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  1. California Sheriff's seem to like Mini-14's. http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-201_162-57568570/manhunt-for-ex-lapd-officer-christopher-dorner-drags-on-in-the-california-mountains/
  2. Bob La

    At the beach today

    Glad to see you back, good luck.
  3. Bob La

    SWAT at NY Boat Show

    Isn’t it funny that the mayor who didn’t want help during the storm from the National Guard because they “had guns”, has no problem deploying armed people who answer only to him? Kind of like this:
  4. Bob La

    Film Processing

    If you want to mail it there is a lab in Manalapan on Gordons Corner Rd. thats been there for years. Here a link: http://www.elcocolor.com
  5. Marlboro is a little late getting on this bandwagon. Toms River and Manchester Townships have had an officer in the high schools for several years. Here is a link to the NJ state association:http://www.njasro.org/index.html
  6. Police Strike? Go for it. Let people clean up their neighborhoods without government interference. You might find a pile of punks sleeping at the curb for garbage pickup, or a couple of houses emptied overnight but sometimes thats what it takes. The police have to protect everyone and the sc*mbags use it to their advantage. I say give the people a chance, we can't do any worse than the hamstrung police.
  7. Bob La

    Batman Massacre

    This story was in the back of the newspaper today. Another nutjob running loose in a “safe place”. http://world.time.com/2012/07/21/trying-to-forget- breivik-one-year-after-the-norway-massacre/?iid=gs-main-lede
  8. Bob La

    What's "The Point"

    Remember when the drive-in used to show porn, I'm guessing early 70's? My parents couldn't drive by fast enough.
  9. Bob La

    Kars for Kids is a Terrorist Organization

    Local charity in Lakewood. http://www.kars4kids.org/joy.htm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oorah_(organization)
  10. Bob La

    Best Deer/Turkey Shotgun

    Here is one in Wall Twp., NJ BPS
  11. Bob La

    Found English Pointer

    All she needs is a name. That will teach you to smile at strange dogs at Colliers Mills. ; )
  12. Bob La

    Found English Pointer

    How is it we would all complain about anyone or anything that pretty much just eats and sleeps all day..... unless it has four legs and and tail?
  13. Bob La

    Found English Pointer

    I hate to say it but I think she was dumped by a scumb*ag. I've found dogs, sometimes old and crippled and once a few puppies while surveying in the Garden State. Sometimes its a skeleton so far off a road that you know they weren't hit by a car but were abandoned pets. I'm amazed how cruel people can be to an animal. Sorry for venting, but anyone who lost a hunting dog would have come forward by now. You don't get back in your truck wondering where your dog went.
  14. Nothing secret, it was in the paper. NJ.COM I bought a used shotgun from these knuckleheads while they were doing this. It was a nice store, nice guys, seemed totally legit. They were just making a 100% profit on the guns they stole from Dicks.

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