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  1. Thank you again sir! pleasure meeting you positive feedback left
  2. Perhaps he has family/ friends here, wants to purchase from a private nj party and do a third party transfer….as an aside he’d need one to purchase Ammo if he came back for a weekend range trip and ran dry on Ammo and wanted to voluntarily have his purchased logged into “ the book” for later scrutiny by authorities lol
  3. The bigger question (rhetorical) is why can’t a non nj resident with his home state drivers license purchase a long gun in nj….. like other states…. Without having to go suck njsp balls begging permission jumping through hoops and waiting months for the nonsense card not required in their state. Only people truly impacted is the nj business that lost the revenue.
  4. “How can nj?” …..how can they do all the bs they do? They do it and you take it….example you guys get excited and feel blessed when it only takes 3 days for your 4473 to go through….45+ other states it’s seconds to get the proceed….. Perhaps you should read through the determination letters… by both the njsp firearms unit and atf…. Both reference sb tactical brace…. and say similarly “ the determination was based on the submitted models in their present configurations, if the design or dimensions change it may change the classification of the firearm” ….. taking off the brace is part of the design…. Go ahead and do it… then call the atf and ask them to make a house all to verify your recent modification is legal… let us know how that works out for you…. That is when you get computer time in the pen lmao you just like to argue on dead end invalid points
  5. Ok I’ll walk down that street With you… if the other/brace ban comes to fruition … what is the barrel length of an other? 10.5” - 12.5” …. Take off the brace and do what.. put on a stock? You have just build an unstamped sbr …not even an option in nj …… so take off the brace and vfg leave the buffer tube bare…you have an ar pistol not legal in nj have any other ar or stocks in your house/garage/property… constructive intent to build an sbr… take off the brace leave the vfg nj would call that an “illegal assault pistol”…not sure in other states …but would no doubt be found illegal as it would be considered an ar pistol with a vfg… Best hope would seem to me to be 16”barrel and stock swap making it a rifle for the poor souls trapped in nj that own a Troy “other” if it’s a built one…disassemble, get rid of the short barrel or pin one of those goofy long muzzle devices on and no one knows anything more than parts for future rifle builds
  6. They are excited at the thought of all the “others” gonna get turned in at the ban..they’ll be 2 for every cop in nj
  7. Take the brace off a bought or built other in nj or any state with barrel or barrel/pinned or welded muzzle device less than 16” without a stamp.. you just built a felony at least one lol
  8. I’ll offer an educated guess, first local shops don’t want to get “stuck” with inventory they’ll have to deal with if/when a ban occurs…they can sell or transfer out of state.. but probably yours doesn’t want to deal with that. as for currently privately owned “others” in nj…..best hope for those owners is some grandfather clause, but that’s typically not the case….like the 15 to 10 ..unless you’re leo…turn in sell out of state or modify…..there’s a thought… maybe they will allow owners to modify to a nj legal configuration?
  9. Edit: No longer interested in the 320 mag I need a full-size thanks anyway
  10. Lol welcome to the new Ahmerika...wait and see how they ignore procedure and do what they want....And people lineup to follow the orders
  11. I’m sure they will be kind enough to give anyone with one a “grace period” 30-45 days to turn in prior to the start of criminal charges? Lol edit: or the highly coveted “buyback” of something they never sold $100 gift card to Walmart or something for your legally purchased $2000 property..... kinda akin to eminent domain your “free” and have rights and ownership until we decide differently
  12. Sure buy an item at a licensed dealer for an inflated price due to the “unprecedented times” (bullshit excuse to price gouge) ... then the brown shirts say surrender your legally purchased property or your going to be arrested.... f$&@ them ... sell it out of state through an ffl have the transfer paper where the ffl took possession and tell them to eat a 55gal bag of [email protected]$&!
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