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  1. They also park in the shoulder on that long a** road where you take that messed up right turn at the church. Heading toward 36 I think.
  2. Howell PD is all over squankum or however its spelled all night. Even the part that hits Farmingdale where it drops from 50 to 25 in 2 seconds
  3. I got 7 for my PX4. Two 10 rounders came with the gun. Got a free 15 rounder from Beretta and got 4 other 15 rounders because they were cheap. Still havnt tested them all yet.
  4. Roads in Lakewood are fine. We only got some rain today.
  5. The police can already ticket people on bicycles for not following the laws. They are supposed to follow a majority of the laws motor vehicles have to follow. For me personally this registration law is retarded. I ride street BMX so my bike changes parts, including the frame which has the serial number, and weight all the time. The best thing to do would to enforce the laws that are already in place instead of coming up with this bs to make money.
  6. Better learn how to walk on your hands
  7. Didn't see this posted yet but it is hilarious and sad at the same time if that is even possible. Take a look My linkhttp://www.njleg.state.nj.us/2010/Bills/A4000/3657_I1.HTM
  8. Keeps getting better and better... http://www.thelakewoodscoop.com/news/2010/10/lakewood-couple-charged-in-kidnapping-and-beating-of-brooklyn-man.html#more-28041
  9. Orthodox Jewish man. Not sure what it means exactly.
  10. People allow themselves to be victims. http://www.thelakewoodscoop.com/news/2010/10/frum-man-mugged-on-james-street.html#more-28021
  11. Shootings at night and home invasions during the day. Last month there was a string of stroller robberies! http://www.thelakewoodscoop.com/news/2010/10/breaking-news-home-invasion.html#more-27720
  12. It has actually been pretty quiet so far this month. Last month there was about 8 different shootings that I know of.
  13. Where we used to play paintball in the woods years ago there were a few. They seemed to like living in those heavy blue plastic garbage barrels.
  14. Metal studs are so 1990. Get with the times!
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