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  1. now yer gettin' too technical for them. you'll confuse em
  2. what you need is pictures of the crater. when i worked in blenheim, there was a pothole eating vehicle wheels. 75 yards before the shop i worked at. one lady dropped her car off to have the spare mounted, while she walked back to take a picture. she filed a claim with the picture. they were out the very next day repairing the hole. she said they reimbursed her too.
  3. depends. the repair usually runs between 140 and 200 bucks.........depending on how badly they're messed up...
  4. call me at the shop tomorrow. i'll get ya the number of the company I use. they come pick up the wheel, do what they gotta do and bring it back. I've used them for everything from Subaru wheels to audi wheels i'll pm ya my shop number
  5. he could. and he could be charged federally if/when caught too. on the other hand.....there's no law against going through your neighbors trash once it's at the curb. so no risk there.
  6. in my case, i bring them to the shop, and toss them here. normally will wait till the night before dumpster pickup.
  7. because it allows someone to form a file of sorts on what you buy or have shipped to your home........someone with ill intentions.
  8. it does. I put my cans out the night before. but.....anything paper work wise....if it has anyones name that lives here or has lived here.....it goes through the shredder. in the winter, it contributes to kindling for the wood stove. anything expensive I might've bought.....or anything firearm related......goes to the shop, and into the dumpster there.
  9. and that is why I 1) throw nothing "interesting" away at home, and 2) I shred virtually ANYthing that might also be "interesting". I've seen people do the garbage searching thing.
  10. it's not illegal to take stuff once it's at the curb. that said.......never throw ANYthing away that might give someone info on you without shredding it. and nearly anything can.
  11. i believe you were lied to about the FPID, and about bringing your rifles through a dealer. you only need the fpid to possess those rifles outside of the exemptions. i don't know that i'd have told them about the quantity of ammo.
  12. for what it's worth......bj's has(or had the other day anyway) a combo of 1 50cal and 1 30cal metal ammo cans......for 16.99 for the pair.
  13. injectors don't get gummed up from running old gas. they used to get gummed up from the heat cycle. you'd shut the car down, and there's always fuel pressure in the system. so some would sort of "cook" on the injector pintles. over time this would accumulate and cause running problems. best way to picture it is with a garden hose. you want that conical fine mist. but once they're gummed up, you get the sloppy course stream.
  14. you can tell. it gets a "stale" smell to it. its color changes a bit too.