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  1. jesus christ, they're not even taking tiny barely noticeable steps anymore.
  2. and the other way. some of this shit is pretty amazing. I think this guy was on Americas got talent a couple years ago.....
  3. what's this? trying to bring a little class?
  4. dude…..the last 2 nights I've been up till 1 in the morning watching his stuff. it looks like he does anything, and it also looks like he plays pretty much anything. he's got a couple covers on Michael Jackson.....and of course they're improvements over the originals.
  5. I was told that if it's used for any/all of your normal business expenses. I was told this by another business owner whos accountant told him such. he's getting me more info in the coming days. i'm also gonna be on the phone to my accountant and put her on this.
  6. I like her. she looks like she's loving every second of this. the other 2 lady drummers look like robots. highway to hell.
  7. he shocked the shit outta me. this is the fist video of his I found...... this is the shit though. keep this going. some dam good/fun music, and considering the $%^ going on around us......it's fun.
  8. ami the only one that thinks murphy is well beyond his authority in what he's doing?
  9. that you'd hear metal and disco combined?? or guns n roses with wind instruments?
  10. https://www.atncorp.com/thermal-scope-thor-lt-3-6x
  11. i like this idea. i've been getting sponsored ads on farcebook for the atn thermals.....
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