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  1. Why, as a group of gun enthusiasts, without having really any of the "facts", would we cast aspersions, speculate, and deride someone who perhaps/possibly did exactly what we all want the right to do, defend ourselves. I say possibly because we all have no clue what really happened. A few facts, 1. the person in question definitely doesn't appear to be a lib kook to anyone who knows him (complete opposite in fact). 2. the person has a military background 3. doubt the person has nj ccw but does hail from a state with permitless carry and likely had a ccw in that state prior to that law change. 4. no nazi flag displayed in or on vehicle. As for that picture, hard to believe that is a booking picture because he has a suit jacket on and while he is somewhat of a goofy person I can't imagine him smiling like that in such a situation. Not sure who would get dressed up to turn themselves in (possible, just unlikely given his normal daily dress). Also, as for reports that LEO identified him, I'm not sure about that because he turned himself in they didn't come arrest him. I think for an attempted murder charge they would actively go out and arrest the person, no? As for what actually transpired... who knows we weren't there and all we have is a snippet of the victim's statement. Which, in and of itself, is odd. The victim stated "there was no room to merge". In that location it is easy enough to "make room" by just not moving and letting the person in when traffic starts moving so it sounds like both parties were initially being aholes prior to escalation. This is quite common in this location. According to victim the suspect reacted violently... So, in what appears to be a road rage incident the victim after witnessing aggressive acts by the suspect, "got out to check the mirror". Any of us who have been involved in any type of road rage incident know full well that when someone exits the vehicle it is generally to escalate the situation. Perhaps after a gun was pulled the victim's story had to change? Who knows. We do know that after the shots were fired said victim tried to chase/follow the shooter until he lost him when the shooter turned off the main road and up into a local neighborhood. That to me sounds like a heated incident from beginning to end and based on reports and accounts from talking directly with SCSO folks. Or it could be just like the victim said, the shooter lost his shit and shot at him. Who knows. But let's hope for the sake of legal gun owners that it was truly self defense because that is always better than the alternative.
  2. Been to plenty of the "top" NYC & Boston steakhouses and I would probably say the one of the best porterhouse steaks I ever had was served at Maloney & Porcelli's in NYC. I've been there more than once and the consistency isn't great but I can say that one time... it was great. That being said, best steak I ever had, Little Alley Steak House, Roswell GA. The wine/bourbon/scotch selection is bananas!
  3. Never bought a stripped lower before. Would I be correct in assuming that an FFL is going to charge me NICS and Transfer fee?
  4. I usually get ridiculous skin cracks, especially on the nail bed corners near my fingertips. Sometimes they won't heal unless I put a stitch in them. It's a pain in the ass but the only way to keep my hands from really getting bad is to put bag balm on after showering at night (or last hand wash of night) and then putting on some cotton gloves. The greasiness sucks but it does lock in the moisture. I also try to wear gloves whenever I go out into cold weather and always put on moisturizer after washing my hands.
  5. I have 3 Golden Comet chickens (used to have 4 but a hawk got one). First thing is to check your town regs and then gauge whether or not you think your neighbors will rat you out. If you get good layers they will typically lay an egg a day during their prime. Sometimes they will slow down like when they molt or when it is really frigid outside. Make sure you get a hardy bird that can survive cold temps, like the Comet (off shoot of RRed). If they stop laying first thing you do is check the yard. Mine have a habit of laying somewhere other than the coop every once in a while. It sucks to rack leaves and bust a dozen eggs open on the rake. Chickens are really dumb. The eat, poop, lay, and sleep. That is it. Also, they can fly and higher than 6' for very short bursts but enough to escape a backyard. That can be addressed by clipping one of their wings. You can find instructions online, it is easy. 2 people, one to hold chicken, one to clip - scissors does the trick. The 3 chickens we have don't leave behind so much waste that you cannot just throw it in the trash. However, we typically compost but keep in mind for chicken waste you must have a very high temp compost, I think they say 120+, maybe 140 I don't recall. That is if you are going to use on garden for food. Food costs depend on whether or not you keep them organic. Our 3 survive for at least 1.5 month on 1 50lb bag of layer feed. I think the non-organic bag is less than $15 but don't quote me. The organic is more than double that price. http://www.bellemeadcoop.com/Feed_Pages/feed_pages.htm Someone mentioned 24/7 care and that is entirely true. Our chickens can go 2-3 days without anyone looking in on them. The feeder we use lasts for 3-4 days, longer in the summer because they are free ranging for their own food. I have an automatic water feeder I built out of a bucket and a toilet bowl valve, hook the hose to it, turn it on, and it runs until the bucket fills then stops. I have a hose coming out the bottom running to the bottom of the coop with a few nipples on it. You can buy those on a site like Farmtek. Actually, you can buy anything you could possibly need on that website. We've never had any problems other than one had swollen/sour crop. That was the one that got eaten by the hawk though so problem solved! lol
  6. Same here, when I see stuff like this my first instinct isn't to laugh. I cringe. Having fallen hard on my tailbone before I know how much it can hurt and for how long.
  7. I'm due for a new water heater in my townhouse. I see gas 40 gal heaters are still plentiful. However, I measured mine and it's height is 56.5"... I don't see many that height. Is it easier to buy a shorter one and extend the vents and copper or get a taller one and cut back?
  8. I may have overlooked it but I didn't see any mention of your experience level. Some riding, some dirt biking, never been on 2 wheels? My advice to anyone in the latter category who lives in Central or Northern NJ is to buy a dirt bike and learn to ride on the dirt before getting into street bikes. I've had several friends with no riding experience take the safety course and graduate as some of the better students and their level of competence was laughable. One of them crashed while trying to come to a stop on our first ride together after he got his license. With time and additional instruction they all became great riders though. Just have to take it slow. A rider in NJ needs to be 100% comfortable with the "riding" portion of motorcycling, it should be second nature before getting on the road, because 110% of a rider's focus needs to be on the morons around them on the roads. Just MHO. As for the bike, get something cheap, used, and appropriately sized. Cheap and used means you don't have to worry about dropping it, denting it up, etc. Appropriately sized means you can correctly navigate it as a beginner - which is what matters. Growing into something is a ridiculous concept. Think of it this way, you doing 55 mph and some jerk pulls out in front of you do you want to be on a bike you can manipulate with your skill level or do you want to be on a 500lb cruiser that isn't very nimble or forgiving to a beginner?
  9. It's impossible and unlikely it would ever happen. There is no "blood test" that can diagnose "clinical depression". Someone can be clinically depressed by DSM standards without having any physiological issues so it makes zero sense. Not to say antis have any sense about them. Furthermore, even the ACLU would come out against this I believe, if for no other reason that the slippery slope it creates.
  10. Heat and pressure causing windows to blow out? Lived in PHX for years, never ever heard of this. Based on construction of car inevitable air leakage pretty sure it's nearly impossible. I have heard of toddlers falling on their butts and ending up with 2nd degree burns from the scorching heat of the pavement. I recall "south phx" being the gang area but nowadays I think that stuff is pretty much all over. I don't think you have anything to worry about if you don't go looking for trouble. When it rains, keep your eyes open on the roads. Those folks can't drive for sh*t in bad weather! lol
  11. Main character on Sons of Guns has been arrested for molestation. Not much in the way of details other than he was arrested and released on bail. I was never a fan of the show but this is just another black eye for the industry or at least the antis will use it in that manner I am sure. http://www.cnn.com/2014/08/13/showbiz/sons-of-guns-will-hayden-arrest/index.html?hpt=hp_t2
  12. Definitely keep one in the pipe. How much abuse did that guy suffer on the playground!?!?
  13. "Selfish"... what a tired refrain when it comes to suicide. Almost as tired as, "he had everything a person could want". We aren't talking about a guy who decided to kill himself on a whim or because the local Starbucks made his soy latte incorrectly. This is a person that was known to suffer from debilitating depressive episodes. This isn't about being down in the dumps, feeling blue, having a bad week. We are talking about possibly being mentally incapacitated sometimes to the point of not getting out of bed for weeks [not saying this is exact case with Robins]. If a person hasn't dealt with depression on a professional or personal level they typically lack perspective on the seriousness of the disease. Yes, suicide is a horrible thing and does terrible damage to everyone involved. However, "selfish" is not the word I would use to describe a person who was in such mental anguish that they thought the pain of physical death was preferable to living. That isn't to say one should care more about Williams [edit] than the other 30k people who do it every year, but such is the nature of celebrity and our 24hr news cycle. An interesting perspective from a CHP officer who worked the Golden Gate. https://www.ted.com/talks/kevin_briggs_the_bridge_between_suicide_and_life#t-501339
  14. Me too, and I use it to water stuff all the time. Especially this year since I didn't open it so it isn't overly chlorinated. Even when I'm keeping it up the chemical levels are not far off from municipal water.
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