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  1. From our member Patriot Pen reminds us of Menendez's anti-Gun Postion. “Ciao, Roberto.” Garden State's anti-gun Menendez should reap what he sows By John Petrolino https://bearingarms.com/john-petrolino/2023/09/26/menendez-reap-what-he-sows-n75282?utm_source=badaily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl&bcid=00ea90fbf351bbfd29c96affd26f2dca49954a466ec9e3e8139f308bd8a1cb93
  2. Wouldn't that be typical of the NJ State government...
  3. Whores, the bunch of them!
  4. What do you think Bobby sees in her?
  5. I certainly won't shed a tear if Murphy's former anti-gun hitman gets caught wrapped up like a turbin. FIFY
  6. And they will lose, but the WTF i'ts our tax dollars they spend, not their own cash.
  7. So it sounds like Gurbir Grewal pulled some strings for a no jail time sentence. That does not surprise me. What DOES surprise me is that you can buy Menendez so cheap! A C-300 Benz? C'mon, man anything less than an S Class would be an insult!
  8. My mags are buried w Pablo Escobars cash... Great to see Trenton on defense. Fun Times we live in!
  9. Mine are buried w Pablo Escobars cash...
  10. TRENTON, NJ – A ruling in federal court could impact New Jersey’s ban on high-capacity magazines. https://www.shorenewsnetwork.com/2023/09/23/high-capacity-magazine-bans-unconstitutional-federal-judge-rules/
  11. Did you know this? Forget what you thought. Size doesn't matter.
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