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  1. My buddy joined yesterday said all he got was a thank you for the money and a link to send more money… nothing saying he was a member by. XX/XX/XX
  2. Would it really be considered a “renewal”? From my understanding it’s a complete process the same as an initial. Again as I understand it other states renewals are streamlined not requiring the full process usually just the information sheet new pics and a reduced fee. In New Jersey the “renewal” fee is a 400% increase
  3. Should just be click store at the top…then orders from the drop down and select the level and pay
  4. I’m not sure that is correct in Nj, what you outlined hold true in states where the signs “do not carry the weight of law” …. However I believe that nj is the opposite in that it could be a chargeable offense by simply missing the sign and entering a posted location. Perhaps those more versed can weigh in
  5. So if I’m tracking…. those with the permit are required to carry the paper permit (larger than card slots requiring a special holder) their original multi page court order (8.5”X11” paper), and any additional court documents rescind letters etc.. Jesus h Christ you guys need a binder and backpack for your documents or for the more tactically minded lol
  6. Did it even matter at that point? It was allowed to enter our airspace… float across numerous sensitive places capturing and possibly/likely transmitting information back throughout the journey ……only after it’s completed it job do they do something….to say they “did something”….. maybe hunter brokered another deal between China and the “big guy” filling the family pockets once again….bigger issue ..tells the world do whatever you want and we’ll sit on our hands
  7. My buddy sent me his order ….he said his permit has no boxes check on the back and no pistols listed on it either…so no “see court order”. But he was given one by the judge after the hearing …..it starts off saying the applicant applied for a permit to carry a Glock model/serial number…. But then never says only that pistol it says multiple times throughout the document “may carry A pistol consistent with this order” ….. and in the order calls out 2c:58-4a…. Which is 2C:58-4a. Scope and duration of authority. Any person who holds a valid permit to carry a handgun issued pursuant to this section shall be authorized to carry a handgun in all parts of this State, except as prohibited by subsection e. of N.J.S.2C:39-5. One permit shall be sufficient for all handguns owned by the holder thereof, but the permit shall apply only to a handgun carried by the actual and legal holder of the permit. He tried calling the court to clarify as it seems to contradict itself to a degree he asked if they would consider a request to vacate/recind/ rewrite the order …in light of the developments after the issuance on 12/14/22…. He was told no and said he would need to he would need to send in qualification paperwork for a revised order “listing” additional pistols than the one mentioned in line 1 to me that order DOES NOT say he can only carry that specific pistol and it does not say he has to carry the order … I read it as just the permit when carrying “any pistol consistent with this order” thats any pistol he owns based on the court order mentioning 2c 58-4a……. What’s the consensus? the sections in bold italic underline was me for attention to those sections not that way in the order THIS MATTER having been brought before the Court by the applicant, John Q. Public , pro se, for a permit to carry a 9mm Glock G45 handgun Serial No. Xxxx pursuant to N.J.S.A. 2C:58-4 and the Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police having performed their investigation consistent with N.J.S.A. 2C:58-4(c) and having determined that (1) the applicant is not subject to any of the disabilities set forth in N.J.S.A. 2C:58-3(c), and (2) the applicant is thoroughly familiar with the safe handling and use of handguns, and having approved the application and referred the applicant to this court for review and issuance ofthe permit to carry; and This court having considered the application and said approval, and finding consistent with N.J.S.A. 2C:58-4(d) that: (1)the applicant is aperson of good characteras the applicant is not subject toany disabilities set forth in N.J.S.A. 2C:58-3(c) as evidenced by the investigative findings and approval of the Superintendent of the NewJersey State Police; (2) the applicant is thoroughly familiar with the safe handling and use of a handgun as evidenced by the investigative findings and approval of the Superintendent of theNew Jersey State Police and the proofs submitted with the application to this Court; and (3) the applicant has paid the necessary fees as established by statute oradministrative code; IT IS therefore on this 14*day of December 2022, ORDERED as follows: (A) The application for a permit to carry a handgun is hereby GRANTED. (B) The permit ot carry a handgun si unrestricted except as set forth ni N.J.S.A. 2C:58- 4(a) with specific reference to N.J.S.A. 2C:39-5(e). (C) It shall be the permit holder'saffirmative obligation to confirm, before carrying a handgun consistent with this Order and the permit granted hereunder, whether any federal, state or local government agency restrictsthe carrying of ahandgun ni any agency facility or building or property. (D) The permit holder shall have in their possession the original carry permit at all times when also in possession of a handgun consistent with this Order; and (E) The Superintendent of the New Jersey StatePolice shall issue the permit to carry consistent with this Order and the agency's own policies and procedures. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that this Order and the permit to carry shall expire on December 14, 2024, two years from the date of this Order. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that, consistent with N.J.S.A. 2C:58-4(f), the carry permit shall be considered voidat the time the holder thereof becomes subject to any ofthe disabilities set forth in N.J.S.A. 2C:58-3(c), and the permit shall be immediately surrendered to the Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police. HONORABLE LINDA L. LAWHUN, J.S.C.
  8. What years were they only shooting to 100 meters? Since the 50’s it was 5.00- 300 meters for riifle ….As a Marine we busted army guys balls for only having to shoot to 300 meters…..”expert or right below that” ??…… not sure what badge you earned? I’ll help you out for next time you spin the tale….marksman, sharpshooter, expert.
  9. Talk about nonsense….he just got back for the weekend and swung over to pick up the permit… and it is in fact dated the day he had his court hearing….5 weeks ago asked the trooper that was giving it to him what took so long … he said “wasn’t us…. we were waiting for it to come back from Trenton” …. He said the ink pen signature was the judge he went before…who told him the police department would be calling him the next week…. Why would the judge not just issue that day? Since she clearly had it the day of court…. And if all the investigations are performed prior to go to the court/judge…why would it need to go to Trenton again not just back to the local barracks?
  10. He said on his court order it says .. permit is granted for 2 years starting on 12/14/22 and expiring onn12/14/24…. So I guess he’s figuring the permit would match the court order …
  11. Here’s a copy and paste of my buddy who applied to Woodstown state police and is still waiting after his court hearing and getting im his court order with start and expiration dates of permit on it from the day of the hearing… 5 weeks and still haven’t gotten it … court said the pd should be calling him in a couple days after the hearing to pick up ….not so much lol …his email journal below 7/30/22-Took cc qualifier at quinton sportsmans club with njsp william (wade) hillman then stopped and picked up application package after from Woodstown state police barracks (Salem co) from trooper Catalbiana (sp?) who said he was one of the troopers processing the apps then set about getting it all filled out per the instruction sheets included and went over with the trooper at the pickup 8/9/22- got fingerprinted at identigo in willow grove pa as there were no available appointments for a month anywhere in nj I could find. 8/15/22- dropped off completed package to the same Woodstown state police barracks to trooper catalbiano (sp?) who went over all pages/documents and made sure everything was in order, he said everything was fine and that I would with be contacted to pick up my permit or it would be mailed directly to my home in Delaware they weren’t sure how it was going to be by they time they got to that step the process might have changed a few times. I paid with a usps postal money order which as of the typing of this email has still not been cashed 11/12/22- received letter from salem county for superior court hearing scheduled 12/14/22 12/14/22- had my hearing received the court order dated with approval and expiration date on the letter of 12/14/22 and 12/14/24 respectively and was told the court would sent it back to the PD for them to issue to me. 12/27/28/22- having not heard anything I sent an email to them asking if they had any update on the timeframe before I’m called as now I’m losing time on the approved permit period. 12/28/22- received response back from them that thay have not received it back from the court yet. I sent a follow up email and questioned how that could be since it’s 10 miles away in the same state. 12/29/22- response from PD says that in fact “it has to go to Trenton to finalize then back to the station for issuance” which is different than they said the last time 11/11/23- I sent another email asking for an update as it’s been a couple days shy of a month as well as it’s cutting into my already short (2yr) permit period and I still don’t have it yet. I have not received a response as of this update So as of 1/18/23 I’m sitting at 157 days since application and 5 weeks into my “2 yr permit” period based on the court order I have and still cannot carry because they are holding my actual permit hostage or something as the clock is ticking on my permit as I’ve already lost 1/24th of a “privilege” (as they see it) that I have paid for and jumped through all their unconstitutional hoops and still cannot excercise my rights….. which seems to me to constitute theft
  12. In person or via phone? Not that the latter is ok…just would be an even more blatant “we are going to make up whatever bs requirement to try and keep you from exercising your right..and there’s noting you can do..now kneel and kiss the ring”
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