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  1. sonofabitch! I shoulda asked you to sit that one out, 'cause I knew you'd know that, lolololol I find it quite surprising how many people didn't know that.
  2. checked with the boyscout troop down the street. they do the retirement once a month. they do the blue line flags too.
  3. pictures when it happens please! without google, does anyone know why those stripes were painted on our aircraft? or that they were hand painted in a big hurry?
  4. I've had many leo's stop by the shop thanking me for displaying this flag. I don't need it to get outta any tickets, nor was I ever leo…….I feel it shows them respect, and that someone out there's got their backs. I started flying them around the time that those cops got ambushed in dallas.
  5. i think so. i was leaning towards checking with the boyscout troop up the street from my house(literally 300 yards away), then read roseys reply. now i am going to ask them, based on :::::: But everyone here ask yourselves a question: Does the Blue Line flag symbolize everything good about this country, AND recognize the fallen who have died on the line for us? If you answer in the affirmative, IT'S A FLAG and needs to be retired with DIGNITY the same as every other :::::::::::: because that's why i fly it alongside the stars n stripes. i don't fly it 'cause i think it's pretty, but for a reason. so i guess it needs to be retired properly.
  6. because we listen to cockgobbling pos libruls that worry too much about what others think of us in a war.
  7. it is. it's this one. i have one flying on my staff at home, and one i put out during the daytime at the shop. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B019S6E4KI/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  8. my blue line flags are finally fading enough that i'm gonna order a couple new ones. but...…….when I take the faded ones down to retire them, do I retire them the same as old glory? that's what it feels like I should do, but i'm not sure...….
  9. i'd jump on this to go with my r1 if I had a permit.....and if I were willing to buy another gun as a nj resident......
  10. 1) your first mistake was to marry her. 2) fuck her feelings. she knew what she was getting when she married you. as long as you store them safely, then she's just gonna hafta be happy. 3) sorry if i sound like a dick. not trying to.
  11. don't forget......this is how the brits navaguessed to targets during nighttime bombing raids(in addition to the pathfinder mosquitoes). they'd broadcast 2 separate radio signals towards the target....where those signals crossed was the target. now, reverse that. your phone broadcasts to a tower 5 miles away at a heading of 270(from you). meanwhile it's broadcasting to another tower 8 miles away at a heading of180(from you). where those to signals cross is where you're at.
  12. you gotta pull the battery. I flew on a few of the sorties looking for that crashed helo near Farley plaza many moons ago. there were some people with some stuff that if it got within 1500ft of the phones, it would pick them up. even if they were turned off. i'm pretty certain there's much better tech now. while the location info is "perishable", it still allows those with the tools and interest to form a database of where you were and when you were there and for how long. that's more bothersome than just a single location point.
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