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  1. only handguns. you can buy all the long guns you like. well.....with your wifes permission of course, lol
  2. now here's a 'nother question. if this were someone not famous.......you or me......would we still be walking free right now?
  3. i know i'm sounding stupid....but prop gun. should only fire blanks. makes sense. what kind of movies are gonna fire live rounds?
  4. ha! i was being serious. i'm sure that if this goof gets reelected, that'll change
  5. i don't dislike the guy. fact is that if he wasn't famous, he'd be sitting int he greybar motel right now. there is no excuse for him to not be. it wasn't an accident. it was negligence.
  6. so uummm......i thought prop guns couldn't fire live rounds? and how did he "accidentally" shoot two people? was there over-penetration on the first one hit and he got a twofer?
  7. Supreme Court Told To Reject New York's Concealed Carry Law And Lies!!! NYSRPA v. Bruen - YouTube
  8. i had slipped and got complacent. the beginning of the panic was my wakeup call. thanks to that, i saw why my grandmom always had so dam much extra good in the house. mostly canned goods, and a bunch frozen. since then, i've bought a little extra every time i go shopping. i've got me n mom pretty well set for now.
  9. what's the wording in the definition of semi auto though? and what did it used to be? i think it used to say "for each action". press the trigger is an action. release the trigger is an action. that said.......if there were a way that i could purchase one of the forced reset triggers for cash and face to face at a brick n mortar store.....i'd buy one if for no other reason than the bs stink that's being raised over it now. i will not buy something like that over the interweb or with a cc for obvious reasons.
  10. on the franklin armory version, if you hold the trigger before releasing, then it functions as a normal trigger. if you press/release immediately, then it fires 2 rounds. 1 round for each action. i think nj changed the wording of the statute because of that. i think it used to say "1 round ofr each action of the trigger" and they changed it to "1 round for each pull of the trigger".
  11. ever since the riots started a few years ago, when i see anyone under about 30 with a backpack and a skateboard......nervous is me.
  12. that's why i wear cargo pants. but then again i've been switching fron cargo pants to jeans and back again since the first time cargo pants were popular in the what? mid-late 80's?
  13. i tried to buy the house next to me last year...for the purpose of renting it out. dammit. i'd have been happy to have a fellow gun owner renting,,,,,,
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