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  1. There is NOT, but per the NJSP, each town can add requirements like qualification, What fire arm will you be carrying, and Finger prints.... ALL Bullshit, but Just what Scott Bach wants!
  2. I took most of my courses at the Sig Sauer Academy, with Federal and various state/locals. My CCL courses were there as well. This Facility is well known as military, Feds and states send their personal there. Funny not ONE set of the 3 I have asked for any of those "requirements" I fully expect to be joining the lawsuits...I would be as shocked, (as Donald Trump was when they announced he won the election) to see if they approve me or anybody else for that matter, and that's OK too! Where else could you be a participant in a major lawsuit for $125 ?????????
  3. That's why i wrote If I am given the permit, I win and if I am denied, I become part of the big fight and that my friends is what is needed! The more denials the better for these lawsuits! Especially when you have Non Resident permits and denied by your own state...Greenwald, feel that warm liquid trickling down your leg? That's me Pissing on you!
  4. They can Suck it!
  5. I'm almost complete to submit my app! https://www.nratv.com/home/video/cam-and-company-2018-scott-bach-lawsuit-filed-against-nj-carry-law IF you are Denied Scott back wants you to join their suit with the NRA. If I lose, I win....
  6. The founders fought the most powerful military force in the world, oft times, right does triumph over evil...
  7. My favorite movie "Scent of a Woman" Al Pacino "When the Shit hits the fan... Some guys Run and some Guys Stay" enjoy!
  8. The Holy Grail of wheelies! I have bought and sold least a dozen snakes, paid for my youngest daughters wedding....I never took possession of most of them. My FFL held it and reshipped them.
  9. Clearly made to be as painful as they can make it... remember THEY don't want you in THEIR Club! Never lose sight of that! If I lose, I win! If I win, I win. I have nothing to lose as I will submit my app costs in joining every suit going! Either way, I want to piss on Loretta Weinberg's shoes...
  10. On the nice lady's cover sheet. I will call her and question that and finger printing as these are NOT list in the State police Documents...