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  1. " Rogers is "on-hold" pending the NYSR&PA case that SCOTUS already granted CERT to. " Can you cite why it's on hold pending the NYC case? Haven't heard that anywhere and of course the justices never leak why they are holding something. Is that just conjecture? Concerning carry at your place of worship, this came up at our church. Since a house of worship is not a business you may be hard pressed proving it falls within the exemption so part ownership may me tricky. A better idea is to rent a desk, room or office space in the building. It could be shared space (i.e. put your name or business name on a placard on a desk in the existing office space). You need keys and alarm code for the building. Register a company name with your town so you have a legal document stating your business name and address. I believe it was $40 in my town about 20 years ago. Open up a PayPal account with said name. In the rental/lease agreement have it specify that your business has use of the whole property and all buildings. Make sure your business has the stated purpose of consulting and research including said buildings and property. Stand up a website with the information that aligns with the stated purpose. Get 500 business cards from Vista Print for $9.99. Pay a monthly rent or lease, it can be in place of your normal giving. You now have a legitimate business on the property with the hours of operation as you determine. You should have some money flow in and out. You can legitimately do house of worship security evaluations and consulting. One customer can be your place of worship. Have them pay you something for your ongoing evaluation of said business. Don't list security as your business, then you fall into a category that needs all kinds of permissions from the state. Make it legit. The statue does not state how much you need to make, just that it is your business. If you have partners, then they can all carry as well. If you ever get pinched you'll have all you need to support your legitimate business exemption. Transport unloaded from home to place of worship, load and carry while you are on the property. IMHO this is 100% legal in NJ per the statutes. Your millage may vary when and if you have a defensive situation or the "only ones" find out.
  2. This is the one that has been "Distributed for Conference" as of 5/23/2019 and that's all we know Thomas Rogers, et al., Petitioners v. Gurbir Grewal, Attorney General of New Jersey, et al. This Cheeseman filing is new to SCOTUS, not sure if he's filed before under a different petition. The bottom line is that the NYC case will be heard no date set for oral argumants, the Rogers petition made it to conference for SCOTUS to consider and Cheeseman has just been filed.
  3. Once the NJ Supreme Court is done, then there is nothing left to do in their courts. SCOTUS has no obligation to review a state case nor do they monitor them for review. The plaintiff or defendants have to file with SCOTUS. Regardless of whether this went to NJ courts or not, anyone can go straight to the federal courts so long as you pay the fee and file your complaint. What I found interesting is that they did not file with the lowest federal court, the district court. You have to make your case with SCOTUS why you are forgoing that and they may throw it back to the district or accept.
  4. https://www.ammoland.com/2019/06/challenge-to-njs-may-issue-handgun-rule-filled-with-supreme-court/#axzz5sMyFNxD2 Another filing apparently straight to SCOTUS. Looks like they skipped right over Federal district and appeals courts. This dropped last week and was reported on 6/30 by Ammoland.
  5. May 07 2019 DISTRIBUTED for Conference of 5/23/2019. https://www.supremecourt.gov/search.aspx?filename=/docket/docketfiles/html/public/18-824.html So now we have an actual date for conference, that's a Thursday so the following Friday or Monday for a yes/no. I'm confident that either NYC and/or our NJ case will make a substantial difference. We should have a solid 4 to vote it out of conference to be heard. Don't need a majority as has been stated prior. Good news.
  6. There may not be a need to re-write anything. If SCOTUS says NJ cannot ask for a need and/or self defense is a justifiable need, then you march into your PD and submit a letter of need with "self defense" as the reason and reference USA No. 18-824
  7. Since this is not a legislature move (bill to law) it could be retracted as soon as SCOTUS dismisses
  8. This begs the question, can you go to your friend's home in PA and build a 1911 then drive back to NJ with your property? I've always maintained that NJ firearm laws do not apply while you are in PA and as far as I know there are no laws in PA prohibiting you from building a gun, resident or not. That card we all have is for long gun purchase (older ones like mine say long gun carry as well) and the PPP is for buying a handgun. Neither of these is for possession of a firearms so if it's yours, you should be able to transport it from a place you can legally posses it to home in NJ.
  9. Well IL went as far as court of appeals and they got 180 days to craft a system. DC lost also at appeals and DC was pretty quick, then re-interpreted the ruling and it took a few years and another judge if I recall. My guess is NJ will do what they did with stun guns, they issued a one pager to all PD's noting the change. When I emailed my local chief he was aware of the letter and was vague on it's practical application. Couldn't nail the guy down. I went as far as providing a scenario. What if I had on my person a concealed stun gun, for all lawful purposes and an officer was knowledgeable of this, would I be arrested? He couldn't or wouldn't answer. I understand that they can't give legal advise but come on. The first application after a win at SCOTUS will have to go before a superior judge for issuance, that's the law currently. He/she would have to accept self defense, if SCOTUS spells that out in the opinion, and then accept that as a justifiable need. No need to craft a new law. The legislature can pile on new laws that make it more expensive, more time consuming, more qualifying and begin to spell out where you can carry.
  10. NJ AG has never had to argue before SCOTUS on 2A before. They had stacked courts before and didn't even send the A team. Anyone remember the valley girl that argued for the state the last time. They can't roll out the usual tropes and wink wink at the judge. There is a very good chance that this will be heard and they are without a viable constitutional plan.
  11. What about the full auto Thompson BB rifles on the boardwalk, you know, shoot out the red star?
  12. I have a buddy who pulled a travel trailer into Canada in the 80's or 90's. At the boarder he declared the shotgun which at the time was OK without paperwork I recall (may be wrong). The boarder official was most interested in handguns. I'd take the sage advice of shipping to yourself from lower 48 to yourself at an AK address. The ammo you can buy at the first store you find or ship it separately.
  13. It's death by 1000 cuts. Look at CA, they are constantly introducing firearm bills. There is no end in sight because the end game has always been to legislate the 2A out of existence. In dark rooms any of these guys would admit their preference, no gun ownership by private citizens. Everything they do is reasonable and for the children, same tropes, same playbook, different day.
  14. means all the justices will review the case, it goes before every sitting judge in the 9th circuit court of appeals
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