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  1. wonder if troy will be providing a letter to this affect?
  2. still unenforcable to a point. they coulda done so much more by doing something silly like not letting repeat offenders walk among us.
  3. and on this note, why didn't anyone call in and ask the governor why exactly he thought that vetted law abiding citizens were a/the problem?
  4. see? this is one of the places where our so-called republican representatives need to jump in. it's fine if he wants to encourage property owners to put those signs up. and they're free to put them up. if they DO so choose to disallow firearms on their property(business and/or personal), then there should be a new law(i just puked a little typing that) that those property owners MUST provide FREE and secure storage for our firearms while we are there storage that only we as the firearm owner will have access to upon leaving their business.
  5. dude....chill. i know johnnyb personally. dude is FAR from a bootlicker. but he IS very smart. you might also wanna reconsider your "connections" getting you off the hook. i know a few cops that are very good people, do their damndest to try to improve their community(read that if you don't act like an ass, they probably won't ticket you, and they don't go bat$ht arresting people). they also won't let people off for showing id with "connections". ya did the deed,,,,,,,,,,
  6. looks like fiberopitc front.....fiber optic rear also?
  7. i've done that a few times. he's workin hard on makin himself the next one.
  8. which basically means that if it goes bang, and a projectile comes out at high speed, the brace is gonna be a nogo
  9. just had a customer came in. haven't seen this guy since before the panic. he claims no one's worked on his car since i did the last time. this with me looking at someone elses oil change reminder decal on his windshield. and that decal showing him 2k over due. wanted me to check oil(2 qts low), and tranny fluid. not even registering on the dipstick. i didn't top that for him cause i didn't have the right fluid. then he lifts up the plastic that goes between the grille and radiator support to show me it's missing all of its pins, telling me that i left them out. when i haven't seen this car in about 3 years. he goes......you replaced the waterpump, remember? i pointed to the pump, and told him that this piece doesn't need to be removed. and if i did remove it, any pins in it went back. i suggest you check with the last place that worked on it. he weren't happy. he leaves, then pulls back in 2 minutes later. points to his traction control light. says....that wasn't on when i pulled in. i told him that's fine, i can check it next week. he said he though i did something to bring it lit. i'm like...really? i poured oil into your engine. there is virtually no way i could've brough that light lit. i don't like this guy. and didn't like him when he was coming in before the panic.
  10. so....how do we make the other so that the brace can't be reattached?
  11. how's about some blue angels with comms??
  12. shoot the perp then put out the fire.
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