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  1. This memo just in from Alex @ NJ2A: Rising from the Ashes of Murphy's Victory Posted by Alexander Roubian 472sc on November 17, 2017 · Add your reaction Phil Murphy will be the next governor of New Jersey, and like others within the second amendment community, I’ve thought hard about what went wrong for our preferred candidates and have consulted with a diverse group of Second Amendment activists for how best to move forward following Murphy’s devastating victory. Simply put, we don’t have time to pity ourselves, and the New Jersey Second Amendment Society is already formulating new political strategies and developing citizen action plans to counter the Murphy Administration. For those ready to get involved and help fight back, the following is our framework moving forward, and we’d love to hear your ideas and feedback: First - This is not a sprint, and barring any unforeseen changes, we’ve got four years of battles ahead of us - two of which will definitely include a supermajority for Democrats in the state legislature. Not only do we need all hands on deck, but it’s important we aren’t easily discouraged or wasting energy bickering instead of focusing on spreading our message. Second - All the money in the world won’t stop the Murphy-Bloomberg-Soros campaign to strip us of our second amendment rights, but we - - yes, you and I - can stop their tyrannical legislative agenda in New Jersey with something money cannot buy: passion! This is a call to action - knock on doors, call your elected officials, speak out at public meetings - whatever it takes before it’s too late. And while we at NJ2AS understand our hard-working supporters have busy schedules - especially during the holiday season - everyone putting in just 3-5 hours a week can make a gigantic difference. Third - I would like to emphasize that Phil Murphy and his cronies in the legislature are not dictators, despite their wishes. We can and will fight back against any attacks on the Second Amendment. As our members already know, we have been successful with getting pro-second amendment legislation sponsored on the federal level and have achieved legal victories against the state like no other New Jersey organization. Finally, if you’re ready to stand up and fight for your rights, please join, renew, or donate and unite with us to defend the second amendment against our most dangerous enemy yet - Phil Murphy.
  2. Simple solution you get 50% of you state pension if you leave.
  3. Agree. If anyone saw the debate when a young black Man had a question and His mike didn't work, Kim stepped right up and offered him, hers! It happened to be clipped to her jacket. He was asked to speaking it, which he did. The whole time pointing his eyes to the ceiling, as she pointed out her husband was in the front row! I was Classic and for that alone she deserved EVERY mans Vote! Did anyone see that, besides me?
  4. I’ve carried mine for several weels spoke to Alex @ Nj2sa yesterday he’s releasing a newsletter any day now
  5. Ok, I wrote multiple times and never got any answer, Thanks Pete for yours.
  6. All sold to: Wmaximusd Tony357 is back=up Thanks, All
  7. NJGunforum party at T Bills!
  8. I just sold My Dillon Reloading Press What wasn't included was Small Large Primers Gun Powder Bullets Brass I'll be damned if I could list it in classifieds But $100 takes it all! Located in Manahawkin email in profile. tommy p
  9. Kinda Like Mr. Burns on the Simpsons crossed with a up-skirting photographer, Mall bathroom stalker! Dude's got some serious Gum disease going on... Give me douche Chills (Like an Ice water Enema)
  10. Is it just me or does Murphy look like a creepy Deviant?
  11. Good answer!
  12. About a month ago, I was reading in the letters to the editor column in the Asbury Park Press. A whiny yenta soccer mom, wrote in to complain, about the need for a new park. My immediate thought was this is exactly why we have out-of-control taxes and spending in New Jersey, everybody wants something that is important to their interests and the taxpayers we'll see an increase for these luxuries. This is the way it always has been in New Jersey and always will be, more taxes and revenue the state gets, more bullshit they will find to spend the money on. The state, county and local governments are designed to run in constant deficit, to justify raising your taxes. If not the schools, then the police department or the state/ municipal workers, everybody has their hands in your pockets. So long as you have liberals in the Senate and assembly the word "NO" isn't in their vocabulary. So when it gets to a point where people could no longer afford to live here, they move to a conservative state and demand all the sweet services and goodies from them that they were used to here. And that's why states like Virginia went from red to purple to blue. North Carolina is quickly following in Florida Is for the most part done.
  13. I went to school at Wm & Mary 1971-1975. I bought my first 3 guns there. Guns and Virginia was like our Pork Roll to those people. The expansion of DC Employment with No. Va settlement tilted the balance to a point of no return.
  14. I think many Gun Owners voted for other reasons. Gun issues be damned. I know several people , that are gun owners, but they voted Murphy, for bigger union contracts, jobs and income. They chose $ over Principal Until The illegals get the work, that the unions were Promised. It amazes me that We, The People, TRUST any Politician especially a NJ Politician.