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  1. but the ones inside do not. i think it's an issue with the camera
  2. i was just gonna share this site with a friend.......guess what? it's down.
  3. and that is where the enemy gets their information.
  4. read this shit.......and count out all the non truths..... https://www.vox.com/2019/3/15/18267093/new-zealand-gun-control-laws-christchurch-mosque-shooting
  5. then there's this...... The gun store owner, David Tipple, who said the 28-year-old shooting suspect had legally purchased four guns and ammunition from his shop online, told reporters on Monday at a news conference that he would support stricter gun laws. "I and Gun City fully support [Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's] swift and decisive actions following this tragedy," Tipple said, according to Newsweek. "We'll be cooperating with police and the government to ensure that any review and changes to legislation prevent a reoccurrence." The firearms purchased by the suspect from Gun City were not the same weapons used in the deadly massacre.
  6. probably just more of trying to pit left against right.....
  7. i guess you'd be really pissed about the courier post article trying to pin nearly every worldwide mass shooting on us then. what happened that he came back different? probably he was coddled by his parents. he didn't have much clue of the world. when he went to travel europe, he probably had in his mind of meeting those born/raised in each country and seeing their history. instead, he was smacked in the back of the head with reality.
  8. thinking about it while watching the gatornationals…….one thing that can be gleaned......this guy was kind of clueless. he had zero skill. didn't know how to clear his weapon. was super slow on mag swaps. kept turning his head and not following with the rifle. he gave a ton of opportunities for someone to have dropped him. he didn't seem very situationally aware in a few places. he backed into the hallway to reload once. that reload looked to have taken 3 to 4 seconds.
  9. i'm not sure to be honest. the only thing I can think of is that one should always be prepared to attack an attacker at first given opportunity. if you can't carry a gun, carry a knife. if you can't carry a knife...….then grab Anything that's handy. or just rush the guy. it's hard for me to say though...….
  10. media player's not gonna let me do it. if you've still got access to the video, open it, and drag the cursor to the 6:59 mark. that is a split second before he turns to see escape attempt guy......
  11. i'll see if I can figure out how. the thing is......seconds before that kiler is pumping rounds into dead/stacked bodies......
  12. io just view it as.....I have a better chance of knocking him out than I do of outrunning his bullets...…..especially if I gotta get that close to him in the first place.
  13. this guy had he been attacking the shooter could have ended it. the killer turned too late if this had been an attack as the guy's already right there. had he been attacking, he'd have been moving slightly faster, and tackled the killer. instead, he hadda slow down trying to make the turn between killer and corner of walls.. this guy didn't appear to be prepared to do anything other than shoot.
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