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  1. pjd832

    Scored. P365

    mine is the "updated" version that came with the "r-ray" sights...i have some primer drag but nothing anywhere near the photos posted....i had stopped by a friends shop just to catch up after having been gone a while for work with no intentions of buying anything.... while standing there he asked if i had seen these yet and put it in my hand...i handled it a bit and bought one on the spot. then later that night i googled sig 365 for the hell of it, and saw all the videos of impending doom, but like anything else that gets carried its thoroughly proven prior to any use outside the range. i put 525 round through it without a hiccup, noticed some drag on the primers..but nothing extreme...its upwards of 2k rounds now and still 0 issues. at this point I'm more than comfortable with it not being an issue for me or this particular pistol
  2. pjd832

    Scored. P365

    I own several cz s .....and they’re good for what they are .....but unless I’m missing something cz doesn’t offer anything in the 365 category ..slightly less footprint than a 43 and 10 rounds/12 but slightly longer? If you’re talking p10s..way bigger than a 365
  3. I misunderstood sorry....all of it is ridiculous and a huge infringement, ...the discussion of how fair and professional departments are because it only take 2 months for them to “allow” one to exercise their right is crazy ....just proves the incremental technique is working...they keep taking and in a week everyone is ok with and justifying the bs.....speaking in broad generalities not directing at anyone in particular
  4. That’s odd.... so Trenton feels local barracks aren’t “capable/trusted” to type them up...but townies are? Just a rhetorical question
  5. You mentioned the delay in you case was “permits typed in Trenton” unless something drastically changed...the issuing agency typed them out when I lived there ....I was present most times as they typed them in front of me. 8-9 months is criminal
  6. I read the article including the charges, I did not say/suggest he was a middle aged, milk toast, software engineer, minivan driving soccer dad. Just that simply, instantly condemning him based on appearance and “charges” listed by an anti gun rag in an anti gun state might be wrong. And that there may be other possibilities, and that he may have been mischarged/overcharged in regards to the possession, that town is small and not urban and stuff like that is not a normal event. They’re mainly domestic/dui/speed trap/heroin& related crimes town, so having had personal experience professionally with the chief and a few Sgts and Lts it’s not inconceivable to me that there may be some incorrect charges. I have no dog in the fight and could care less really, other than amazed at the automatic reaction by most on here. Original report listing count of spent casings and rounds left in mag made it seem like it was a 15/30 mag, which is what I originally commented about. But everyone kept talking about his looks and discharging at fleeing persons/vehicle. I was not, now the article no longer lists the counts so they must have edited it to match the “assault clipozine” charge.... or they tested and VERIFIED/confirmed it was a 30 with 15 rounds in it, not a 15/30 that he owned prior to the reduction that he may not have know about. I know even if that was the case it’s no excuse to break the law, or justifies leniency based on the additional bad decisions.
  7. Or could it be possible they are calling running outside sending rounds errantly at a car driving down the road “unlawful possession”?.......much like possession of a legally purchased/owned handgun outside exempted locations would result in the same charge?
  8. And all his amenities for the 3-6 months he serves, cable tv, food, supplies etc
  9. Correct, if he’s a scumbag and all the charges are valid he will be out in 6 months or less, if it’s clown po-dunk police incorrectly charging(aside from the discharging outside/at a fleeing vehicle/persons)he will do 5 yrs min lol
  10. I never mentioned race ......I was referring to full sleeves, beards, etc .... ones that don’t look like upstanding citizens. I never said he was an upstanding guy or in the right for his actions...... simply HE MAY NOT HAVE KNOWN ABOUT THE NEW MAG LAW.....not that he should be let of on anything that he is guilty of. And if you spend enough time in gun shops in some areas outside of nj where you don’t have all the fpid/permit bs that discourages a lot of people from even bothering .....you will see people that look like him or worse, that based solely on appearance I’ve thought to myself there’s no way that person isn’t prohibited, yet they fill out the 4473 pass and walk out the door with their new purchase.
  11. Where in that article did it say he did t lawfully own the rifle?.....it’s funny how judgemental you guys are and bury someone from an article and a picture....shooting at fleeing vehicle ...absolute stupidity! But from a picture he’s a gangbanger/illegal weapon possession/cartel drug dealer.....lol I work with guys that look “scary” but hold ts/sci clearances, cant always judge books by the covers...
  12. I understand and stated that previously......simply pointing out theres one that probably had no clue about the mag reduction.
  13. It could have been a buglary, home invasion, etc but in the article was listed as “dispute” clearly looks like he was roughed up. Now even IF any of that were the case in NJ we all know he was wrong in his actions. However the point is he may be a victim of the Murphy mag law through their quietly (to the majority of non forum/gun club etc gun owners) passing the law.
  14. While that may very well be true, how can everyone be so blinded by hate for his appearance that they are missing the real point I was making. This guy could very well have legally bought a rifle with A 15/30 mag included which was legal at the time, very popular and the majority here owned them prior...why? because it “looks cool” or “the rifle doesn’t “look right” with a 15 round (10 now) length magazine. I’m sure there are plenty on this forum that have modified or purchased 10/30 magazines now. Then because he doesn’t spend 6 hours a day on a forum going back and forth with gun owning liberals about politics or which is the best military clone rifle to buy/build, he didn’t know about the bs legislation and got caught in the Murphy mag law. How many gun owners in nj?....how many members on this forum?……how many gun owners are sitting unknowingly on felony possession charges they will find out the hard way about? How many of those “perfect all American, minivan driving, soccer dads” who aren’t on forums etc. that are busy with their real lives, work, families, kids, etc, go to the nj.gov site, or read through 2C looking for new additionseveryday? I’d be willing to wager not a lot to none. And perhaps they previously lived in a state where it was legal to defend yourself, or your family outside the home, including protecting property, so they use that firearm with a 15 round mag outside of NJ’s bs “criminals are the victims, and the victim is the criminal” laws, and end up with the same magazine charge. Will everoyone on here label him a criminal too?
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