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  1. that was something i was thinking too. and as i'm sure you probably think too......as per usual, they go after the wrong thing again....... that said.....i've got a expired soft plate set, and a soon to expire soft plate set. i keep those, because something's better than nothing. i've got hard armor, but there's no way to wear that without drawing attention. this thing here......i ordered medium. that size fits me "80's" snug, which would totally conceal underneath of a flannel or a work shirt. on that note, i also wonder....when watching the video linked in the buffalo thread.........i didn't notice any hesitation that would've happened had he taken a hit or two...making me think he didn't take any hits. i feel that even with hard armor, at the very least, the person(especially since he wasn't expecting any resistance) there'd have been a "oh s#^% moment of hesitation.
  2. not sure if this should be here or somewhere else...but considering the times, it would seem prudent to put it here in the prepping section. i watch this channel sometimes. saw this test on premier body armor, and to be honest it looks pretty dam good. while it's not perfect(what is really, right?) it would seem to be a good way to be armored up for the most common possible rounds without drawing any attention from the nutters........ Ultimate Gray Man Body Armor Loadout For SHTF - YouTube
  3. too bad he's not here in nj fighting for us. would probably be the best thing we could hope for.....
  4. a goodly portion of my reply was sarcasm. and i suppose i should apologize for that. i do really have a safe bolted in my expedition. it's by a company called monster vault. this isn't the exact one, but it's close..... Amazon.com : Under Bed Safe, Rapid Gun Storage Safe Drawer Safe for AR Rifle Ammo Pistol Accessories for Home and Vehicle : Electronics i haven't transfered it to my excursion yet, because i'm too lazy to drop the fuel tank to facilitate bolting it in that truck(on the excursion the tank's at the very rear of the vehicle just where i'd need to access the floor to bolt it down..the expedition has a frame-rail mounted tank). i also keep my tank full, and it's a 47 gallon tank. when i figure an alternative way to fasten it into the excursion, i'll be swapping it in. the rest.......locking the ammo and whatnot...that was sarcasm, lol. found it6...this is the exact one. i like it. MonsterVault Dual Lock Under Bed Safe Proudly Made in the USA : Tools & Home Improvement (amazon.com)
  5. i have a safe bolted in the back of my truck. i put my pistols in a smaller safe, then lock that safe in the bolted safe. then i put my ammo in a locked ammo can, and use a bike lock to lock it to the spare tire inside the back of my truck.
  6. and 3 of those weren't mass shooters...they were involved in gang fights....
  7. seeing a couple prepper channels talking within 60 days......
  8. can't be. can't carry a firearm in philthy without a ltcf.
  9. ok....so a question. i'm thinking i'm gonna order a shot timer. is a cheapo from amazon gonna cut the ice? i'm gonna try shooting this course of fire to see what i can make happen.....
  10. safe act disallows detachable mags? now i wanna see a pic of the gun. i forgot that ny had the safe act......
  11. they claimed that he was a juvenile, and no charges came of the investigation, thus he wasn't in the federal database
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