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  1. yea. i noticed it when i went to the checkout a couple months ago. i don't like it.....but i guess they hafta do it
  2. amazon's been charging us "estimated sales tax" for awhile now.
  3. oooohhh....i'm gonna get in trouble for this... maryann or ginger?
  4. if you bundle, it's not horribly bad. i'm paying a bit more at home 'cause i wouldn't bundle and get their phone service too....but at the shop, i went from a $400+ verizon bill to a $169 bill from comcast. i bundled there.
  5. i liked susan dey too.
  6. i caught verizon flat out lying to me. on more than one occasion. i still have their old copper landline here......but the 3rd time i caught them bs'ing me, i told them that they needed to have me up n running by the end of the day or i was switching to comcast. a superviosor called me, gave me another bs line to which i repeated the "fix tonight or you lose me" line.....they didn't fix it. even if they DID get fios into my area....and even if it were 100 times better than comcast, they will never get me back....other than the copper landline. and if that goes away, they'll never get me back for anything. eff those pricks.
  7. in lindenwold just switched from verizon dsl last year to comcast. no issues whatsoever.
  8. they as good as actual mil, or are they cheap knockoffs?
  9. dam man, we've got a ton of knowledge about these in here. looking on costco's website right now at 60"+. what's QLED, OLED, ULED, XLED etc mean? also........is there REALLY any good reason/advantage to buy a curved one? this will end up being a wall mount. there's a window between the room it's going in and the front porch. a window that must've been put there by those drunken monkeys snorting crack n smokin' weed while tripping on lsd. it serves no purpose other than to make one wonder why it's there. accordingly, it's going away, and the tv's gonna be mounted there.
  10. nah. she was hittin' on all 8..........
  11. yea. you'll lose your lifes savings defending yourself. if i were gonnna have an hd pistol, it'd be something cheap and reliable. like a rock island armory 1911. cheap price. 1911 reliability.
  12. tell me this isn't cool. i don't understand a word any of them said. but i can tell ya that little engine made some dam sweet music.
  13. you could sell rides on your dogs, lolol
  14. buy something cheap priced but reliable for hd, 'cause you WILL lose it, and you WILL take the ride if you use it.
  15. only thing i did on the interweb in the 90's was email, and an online air combat sim called air warrior.