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  1. I've got an outback with a 4 banger......popped the timing belt on the highway. needs the heads pulled. not for sale though till that's done...relatively low'ish miles, so it's gonna go for a bit higher...…….
  2. my first landing from the right seat was at Morristown.
  3. I'M JUST glad he doesn't visit his golf course in pine hill........don't want to deal with the traffic bs that it would more than likely entail
  4. I am actually very lucky....my gsd doesn't bat an eye at fireworks or thunder
  5. dam....i don't come in here much anymore, 'cause i never see any alerts showing new stuff in here. wonder if it'd help moving this to 1st or general?
  6. now playing the victim. right outta the leftist handbook.
  7. a the shop they come in at night. at home, she stays out 24/7, as the light from my garage lights her from one side, and i bought a solar flood light which lights her from the street side.
  8. my flags are out every single day. people I never met have died for me. relatives have died for me. the least I can do is to honor them and fly the flag of the greatest country on the planet every day.
  9. hey guys. my neighbor is helping a relative of hers clean out things that she'd had for her husband. couple minor things are a walker, a shower stool, and a booster with rails for the toilet. also a wheel chair, and I think she still has it.....an electric hospital bed. she's just looking to get rid of this stuff. her only stipulation is that it goes to a vet or vets. she's not able to ship, but can meet anyone interested at my shop as it's right around the corner from her. if there's much interest, i'll get some pics posted up. pardon my putting it here rather than in the "list", but I thought it'd get more views here. i'll also probably be checking with the local American legions and vfw's….but I wanted to give you guys in here dibs if anyone can use these things.
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