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  1. I mean evil features on manually cycled guns, like pistol grips, collapsible stocks, flash hiders, etc.
  2. So I've read through the laws they changed last year and I just wanted to be sure that pump action shotguns were still good to go with stuff like that. I wanted to get a pistol grip/collapsible stock for one of mine.
  3. Regarding A2757 which states all sales must go through a background check at a licensed dealer, has that gone into effect yet? The wording of the law states it will take effect on the first day of the fourth month next following enactment. I believe it was signed in June, so does that mean we have until October 1st for actual private sales?
  4. Yeah that's what I figured. I might've worded that incorrectly. What I meant was that I know transferring 15 round mags and such is already a no-no, I just wanted to know if something like a Marlin 60 is exempt from that rather than the new background check requirements.
  5. So as I understand it, we still have a few months until the private sale thing goes into effect, so private sales are still currently under the old rules? Also, as I understand semi-auto .22LRs that have tube magazines are exempt, so there'd be no problem with trying to sell/transfer one, correct?
  6. I always list self-employed, which is true for me because I do day trading and other odd things to make money, all of which I report on my taxes. Not sure if it's legal to put that if it's not true though, but they've never called me to verify that I employ myself.
  7. Not sure if this is the right section, but I'll have a go at it anyway. So I've never bought a brand new gun. In the years that I've owned firearms, I've bought every single one used and am looking to buy my first few brand new ones. So I get the whole buy online -> ship to FFL -> pay transfer fee/do NICS check -> get gun, but I'm confused about paying taxes on it. If I order online and the gun comes from out of state, will I still have to pay NJ a tax on the cost of the gun? I've tried to look it up online and I've gotten mixed answers.
  8. Do they have any links to their research and how they collected the data?
  9. Thanks for the responses guys. I'll look up an inner assembly for it online and get on that.
  10. Why would you want to hunt deer with a .22? Don't blame NJ, the reason it's illegal is that it's entirely cruel to hunt with .22 given that you are more than likely not going to kill it instantly and will instead only wound it and cause it unnecessary suffering as it spends hours bleeding out.
  11. Hey, I've got an old Marlin Glenfield Model 60 that I bought without a magazine tube. I've been looking online for one, but apparently they're all 18 shot tubes and I can't have that or else I'll cause some sort of apocalypse according to the state. I was just wondering, could I just drop in one of the 15 shot ones from a non-glenfield model 60? A friend also has an old Glenfield model 60 outer mag tube assembly he said he'd give me, so could I just drop an inner mag tube assembly from a 15 shot one and have that work, or does the outer tube need to be modified as well?
  12. Yeah, that's not normal. Never had a problem like that with my GP100 and I've run over 1000 rounds through it, including super hot stuff. Give Ruger a call.
  13. If it is a false claim, would there be any repercussions for the one who filed it?
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