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  1. i think we were saying that last year........ i'm fearful that this is the new normal.......
  2. there's guys on here and on mewe in the njg4sale group selling 45 and 9 for between .50 and .70 a round. even some 5.56 can be found for less than a buck a round.
  3. i would just like to see some of these gun rights orgs go after nj's laws the way that they should.....present this entire scheme as illegal, because it is in fact illegal the way nj does it. but none will, 'cause it's more profitable to treat the disease than it is to cure the disease.
  4. you don't find the 3%'ers. they find you. try walking around holding up 3 fingers. put 3% decals all over your vehicle. right next to the coexist decals.
  5. ok. we'll give them something. they can ban ONE SINGLE model of 50 cal in exchange for becoming "shall issue"
  6. THESE days, there'd be a dozen attorneys lined up to represent the families of the robbers......and the good cops would end up on trial. 'cause yaknow? the robbers were goooooood bois......
  7. right not it is next to impossible for me to move out of state. unless i want to desert my mother and let her land in a home........which of course no self respecting man would do.
  8. they mentioned on 101.5 this morning that there's a surplus in the CARES money....and that nj wants to give that to illegals.....
  9. for those living near the bridges, buy ammo in pa. buying it online tells "them" how much and how often you buy it anyway. weirdly, i kinda want a 50 cal now. i won't buy one, 'cause i'm a broke-ass-bitch.....but i kinda suddenly want one.
  10. annnd more registration is in there. we NEED to vote these people out. every. single. one. of. them.
  11. you really don't think that the state pd keeps track of long gun nics checks?
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