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  1. pretty much that's it in a nutshell. if it weren't for my shop and my mother, i'd already be on the way south
  2. there is v irtually nothing wrong with buying a used car, especially if it's off lease, or even from enterprise or hertz...….rentals aren't like they were decades ago. that said. I've never used carvana, and will never use a service like that. even used, a car is just too big of an investment to buy without actually sitting in it, driving it, etc. I know they offer a 7 day guarantee...…..but that's still wasted time.
  3. while the points stand, i'm gonna say that convo never happened. it's one of those articles that's written to make people think it happened.
  4. based on the preparations we're seeing their state pd make...…...it doesn't look good for the law enforcement siding with those in the right, does it?
  5. most of what i want is just defensive. both with teamwork, and solo. i'd give preference to solo, 'cause most like minded people live really far away.
  6. i will freely admit i have my "tinfoil hat" moments. i'd like to find it in the camden county area. i sadly have a rough time being able to travel even just an hour for training.......
  7. I would(do) worry about ANY leo that looked on responsible firearm owners that way. and yes. I'm trying to work out the time to check out guardian training center in pa. they look to have some good stuff.
  8. almost as if there's a sort of "back door" ban on training for civilians, huh?
  9. of course it can. i'm curious whether the atf or any "authorities" are contacting the ffl's who have sold these, and "urging" them to get them back....or if anyone's going right to the end users?
  10. that's weird. I mean...really, I don't have any issues in smart cars either. they seem to have surprisingly large amount of leg room.
  11. i'm 6'2 and have zero problems in subarus
  12. sure you didn't mean GPM?
  13. i said might. i've not taken any long highway trips with it yet. i've got the v10 also. in my daily commute, i'm getting about 8'ish according to its flight computer
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