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  1. Just my opinion, but I think the part that really matters is the box(body). If you can't get more than 15 rnds into it with all the other parts installed then it is a legal good to go "reduced capacity magazine"
  2. No offense intended Vlad, I'm just tired of all the bs in this state. I personally don't care what NJ calls it, all that matters is that the mag doesn't hold more than 15 rnds in this state. Just because a mag does hold more than our mandated limit, does not make it high capacity just because they call it such, its politicized propaganda that the average gun owner in NJ has been brainwashed to believe. In the rest of the free parts of America a 20 or 30 round mag is what comes "standard" as the system was intended.
  3. ^^^^^^this, and let's stop calling them large capacity. We are unfortunately limited to reduced capacity.
  4. Something is definately up with the mag spring or follower, as you load more rounds it seems that the follower must be tilting. I wonder if the spring was modified ? IIRC Midwest PX does not modify the spring,his blocking mechanism allows the spring to function just as it was designed. You could unpin the mags and check to see what's going on in there,maybe they just installed the spring backwards. Either way what a pain in the ass. If you can post us a pic of just the mags with 1 round loaded and fully loaded,paying attention to how the round seats up against the feed lips.
  5. Try it with just 1 or 2 or 3 rounds loaded in the mag.
  6. Here is some food for thought, at that particular point in time that is shown in the picture what part of the bolt is actually contacting the base of the cartridge ? At what point in time would the base of the cartridge be in a position to be seated against the bolt face? I don't think the base of the round is seated against the bolt face until the moment the round stops moving forward in the chamber,my 2 cents
  7. Teky0101, please post the results of your buffer swap. It would also be helpful for all of us if you could give us a description of the cycling issues you were having, and why you believe this was the best fix. This should help us all if we ever experience any of the same issues. Plus there are a lot of qualified people here that could give you some additional insight into the issues you hopefully were experiencing.
  8. Tbill, the op is swapping out his " stock" buffer, which I will assume is an "H" buffer, to a "H2" buffer. I don't think he is planning on changing either his receiver ext or stock. To the op, I have heard some people rave about the powder filled buffers and I have heard others blast them as complete gimmick and waste of money. My opinion is that unless you have some form of cycling issue I would just leave it alone. Most people seem to run the heaviest buffer and or spring that will still allow their weapon to cycle reliably with the use of their preferred ammo. Running the heavier buffer is fine for your rifle, the only thing it could do is change how the weapon cycles.
  9. Correct me if I am wrong Tony, but if your dot is covering 8" at 100 yards wouldn't you have a 8 moa dot?
  10. The test targets in that thread show some pretty precise shooting to me. The main point being that there are QD mounts that hold zero, maybe some better than others but the option is there.
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