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  1. THEY don't seem to think she's gonna make landfall on us......
  2. i had a friend telling me that he's heard they've already got some electricity service back...and now expect it within a month......
  3. I gotta ask the stupid question here.....re: the threaded brake........are they stated to be illegal in the statutes? i'm not trying to be a wise ass. but i am possibly doing a fantastic job at being a dumb ass. \
  4. without a doubt. hell.....for that price, if it only lasts a year or two, it's a great deal. i know most pd's around my area are pretty meticilous on their maintenance. cherry hill(where my shop is) has their own facility. most of the smaller towns contract out to shops like me. i do one, and am working on getting a couple other neighboring pd's. they all report though that at min. their oil is changed every 3k miles.
  5. THAT almost sounds like too good of a deal. i'd def check that out if i were int he market......
  6. thanks man. and it looks like i register right there..........i spent all week either working or making sure my stuff's clean and ready for sunday.....and dam near forgot to register, lolol
  7. either i'm being blind.....or there's no registration link on the page in the op?
  8. don't millionaires already pay well more than their "fair share"? why has no one STILL gone after the fact that nj's permitting system is technically illegal? i thought we already WERE doing programs to remove lead from schools
  9. yea i've done a ton of those conversions. mostly on lincolns though. it's ashame really. when it's working properly, it's a fantastic system.
  10. technically speaking, every state in the union is bankrupt. hell...technically speaking, the union is bankrupt.
  11. if you're looking at civi models, stay away from ANYthing ford makes with air suspension. i think that was an option in the civi vics.......
  12. was watching last night. they got hammered. pummeled. like....holy poop who on that island pissed off the big guy up stairs? 'cause he smited them. they're guestimating about 6 months without electricity.
  13. of course the advantage is that it is rear wheel drive. he'll learn how to actually drive, unlike 90% of those that start off on front or all wheel drive vehicles.
  14. chargers have constant front end problems. tahoes....the dept i do work for, their older one is pretty good/reliable. the inner door pull handle's effed up though. i believe that's common on them. this dept has a brand new tahoe. it didn't go15k miles on its original tires or brakes. i haven't got any experience with impala police cars. it's ashame ford killed off the crown vic. probably one of the best cars they've had recently.....
  15. these good to go for slugs? says 1oz rifled, but doesn't say what they're made of. just asking, 'cause i don't wanna be "that guy" that effs up a target, lolol https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/federal-truball-shotgun-ammo--5-slugs-15fedutrbll12g234amo-15fedutrbll12g234amo/15fedutrbll12g234amo