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  1. Pros: - longer sight radius - easier to make power factor - less muzzle rise and less recoil Cons: - harder to find holsters - can't use them in IDPA - choices for after market barrels may be limited I shoot a Springfield Armory Longslide (L10) and a Glock 24 (L).
  2. You poor NJ bastards. I applied online for a pistol permit on Thursday (12/12). No bank check, no finger prints, no visit to the local PD and I paid with my credit card. I sheriff's office called and emailed me at 8:45AM today (Monday, 12/16) my permits are ready. I have to get them soon as they are only good for five years. Of course, once my CCW comes in I won't need them. The terrible thing is it takes about 100 days to get a CCW permit. How terrible.
  3. i have to change the date. My brother-in-law has to work. Let's make it Monday at 1:00PM.
  4. I think the best time will be Friday, November 8th at 1:00PM at Brick Armory. If you can make it, I will see you there.
  5. I am adjusting after living in NJ all my life. We live in southern Charlotte near the Arboritum. It's a nice neighborhood and the people are friendly. The thing that strikes me the most is how affordable housing is. You can make $40,000 and buy a nice townhouse in an good complex in a nice area.
  6. I am flying in and I am not checking baggage so I will rent something. My brother-in-law is coming and is a total novice. Have to pick a place and a date that works for those interested. Anyone interested?
  7. Agreed. The weedend is out. It will have to be Friday, Monday or Tuesday.
  8. I will be flying back to NJ and won't be bringing any guns or ammo. I want to take my brother-in-law shooting. How is Brick Armory for a beginner like him? I will be there with him but I want him to have a good experience. Also, how are they on ammo? I know it will be expensive but I will pay as long as they have it.
  9. I got mine. Recently, I was able to buy 3,250 9mm, 124gr., CMJ from MG and 3,000 40S&W,180gr. FMJ from Roze. Maybe the shortage is getting loosening up.
  10. I have a USPc in .45ACP. The pros are it is reliable, handles recoil nicely for a compact and fits my hand nicely. The con is magazines are expensive and you cannot shoot lead bullets. The only caveat would be the price. If the price is right, I say buy.
  11. I have had similar problems with lead bullets and Federal brass. Federal brass is thicker than most brands which causes the case to bulge at the base of the bullet. I do not have this problem with FMJ bullets. The Lee Factory Crimp (LFC) die solved the problem. Some will say the LFC die is the worst thing ever invented and will cause leading, inaccurate ammo and ED. I have used it with good results. If you use it, adjust it so it just irons out the bulge enough to pass the case guage. I use the ammo for USPSA so 100% function is required but perfect accuracy is not. However, the rounds I tested had good accuracy. Hope this helps.
  12. Just to be clear, you have a powder bar for each load? This may be better than adjusting the powder bar for each caliber / load. PS: I would reconsider putting a bullet on top of the primer tube rod. If you get a primer KB that bullet will become a speeding bullet. I used an empty .45ACP case but the primers feed okay once the press broke in and it was adjusted. I adjusted the strip of metal that is a spring for the plastic primer stop.
  13. I have a Ruger Mk II, a Buckmark Contour and a Bersa Thunder. All are fun to shoot but the Buckmark shoots all ammo with very few problems. The only downside is it is harder to take apart than the other two. Don't listen to anyone that says the Ruger is hard to put back together. It is hard if you do no have and follow the proper instructions. Good instructions and videos are all over the web.
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