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  1. golly, who would've ever thought anything like this would be abused? he should be locked up in a loony bin, and treated like a loon. along with anyone that aided him in this.
  2. little hijack......you happen to have a spare oprod? might come down for some ammo and rod.......
  3. just remember if he starts charging.......it should be expected. he's still paying his instructors, insurance and all other operating costs when he's giving people the free requal. it's a pretty dam standup thing for him to do even though he doesn't have to.
  4. i'll just stop worrying about it. i was gonna carry the springfield instead...but the r1 is the better of the two, and is in my opinion the best tool for the job......
  5. on their site now....don't see anything about any sort of lining? am i just being too vain not wanting to get holster rash on that particular gun? also.....thank you sir!
  6. thank you!! i shoulda known that, but sometimes i'm a dummy. i always appreciate you looking out for us all!
  7. wasn't sure where to put this. if it's gotta be moved admins, please do. anyway......i've been pretty happy with my tulster, vedder, and to a lesser extent we-the-people kydex holsters for what i'm carrying so far. but.....i'm thinking i'd like to get an iwb for my r1. problem is i'm a little vain. i don't wanna give that gun holster rash. so.......anyone got any recommendations for a iwb holster for the 1911 that won't give it holster rash? prefer kydex because of how little room it takes..... thanks guys.....
  8. shouldn't our 2a orgs and lawyers be able to get that tossed with bruen?
  9. so....with this new bs......what's the verdict? the course i took was substantially identical to the new requirements, and i shot perfect score. instructor says i'm(as are his other students that passed) good to go. so......if that's the case, do we still need to submit that sp182....or whatever the number of the form is........to my towns pd? this is the part that's got me worried. paperwork. that's what fooks everyone up sooner or later in anything.
  10. how about voting? A malicious or ill informed vote is a thousand times more dangerous than a firearm.......
  11. i mean.....there is no right to a dl, but they don't make us requalify for that.....
  12. they should've made the state lose the requalification requirement.
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