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  1. the reality is that people are too comfortable in their lives. no one will do much more than protest and take it to court., sadly
  2. how'd you guys make out in your town? mine stayed the same. for all the talk of "we need to change things" from neighbors and others in my town....sure as shit seems that they're talking out their ass's.....or it's rigged.
  3. i've got a friend.....she's gay........she had no problem with the normal nics background checks. till she found out that you have to select male or female on the 4473. now she's suddenly outraged that the govt requires you to select a gender. funny how they don't care about the infringements till they're directly affected, ain't it?
  4. while i'm not familiar with this particular car, most of these have the flat-4 2.5 liter single overhead cam. great stupidly reliable little engine. there was also the option of a dual overhead cam, but it's not very common. even less common was the flat-6. I've only ever seen one of those.
  5. not sure about that, but i'll sure as hell be embracing the 80degree temps in my house when it's 20 outside.
  6. it's never enough to make up for the aggravation.
  7. I did it due to how knotty and twisted the wood I had at the time was.....and time. when I first got it, I kinda lost control of myself, and split almost 5 cords over the period of a couple weekends. weekends to me are sunday afternoons. it's still great exercise.
  8. you guys are making me feel like a lazy shit for using a power splitter.
  9. i think i made that same mistake with the 18"...'cause if i put them in sideways they're touching the walls. if i put them in front to rear they're too close o the glass. 16" works perfectly. i wish i'd have gotten a slightly bigger stove though.....but it had to fit in my fireplace..... i've gotten my maul stuck in quite a few twisted logs. and then a wedge. then another wedge. then i ended up carefully cutting around them to be able to get them out.
  10. how big's your stove? mine takes max 18", but i do better with my stuff cut to 16". it's tough to split sometimes when it's still green. sometimes gets stringy and doesn't wanna let go. do yourself a favor, and take a chainsaw into the woods, cut that stuff to length, load it, then split it at home
  11. yaknow it is relatively easy to make your own spike strip.......
  12. if your wood's relatively well seasoned......get a maul, and axe, sledge and a wedge. you'll need em all. if you wanna do it by hand. i was a stubborn sob, and tried doing that for the first season i had my stove. then i took the plunge and bought a 27 ton log splitter. best investment i made regarding my wood for heating.
  13. would hafta be lowes for me. i stop at those types of stores otw home from the shop. the depot in lawnside has gone to all self checkout. i refuse to use self checkout without getting a rather significant discount.......
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