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  1. Admittedly I’ve not followed or researched in depth what the whole “2A sanctuary” thing actually involves aside from seeing states/NJ Counties “signing on” .......but what does it ACTUALLY mean? Do people actually believe a pandering politician/county reps Facebook post means NJ people can now have standard capacity mags... or constitutional carry and not be buried under the jail? Lol
  2. That’s an interesting thought, here’s an idea maybe we should fight fire with fire ......let’s open Democrat/Iran/ collusion ....treason or whatever investigations and tie up all the Democratic candidates and politicians with subpoenas and such like they did and maybe if they’re tied up with that we can get some campaign promises and other things done .....lmao
  3. For those not in NJ that might be interested the company that’s making the Glock 43x/48 15 round flush and +5 extensions have opened up preorders and say they will be shipping in October in order received. https://shieldarms.com/magazines?mc_cid=ae39a66aa1&mc_eid=5491719ff1 https://shieldarms.com/glock-43x-48-15-round-mag
  4. It’s not about “helping” people or “saving lives” ..if that were the case it would be “common sense” legal system reform....and stop dropping gun charges and turning violent criminals back on the street to continue their bs.... it’s about and has always been about disarming the populous...specifically the law abiding they just do it this way under the color of ”saving lives” to get the bored stay at home moms aka moms demand attention err action and the sjw on board with the “cause of the day”
  5. The republicans are all sitting on their hands with their mouths shut....they see the writing on the wall and are biding their time not making waves or standing up as they should until the next election so they can go back to business as usual ... sucking Democrat a$$ and being the rinos they are ...ensuring they will continue their career politician lifestyle
  6. Yes and what’s worse is these are the “good times” .......it’s going to be akin to Kristallnacht after the next election. *For those not familiar with the reference, edited to today’s situation: Hitler (next president) signed a new gun control law in 1938 (2020), which benefitted Nazi (Democratic) party members and entities, but denied firearm ownership to enemies of the state. Later that year, in Kristallnacht (the Night of the Broken Glass), in one fell swoop, the Nazi (Democratic) regime disarmed Germany’s (United States) Jews (Conservatives). Without any ability to defend themselves, the Jewish (Conservative) population could easily be sent to concentration (re-education) camps for the Final Solution.
  7. Busy finalizing the national reciprocity, and the abolition of the nfa
  8. The sad/ugly truth is people as a whole are lazy and wont, they will grumble about it but continue to shop there because it’s close/easy/cheap.....same as the “shall not infringe”/ “molon labe” chest pounders, cars stickered all up, 70%of their wardrobe is T-shirt’s with those phrases, online in one post pontificating how no more, not one more inch, etc etc .... then the next day talking how cool a single shot ar 15 is, accepting and ready to buy one to comply and kiss the kings ring hoping for a radical change in the laws/social climate is coming The farther it’s allowed to go the less chance there is to right the ship .......unfortunately I believe it’s been allowed to go to far in the wrong direction already, they have built up too much steam through successes to be able to stop or turn it around now.....all the incrementalism that’s been taking place for years has allowed them to set things up for the future .....and that future is painfully close
  9. Nope ....hard working, law abiding citizens do not fall under those protections only those here illegally and/or those involved in questionable activities enjoy due process and breaks/charges reduced or dropped all together (especially when they are repeat offenders and truly guilty)
  10. Agreed..but the last year or so it seems like it’s on fast forward
  11. Interesting until its your only option...until that’s no longer good enough and it has to be made break action single shot..... then that’s not good enough........the downward spiral begins
  12. Agreed ....but it will solve the problem they are looking to solve....meaning..are they worried about ms13/insert any of the other 100 major gangs/criminal orgs? Rhetorical question..clearly the answer is no as it’s catch and release, that’s when they aren’t actually directly providing them guns/support...are they worried about cleaning up the cesspool cities/states of the criminals that have consumed them? Again no........when the police actually do arrest one...he’s run through the broken system and the gun charges/attempted murder charges drop to lesser crimes and back on the streets in no time and continuing where they left off the ones wanting to ban and confiscate aren’t worried about those “citizens” as it’s their voter base/constituents, they’re worried about the truly scary law abiding patriotic Americans , especially those who took at least one oath and it was more than words to mumble through. That at some point people are going to say enough is enough ...again that won’t be the ones in Newark/Trenton/Baltimore ....well unless the ebt system goes down ...and then it’ll just be looting etc still nothing the loony lefties are concerned with
  13. The glaring weekly and increasing in frequency events, sometimes a couple in the same week using the specific items they want to ban can hardly seem like anything but an well orchestrated plan to make it appear the only option is a total ban to stop this from continuing. Logic and facts be damned! Like the one shooter that was a multiple firearm related felony offender actually paroled super early on a murder charge prior and since then continuously doin the same stuff and the weapons charges dropped. Instead of life being life....it’s 5-6 years and getting out to continue the same crap. The fact focus is not on the broken legal/ criminal justice/ mental health system.....it’s “ we need to stop the shootings- take guns” .....I fear soon “ conservative” (and barely at that) judges will roll over with all the pressure as it increases
  14. Funny that this is the first mention of an ar being used as opposed to it every third word being ar-15, assault weapon, or weapon of war in the “live coverage” and breaking reports all over the web .......I’m going with Taurus/high point, or other street bought gun and they’re running the story back and changing it as they love to do when it’s not how they want.
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