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  1. Funny that this is the first mention of an ar being used as opposed to it every third word being ar-15, assault weapon, or weapon of war in the “live coverage” and breaking reports all over the web .......I’m going with Taurus/high point, or other street bought gun and they’re running the story back and changing it as they love to do when it’s not how they want.
  2. No thank you... not looking for any trades at this time.
  3. Forgot to list originally it has a geissele super scar trigger in it as well
  4. Yes I’d split it up.... 3100 riffle 3700 everything
  5. Yes I posted the second pic of the end of the box for the rco mounted on the rifle to show the specifics on the model/reticle which is included at the asking price
  6. selling off some stuff this is in like new condition and had had 260 rounds of brass cased ammo through it... asking $3700 as pictured...can meet at an ffl within an 1-1.5 hours of the Delaware Memorial Bridge edit: forgot to mention it has a geissele super scar trigger installed with 100 rounds on it .. have factory if you want it
  7. pjd832

    Sig P365 XL

    But...but.....what about striker drag on primers.?!.... the striker is going to break during a firefight,! ...or the trigger return spring is going to break and I’ll only be able to shoot it upside down! Lmao
  8. Yeah that always makes me laugh changing every springrate and replace every removable part for an aftermarket whiz-bang to turn a Glock into a paperweight
  9. I have both.........I like both, for different things.... Glock Ill carry, the cz is for fun. I own a number of 75 variants and having had a positive experience with them bought a p10c without putting hands on one first.... Main reason I didn’t/don’t considering carrying the p10c... is the magazine release or lack of release. It’s extremely hard to get the mag to drop....loaded, downloaded, unloaded, slide closed, slide open nothing makes a difference other than pushing up on baseplate while depressing the mag release. There are how to videos on re-profiling the release components/ polishing etc but I’ve not gone down that road....in my mind I’m not carrying something that has bubbasmithed internals ... especially something such as that which could turn it into a single shot after the loaded mag hits the deck sending rounds spinning on the ground lol that being said since I had it I put an hbi trigger in it, because while the trigger had less take up and shorter reset i found the trigger to be cheap/flexi feeling and since it was going to be a range toy the “never alter a carry trigger” didn’t factor in ......To me it just feel as “real” as Glock / hk/ and s&w 2.0 ...there’s tons of Youtube “tacticians” carrying and swearing by it....but me not so much lol
  10. Is it something crazy on my browser or is there actually advertisement for a marijuana dispensary above this post^^^
  11. pjd832

    Scored. P365

    mine is the "updated" version that came with the "r-ray" sights...i have some primer drag but nothing anywhere near the photos posted....i had stopped by a friends shop just to catch up after having been gone a while for work with no intentions of buying anything.... while standing there he asked if i had seen these yet and put it in my hand...i handled it a bit and bought one on the spot. then later that night i googled sig 365 for the hell of it, and saw all the videos of impending doom, but like anything else that gets carried its thoroughly proven prior to any use outside the range. i put 525 round through it without a hiccup, noticed some drag on the primers..but nothing extreme...its upwards of 2k rounds now and still 0 issues. at this point I'm more than comfortable with it not being an issue for me or this particular pistol
  12. pjd832

    Scored. P365

    I own several cz s .....and they’re good for what they are .....but unless I’m missing something cz doesn’t offer anything in the 365 category ..slightly less footprint than a 43 and 10 rounds/12 but slightly longer? If you’re talking p10s..way bigger than a 365
  13. I misunderstood sorry....all of it is ridiculous and a huge infringement, ...the discussion of how fair and professional departments are because it only take 2 months for them to “allow” one to exercise their right is crazy ....just proves the incremental technique is working...they keep taking and in a week everyone is ok with and justifying the bs.....speaking in broad generalities not directing at anyone in particular
  14. That’s odd.... so Trenton feels local barracks aren’t “capable/trusted” to type them up...but townies are? Just a rhetorical question
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