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  1. thanks man. i got stupidly busy at the shop, and haven't had ANY time to worry about it....now i'm getting caught up, so need to get back moving on it.
  2. so i shot my quals in july. i thought that they wanted quals to be no more than 6 months old. just had someone tell me that they want the quals within 60 days? which is right?
  3. i'm kinda wondering if they're getting to a point where they're pushing themselves and their aircraft a little too hard?
  4. that really sucks. they had a really nice archery range upstairs. and they had a video archery range too that was pretty enjoyable
  5. sorta....you've been to my shop....remember those oaks that lined the riteaid parking lot? one of those came down. i think trunk diameter around 18"?
  6. turned into a big nothingburger in my little corner. although....a tree fell in the riteaid parking lot
  7. i heard that they don't have their archery range upstairs anymore? true?
  8. because they want you voting with as little information as possible.
  9. sooo they're prolly gonna mimic ny...how long will it take till they get put in their place?
  10. someone trip over the power cord the last couple mornings?
  11. ok. got a vedder belt......this one. https://www.vedderholsters.com/polymer-core-leather-gun-belt/ very nice belt i really like it. sizing's off a bit though. their sizing calculator said i should order a 40. bigfoot guns said the same. so i'm sitting here wearing it now, with the 92 tucked in. it's comfortable. but.....i'm on the last hole too. by last, i mean i've brought the belt to its smallest. if i trim off any of this flab(like i'm trying to do) then it'll be too big. the other problem i may be running in to.......i might hafta wear it backwards cause i can't fit the excess under the clip on the holster, and there's no belt loops to snag it.... overall though i like it. might call em on monday to see if it's exchangeable for size.....
  12. that's something i normally look for.....made in usa that is......but i've almost given up on that due to how much isn't. the 5.11's that i used to use for work, i think were made in malasia or some little insignificant place like that......but those things took 6 days a week 10+ hours a day being worn by a skinny ass'd mechanic.
  13. anyone tried 5.11's jeans yet? i'd be willing to give em a shot, based on my experience with using their emt pants for work....those took a beating and a half, and i got a good 8 years outta them..... https://www.511tactical.com/defender-flex-straight-jean-97.html
  14. PM me about Jury Duty. I'll try to find the letter I use for you to modify for your situation.

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