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  1. Looking for some 5.56 ammo and figured I’d try here before buying in a store. South jersey preferred, Gloucester county to ft dix area is always nice but I can drive as well.
  2. I’m licensed. I was asking them what their plan is…..there won’t be anyone to talk to if they don’t know what they’re doing.
  3. I keep seeing the words “long range”. How far do you mean by that? You’re going to be disappointed when you find out the truth about how far they’ll reach….
  4. Those of us with ham radio licenses……..
  5. Lmfao….if there’s nobody to talk to then what are the radios for? I think you’re missing the point here. If you’ve got them programmed to a repeater and it’s down then you can’t just use that channel on your radio, it won’t work.
  6. “8 watts”……well, I’ve got bad news for you. It’s very unlikely you’ll get 8 watts…in any case range in flat jersey…you might get 15 miles if you’re lucky. Better bang for your buck? I think the Quansheng radio is a better radio but it’s a bit more difficult to program. my next question for you guys is what your plan is for them? Who are you going to talk to? What makes you think those people will be on their radio when you are? Why would they talk to you?
  7. I see you’re Gloucester county…as am I. I’m assuming you’ve tried them out to know that they work and you’ve got the 146.520 freq programmed in in vfo mode. There’s a lot of chatter in our area……after 8 pm…
  8. JohnnyB, did you buy a programming cable? If not, get one. It’ll make this so much easier. Next, I’ll encourage you to get your ham radio license. You can study for a few hours on hamexam.org and you’ll pass. It’ll cost you $35 I think but it’s worth it.
  9. ESB, you can make your own chirp file with the repeaters near you quickly and easily by copying and pasting the list that you’ll make when you put your address into RepeaterBook.com stretch your search parameters to 50+ miles, buy a better antenna, think tactical antenna, and you’ll get some range out of it.
  10. Makes me thankful that my son is a welder. Free compliance work is pretty nice.
  11. If you still have the 9mm and 223 left I’ll take it. I’m local as well, 08012.
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