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  1. she wasn't using her position in society. she was using her position in employment. if she were a black woman, would you be calling it "black privilege"?
  2. NOTICE that she words it in such a way as to try and make people think that the tint was the reason? leaves out that it had to be impounded for the reg? and that the way she said "who" she was was in itself asking for special treat,emt? and really? she's trying to blame them?? i saw those guys being calm well beyond the point that i feel then had to. i almost feel that they could've found a reason to arrest her based on her behavior, had they really truly wanted to
  3. wait? how the fuck is this a "white privilege" thing? it's got nothing at ALL to do with what color she's wrapped in. it's got to do with her being an asshat and thinking that her job title trumps the police.
  4. my understanding is that they're really supposed to impound with no reg......
  5. when he should be headed to the loony bin
  6. manual semi auto? those that voted him in are too stupid. at this point, we're at an "idiocracy" point of voting in nj. he may well land a 2nd term. even if he doesn't, the state legislature is still lost.
  7. i dunno what color somerdales trucks are....like you said, i know stratfords are red, as are magnolias. lawnside i know has white trucks, but that'd be a helluva run for them.....had to be somerdale....
  8. shit....i was outside at home most of the day, and didn't hear any sirens.........
  9. PROBABLY the same time that it became ok to wear your pants with your ass hanging out
  10. on steroids, lololol
  11. built this beauty?? 'cause......THIS is gorgeous! https://www.ebay.com/itm/1931-Ford-Other/123082306710?hash=item1ca846f496:g:3tUAAOSw9hRa1NAR&vxp=mtr
  12. now of course some minds can still be changed. i was talking to a cousin i haven't talked to sincer her mothers funeral......and she was of the "no one needs an assault rifle, aand you can't really hunt with one anyway" mindset. i explained that first off, since i know you're talking about the ar15, people do indeed hunt with them. and that they are not assault rifles, but rather falsly labeled as such. then explained what an assault rifle really is. she asked what about putting all that "stuff" on them, that doesn't make them one? i used the grocery getter camaro dressed up as a z28 compared to a real z28 analogy to make her understand.
  13. being "better" than them i feel has actually lost us ground.
  14. what this is, is childish. and to be honest, i'm fine with that. it's the same kind of crap that the anti-freedom people do. time for us to use their own dam tactics against them.
  15. what does sponsoring entail? i more often than not cannot make it out to these things.......if i can afford, i'll sponsor though