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  1. ok. you want discussion....you're gonna hafta look for red up above.
  2. well thars yer problem. the 2a is not(supposed to be) open to interpretation. it's very simple. it's right there on paper. can't get much clearer than those words.
  3. see link https://anjrpc.site-ym.com/page/AntiGunAttcksAssemCo
  4. funny you say that. i've got a few customers from different commi-bloc countries. virtually EVERY SINGLE one of them seems to be more proud to call themselves americans than many americans i know. that said....avb is the king of the trolls here i think.
  5. and yet we lost an f117 to people with nearly no technology. just a couple cell phones and a missile. numbers wins every time. no one wants to ever see what you guys are talking about happen....but the fact is that gunsnfreedom is correct.
  6. he's wrong on a couple things. he's also a pawn. or mole
  7. A friend guest'd me in last year. i liked the people....and the showroom was nice.....didn't much care for the range itself though. i'd still go there if i wanted to shoot my rifle indoors though.
  8. isn't payoff usually significantly lower than what you currently owe?
  9. i listened to it as i surfed last night. dude was on point on pretty much everything he said. but......the left will vilify him.
  10. that sounds weird....... if there really is an exit tax.....i'd venture that selling ones home 6 months to a year before departure, then renting an apt or townhome in the meantime should be a fairly easy way 'round that.
  11. wait'll he puts an exit tax in place.
  12. i'd be interested in learning more about these too, as i fear that very soon we won't be able to shoot our fun stuff here.......