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  1. even those not working, but making more on unemployment should've kept paying. i coulda played that game at my shop and had a significant amount of extra money in my account. but i didn't want to have back due rent. it's too hard to catch up. the vast majority of those who are now behind are behind for no other reason than themselves.
  2. lolololol i really don't understand why no one shoots these it's a good shooter really.
  3. this is giving those commies something to scream about and look good to the morons that voted for them.........they'll get reelected.
  4. ETHICAL. c'mon man, you know how people are. if they see an opportunity to not pay and get away with it, they're gonna take it. they aren't thinking of what happens when that big past due bill has to be paid. they're just looking at the extra spending cash right now.
  5. how does congress even have the lawful authority to tell you as a landlord that you must let someone live in your property rent free? the tenant that didn't pay his rent for a year? all while receiving "enhanced" unemployment that nearly equals his paycheck? or sometimes exceeds it? that tenant did nothing wrong? other than squatting when he shoulda been paying his rent, he didn't do anything wrong i guess.
  6. yea well the only thing stopping the douchecanoe from trying it here again is the election in a couple months
  7. after of course......if the douchecanoe wins. if they don't cheat well enough then it won't happen
  8. maybe they'll refuse to take our o2 don't forget the other supposedly eradicated diseases that they're more than likely gonna carry with them.
  9. speaking of shutdown fever.......i got a sneaking feeling we're gonna see it again in the near future
  10. same here. one of the docs at my foot doctors was in for brakes yesterday.....said they can't find anyone at all for staff. it is the same all over.
  11. if i had mechanics working for me and they walk out....their tool boxes will be rolling out right behind them/
  12. I believe the general consensus is that if you remove the brace now you've got an sbr.
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