I left the airport and NEVER told anyone at the destination airport ANYTHING!
  4. Al, drop me a pm... There's a solution.
  5. Hose included no mask. These a very personal fitted item
  6. Yes Masks hoses and cleaners SoClean and 3 others depending on your lifestyle. A STRONG word of caution on cleaners. You do NOT need one of these UNLESS you are prone to upper respiratory infections. SAVE your money!
  7. LOL, That's exactly why I threw this out there. Also in most cases your out of pocket is higher than these selling prices. And lastly, I will accept trades, any Colt Snake gun will do!
  8. This is just ONE example, there are a LOT more.
  9. Short answer,Manual units, YES Auto units NO. I will enter your settings for you, however.
  10. Duck Duck Go This: ocean county Swat team kills former NYPD little egg harbor nj there's about 50 results.
  11. Restore Carry NJ Share Tweet 3.1K shares Story Updates 14 Update 14 Posted by Mark Cheeseman 44 mins ago Share On behalf of all N.J. law abiding citizens we are proud to present an Amicus brief on behalf of Thomas Rogers Vs GURBIR GREWAL, ATTORNEY GENERAL OF NEW JERSEY. We along With CNJFO and others are coming in force to present the United states Supreme court with a supporting brief. We believe our rights have been ignored to long. Special thanks to New jerseys own Jay Factor, and David Jensen ESQ for the hard work they put into writing this brief Please continue to donate and support our cases and others Thank you. BRIEF OF AMICI CURIAE COALITION OF NEW JERSEY FIREARMS OWNERS, SECOND AMENDMENT FOUNDATION, JOHN JILLARD, MARK CHEESEMAN, JAY FACTOR, GEORGE GRECO, AND JEFFREY MULLER IN SUPPORT OF PETITIONERS Link to brief. https://www.supremecourt.gov/…/20190201160948507_18-824%20A… Help spread the word! https://www.gofundme.com/restore-carry-nj?viewupdates=1&rcid=r01-15492381619-ebf06cb3820b484e&utm_medium=email&utm_source=customer&utm_campaign=p_email%2B1137-update-supporters-v5b
  12. You can do what you want on your property, BUT Ocean County LOVES to Play "Soldier" with their Swat Teams and They NEVER wait the target out. They shoot to kill and get back in time for Dinner. If you recall they chased a former NYPD down in the woods behind his backyard, Claimed he aimed a 22 pistol at them, and lit him up like a Christmas tree. Many said when he ran into the wood s and the pistol was still in his house. To me your a phone call away from being swatted! And that's all I'm Gonna Say about That!
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