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  1. So that must have been equipped with one of the mythical “silencers” that made it completely silent, which is why he was able to “commit suicide” while the search warrant was being executed ...and they happed upon the decedent during the search as opposed to “ while executing s.w. heard a shot fired and found subject with gsw to the head”...... what would be even more interesting is if the “suicide”was a Clinton era style...you know...suicide by 2 shots to the back of the head
  2. pjd832

    Glock 43x

    Thanks for the kind words.... figured I’d finally contribute something worthwhile..
  3. Thank you sir see you tomorrow!
  4. pjd832

    Glock 43x

    No worries... I was up early and bored, hope it was of some help
  5. pjd832

    Glock 43x

    I have all the pistols mentioned here are a couple without mags inserted to eliminate the variables i could take other specific photos Upon request....... a few personal opinions the 365 is same grip length but undercut so allows more purchase, “feels” softer shooting to me and points & shoots fast and ridiculously accurate hitting 6” plates At 25 yards almost effortlessly 10 round mag good for jersey..... better option than the 43 43X longer grip than 365 still 10 end mag so why bother if pocket carry is your goal.....However if you plan on use out of nj...there are 15 round flush fit mags which now puts you at Glock 19 class only thinner, lighter (feeling) “slicker” Iwb..add in +5 extensions on the 2 reload mags iwb...you have the same load out as a Glock 19 with oem +1 plates and the reloads are 17 mag length.the 43x & 48 are the same frame with 48 being approximately 19 length of slide/barrel.......the 43X/48 grip width (front to back) is wider than the 365 and feels more like a bigger pistol and not like s&w bodyguard my humble opinion...if you want the best most shootable pocket pistol and be in current kingdom of nj compliance than 365 is the clear winner....if you are a “Glock guy” and want the ability to have options, are ok with moving from pocket to aiwb/iwb, have larger hands than the 43X is a great choice.... L2R 19-48-43X-43-365 Lined up with front of grip lined up same order same order 365 43 43X 19g5 43X with 15 round mag behind the 365 with 12 round mag which is essentially flush I dont have a 15 for the sig but can’t believe they are the same length as the 12 ... from memory in a store they are noticeably longer than the 12
  6. You’re more likely to see them raise the taxes under some bs excuse taxes are like NJ gun laws...one direction
  7. I agree and believe these clubs closed on their own volition or legal councils recommendation to avoid potential problems from a member blaming contraction on the club. Or buying into the #alonetogether #beaherodestroytheeconomy and think they are “saving lives” lol Pester them for what? How could they tell clubs that chose to close under their own decision to reopen? The ones to pester would be your club management team ...to follow the federal guidelines and not hide under faux “state mandate” they closed by their own interpretation of the “non essential BUSINESS” mandate...... but a private club is not a business....and outdoor clubs would not fall under violation of social distancing etc.....indoor shooting ranges are usually attached to a gun shop...which is a business and would violate the social distancing crap..... but as with everything in life...those in control get to make the rules...whether it’s government or Barney’s shoot club....
  8. Non essential “businesses” ordered to shut down.......is a private club a business? Especially the outdoor ones... I’d say no....sure shut down any indoor areas of these clubs like clubhouses etc....not being a business do they fall under that business direction? Seems as though the clubs are doing this under advisement or their legal counsel/fear of liability
  9. just to be clear if you cross state lines the weapon needs to be in a locked case, trunk or back seat
  10. i completely understand your position on your procedure, do not fault you for it at all.....i apologize if it came off that way didn't mean to sound as if i was.... its a decision that each person should make for themself...and ill never tell you or anyone they are "wrong" for their choice to go above and beyond the law simply make sure they know what the actual law is and allow them to decide what is right for them....i have friends I've known for 20 years that go to the extremes and i may goodheartedly tease them a bit as they reassemble from components when we get to the club.. but its their decision and i respect that
  11. to answer this directly....and just meeting the legal requirements set forth and not "going above and beyond"...you may purchase at the gunshop/place of purchase place in your trunk and drive home confidently you are within the law. to add clarity....and just for discussion..... first and foremost it must be unloaded....if it is in a closed container such as any factory box, whether plastic or cardboard, aftermarket case plastic, fabric etc, even wrapped in paper, or fabric and securely tied it may be transported inside the vehicle even if a trunk is present with no "lock" as long as you do not cross state lines during your course of travel...in a car with a trunk id just put it in the trunk and that is still going above the "law" its not because im kissing the ring.....its just to keep eyes off it while in travel...stoplight windshield washers etc while i would not recommend having it sitting on the passenger seat of a pickup truck i certainly wouldn't put it in the bed without a cap on it for basic common sense safety against stoplight snatch and grabs etc...in a pickup truck backseat....in an suv in the cargo area... ready for this...the "or" in the copy and paste in my other reply denotes that a container/case/wrapped & tied is only required in the absence of a lockable compartment separate from the passenger compartment.....so if you have a vehicle with a trunk technically the unloaded weapon would not need to even be in a case...but there would be other potential issues with that...like do the back seats fold down...can it be done from the passenger compartment? do they have a key locking mechanism if so that would need to be locked etc etc........but all this is a road most people don't want to walk as its too close to the fire...... all this was to illustrate that a glock in factory box in your trunk coming home from purchase will be fine!
  12. Nowhere in NJ law does it say cases in the passenger compartment need to be locked. They only need to be fastened. Dr Goodshot....Mr Stu is correct....please see the excerpt from NJ 2C:39-6 Exemptions (from being charged with illegal possession) I've attached... take note to the "or" between package and locked........this is the law, Lakota, as many do in New Jermany, chooses to go above and beyond the law....ive heard/personally known some literally break the weapon into parts in multiple locked containers for trips from home to the range .... the state infringes enough without freely giving away even more but it is a decision only you can make for yourself...but base your decision on the law not what other peoples interpretation/procedure is that share as "the law"....this discussion is brother to the ammo transport/loaded vrs unloaded magazine transport......im waiting and im sure ill come across it...someone that says they transport weapons/ammo in a trailer as they argue that to be a "separate" compartment it needs to be a trailer "separate" from the vehicle https://law.justia.com/codes/new-jersey/2013/title-2c/section-2c-39-6/ (3)A person transporting any firearm or knife while traveling: (a)Directly to or from any place for the purpose of hunting or fishing, provided the person has in his possession a valid hunting or fishing license; or (b)Directly to or from any target range, or other authorized place for the purpose of practice, match, target, trap or skeet shooting exhibitions, provided in all cases that during the course of the travel all firearms are carried in the manner specified in subsection g. of this section and the person has complied with all the provisions and requirements of Title 23 of the Revised Statutes and any amendments thereto and all rules and regulations promulgated thereunder; or (c)In the case of a firearm, directly to or from any exhibition or display of firearms which is sponsored by any law enforcement agency, any rifle or pistol club, or any firearms collectors club, for the purpose of displaying the firearms to the public or to the members of the organization or club, provided, however, that not less than 30 days prior to the exhibition or display, notice of the exhibition or display shall be given to the Superintendent of the State Police by the sponsoring organization or club, and the sponsor has complied with such reasonable safety regulations as the superintendent may promulgate. Any firearms transported pursuant to this section shall be transported in the manner specified in subsection g. of this section; (4)A person from keeping or carrying about a private or commercial aircraft or any boat, or from transporting to or from such vessel for the purpose of installation or repair a visual distress signaling device approved by the United States Coast Guard. g.All weapons being transported under paragraph (2) of subsection b., subsection e., or paragraph (1) or (3) of subsection f. of this section shall be carried unloaded and contained in a closed and fastened case, gunbox, securely tied package, or locked in the trunk of the automobile in which it is being transported, and in the course of travel shall include only such deviations as are reasonably necessary under the circumstances.
  13. “ Unsafe for you... and should be reserved for us”........ everyone else is good with an old see through fabric tshirt..... it’s like the hand sanitizer... which is to be used when soap and water isn’t available...amazon bragging they won’t sell to the peasants... just the hospitals.... But every room has a sink and soap...... so a peasant food shopping Can’t clean their hands before entering their vehicle and possibly spreading it around the vehicle.. then their house up to the point they enter multiple rooms touch multiple doors etc.... before they reach a sink..... it’s almost as if they are intentionally trying to keep this going / make it worse.....
  14. so i have often wondered and never actually known anyone that wore them to ask....wouldnt normal athletic apparel be the same?.......no offense and this is not directed at you and your shirts are not what im referring to...but what's the point of the spandex "sponsor" laden jerseys for middle aged office worker wearing them...hes not sponsored nor has ever raced and been sponsored....is it just like a form of larping?.... in my opinion it would be like a person going to the range in full kit/bdu's who never served or earned the patches he wears?
  15. Admittedly I’ve not followed or researched in depth what the whole “2A sanctuary” thing actually involves aside from seeing states/NJ Counties “signing on” .......but what does it ACTUALLY mean? Do people actually believe a pandering politician/county reps Facebook post means NJ people can now have standard capacity mags... or constitutional carry and not be buried under the jail? Lol
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