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  1. My go to cigar is basically any size of the Arturo Fuente Anejo line. Gotta have that Connecticut Broadleaf.
  2. PingMerchant

    m1a mAGS

    Checkmate all the way. I bought 6 additional mags for my Dan Wesson Specialist 1911 when I learned just how good checkmates were, especially since Dan Wesson also thinks so enough to include two with the pistol.
  3. Hence the reference to Mr. Ed. Don't mind me I'm just the FNG.
  4. Wow this is an old thread, here's to reviving it. Well as Goose from Top Gun would say "the list is long and distinguished". But taking things slow, I'd like to take a crack at concealed carry with this...and maybe pair it up with that Omega I want to buy to celebrate my 40th in less then a year. If you can't tell already, I am a diehard James Bond fan.
  5. I could just as easily try and change your mind like the fine folks before me, but why beat a dead horse? Instead I'll just show you a picture of my gorgeous 1911 with my now discontinued Olight. I was just trying to get something that matched the G10 Grips, what I ended up with was probably the most badass weapons' light I could find.
  6. Currently in my possession and registered to me, but also for sale on Gunbroker. It was once my dream 1911 and when I had the cash (thanks the stimulus package) I jumped in with both feet. That was until I got into the CMP and G.I style weaponry. I'm toying with the notion of listing it here, but I am too new to know how to go about such an endeavor. Anyway, hope you like my Dan Wesson Specialist 1911 (.45ACP). Don't mind the M16 Cigar Nubbers, that's a little business I have on the side, but if you're interested let me know (shameless plug) HAHA
  7. My custom built Spyderco Para 3 is my EDC and defense blade. My intention was to build something completely unique from my imagination or just buy a Chris Reeves Small Sebenza. I ended up with the former and couldn't be happier, plus I saved about $60 bucks on the build costs compared to the Chris Reeves. The scales are a linen micarta, the hardware has been upgraded to stainless, the lanyard plug is copper and it has a Lynch Made Deep Carry Clip. The build took about 6 months of research, parts sourcing and execution. The scales were made to order custom by RC Bladeworks
  8. Awesome to hear and thank you for the invite!
  9. Haha one of these days my assertiveness is going to get me into a Mexican Standoff…or whatever race they might be…diversity for all and everything. Nice making your acquaintance though!
  10. Any fellow brothers of the leaf here? If so what do you smoke/pair it with and what lounge do you frequent (Backyard or porch applies)? I'm an 8 year member at Mane Street Cigars in Woodbridge, which is a very friendly 2A shop with loads of cops and ex-military. I've been into the hobby since 2008.
  11. Thank God its a woman, maybe one day we could raise our kin to be Taylor Hamsters and repopulate the state to bring it back in our favor.
  12. I'm also a KAWFEE guy and a NY Yankees/NY Giants/ NJ Devils fan if that helps or hurts what little credibility I have. Oh and to me it's called Italian Ice. Went to college in near Philly and nobody knew what I was talking about HAHA
  13. Taylor Ham all the way!!! Grew up in Warren, NJ and Brooklyn, NY. It feels weird calling it Pork Roll
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