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  1. it was founin front of the berlin home of a voorhees police officer. supposedly.
  2. either no one else will follow his lead, or if they do, they'll do their damndest to silence it.
  3. do we have options if he does that? sits on it abnormally long i mean?
  4. you sure you wanna leave all that on a forum? that said.....my stolen gun made it all the way to south carolina. regarding number of bodies.........there was a documentary on years ago talking about "ghost" guns. 'cept that they were really ghost guns. they were coming through from mexico and the philipines. they'd documented how long it took them to build the gun....all by hand...how much the price went up each step of the way from the philipines to the us. then they talked about how the price went up significantly on a "clean" gun and how high the demand for them was/is.
  5. what was the end result? or is this one of those things that we all hafta wait to hear? i'm not trying to be wise.....i'm really that stupid regarding these things, lol
  6. i used to keep them written down. when i had my mortgage, and my payment on the gt, i had a cheatsheet with the passwords to those sites, and my old bank along with a few others. i still have that one. but i don't have any of my current stuff. i got complacent, like a dummy. ok....how do i tag admins?
  7. ok. so since today was going to total shiit.....so too did my computer. the one that i log in on at the shop farted puked sneezed and pooped all at once. once it came back up, firefox was still doing all of those things. i ended up having to make a new profile within firefox to get it to log onto any site. my problem......i don't have a cheatsheet with my passwords written down. i don't remember my password for here so that i can relog on that computer again. i went into my profile here to account settings, and it gives me the option to change my password....but i'm gonna hafta have my current password to do that. how the hell do i find it? it wasn't/isn't saved through firefox.....i clicked the "keep me logged in" option when i logged in, so i never have to type it. now i'm paying the price.
  8. i'll ber checking it out through an old school welding helmet.......
  9. i didn't feel it at the shop.......a friend that lives on the other side of cherry hill felt it though
  10. first sentence is the most important. it's what's being done against trump also.
  11. true standard capacity mags, or we just go back to 15?
  12. i was watching some old detective mystery movie.....and all the cops in that movie...plain clothes that is......had revolvers holstered with triggers exposed......
  13. that one's been addressed. it was signed into law in 21 as part of the infrastructure bill obiden signed Starting in a few years, all new vehicles sold in the U.S. must have the ability to passively detect when drivers are under the influence of alcohol. If they are drunk, the system has to immobilize the car. If this sounds a bit sudden, it actually isn’t. According to Automotive News, the rule was hidden in the depths of President Biden’s $1 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act from late 2021, but by next year a final rule must be issued on the new regulation.
  14. either that or these hits happen more often than we realized....and now that a boat kilt a bridge we're gonna see a whole bunch of these......
  15. yep. inastalled a paxton on your mustang? quick!! gotta sue ford for making it so easy!!
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