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  1. ok. you come back to nj, and open carry in your yard. you can be the test case.
  2. 'cause most police can't/don't know all the laws/statutes. most i fear are also anti-gun(for us common folk). the police we have here are the exceptions to the rule. me personally.....i do carry about my home, and out in the yard when working. but i keep it concealed. i really don't want the "extra attention" that would be garnered by the sig hanging in plain sight.
  3. e.Nothing in subsections b., c. and d. of N.J.S.2C:39-5 shall be construed to prevent a person keeping or carrying about his place of business, residence, premises or other land owned or possessed by him, any firearm, or from carrying the same, in the manner specified in subsection g. of this section, from any place of purchase to his residence or place of business, between his dwelling and his place of business, between one place of business or residence and another when moving, or between his dwelling or place of business and place where such firearms are repaired, for the purpose of repair. For the purposes of this section, a place of business shall be deemed to be a fixed location. https://law.justia.com/codes/new-jersey/2013/title-2c/section-2c-39-6/
  4. my presumption is that if they go for another awb, they'll include mags this time. and they'll try to not grandfather standard capacity mags. think about all the times lately that the perp has used low capacity mags. it's leading up to the upcoming attempt to ban them.
  5. and the 21 signifies it can fire 21 rounds in .5 of a second
  6. this could lead to an interesting question. those of you that are using a storage place for your soon to be illegal nj mags......if we end up with a national limit again.....will those business's return your mags? I don't see that they'd be able to.....
  7. seems to not do very well at stopping them.
  8. wonder when they're gonna "find" the ar15?
  9. get ready for semi-auto ban.
  10. yea..i found it out flying.
  11. tours. many of these look really interesting. and not overly expensive either . http://www.beyondbandofbrothers.com/?fbclid=IwAR3dFfCUd6NO_BTZpWDVH9q0RFjg19w4EsopJoWaXYh8Kj9ViCX7rOlT2VA
  12. and also if you're wearing a cap....make sure that the over-the-head band isn't resting on "the headache button"
  13. maybe one of those back room deals. i seem to recall hearing about one recently, but it's gone quiet
  14. long gun yes. pistol no. i could be wrong, but i don't think i am.
  15. WAIT? so you and i as private citizens can't advertise a firearm for sale here any more? even knowing we have to go through a ffl?