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  1. many reasons besides that. as a business owner, they have the right to refuse to do business with whomever they choose. over the last year(and in 2015/2016) we were handed proof positive that leftists(biden supporters) are perfectly willing to go full retard with violence. i'd be really hesitant to deal with them in that setting too.
  2. i saw this last night. i am ok with this.
  3. regarding house purchase........i think yuo know i do work for one of the smaller local police depts. the cop that brings the vehicles in has told me of quite a few people that had bought or inherited homes in his town....then they find an old gun. he says that they'd always called the station, then brought them down and turned them over to pd.......
  4. i thought that the catch to this was that as long as it couldn't be "readily" converted back then it was considered permenant?
  5. if you've got an audible tap, then the adjustment is necessary. just checked....motor only calls for 3.5 hours. specs...... Valve Clearance Intake: 0.20-0.24 mm (0.0079-0.0094 in) Exhaust: 0.28-0.32 mm (0.0110-0.0126 in) also...this engine gets adjusted cold......
  6. the front bank may not be too overly hard, but the rear bank will be. it's something you'd probably be thenkful for having left to your mechanic. you won't be able to use your feeler gauge from your old hotrod. you'll probably also need an angled set of feelers. i've not done a v6 honda, but i needed 2 sets to do the 4bangers. yea. almost all hondas call for valve adjustment at some point, per the periodic maintenance schedule. so now all that said, what makes you think you need a valve adjustment? 'cause if i gotta be honest, although nearly every honda engine calls for it, i haven't touched the valve adjustment on a honda in 20 years.
  7. yes and i think yes. i've used the same 2 friends till one escaped nj
  8. those things took from about breakfast time to almost dinner time to hit 60........... these took a little longer. AAAAAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHA
  9. and not to hijack....but don't forget that a goodly number of those are being purchased by the enemy(or am i not allowed to call them that anymore?)
  10. ha!! hust hope he doesn't get the civic, put a giant wing on the back and a fartcan......and 47 degrees of negative camber, lol
  11. CANT AND WON'T BACK THEM ON THIS. either everyone can carry or no one can carry(of course we all know it SHOULD be everyone)_
  12. do virtually everything you can to scare him awasy from owdies. he will thank you later.
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