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  1. Hmm.. 1100 sounds better than 1250. What's the store name?
  2. Yeah I know the name is cringy lol.. Troy I believe is still at 1250 and MM is at 1300
  3. What about OceanArmory's non-nfa? It's about 1040 all in cash. If it's about the same specs as Troy/mm then I'd rather save the 2-300 and get ocean's. Not looking that much into building unless a great deal pops off. Didn't even think about it until after labor day so missed all those deals. https://shop.oceanarmory.com/products/rifles-special-ops-tactical-741
  4. Hmm i'm interested in this also. $649 is a great price, wonder if anyone has one.
  5. So as everyone already knows, PA will no longer recognize NH non-res ccw. How about obtaining a PA non resident ccw? I saw this on PA's website - (e)(1) A license to carry a firearm shall be for the purpose of carrying a firearm concealed on or about one's person or in a vehicle and shall be issued if, after an investigation not to exceed 45 days, it appears that the applicant is an individual concerning whom no good cause exists to deny the license. A license shall not be issued to any of the following: ... (ix) A resident of another state who does not possess a current license or permit or similar document to carry a firearm issued by that state if a license is provided for by the laws of that state, as published annually in the Federal Register by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms of the Department of the Treasury under 18 U.S.C. 921(a)(19) (relating to definitions). Now NH has the same requirements but still, they let us obtain it. Is PA the same?
  6. So like.. Do I have to keep the shockwave stock, or can I put another stock on it..
  7. Damn, I want one.. now I just read all of that.. Don't know what to do now
  8. Nope. Under FOPA you are legally allowed to cross into NJ. Under NJ State law, you are within legal grounds to bring your firearms to your new residence w/o any sort of paperwork. All registration is voluntary for anything bought outside of NJ. Your NJ license aka FID is not needed unless you want to purchase firearms/ammo while you are in NJ.
  9. Exactly. Once you cross over, NYC has no jurisdiction over you anymore. Their laws hold no authority on this side of the river!
  10. Jesus you're still waiting?!... That utterly sucks.
  11. We're not talking about shooting someone though. That's an entirely different conversation. We're talking about carrying a firearm on your own property. Which is 100% legal. Doesn't matter if it's your business, your house, or property you own that's rented/leased by someone else. 100% legal to carry. "The prosector's job is to assess the case and drop it if he believes that your assertion is likely to succeed thereby saving court time and expense." Once again "Nothing in subsections b., c. and d. of N.J.S.2C:39-5 shall be construed to prevent a person keeping or carrying about his place of business, residence, premises or other land owned or possessed by him, any firearm"
  12. Possession of a firearm on private property is 100% legal. Nothing in subsections b., c. and d. of N.J.S.2C:39-5 shall be construed to prevent a person keeping or carrying about his place of business, residence, premises or other land owned or possessed by him, any firearm, or from carrying the same, in the manner specified in subsection g. of this section, from any place of purchase to his residence or place of business, between his dwelling and his place of business, between one place of business or residence and another when moving, or between his dwelling or place of business and place where such firearms are repaired, for the purpose of repair. For the purposes of this section, a place of business shall be deemed to be a fixed location. Now can the police be a bag of dicks and charge you with disturbing the peace? Probably. Better to carry it concealed on your property as open carry up here will have majority of all democrats blowing up 911 call centers saying there's an active shooter.
  13. Now you should do a video of them building it back up
  14. That's probably the dumbest gun law i've heard of in NJ. So the FFL doesn't need a permit to take the firearm but for you to get it back, you need a permit. Pretty stupid buttt this issss NJ!
  15. Ours was a success. Many folks from different sides of town came by, all having a blast.
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