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  1. We double dredged the chicken....you'll get lots more of the evil good stuff!
  2. Going to the NJ Supreme Court! Update 11/8/18 The past two weeks both Cheeseman and Jilliard were denied in NJ appeals court division. At this point we fully intend on seeking council and moving forward to the next level. Presently we are preparing for NJ Supreme court. The opinions were typical but arguable. Thank you for your continued support.
  3. I don't remember who said this "Before voting on a bill of legislation, I ask, is this the responsibility of governemt to provide" THIS is what the asswholes in trenton (It dosn't deserve a capital "T") would NEVER ask, to be their voting decision....
  4. Well I just gotta get my 2 best cooking girls together to pull that off...
  5. Let me tell Ya'll That wayward Texan ain't messin' around! That recipe is BANGIN'!!!! OMG!
  6. Tex, you're on! Call me when you're on Rt 72 Crumbled Bacon Mac n Cheese, Honey Buttered Biscuits and Texas fried chick Platter awaits you!
  7. Displaced Texan Texas Fried Chicken Momma's Recipe Review; I had one of my best gourmet cooks assist me in this venture, we started with about 5 lbs of chicken; 2 split breast,3 drumsticks. Brined, butter milked and double dipped in the flour mixture. 2 cast Iron skillets a little less than 1/2" peanut oil. fried until golden brown and set on some brown paper to drain the oil. Placed them in the oven straight on the racks like the recipe called for, with foil on the bottom to catch any drippings (this was the only fail) smoked like a '64 Plymouth. Transferred to baking sheets, problem solved. Baked for about 30 minutes and loaded up the Fried Chicken Platter. Paired perfectly with my wife's homemade Mac an cheese and roasted broccoli; a perfect meal! 6 people sat down and EVERYONE was Amazed! This is one bangin' recipe! Perfect for a crappy Nor'easter Day! This one Awesome recipe! family approved! ★★★★★'s Displaced Texan Strafford to LBI is about 50 minutes, YES we have cold fried chicken leftovers, so leave now!
  8. Ok inside secret: Pandapostage.com NO Monthly fees! NO Charge for sign-ups! My USPS Rep turned me on to it. Great personal customer service people (REAL People!) PM for phone contact info
  9. I wish someone would explain the regional box A/B to me apparently the post office people can't neither.....
  10. If you fold them you can get them in a flat rate cardboard mailing envelope for about $6...
  11. Yes, the Viofro A119s great camera, great nighttime recording. I just sold an extra that I had. Support sucks though.
  12. Ok Cowboy, you're Momma's recipe is on the weekend menu! I'll let you know, the outcome!
  13. UPDATE! Update 7 Posted by Mark Cheeseman 17 mins ago Everyone, update: Marks Case was heard on Monday 10/22/18 And My (John) Case was heard today 10/25/18 Stay tuned for the ruling/opinion