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  1. Yes I use my SSN as well.... figure “they” have it anyway lol
  2. I definitely don’t miss all that crap....I bought a rifle last Thursday at the Cabelas in Delaware ....and once everything was filled out by me and them and they hit submit their system starts a timer.....and when the response is received it shows the elapsed time for the research and send the “proceed”... I’m usually in the low 20 seconds....last Thursday it was 12seconds....
  3. I use cabelas corncob...and add some of their cabelas branded “metallic cartridge polish” added in my brass shines like a brand new door knob ....I toss spent brass in the tumbler for 15 mins or so lube...resize/deprime ...then in tumbler for 30-45 mins and then into storage ready to be loaded whenever.
  4. Yes I use the RED bottle of iso heet ITS 98.5% isopropyl here’s a spec sheet on it https://www.imperialsupplies.com/sds-pdf/_s/ds/0055120_SDS.pdf
  5. during the '94 AWB they all came with 10's (or less based on design)
  6. yes it is a gen2....gen1 glock 19's are platinum hens teeth ....very limited modified 17 frames to fit the 19 slide and magazine then they went to the gen2 with actual manufactured 19 frames with the "grenade" textured front/rear straps
  7. Not sure if something like this is what your looking for.... but it’s very close fitting/low viz http://www.highthreatconcealment.com/htc-low-profile-system/ here’s a video with a pretty detailed dialog on the system.... not qualifying the person in the video... just a good showing of the system
  8. Well I posted first for all small pistol primers and sent a pm.... and then others come after me and they get them so..... I guess standard “first I’ll take it” doesn’t apply here
  9. Pm sent I’ll take all small pistol primers magnum and standard
  10. So I have to wonder with those criteria what “fits the bill” in your opinion? .....a .22 revolver?
  11. You don’t actually believe “they” were trying to stop the riots do you?
  12. Does it look like “epoxy” or other substance filling an Allen cap screw? If so that could be possibly be scraped/cleaned out with a combination of tools...picks, exacto/utility knife etc screw removed placed where you want and then redrilled/fastened/epoxied
  13. Typically those stocks are “permanently modified” in one of 2 ways....... blind pinning or taking out the adjusting pin and tapping and running an Allen cap screw up into bottom indexing holes in the bottom of the buffer tube.... so I’d look along this flat area on both sides where I marked it red .... you may see a 1/8”ish roll pin only visible from one side ... secondly look up from the bottom in the whole I drew an arrow to and see if you see a spring and a cross pin or an alien cap screw.... does the lever that you would use to release and adjust the stock move freely or is it locked tight? What part of jersey are you in?
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