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  1. Link is in my signature there is an education tab or PM Me
  2. Fergedabowdit! It's NOT Covered. What's the level of pain? When it's high enough you'll pay anything. Perhaps we should be talking about CBD, no?
  3. Here's a piece of Umbilical Cord It looks and feels like a piece of Squid, that I use for Fluke fishing!
  4. I do not know Dr Silberman, but This is the practice name for docs that are solely in this field- prolotherapy, Dr Sokalsy is "alternative to surgery" practice (former Rothman Doc) his accent is on Sports medicine but he is a prolotherapy doctor as well.
  5. Please let me clarify this does not fall under the jurisdiction of the FDA, it is under separate category of human tissue like kidneys lungs and other transplant materials. These are HCT/P section 361 items NOT requiring an FDA Approval but is regulated under the Human Tissue Bank. Now the word "STEM CELLS" is another great misnomer Your Stem cells are only good for you and another person's would be attacked by microfages (Your body's defense mechanism) what PRP is, is taking your blood ,spinning it down to gave the serum of your own blood and injecting this concentration into a problem area. The problem is as we get older we have less and less of these stem cells, This can get VERY deep and there's no sense in going there on this board. My wife did both knees with the Amniox injections and for 1 year was amazing, the next year when doing round 2, she didn't get the same benefit. Arthititis is like rust you can slow it down but you will not eliminate it with some Rustoleum. My STRONG Advise see one of the 2 doctors I mention and fully Trust.
  6. I go into OR's with doctors training the use and applications of Amniox regenerative tissues and joint injections. Fact: prp is only 25% effective. costly Lyophilized umbilical cord is 80% effective. costly There are only 2 doctors I would recommend. Period. Dot Period! Brian Sokalsky Somers Pt , nj Scott Greenberg Cherry Hil, nj They do both and would need to evaluate you for what may work best fo you! 4 years???? Who's giving you this bullshit? BTW Amniox Medical was the pioneer in research (30 Years of NIH grants) if you want to consider that relatively new... Insurance companies don't want to spend the money so they list it as "Experimental" All these full page ads you see in the newspapers are 90% bullsh!t, misleading and run by people with little experience in Regenerative tissue. you want more info contact me
  7. Here Ray, I snapped this Pic and those in attendance remain anonymous, maybe the tattoo will be a give away! The Chili was enjoyed by all Hint there ain't a Texan in this pic!
  8. i will be exhibiting My knives at this event. If in the Area, stop by and say hello. CRKT~Cold Steel and Bear Edge table banners. Charles Chrin Community Center of Palmer Township 4100 Green Pond Rd, Palmer Township, PA 18045 PS Bring $$$$$
  9. I am NO fan of a guy who makes his living off legal gun owners.
  10. "Next year in Jerusalem" Great event, happy to meet some members, especially those that wish to remain anonymous! Tex and Zeke killed with their dishes! I can imagine the campfire at. night.
  11. as the people continue to flee...
  12. Ya'll need to bring the cherrins,, as they absorb a lot of the ticks in the area. They are like minesweepers...
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