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  1. Lol welcome to the new Ahmerika...wait and see how they ignore procedure and do what they want....And people lineup to follow the orders
  2. I’m sure they will be kind enough to give anyone with one a “grace period” 30-45 days to turn in prior to the start of criminal charges? Lol edit: or the highly coveted “buyback” of something they never sold $100 gift card to Walmart or something for your legally purchased $2000 property..... kinda akin to eminent domain your “free” and have rights and ownership until we decide differently
  3. Sure buy an item at a licensed dealer for an inflated price due to the “unprecedented times” (bullshit excuse to price gouge) ... then the brown shirts say surrender your legally purchased property or your going to be arrested.... f$&@ them ... sell it out of state through an ffl have the transfer paper where the ffl took possession and tell them to eat a 55gal bag of di@$&!
  4. Today’s purchase was 13 seconds after the ffl hit submit on the timer on the site for me to get the proceed.... was 10 seconds last week I feel your guys pain
  5. Lmao.... join and immediately ask such a question with the first post...lol maybe the second will be “ anyone know where I can buy a ghost gun, an assault rifle with the thingy that goes up without a background check with “high capacity clipz” “
  6. After a quick google search for his background....pretty clear from a few bios....seems like he’s a hustler chasing the money/ personal gain/notoriety..... bios say he “was a knife guy” , but “became a gun guy because there was more money in it”....teaches “combat focus” but has never been in combat....was le...joins national guard for more money /govt perks without the risk......seems to me would be like taking diving lessons from a guy that sat on the side of the dive pool watching divers....with his feet in the pool but never made it to the board lol .... pro gun when that was the direction of the wind...now that the wind has changed...he’s switching ideology to keep his opportunities open.... if guns are “banned”....how big will his zen mumbo jumbo classes be? Get on board with the other side now so he’ll have a spot in their machine?
  7. pjd832

    NICs Question

    It depends on the ffl I believe,....some I’ve encountered like to make up their own rules .I travel a lot and stop at every shop in my path as time permits and I’ve heard some crazy Antiguan/anti2A rhetoric and outright incorrect interpretation of laws/guidelines from employees behind gun store counters .....more than a handful in nj.....but I ’ve done essentially the same only difference has been it was on the same visit...went in for a particular item....filled out 4473 person behind counter handed it off to someone to go call in.....and while waiting I browsed to kill time and found something else I wanted.. ask if I could add this to it or had to fill out another 4473 ...they said no problem and added it after the initial check was done. That was in nj..so it was both long guns...back when you could still shop,, and take possession in one trip in nj. Since escaping nj I and friends have done it across classifications add handgun to an initial long gun 4473 and vice versa. And it’s been at both mom and pop shops and big box corporate stores. I’d call the shop and ask
  8. Lol i remember a while back someone sent me some a cringe worthy clips we used to laugh about ..I can’t find them now......so po dunk police chief to cowardly contractor to Mickey mouse at the Disney land for the young adults/midlife crisis guys that chose not to sign on the line but want to play operator.... not to mention his whole tough guy video persona.... comes off like little man syndrome to me lol so to underdogs point sure there may be some accidental useful info to gain from him (even a broken clock....) but it’s so obscured buy size 17 triple E clown shoes show he puts on who wants to wade through the sea of sh*$ for a table spoon of chocolate pudding that may be in the middle lol
  9. Yeager epitomizes cowardice/ clown shoes, while he may be internet mall ninjas YouTube god ......his actual “service” tells a different story here’s a screen shot for a Yeager google search....
  10. I recently came across a Troy other in 308 in a small shop for pre “unprecedented times”/apocalypse gouging pricing and picked it up... decent quality upper and lower are surprisingly tight with no wiggle, came with Troy sights...not a fan they have as much wiigglel as most budget cobbled together ar upper/ lower builds lol
  11. Picked this up a while back never got around to shooting it, and decided to go a different route..... it’s brand new unfired outside of whatever ruger did at the factory. Comes with all papers manuals warranty cards lock etc that were included. It is the true 10 round compliant model and comes with 2 true 10 round magazines as opposed to modified magazines. Obviously the transfer will need to go through an ffl... I am willing to meet at your ffl to complete the sale. I’m not looking for any trades, or off the wall payment methods...or lay away plans....cash only. $800 cast to me ..buyer pays all transfer/nics/applicable taxes to transferring ffl first I’ll take it wins
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