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  1. hunters. they don't give a dam about this stuff, 'cause it doesn't(in their minds) affect them.
  2. IF I'D have known you build em, i'd have paid you for one. the machine i'm replacing was built for me by another AH gamer.
  3. i've owned 1 dell computer ever. had crappy luck with it.
  4. it's a gtx 1060 pcie. i'll check tonight. thanks man
  5. i don't know? where/how do i find that? in a 1-1 dogfight, that would remain the same.....but once i go online, if i get into a furball(and i always do), that'll more than likely drop.........
  6. it's all illegal in nj
  7. ok. this thing's screamin' along nice. only got 60fps in offline mode on aces high though. had trouble with the throttle/stick/rudders. calibrated, then mapped the buttons, then launched. went wonky.....calibration was off. re-cal'd, but then all the buttons were mapped wrong.......
  8. we got a couple members here that might be able to help ya. <insert tinfoil hat thing here>
  9. right now, i'm still on the old machine, 'cause i just got home. drove up there again, 'cause this one's literally on its last legs......slow, cutting out, etc. anyway....i bought the lower one, 'cause it should still run aces high easily, and it's lightyears ahead of what i've got now. they kinda almost made up for the bs. tech guy sat there with me setting up the machine, helping me make an account(fucking stupid idea if ya ask me) so i could log in to windoze. seems like it's gonna be pretty hot. i liked what i saw there. hopefully i like what i see here.
  10. i was gonna check on this.....my expedition's shitting a brick and will need replacement very soon.......was gonna look at tahoes, and excursions.....more likely excursions....but this one coulda been a viable option
  11. use a different machine?
  12. just outa curiousity, how'd that judge that trump appointed there vote on this?