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  1. i have not. i've been pretty good at managing to avoid working them.....same with owdies....i try my damndest to avoid working on them
  2. the person that designed those northstar engines needs to be kneecapped
  3. i've tried weasl'ing these starters out without pulling the intake. it's easier to pull the intake. it should only be a 2.5 hour job out n back in. you don't always have to replace the plenum gaskets, but it's generally a good idea. if things are looking that bad, check your steel brake lines. mostly in the rear near any junction.
  4. yea. when force was having a bad year, a couple years ago, i kept saying that the team needs to step back, look at the last change they made, and change it back. right now, i think alexis's team needs to do just that. whatever the last change they made to their program is more than likely causing this. i'm wondering what happened that the suppression system didn't put it out like normal......i think that the loss of the body was due to failure of the suppression system. judging by the hard right just before flames became visible, i wonder if there was some sort of catastrophic failure that also disabled the fire system, allowing it to get that bad? and yea.....as she was bringing the car to a slow, i kept wanting to see that top hatch open up.........
  5. miss alexis having a bad 2 weekends......thankfully she's ok. i ain't seen a funnycar burn this bad in years......
  6. anyone that didn't see this coming(the rise in numbers) hasn't been paying attention
  7. i'm not sure what they're made of....but they're physically bigger they stopped making them that long ago...up to about a year ago, i was able to get lead. since then, they've been something else.....
  8. be careful. we've been phasing out of using lead weights for over a year now. i can't buy lead wheel weights for the shop anymore.
  9. that's way too high even for the current situations. you shouldn't be paying more than .50c a round right now. and even that's kinda high. where'd ya go? did cheaper than dirt open a local store?
  10. anything hyundai or kia you want 2005 or newer......
  11. i used to bracket race my 89 gt. used to run it in the gamblers race sometimes. we ran our shop camaro in the gamblers race every week.
  12. yea. that's the incident that spawned the 1,000 foot races, rather than the full 1/4 mile(1320ft). my understanding is that it's gonna either be an auto auction site, and/or a storage facility for wrecks that the insurance companies buy.
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