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  1. 1LtCAP

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    I took mom over to the Stratford diner just now. we were only in there for an hour or so...….car door handles were trying to freeze already
  2. 1LtCAP

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    so far we ain't getting shit here in my little corner of nj
  3. 1LtCAP

    indoor fm antenna

    i saw those, and in fact ordered a cheap one. my point of being pissed off though is that just as recently as 10 years ago, there'd have been several stores i could just walk in to, pick one out, and buy it. right there. no need to order it from anywhere. pay cash, and have the product i want.
  4. 1LtCAP

    indoor fm antenna

    i don't have one of those adapters. i went looking through my junk stash last night after i posted this. yea...i saw best buy has them listed, as does wallyworld, and home depot. but i'd have to still order it. what happened to the days of just being able to buy this stuff? right now, i've just got a bluetooth transmitter sitting on top of the unit so it'll pick it up and playing classic rock on pandora. it feels like the days of brick n mortar stores are coming to a disturbingly fast end.
  5. 1LtCAP

    indoor fm antenna

    ok. where the hell can I just walk in to an actual store and buy one of these things? it's for a denon avr-1802. just got this receiver for cheap. but the guy didn't have an fm antenna for it. i'd really prefer to not wait a week to order 1 online. wallyworld doesn't have one in their store in Somerdale...…..didn't have time to stop by otrher stores. starting to get really fed the $#%^&^ up with not being able to walk in a store and buy stuff like this.
  6. no. he'll ignore the laws. after all, when it comes down to it he's a criminal.
  7. 1LtCAP

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    you shoulda seen the gas guy out front yesterday. constant flow of cars. dude probably pumped about 3k gallons yesterday. will more than likely be the same today
  8. 1LtCAP

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    for you guys flying out...bear in mind that the airlines worry about ice on the aircraft. also bear in mind that it's not freezing rain that causes ice on aircraft. it's regular rain and stupid cold temps.
  9. 1LtCAP


    i don't have a way to deliver for ya.....but i've got a little extra down here you can have.....it's not chopped yet though.
  10. i'm shocked that he and the criminal ag aren't all over the media today calling for a semi-auto ban.
  11. that is what's always been taught at classes i've taken
  12. it is word games in a way. and those word games will keep you from spending a long time at the greybar motel if you had to use said force. ya digit man?
  13. 1LtCAP

    Active shooting at UPS?

    it's all over farcebook. get ready for the full court press. if this guy had anything other than a flintlock, we're toast.
  14. any training i;'ve had always told us shoot to stop the threat. shoot center mass of the largest offered target......
  15. 1LtCAP

    home air filtration systems?

    aaahahaahahahahaha yes. thank you ALL!!!!! i'm a pretty lucky mofo. got good friends, stable'ish job, and good family(with one exception)

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